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tv   WBTV News 3 at 5AM  CBS  March 22, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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bear with me as i try to zoom in and get my camera to focus in, investigators are out here still on scene right there, still looking into the accident. i did talk with one investigator on scene and he did tell me that the passenger car you can see right there if we cut to the video rear-ended the trash truck a little further down. this is on the northbound lanes of brookshire just after the on ramp to 485 inner, but just before the on ramp to 485 outer. that stretch of road right there, all lanes are closed northbound, southbound lanes are still open right now, police haven't said too much about the identity of the driver who was killed earlier or who died earlier, they didn't disclose whether it was male, female or any identity yet, they are looking into that as part of their investigation. they tell me the trash truck driver is okay this morning but those lanes being shut down right here on brookshire, northbound, heading just before the 485 outer loop, again the lanes will be shut down the next
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to chris in the traffic center, just in case you have to have take this way to school or work he'll give you alternate routes. >> chris: first alert traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. let's take a look at the map kind of point out where this has happened this morning. let's roll up to 485 and brookshire, the lanes are closed on brookshire highway 16 outbound away from the city of charlotte, leading up to 485 and it looks like that accident, as al was telling me when he came in, right under the bridge to 485, think about belhaven up to mount mountmount holly-huntersville road, you can get on the inner loop from outbound 16, if you cross under the bridge you won't be able to get on the outer loop. that would take you down to belhaven and up to mount holly-huntersville road. a live look, i-85, i believe out
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problems running along smoothly. we'll keep an eye on the rest of the morning commute. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> al: biggest issue weather-wise is how cold it is. freeze warning in effect until 9:00 for much of the piedmont and foothills. east of charlotte a frost advisory. you may have to have scrape frost but it will be cold. you'll need the jacket early on. temperatures continue to fall. dry here in charlotte that is the metro school camera in center city. no issues there but boy, it is chilly, we've fallen to 37, one of the warmer spots. 29 right now morganton, at freezing in shelby, rock hill, lancaster, wadesboro, below freezing now albermarle and statesville and right at freezing in salisbury, likely to fall a couple more degrees before the sun comes up at 7:30. today, once the suns comes up, good shape, plenty of sunshine, 35 at 8:00, 62 at lunch time, 68 this afternoon.
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back up in the 70s, in the near term and also our chances for rain this holiday weekend. all the details in the seven day forecast. john, back to you. >> john: also following a major breaking story overseas, two deadly explosions at an airport in brussels. >> christine: brody o'connell is giving us details. how do we know, do we know, if this is terrorism-related. >> brody: i'm seeing reports in the last few minutes there's may be a suicide bomber responsible for the airport attacks. we'll work on getting that confirmed, but several wales agenciesagenciesoverseas reporting that. this is the outside of the airport in brussels. we have a live picture to show you also from our cbs affiliate. here is what we know so far, there is a lot to cover, get you caught up to speed on the situation. two blasts reported at brussels airport after 8:00 a.m. their
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cnn is reporting ten people dead, dozens have been injured. now, also, we also learned in the last 25 minutes or so there was a third explosion reported at a brussels train station, we're looking into this to see how many injuries may be a associatedded with this. a couple other updates, we've been watching closely terror level goes to the maximum level in the wake of the airport explosion. also know that all flights cancelled, and all flights are being diverted. the terror level is at a maximum level in belgium. one of the master minds behind the paris terror acan takes which claimed the lives of 170 people, was arrested friday in brussels. worry about potential retaliation, no word, it has not been confirmed this is related to that, but certainly relevant when you look at the landscape right now, they are on high
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deal with there counter terrorism measures. two different scenes, three separate blasts, ten people killed, sad situation, we'll follow it, no record for human life in any of these situations here, john and christine, back to you. >> christine: much more to come on this throughout the morning. keep it on wbtv. thank you, brody. north carolina lawmakers will hold a special session tomorrow to fight charlotte's non-discrimination ordinance. a clause in the ordinance allows transgender people to use the bathroom of the gender with which they identify. mark davenport looks at what lawmakers plan to do tomorrow. will be both sides are vocal and not backing down. just weeks ago charlotte city council voted to pass the controversial ordinance. at the core of the debate allowing transgender people to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with. governor pat mccrory said the state would be fighting the ordinance if it passed for safety reasons and that is what
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>> put people at risk and create great uncertainty and great concern and consternation. >> clearly we have a mix up of priorities in raleigh and that is time to change. >> reporter: we'll follow the story, all the latest updates on wbtv, both on air and online at reporting just outside uptown charlotte, mark davenport, wbtv on your side. >> john: 5:06, this morning police are investigating a died lid crash involving a motorcyclist in south charlotte. happened around 6:30 on yorkmont road. ran in the back of a box truck. was taken to the hospital and later died. no one else was hurt. spoke he lease believe the >> christine: a man accused of shooting a woman is due in court today. ronny lee whitworth, charged with assault with a deadly weapon with the intent to kill and possession of a firearm by
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sky 3 the first news helicopter over the scene on gilbert road yesterday. authorities say 34 brandy eisenhaur was treated at the scene. whitwork crashed the truck while trying to flee and was arrested. >> john: ing a school until clover may put cameras in classrooms after abuse of special education students. some of the allegations include children being forced to eat in the closet and child sitting on a toilet 90 minutes. at last night's meeting, the superintntdent decided he would liking to be do more research before making a recommendation. there is no time line on when the clover school board will discuss the topic again. we have the full investigation report under the story on >> christine: officials at unc charlotte are investigating two new cases of the mumps on campus. the mecklenburg county department of health alerting
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this brings the total number of cases involving the school to four. the health department is telling students faculty and staff to stay home if they think they are sick. there is a lot more to cover we're just getting started. the relationship between israel and united states is the focus of of this town hall involving both the democrats and republicans running for president. what each candidate had to say and why one of the candidates did not show up. >> john: a quick check of your first alert weather forecast right now, check our temperatures, we have 37 degrees in charlotte, check this, 35 in boone, 28 in morganton, 34 down in chester, 34 lancaster, 34 monroe, 32 gastonia. here is a live look at i-77 at nations ford and you can see things are moving smoothly but just a reminder, the northbound lanes of brookshire boulevard at i-485 are shut down because of a deadly accident, much more on that when we come back. remember, you're never more than seven minutes away from weather
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it is nine minutes >> christine: if you're just waking up we are watching breaking news involving deadly explosions in brussels. >> john: brody o'connell is there in the alert center monitoring the very latest and he is live now with more. >> brody: a sad situation, cbs reporting 13 people have been confirmed dead by belgian media, and also dozens of others injured. i want to focuses on this, we reported on the two blasts at the airport and another blast at a second scene at a metro train station. this is an image from the daily mail uk showing that train station outside, you can see some of the smoke there. apparently this is near eu offices and i just saw the
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personnel in brussels told to stay in their office if they are at work or to stay at home and stay away from the office in the wake of the airport blasts and also the blast that happened at this metro station. a couple developments here we want to keep an eye on, terror level has been raised to the highest level in belgium. also all flights shut down at that airport as the death toll stands at 13. we are going to have an interview at 6:30, our john carter will talk to karl d e la g uerra. i will attend a tsa seminar this morning about springtime travel and safety. there is no i am meant threat tothere is no threat to the u.s. but i will be asking questions. >> christine: i'm sha you are
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the presidential candidates today. >> john: arizona for democrats and republicans, caucuses in utah. in idaho, only democrats vote in caucuses today. latest cnn poll shows donald trump and hillary clinton leading their partyies. four of the five remaining presidential candidates -- excuse me, let's toss it over to al conklin, check with the weather here. >> al: thanks, john. let's show you what is going on, take you up to the mountains, start where temperatures are ironically not all that bad, that is parcel of the idea we havewart of the idea warmerconditions aloft. that is king street in boone, from, where it is still cold but again not quite as bad as many so of the outlying areas, even north of
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36 fleetwood, 31 in blowing rock. phil english is in the 20s. 28 degrees, clear skies. you have plenty of sunshine today, much better day, less wind than what you had to deal with yesterday, should get in the low to mid 50s for most communities. a nice looking day coming up for the mountains. for the rest of us, warmer, starting off cold, you need the jacket early, but by lunch time, 62, 68 late this afternoon. almost total sunshine, as cold as it is now, nice turn around for this afternoon, nice warming trend will continue the next several days. going back in the 70s here, but i do see a couple bouts of rain we have to deal with, one before the weekend and one that may impact the holiday weekend. talk about that in the seven day planner, right now 5:15, check in with chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: brookshire boulevard
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off near 485 because of a fatal overnight accident. i-77 nations ford, volume light and running smoothly there. that is a check of first alert traffic, take a break and be
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bringing you the latest updates live from the alert center, thanks for choosing wbtv news this morning. >> christine: a dramatic protest to show you in uptown charlotte as people stagedded a die-in outside duke energy building. they are upset they were told they would could go back toking
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year of not being able to drink it. duke denies the ponds are responsible. there is a public meeting tonight about coal ash risk near the allen steam station starts at 6:00 in the auditorium of the dallas campus at gaston college. mooresville rejected a plan to bring costco to the area. many at the meeting were concerned about traffic in the area. the town commissioners voted against the zoning plan 5-1, costco cannot build their store at proposed location, just overhigh-77 at exit 35. it would have to be -- it would have been the main anchor store bringing in acald me sports and outdoors. >> john: news of a recall involving a popular drink for kids. bug juice international is recalling drinkings for possible plastic or metal shaving contamination. no reports of illness has been associated with the products. >> christine: a tennis official says women's pro players ride on
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>> if i was a lady player i would go down every night on my knees and thank god roger federer and roger nadal were born. they carried the sport. >> that is raymond moore, director of the tournament at indian wells in california. made many could meants sunday. patrick mcenroe and billy jean king slammed the comments, as well as serena williams. >> john: 5:22 the time, cold start, frost warnings, freeze? >> al: frost advisory, you may have to scrape if you parked out doors. we may continue to drop. at 3:00 we were down to 34, we're bouncing around but yesterday, we at least rebounded, more than ten degrees from where we were on sunday, do at least another ten degrees this afternoon. again if you're not a fan of the
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gets better here. not so much this morning. cold out there, current conditions in charlotte right now, gorgeous shot right there, hd tower cam, 37 degrees, the air is dry, dew point is at 27, so with dry air, light breezes, and clear conditions that is a perfect recipe for very chilly conditions. growing season hasn't started in the mountains, so no advisories, but freeze warning in effect, piedmont, foothills, frost advisory east of town, both run until 9:00 this morning. 28 in morganton, 30 lincolnton, 32 concord, 32 rock hill, 32 lancaster, below freezing, 30 salisbury and statesville. cold start, better finish, 58 in boone this afternoon, sunny skies, plenty of sunshine, warm up in the upper 60s for morganton, lenoir, taylorsville, wall-to-wall sunshine across your area. 68 salisbury, 66 hickory, 68 charlotte, mooresville, concord, monroe, rockingham and back over toward wadesboro.
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shy of 70. don't judge the day by what you see this morning or what you feel. by the way tonight won't be as cold. tomorrow morning, mostly in the 40s and tomorrow afternoon check this out, back in the 70s, well above average. a cool snap but headed up. what we haven't had much is rain. just a little bit the last couple days with the systemses that came through both sunday and saturday. so we have a deficit for the month of 2.5 inches for the year close to 2.5 inches. we won't see much rain the next couple days, but by wednesday, we turn our attention to the next system, that will approach us late thursday, showers and thunderstorms will end early friday morning, another one probably comes in late in the easter weekend. timing is off, so we'll keep this close by and monitor the situation but right now i would say east terer sunrise should be okay, timing will be critical
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next round of rain comes in late thursday in early friday. saturday is dry, most of sunday is dry until later in the afternoon and sunday night into monday we get more rain. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: first alert traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. we're keeping you updated with breaking news on brookshire boulevard, a fatal accident overnight has shut down a portion of brookshire boulevard, those are the lanes heading away from city of charlotte, northbound lanes closed down and you can see this horrific accident scene there, the accident investigation team is on the scene there, so if you're coming inbound toward charlotte, those lanes are open away from charlotte, lanes are blocked. so you can still get on i-485 inner loop but you are not able to make it on i-485 outer loop if you're coming northbound. it is a mess right now. you may want to think about rozzelles ferry as an alternate
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that is as live look we'll bring you the latest as we get it in the newsroom and a quick live look at i-77 northbound at nations ford, volume of traffic here is relatively light and keep an eye on that as we head toward the rush hour. john and christine, over to you. >> john: thanks, chris. more history being made during president's trip to cuba.
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>> john: we continue to follow breaking news, a deadly wreck in northwest charlotte has shut down part of the brookshire boulevard, expected to be shut down for a couple more hours. >> christine: happened a couple hours ago around 3:00 a.m. near 485, we broke the story first to alert you on what is going on. this is going to impact your morning commute. let's go to chris larson with
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traffic. >> chris: christine, wbtv's ashton pellom giving us this live look this morning of the accident scene out on brookshire. traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. it is the lanes northbound away from the city which are blocked off this morning. if you're coming inbound on brookshire boulevard up to 485, you are going to be able to make it through that scene, but terrible crash overnight with this passenger vehicle in the back of some sort of a dump truck. thatatas blocked the northbound lanes. so again, if you are trying to go north and then get on the outer loop of 485, that is where you will find the problems or just heading north on brookshire boulevard. those lanes are closed down, it may be 7:30, 8:00 before this accident investigation is complete and they can get the lanes reopened. the so if brookshire away from the city of charlotte is part of your morning commute, be aware those lanes are closed down and as we head through the rush hour and the volume increases, heading southbound in toward the
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the residual slow downs, everybody slowing down because there is such a large police presence there. here is a live look, i-77 northbound at nations ford road in charlotte, 77, 85 can looing pretty good. keep an eye on that, that is a check of traffic, you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is al conklin. >> al: out there this morning, chris, a cold one, clear skies, dry conditions and light breezes. that allowed temperatures to fall off, this is at allen elementary school. the moon looks like the sun, another two hours and we often times will get coldest just before the sun comes up. we're likely to fall another couple degrees here before sunrise. 30 degrees in statesville, salisbury, 31, wadesboro, albermarle, 29 in morgan-on-to, at freezing now for shelby and gastonia, down to rock hill, lancaster, 37 in charlotte. today, lots of sunshine and nice temperature turn-around an


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