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tv   WBTV News 3 at 430AM  CBS  March 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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they do tell me the driver of a passenger car did run in the back of a dump truck, a trash truck, i should say, on brookshire boulevard. i'll step out of the way so you can see this is very much so an active investigation. we do have officers out here still on the scene, still investigating and what-not. take you to video i shot when the i first arrived on scene. this crash happened just before 3:00 this morning in the northbound lanes of brookshire boulevard, this is just after the on ramp to 485 inner, but just before the on ramp to 485 outer. so in between the stage. both these lanes are closed right now. police haven't told us much about the identity of the deceasedded on scene,deceased on scene. the driver of the car died, the driver of the truck is doing okay. one fatality, police tell me the road will be shut down for at least three more hours here out here on the scene, as soon as we
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you on air and online at but we do have lanes shut down on brookshire and one person is dead this morning. we'll keep you updated. reporting live, ashton pellom, wbtv on your side. >> christine: thank you for that live update. let's go to meteorologist al conklin with early first look at the forecast. >> al: thanks, christine. biggest issue is cold temperatures, we had the freeze watch in effect across the metro area and frost advisory to the east of us. of course temperatures will continue to fall this morning, right up until about sunrise, 7:30. at the moment at 39 here in charlotte, most of the outlying areas are very close to freezing. below freezing in morganton, 32 shelby, lancaster and wadesboro, 31 albermarle, 34 gastonia, 33 statesville, a cold start, this morning, dry, good visibility in charlotte, may have to have scrape frost but other than that, we have a nice day on the way because this day will be
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very nice temperature turn around. we'll go from 35 at 8:00 to 68 this afternoon. talk about warmer weather down the road but also a couple of rain opportunities, i'll talk about whether when those arrive with the seven day forecast. >> christine: we are following more breaking news involving explosions at a major airport in europe. let's go to brody o'connell in the alert center getting details of cbs' early morning news. a big deal. >> brody: another tragedy being carried out. it appears at the hands of attackers targeting innocent people at an airport in brussels, belgium. here is an image, this is being widely circulated for multiple agencies, this one from the daily uk mail. here is what's we know so far, what we can responsibly report at this hour. the associated press and cnn both reporting that one person has been killed and a dozen
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i will tell you there are news agencies overseas reporting a higher death toll, we'll hold off and wait to the see if the the associated press can get it confirmed. this is as dire situation, allow me to show you an image inside to give you an idead what this bomb blast must have done here. you can see the damage, debris on the ground. reports of two explosions in the airport. then within the last five minutes or so, we got word cbs news reported that now there is a report of a third blast at at train station in brussels. as you can imagine, we are working very hard to get that confirmed, as officials overseas work to get that under control. no word immediately on any injuries associated with the third blast which would be a second scene here this morning. a couple notes to pats along from the major breaking news story this morning. belgian interior minister says
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level in the wake of the airport explosions. brussels airport officials say all flights are canceled and flights are being diverted, this is something we will follow all morning long. a tragedy here to start over this tuesday morning. back to you. >> christine: brody, we'll check back with you on that thank you. north carolina lawmakerses plan to hold a special session tomorrow to fight charlotte's non-discrimination ordinance. a controversial clause allows transgender people to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with. alex giles looks at the action lawmakers plan to take. >> reporter: legislators calling for special session to discussion a non-discrimination ordinance. projecting the rights o of transgender individuals. >> created great uncertainty and great concern and consternation.
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in, things could change. >> what we have is a mix up of priorities in raleigh and time to change. >> matt hershey supports the ordinance. state lawmakers are wasting time and taxpayer money he says. >> for them to do this is incredible they are willing to compromise their own values in order to legislate discrimination. >> others like the idea of getting rid of the battle room bill. >> i would like them overturn this. they will undo this thing, totally insane. >> pastor worries it will bring confusion to charlotte, but neither side is backing down. >> doesn't matter we will win. >> anything that would stop you guys from being vocal about this? >> absolutely not. >> no way? >> nope. >> that was alex giles reporting. officials at unc charlotte are investigating two new cases of the mumps on campus. mecklenburg county health department alerting the university on friday of that brings the total of number of cases involving the school to
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letter to students, faculty and staff warning them about the symptoms and telling them to stay home if they think they are sick. a ten year old has died from injuries sustained in a wreck in union county. happened monday morning on old pageland mon reroad. the engine of the truck crushed all the way up to the cab. troopers say the driver of the truck never hit his brakes and died on impact. he hit a family in a van on the way to school. a teen waiting for a school bus nearby heard the crash and ran to help. we talked to him by phone. >> trying to get out of the car, while she was yelling for help and the rest was trapped. >> two other girls in the car have broken bones but will be all right. the driver of the van was the mom's boyfriend, he also survived the crash. a school until in clover may put
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they are accused of forcing a child to eat in the bathroom in the dark. we filed for documents under the freedom of information act and got the investigation results the system wasn't releasing. sarah blake morgan ises on your sided with a look at those documents and what happened at last night's meeting. >> reporter: cameras are something the superintendent here says he is seriously considering installing in clover's special education classrooms, but he was not ready to make his recommendation tonight. this discussion comes after controversy surrounding this 2014 report where someone alleged a culture of abuse involving special needs students. the children being forced to eat in the a closet and child sitting on a toilet for 90 minutes. this report says the school board investigated and found the allegations to be untrue, but it certainly started the discussion of cameras in the classrooms,
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one parent is willing to give up the right very see privacy of his special needs daughter to keep her safe. >> would protect the children and teachers, it would give them assurance that evidence of their behavior in class. >> superintendent needs more time to look into this. he has not found any other districts in south carolina that are doing exactly this, greenville, south carolina is doing something similar and added some of the teachers are welcoming the idea while others aren't so excited. for now reporting in clover, army corps ofsarah blake morgan, wbtv on your side. we have the full report postedded online for you to read yourself. the find out at what school leaders found, go to the story at the town of mooresville rejecting a plan to bring cost co to thecostco, many were concered about traffic.
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against the zoning plan 5-1. costco can't build their store off i-77 at exit 35. it would have been the main anchor store bringing in other stores like academy sports and outdoors. police are investigating a dead lid crash involving a motorcyclist in south shared, happenedsouth charlotte.the motorcycleist ran in the back of a box truck. no one else was hurt. a man accused of shooting a woman during a domestic dispute in lincoln county is due in court today. ronny whitworth charged with assault with a deadly weapon with the intent to kill and possession of a firearm by convicted felon. sky 3 was the first news helicopter on scene over gilbert
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authorities say 34-year-old was shot in the shoulder, treated at the scene. whitworth trialed to free, his friend took the gun from the scene but authorities recovered it. president obama meets with the president of cuba during historic trip, his push to promote american businesses in
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>> christine: we want to show you live pictures we're seeing out of brussels, we told you when we signed on 15 minutes ago about explosions reported in the area. one of them happening at the brussels international international airport, that is where you see passengers being evacuated out of the airport. this happened in the middle of rush hour for that part of the country so very busy at the airport at the time it happened. this is not the only explosion reported right now. apparently smoke detected close to the eu headquarters, brody o'connell is in the alert center getting more details on a very fluid and developing situation so keep it on wbtv for details first as they are coming . a court hearing set for today in the fight between apple and the f.b.i. has been
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the f.b.i. says it is working with an outside party to unlock the iphone belonging to one of the san bernardino terrorists. a court ordered apple to develop soft waiver to allow the f.b.i. to get by syed farook's password. the government is cautiously optimistic this alternative method will work. we'll see what happens. president obama emphasizing importance of cuba to u.s. businesses during his historic trip this week. >> america wants to be your partner. around this visit american companies are moving ahead with new commercial deals. >> top leaders are joining the president on the trip. still ahead here on wbtv news this morning, big changes coming to the southpark area of charlotte. more new development in the
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united meth dis. methodist. a big parade to honor jm robinson high school, we flew over the celebration in sky 3 to see it all. cheerleaders and marching band participated. the mayor declared it bulldog day in concord. a live look from scott clark nissan honda hd tower cam, a cold start this morning. we have been telling you about the freeze warning in the viewing area. meteorologist al conklin tracking all that for you and has the most accurate details now in the first alert weather. >> al: we'll bottom out around sun-up, about 7:30, thereafter we should rebounded. we did somewhat yesterday afternoon. notice up to 58 degrees after a much colder day on sunday. we'll do about ten degrees better today, plenty of sunshine in the forecast, start to rebound. that said, it is cold, you will need the jacket, temperatures
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quite cold in lincolnton, show you the temperatures in a moment, first off in charlotte, current conditions, 39 degrees, cear skies, not much of a breeze. with the dew point in the 20s, dry air, a perfect set-up for very chilly conditions, with the dry air in place, clear skies, light breezes, yeah, temperatures fall. with that, we have a freeze warning in effect for most of the met rote area and metro area and points northward. frost advisory east of town, union, lancaster, 29 degrees in lincolnton, 32 in concord. 33 at rock hill, 32 salisbury, 31 statesville, 29 morganton, mid 30s in the mountain. everybody closes to if not below freezing. by 8:00 in the charlotte area, up to 35. the sun will be prominent today, will dominate, with that the idea that the air is dry, it will heat and warm very efficiently and quickly.
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afternoon, a little shy of 70 but still should be much better than the last couple afternoons whether we've been cool. as far as tonight, won't be as cold. we'll be mostly in the 40s tonight. that is much better news and tomorrow, how about this, mid 70s. at big warm-up, this is just going to be a short little cold snap. high pressure over us now drifting offshore. low pressure tomorrow morning at 8:00, working through the plains, that will be near chicago, come thursday morning. showers and storms now eventually thursday night we may get in the showers and thunderstorms, then that gives way. another probably more important system is to impact us l le in the holiday weekend. east ter sunday goinger sunday going forward. during the day it is only 20% chance of rain thursday and again early on friday.
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most of the rain comes in. saturday is dry, close to 70. easter sunrise is fine, afternoon may have rain showers and rain sunday night into monday morning. that is the forecast, see you in a few minutes. christine? >> christine: for the first time we're hearing from an officer shot in cornelius and the fellow officers who saved him.
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coming up. >> christine: a cornelius
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encounter with a teen armed with a gun and wearing a bulletproof vest. james quattlebaum and fellow officers were honored by the community they serve. for the first time we hear from him and the officers who jumped in to save him. >> reporter: james quattlebaum was back on the job a month after he was shot in the line of duty last may. the town of cornelius said they never forgot what happened. >> lieutenant james quattlebaum awarded the purple heart for sustaining life threatening injuries in the time of duty. >> a town grateful and proud. >> kind of surreal, brings back memories. >> whether the job is to protect and serve. >> every call is dangerous, every person we talk to could be a dangerous situation. >> officers like james quattlebaum know there is an inherent risk. >> i was lucky i had the vest on
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>> police responded to coachman's trace drive for a domestic call. he was interviewing someone, another officer went in the house. greyson ferrell shot lieutenant quattlebaum. the officer in the living room fired two shots at ferrell, bringing him down. tonight, a public thank you. the officer who are rushed to treat the lieutenant's wound. >> also ferrucci assisted. >> the officer in the house, with the lieutenant shot. >> officer heinz returned accurate fire striking the suspect. >> the officer who ran in the house after he heard shots. >> officer rampart's action were instrumental. >> the saturday morning last may
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remainder protectremainder protect and serve isn't just a saying. the alleged shooter is scheduled to be back in court in june. you can see more of ceremony at many coulding up at the top of the hour, we continue to follow breaking news involving a deadly wreck on brookshire boulevard near 485, a very active scene still this morning. the very latest coming up in a live report. al? >> al: we have sub-freezing temperatures for a big part of the viewing area this morning. freeze warning in effect until 9:00. a nice temperature turn-around and weekend forecast straight ahead. chriss? >> chris: tell you where to avoid that accident up on 485 and take a look at the rest of your charlotte morning commute here on tuesday. brody? >> brody: right now following
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belgium. wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now with breaking news. >> john: that breaking news, a deadly wreck in northwest charlotte expected to shut down part of the brookshire boulevard for several hours. >> christine: the wreck happened before 3:00 this morning near i-485, wbtv first to break the story online and on social media, alerting you at home. wbtv's ashton pellom is live from that scene right now so ashton, any word on when the road will reopen? >> reporter: hey, good morning, christine. talked to police investigators out here not long ago, they tell me this road will be shut down at least for the next three hours. the better half of this commute. better pay attention to chris' alternate routes. the scene is active, we have
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bear with me as i try to zoom in and get my camera to focus in, investigators are out here still on scene right there, still looking into the accident. i did talk with one investigator on scene and he did tell me that the passenger car you can see right there if we cut to the video rear-ended the trash truck a little further down. this is on the northbound lanes of brookshire just after the on ramp to 485 inner, but just before the on ramp to 485 outer. that stretch of road right there, all lanes are closed northbound, southbound lanes are still open right now, police haven't said too much about the identity of the driver who was killed earlier or who died earlier, they didn't disclose whether it was male, female or any identity yet, they are looking into that as part of their investigation. they tell me the trash truck driver is okay this morning but those lanes being shut down right here on brookshire, northbound, heading just before the 485 outer loop, again the lanes will be shut down the next


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