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tv   WBTV News 3 at Noon  CBS  March 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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subway station. more than a dozen were killed, more than 100 injured. some passengers had to find their way out through dark tublses. >> the prime minister said what we feared has happened. president obama called him from cuba this morning. >> the thoughts and prayers of the american people are with the people of belgium. we stand with them. >> reporter: the attacks days after the arrest of abdeslam, the prime suspect in the terror attack. >> they were concerned he would talk to authorities and they moved this up. >> reporter: police shut down the transport system, and authorities are urging people to stay home. >> the prime minister of britain
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officials say a state department employee is still missing am two friends from huntersville are safe after a bomb went off in front of them at the brussels airport this morning. 23-year-old were preparing to board their first leg of their return trip to charlotte when it happened. they were returning to the queen city after a 10 day european vacation. her son and schaffer were not hurt. after the explosion, they and other passengers were taken to a secure building at the airport waiting for busses to take them out. authorities are stepping up security measures at transit hubs across the u.s. in light of the attacks in belgium. officers are patrolling airport and subway systems and train stations. this is video of added security at penn station in new york. we are working to find out if there are changes to charlotte-mecklenburg.
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international airport. a canceled 48, the company is offering refunds to customers through a travel policy, part of the statement released by the airline says american airlines extends its deepest sympathies and condolences to those affected by the tragic events in brussels earlier today. american is takin bruflses airport. stay with us for continuing coverage of the deadly terror attacks on brussels. we will have the latest online and on air tonight. you will hear from our security expert on this latest terror attack and its impact to our nation's security. a man has been identified after being killed in a crash in northwest charlotte. this happened on brook shire boulevard, 3:00 this morning. police say 45-year-old jackson was killed when his nissan
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police say he was not wearing a seat belt, and believe speed and alcohol were factors. the drive and passenger of the dump truck were not injured. video of a downed power pole in northwest charlotte. police say a female drive was coming inbound when she crashed into the pole. no word on the cause. we are working to find out if she was injured. new information on a missing person's case, gastonia police tell us they have located 49-year-old hill. she has been missing since last tuesday after going to a doctors appointment. no word on what condition she was found in. right now a special election is underway in lancaster county, with voters casting ballots at various precincts. they are deciding whether to approve a school bond referendum that would increase taxes. >> reporter: this money is going
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passes today. polls are open from 7:00 to 7:00. i am at the rec center, one of the precincts where voters will be voting. $199 million, that's a lot of money. if approved, it will go to a new elementary school and high school in indian land. three existing schools, kindergarten to fourth, middle school students would be split. fifth and sixth graders, middle, 7th and 8th at high school. money is also allocated for infrastructure, safety and technology in surrounding areas. if this is approved, voter can expect a tax hike for every $100,000 home or $25,000 car, voters will pay $85 a year in taxes. >> anchor: north carolina environmental agency will host a meeting today on the proposed classification or the coal ash pond at the station in gaston county. the meeting is scheduled for tonight at 6:00, at the dallas
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multipurpose auditorium. officials want to hear what neighbors think of the proposal, to list them as low risk sites. live outside, the charlotte skyline from our hd tower cam, a gorgeous looking day out there today. a little cooler, though, than you might expect. >> anchor: cool today, but a warming trend in the afternoon especially compared to sunday and monday. a live look from our camera, in morganton, from our bureau there beautiful day in the foothills and mountains this afternoon. sunny skies and quiet. 59 currently in charlotte. should make it to the upper 50's -- upper 60's this afternoon. 29 is the dew point. humidity, 32%. across the region, 54 boone, 55 hickory, 57 rock hill and 59 in wadesboro. the power doppler is quiet. high pressure builds in off the
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coast this afternoon. that promotes a warmer southerly flow. so the temperatures this afternoon, charlotte, rock hill, 68, 66 gastonia, morganton, sun temperatures continue to surge into the 70's wednesday and thursday before showers return evening. we will look at all of that coming up. >> anchor: thanks a lot. next, president obama delivers a speech to the cuban people during his history making visit. we will take you there as he wraps up his trip before heading to argentina. and starbucks is stepping up to end hunger.
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give back. >> anchor: the f.b.i. says it might be able to unlock the
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bernardino shooters without the help of apple. today's scheduled court battle postponed while the f.b.i. tests a new option. starbucks wants to donate leftover food from its more than 7,000 u.s. locations, it will aim to contribute 100% to feeding america which runs a national network of food banks. the idea came from those behind the counter. 5 million meals this year, including breakfast sandwiches, and salads. up to 40% of america's food supply is wasted. the world's largest cruise company is going to cuba. carnival, 7 days from miami. passengers will spend eight hours a day in cultural experience. it will cost $1800 per person.
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truck drivers who don't treat sleep apnea can be a hazard on the highway. they found risk of crash was much more likely among drivers who did not use their cpap machines. it can lead to daytime sleepiness and drowsy driving. back outside again, it is a gorgeous looking day, and it is cool. but it is going to warm up. we are headed to the mid week. we will find out what that is like, and the weekend as well. seven-day forecast coming up. also, voters in western states are casting ballots today in presidential contests. a look at the latest polls as
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nomination. >> anchor: president obama wraps up his historic trip to cuba today. his address to the people encouraged more open society. he also commented on today's terror attacks overseas. >> reporter: president obama began his address in cuba reassuring americans and the world after the terror attacks in belgium. >> we can and will.
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>> i have come here to bury the last remnants of the cold war in america. >> reporter: the president said the two countries have differences but encouraged cuba to determine their destination any. >> even if we lifted the embargo tomorrow, cubans would not realize their potential without continued change here in cuba. >> reporter: president obama is also meeting privately with political opponents and dissents at the embassy, some detained during protest demonstration sunday. the first family is attending an exhibition baseball game this afternoon with the widow and daughter of the late hall of famer jackie robinson. >> anchor: president obama will be heading to argentina later today. in campaign 2016, donald trump and hillary clinton are each looking to strengthen their advantages today in contests for arizona and utah. democrats in idaho are also holding caucuses, the two front runners face challenges,
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to claim more than 50% of the vote in utah. bernie sanders is calling this the start of a comeback tour. 47% of republicans say they would most like to see trump win the party nomination am the democratic side, 51% say they would most like to see clinton atop the party ticket in november, compared with 44% bernie sanders. military veterans are increasingly using marijuana to treat post-traumatic stress disorder. it remains illegal in most states. it is unapproved by the department of veterans affairs because major studies show it has not been seen effective. less than six hours, the girls basketball team is honored for winning their state
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the freedom high school girls basketball team parade is held tonight at 6:00 in downtown morganton. the lady patriots won the three a state championship earlier this month in chapel hill. congratulations to them. >> way to go. >> anchor: that is a terrific thing, to win that state championship. a local group, great group of young ladies. >> nice night for a parade too. a little cool this afternoon. highs mid 60's morganton. and we have a warming trend underway. this is just for john carter. take a look at this. appalachian ski mountain, they are still seeing. they actually made snow over the weekend, and they are looking to shut down april 2, so they will be starting the meltdown games there. even with the cold temperatures this weekend, they were still making a little bit of snow across the north carolina high country. our current conditions in the charlotte area, right now, it is sunny and mild. 59.
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wind at 9 miles an hour. power doppler is quiet. high pressure is building nicely. center of the high off georgia, florida, and carolinas, and that is promoting that deeper southerly flow, so our temperatures are only going to get warmer the middle of the week, and then a small chance of showers coming up thursday night into friday morning. 55 hickory, 54 boone, 57 gastonia, monroe. we had the rain showers, temperatures in the 40's sunday. warming trend yesterday afternoon. today a full 10 warmer midday than we were 24 hours ago. 8 warmer in boone, and how about that, it is 19 warmer today in boone than you were just monday afternoon. our future cast, the afternoon and evening, mainly sunny skies as we roll toward wednesday, few high clouds in the area. and we still have the warmer southwest flow, then this front slides across the north carolina
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brief shower possible, maybe even an isolate thunderstorm. and we are not going to see much of a dropoff in temperatures. not a very deep cold front. rain chances 20%, low chances thursday night, friday am the front loses a lot of punch. we have rain in the forecast, rain showers sunday night, sunday evening into monday. we will keep an eye on that. a lot of foltion have easter morning plans. i think the showers stay away until later in the day. highs wednesday afternoon, 76 charlotte, 73 hickory, 67 in boone, 76 shelby. close to 80 for wadesboro and rockingham, upper 70's. day after tomorrow, how about these highs? still mid 70's charlotte thursday afternoon. 71 hickory, 60 boone, 76 gastonia, and it is thursday evening overnight to friday morning we have the chance of showers and thunderstorms. seven-day forecast, beautiful today. should make it to the mid and
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forecasting 68. sunny and warmer yet wednesday with high of 76. the small chance of showers, still mid 70's thursday afternoon. 69 friday. and toward the weekend, i think saturday is very nice. 69, partly cloudy skies, showers sunday into monday. see if we can hold the showers off until sunday night and monday morning. again, not much of a cooldown. 68 sunday, 70 monday. that's the forecast. over to you. >> thanks a lot. we have a great event, great day coming up in april that everybody is going to want to know about. it is important. that's why. it is a great event. upcoming free educational event promotes breast health awareness in the faith community. this afternoon, what is known as pink sunday. this is the 7th annual, it will be april 17.
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>> so basically punk sunday is a health education event. it is completely-free. it is held every year. we wanted to raise awareness about brans risk, early detection in the african-american community. if you are interested, it is april 17. you can register online at komen or call. >> anchor: this being a church, why is it being done that way? how significant is that? >> fortunately and unfortunately the african-american women have a higher rate of late stage breast cancer and metallty, 42% since 2012. we want to go to the faith community and encourage the women to talk to their sisters, grandmothers, aunts, moms, for awareness and get the word out. >> anchor: a church is a good
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you sign up for this or during the regular church services? >> you sign up for it, and it is up to the church how they want to bring about the pink sunday. they can ask all the parishioners to wear pink, have a pink tea, fashion shows. >> a lot of things am what do you think is the most important message to get out to women about breast cancer, on pink sunday or any other day? >> be aware of changes and talk to your doctor. we can't stress that enough. it is always good to begin the conversation. knowing your body, being aware of changes, speaking to your doctor about family history, changes you experience, can aid in helping find it at an early stage. >> anchor: with this technology, and so much information, why is it so many women are not doing
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sure they have early detection? >> i would say the number one reason is lack of resources. komen charlotte is always available for someone to call, go on the website. they may be underinsured, underserved. and komen charlotte partners with a vast number of community places where you can get information to get yourself checked if you need to. >> does this affect mainly older women, younger women? is there a typical age where women really need to be aware of this? >> statistically speaking for african-american women, they tend to be diagnosed before the age of 45. also, they tend to be diagnosed with more aggressive breast cancer, so that's why we want to start a conversation as early as possible so they know risks. >> anchor: april 17, a variety of churches. you can find the list at the website. >> absolutely.
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register. it does not matter faith-based, we welcome everybody to joining us. >> anchor: it is free. >> absolutely. >> anchor: literally life saving information. >> absolutely. >> encourage your friends to go to church. it is a good place to begin with. thanks for joining us. really good stuff. we will have information on our
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the forecast is next. >> beautiful weather, sunshine, 68 this afternoon. mostly sunny mid 70's wednesday and thursday. thursday evening into friday morning, a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms. the first half of the weekend looks pretty good. i think we have rain sunday night and especially monday. >> anchor: appalachian ski mountain still open, so is sugar. beach shut down for the season.
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>> phyllis: here's to broken chairs and this wonderful blanket -- the only things keeping us warm. >> billy: now, don't forget the red wine, of course. >> phyllis: oh, yes, the red wine. and to day one of your new life, billy abbott. >> billy: day one. does it matter if it's night? >> phyllis: here's a hint -- take a fresh start when you can get it. >> billy: i will take that hint, and thank you for your amazing pep talk about moving into the place. >> phyllis: well, you'd be a moron if you said no to moving into katherine's house. >> billy: well, i'm a moron often, so thank for saving me from myself.
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lady. she really lived a good life. it'd be a crime to let this home turn into a museum. it needs excitement, snark, and fun. >> billy: okay. i'll handle the excitement, you got the snark. >> phyllis: [ laughs ] >> billy: johnny and katie will bring the fun. yeah, it's gonna be cool -- in, start a new life, a.v. -- after victoria. don't try to convince me that we're gonna get back together because i just don't think that it's gonna happen, and, you know, what are you gonna do? i don't think she wants me anymore, so.. to be honest, this is the best i've felt in a while. >> phyllis: yeah, it's pretty crazy. as far as miserable storms go, this is a pretty good one. >> jack: with this storm raging and unable to reach billy or


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