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tv   WBTV News 3 at 530PM  CBS  March 21, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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these counties that you see in blue have a freeze warning in effect until 9:00 a.m. these counties farther to the south a frost advisory until 9:00 a.m. whichever case you fall under you need to take care of the plants this is the night to do it. after tonight we have a good warm-up we will talk about that in a little bit. >> thank you. tonight's freeze is a concern for farmers in the mountains. you will maybe recall late march of last year, a freeze caused damage to peach crops? the problem is there is little that can be done to protect the peaches from the cold weather. we spoke with farmers who say this may not be a killer freeze but it could cause damage. >> i do not think it will be that cold and stay cold that long but if it gets below 28 for over four hours we could have significant damage. >> the strawberry plants have been covered and are ready for frost and freezing temperatures they should be ok. they hope to pick the
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peaches are at the most vulnerable stage and will be for a few weeks. you can stay up-to-date 0 by downloading the weather app. all the time it's free on your smartphone. tonight chester county council will take up ways to fix what some know as dead man's curve. on turn buckle road and a loop. in the past two weeks two people have died. this was the scene of the accident. one of those killed was the father of a clover police lieutenant. wbtv's michael clark is live in chester county. and i understand you spoke with that lieutenant's son today. how are they doing? >> reporter: that lieutenant responds to these deadly wrecks all the time but nothing could have prepared him for losing his own father and now he is getting behind the push here to fix that road. that caused this accident. >> on this winding road in
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and firefighters helmet. >> he whats my best friend and the person i called for everything and now he is not. >> the momentos are for his father mike and volunteer firefighter jackie. the makeshift memorial is not permanent but safety changes because of the head-on collision they were involved in could be. >> if my dad's passing can bring about safety or a positive change for someone else, i think he would like that. we would like that. >> this stretch of highway 9 is called dead man's 0 curve. >> as long as i have been here 40 years that has been the name of it. dead man's curve. >> john wayne is a councilman and a former law enforcement and the thought of seeing anyone else die here is pushing him to ask the state tore help. a lot of folks lost their lives and we want the highway department to run a safety study and survey. >> monday county council will consider a vote to ask the
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a safety study before coming up with a possible fix like widening a road or adding a light workers could study the number of cars, speeds the number of accidents and the severity of injuries, hazards and any other factors that make this stretch of highway a deadly one. >> if you can grab one positive then it's something to latch on to and help carry you through the negatives. >> county leaders do not know the number of the exact fatalities. they are asking the state for that information and we know that already in chester county this year there have been seven deaths up from four this time last year. michael clark wbtv on your side. >> that accident looked nasty. the meeting will take place at 7:00 p.m. councilmembers decided to meet in fort lawn instead of chester county. we will update you when we know
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a charlotte man is in jail accused of holding a gun to a rock hill teenager's hand and demanding she deposit checks into a bank. anthony lewis is charged. the victim says lewis and others made her deposit the checks she was forced to withdraw the money from her account and resource officer she came in contact with lewis after clicking on a facebook ad advertising easy ways to make money. the victim has two children. >> tomorrow apple will square off with the united states justice department in court. the issue is an f.b.i. request for apple to unlock the phone of san bernadino footer syed farook. they would have to create new software that could jeopardize the security of any iphone. just before today aide product launch in california apple's c.e.o. tim cook had this to say about the debate. >> we do not expect to be in this position and at odds with our own government.
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have a responsibility to help you protect your data and protect your privacy. >> the f.b.i. says there's no other way to learn whether the phone there's information about the massacre that killed 14 and hurt dozens more. new, cherryville police are looking for three men accused of stealing from ace hardware. you can see two of the men. one wearing the white tank top. and they are accused of stealing a cooler and other products. the man in the nikki shirt is holding a small cup. if you have information please call officers. >> right now, a parade to honor the 2016 state basketball champions jm robinson high school. the city of concorde is hosting this parade. this is live from sky3. right through the trees as we look and see the end of the
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cheer leaders and the marching band are participating. and the mayor is expected to proclaim today as bulldog day in the city of concorde. lots of fun and congratulations to them. time to check with traffic with tonya rivens in the first alert traffic center. >> hey, that has to be exciting for the kids and slow-moving traffic around that area. but we have slow-moving traffic also on i-77 northbound. perhaps you can see the officer on the shoulder. an accident in this area. i-77 north at clanton road. notice the red on the mapping system and a stranded motorist one at south tryon and another at south tryon and clanton. based on the mapping system, a lot of congestion on clanton road as well as behind northbound and southbound. your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. back to you. >> thank you. next, a facebook post by a north carolina police department is viral tonight. what was in the post that has so
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and we go inside a local school a national award winning school where staff say something is missing: diversity.
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working to fix >> new now, a post by a north carolina police department on social media is getting national attention tonight. we warn you the photo we are about to show you may be disturbing. after greenville police saw this picture posted on facebook, they share to do with a message of their own... the officers invited the man seen here making a vulgar hand signal to go on a ride along to see what it's like to serve and protect the community.
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16,000 shares and the man in the picture has agreed to that ride along. and we don't know when that will happen. a 770-mile walk to honor seven north carolina marines killed in a training exercise is over. the marines were killed during helicopter training in florida last year. for the past 10 days, marine riders have marched from the florida panhandle to the headquarters in stone bay. >> along the way, people are telling us how proud of us they are it's not a pat on our own back, to me it makes me smile because it tells me that we are doing right by them and representing them in a positive way. though they are not here we are still representing them in the community. >> this is a picture they posted to the facebook page before noon as they were about to enter stone bay. their final destination. >> next here at 5:00 the push
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school what staff members think may be hurting the school and how the district is hoping to help. >> temperatures have been struggling today but tonight they really fall off sharply. we could be hitting the freezing
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the body of an officer killed in line of duty is now home. let's get over to alex giles live in the alert center in the newsroom with more. >> we got this video in. it's powerful. from across the country in howard county, indiana. officers lining the streets of that hometown howard county, indiana for one of their own
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officer shot and killed in the line of duty this past weekend serving an arrest warrant was deputy carl koontz. and one other officer was involved. and the procession as his body was brought back. the suspect in that shooting in indianapolis shot and killed himself. there again the procession for an officer killed in the line of duty. >> thank you. one goal for cms' new student assignment plan is to make schools more diverse. it wants to use the successful magnet schools but that is becoming a challenge. dedrick russell takes us to tuckaseegee elementary school and talk about the struggle to achieve diversity new at 5:00. >> welcome to you can tuck elementary -- tuckaseegee elementary on the west side of town. it is a partial magnet school that won a national award of distinction for its learning talent development program known
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>> we develop critical thinking, problem solving using real world application. >> even though it is a partial magnet other students benefit. >> we are trying to get that feel across the building in all classrooms so everyone feels a part of what we are doing. >> staff wants more diversity. 60% of the students are black. 7% white and 18% hispanic. only 170 students are in the magnet program. there's room to grow. >> we still have a number of openings in our program and our goal and dream is to get the word out about tuckaseegee's litd program so we have so much interest that we have a waiting list. >> listen to this... the next closest magnet school that offers the exact program as tuckaseegee elementary is about eight miles away at irwin academic center and that school has a waiting list of 200. tuckaseegee no waiting list.
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list come to tuckaseegee? to offer diversity and more students? >> i am not sure if it's been negative press in the past. this is a beautiful school. our staff is very proud of this school. >> administrators value diversity and think it should be seen in the classrooms so tuckaseegee's strategy is some way lure parents to tour the school. >> if we get them into our school we win them. >> and it appears winning parents over is what it will take to make the dream of a waiting list at this school a reality. at tuckaseegee elementary, dedrick russell wbtv on your side. >> administrators think since irwin academic center is a full magnet school that that might hurt the school. also people like the location of irwin it is in uptown. cms says it will continue to tell parents about tuckaseegee elementary to try and make a change at that school. a live look at uptown from
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chilly night and cooler. leigh brock is here. and we have been talking about it but it's been beautiful for days and days, chilly and it has that chill in the air. >> it makes you want to go back to wintertime. >> not really. >> we had 70s and 80s. and now we are into spring and it's cold but we will get back. >> and we did not try the red. it happened that way. before we get the e-mails. >> and we all have long sleeves because it's chilly outside. has been cool. and it's beautiful. looks much better than yesterday but the temperatures are a little bit better. and we are going to get warmer. we are on the rebound. think about it that way. here is your hd towercam lots of sunshine and temperatures they are still below average. 58 is your temperature in charlotte. 56 in rock hill and 54 in shelby. and the temperature change since yesterday.
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yesterday of 47 . today we at least made it to the mid-50s in a lot of places. and we are 11 warmer than we were 24 hours ago in charlotte and same in morganton. 12 warmer in wadesboro and albemarle and 12 warmer in rockingham. so we have made progress and we make more heading into tomorrow. the second half of your day anyway. the first part of your day it will be cold outside. we have a freeze warning in effect for all of the counties you see. a frost advisory for the darker blue counties. what is going on is just about everybody could be close to the freezing mark. all you need to know, bring inside the plants and protect the plants that you cannot bring inside. take care of the plants this evening. you will notice there is not a lot going on in the mountain areas. it does not mean it will be warmer. it means your temperatures likely to be in the mid-20s by the time you wake up in the mountains. and since your growing season
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to issue the watches yet. farther to the south the west of us are -- rest of us are looking at temperatures above freezing. back above freezing by 8:00 a.m. 57 at noon and 67 will be your afternoon high temperature. a whole lot of sun to go along with that tomorrow. the rest of us also in the same boat. talking about mid-60s for high temperatures. mountains still cooler but you will be back in the upper 50s for high temperatures tomorrow. and we have morning time low of right around the freezing mark but by the afternoon we are back in the mid-60sment on wednesday we do not have that struggle with the frost and a freeze warning. 42 your low temperature. 75 your high. and still mid-70s on thursday and friday low 70s and a chance of showers late thursday night into friday morning. easter weekend not looking half bad. upper 60s for highs and late in the day on sunday we could pick up a couple of showers. eric thomas has your full
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here is tonya rivens she has traffic. >> thank you, leigh. your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. an accident at brookshire boulevard by 485. notice the congestion on brookshire boulevard. valleydale bell haven great alternate routes but stop-and-go traffic a mile. as we head over to highway 27 freedom drive that area a stranded motorist at alfred alexander boulevard creating congestion. and let's head to gaston county. i-85 southbound and mcadenville an accident and stop-and-go traffic as well. wilkinson boulevard is a great alternate route. molly back to you. and you look lovely in your red. >> so do you, i love the dress. >> next we will introduce you to peaches the emieux. she is undergoing a surgery. and a local organization is making this happen. >> and for you new at 6:00 charlotte city council leaders are looking for whoever leaked a
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and they are questioning how much should you know about certain paperwork.
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on wbtv news is sponsored by... >> breaking news we are going to the alert center with alex giles there is a shooting. where is it? >> off 27 west in lincolnton. emergency officials and firefighters are telling us they thought this was a traffic accident. turns out it is a traffic accident connected to a shooting. we will bring you the latest here in the alert center. we have a crew on the way. >> and you are all over it. chances are many of you have not seen a baby emu until now. look at that face. peaches is the emu's name she has a leg that did not develop properly and without fixing it she would not stand a chance. she is in surgery right now. kristen hampton has more in tonight's good news. >> we do that so they can maintain weight beering.
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that emus are not hatched with harnesses and most have two legs that work fine. she is an independent one for sure but without a surgery to fix her poorly formed leg she would not ever be able to walk on her own. >> they can live for nearly 20 years. and they are really comical friendly birds and we wanted to give her a shot at life. >> peaches came to the rescue with not much hope of a normal life. her left leg did not seem to grow in right. and vets are hoping a new surgical technique can help. >> she will break the boston city hospital and put it into position and put a series of fix 8er rings on it. >> there is a 50-75% chance the surgery will be a success. which are good odds considering the hope is she will heal up fine and lose that harness and live a normal life as a normal emu.
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kristen hampton wbtv on your side. >> kristen is looking for good news to share. send your ideas to... >> your taxes could go up if the bond referendum is passed how that could affect you next here at 6:00. and protestors take their
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duke energy's d >> new at 6:00 coal ash concerns. protestors take their frustration to duke energy's headquarters. >> we have our own situation going on right here in north carolina. >> and bundle up. temperatures are dropping to near freezing and more changes are on the way. >> plus looking for a leak. a confidential memo ends up in the hands of wbtv. now a city councilmember wants to know how.
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now. >> announcer: wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> charlotte city council is asking how much you have the right to know when it comes to certain documents. welcome to wbtv news at 6:00 i'm maureen o'boyle. >> i'm jamie boll in for paul. this comes while they are searching for a leak tonight. as we first reported, the memo was about marty pucket, the vice-president of the charlotte firefighters association. city manager ron carlee told puckett that his job working for claire fallon as an unpaid intern was unlawful. it was given to pucket and hagger man and the fire chief john hannon. steve crump first reported this story and an effort to find out who let this out? >> absolutely, jamie. several councilmembers are on the hunt tonight but after
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bob tonight says such a probe may not bear a lot of fruit. >> at the end of last week's charlotte city council meeting, john autrey suggested the city attorney begin a probe regarding leaks of confidential documents u i can this couple to instruct the city attorney to investigate how this leak occurred. >> the leak autrey speaks of is his memo obtained by wbtv. it was delivered by city manager ron carlee to firefighter marty pucket days before pucket, the unpaid intern of representative claire fallon sent a memo calling for the dismissal of his boss fire chief john hannon. carlee in the document called pucket's behavior unacceptable and says it must cease. and city attorney bob haggerman says his hands will be tied tied in


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