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tv   WBTV News 3 at 430PM  CBS  March 21, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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looking at the number of cars that travel on that stretch of roadway everyday. how fast the cars are going and also looking for obstacles like branches or trees or anything that could cause low visibility or hazards. remember, first responders can remember at least half a dozen serious wrecks here over the past couple of years but the exact number will be a part of the study. the county wants to know exactly how many wrecks occurred around the dead man's curve area and the severity of those involved in the collisions. they can vote to accident the state for help. one of the victims in this most recent crash was had a son that was a police officer with the town of clover. he and his family feel this is such an important issue they are driving down for the meeting. and we will have reaction from them and the councilman at 5:30. reporting live in chester, michael clark wbtv on your side.
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tonight's chester county council meeting will begin at 6:00 p.m. at the fort long community center. >> first at 4:00 a police officer was hurt when a gun went off during a scuffle at the durham county jail. the officer was grazed in the abdomen and taken to the hospital. 44-year-old danny mcmilan was being handcuffed when he reached for a gun in the back of his pants and the officer tried to grab the gun and it went off. funeral arrangements have been set for a fallen police officer. alan jacobs was shot and killed while trying to apprehend a wanted man. he was a celebrated iraq war veteran and the father of two and his wife expecting another child. the police officer will be laid to rest on thursday. >> and let's check in with tonya rivens following an issue on 277 causing considerable backups. >> well, brigida good news we have one lane open as we check
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this is outbound ramp to independence boulevard. congestion notice this area as you can see slightly over that bridge. again, congestion building now. 7 and monroe road are alternate routes but there is an accident farther down on randolph. and there is traffic clearing out and here is a better shot of that accident as we look on our mapping system and see that volume that is building on 277 back towards the center city area. and i wanted to show a picture from the scene that we have from cmpd that is a good visual how that traffic is building in that area. back to you. >> a place to avoid. thank you. back to the alert center where alex giles has new details on a fire near uptown charlotte. >> yes, brigida, we have new information the name of the business where the fire was reported is southern casting near uptown charlotte that is a foundry here in town.
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medic says two people were evacuated and you see the fire personnel medic and police called to the scene. you cannot see the fire because of the furnace in one of the buildings. as soon as we get more information we will bring it to you. >> thank you. a marine killed over the weekend in northern iran was based here in north carolina. 27-year-old staff starring lewis carden died after injuries after his unit was hit by rocket fire. the incident is under investigation. he was from california assigned to a unit at camp lejeune. >> a fort bragg soldier has been charged with the murder of a fellow soldier. ryan walker shot and killed miles penix they were in the same ba tail i don't know. he is in the detention center without bond. >> the two largest school districts are both looking for a new top leader a search that will impact the education of thousands of students. wbtv's education reporter
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following the superintendent search process from union county and the charlotte-mecklenburg school districts and joins us live. what is the latest this afternoon? >> well, jamie, i can tell you let's start in union county. the school board made some decisions this morning concerning who will takeover in the interim when current superintendent dr. mary ellis retires in a few months. it was announced today the school district's current general counsel michelle morris will be interim superintendent. it's expected ellis will leave in may. the district is working out and hammering out contract details anderson r concerning pay and the date that moore will takeover. once a new superintendent is named morris will go back to giving legal advice to the board. the board is moving along finding a new superintendent it
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and to name a new superintendent sometime in august. but while it's full speed ahead for union county, cms is just getting the ball rolling when it comes to its more than year-long superintendent search. i am told that eight companies reached out to cms and want to help find charlotte's next top educator. i am told that the board will whittle down that number to the top three or four companies and the board will start interviewing those companies. sometime in april maybe at the april 12th meeting. no word when cms will name its to have educator but stay with us and we will let you know when it happens. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. dozens of students and staff at a rockingham county school are sick because of an unknown illness. huntsville elementary school has 60 people at home today.
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the school and it will be bleached this afternoon. >> an explosion in greensboro is believed to be caused by problems with electrical wiring underground. police, fire, duke energy and piedmont natural gas all investigating the cause of the explosions that blew off manhole covers last night. no one was hurt but it shattered windows and damaged cars. >> community members and fire departments across the country are offering support after a firefighter was struck and killed by a fire truck. chris ray was part of the south carolina crew responding to a house fire. south carolina highway patrol says ray fell off the back of the truck and was hit as the truck backed up. he has been with the department since 2010 and leaves behind a wife and two daughters. >> i have moved over to the first alert weather center with leigh brock. based on weather yesterday for the first day of spring, i will take what we are seeing outside today. >> yeah, so much better and the
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than this we will stair step up everyday heading into wednesday. there's improvement. beautiful right now. if you do not get outside but it's chilly out there. and we have that sunshine back that helps things out. and your network of cameras it is gorgeous and notices the troo trees swaying because we have winds from 10-20-miles-per-hour. gusting a little bit higher. here is what the temperature range looks like. 54 in hickory. 57 in gastonia. 58 wadesboro and 55 chester. and let me remind you your average high is 65 . so we should be much warmer than this. instead we have a freeze warning in effect. chilly overnight. bring those plants in just about anyone if you can see this could reach freezing by the morning. >> thank you. a former carolina panthers now opening up about the serious impacts of his time playing football.
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>> first at 4:00 a former carolina panthers is opening up
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with multiple concussions he suffered while playing football. >> jared cooper a former safety deals with severe migraines, depression and seizures and cognitive dysfunctions. he is bedridden up to 18 days per month. you can read the story on the >> more panthers newsch the general manager has been named sporting news 2015 nfl executive of the year and given the honor after a vote by fellow league executives. >> if you have an e reader we have an update that you need to know. >> next why new software is necessary to download new books
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and how soon you have to do it. i'm maureen o'boyle we are 15 minutes from your news at 5:00 p.m. here are the stories we are working on. a mother and father accused in the baby's death. tonight you will hear shocking testimony as the father cross-examines the mother on the witness stand. a young boy is clinging to life after he and his two sisters were hurt in this deadly crash. reaction from the brother of the
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from the vehicle. those stories are ahead at 5:00 p.m. right now news continues in the studio. >> we have the top consumer headlines. kin dell users listen up. amazon says if you do not update your e reader before tomorrow, it may not connect to the internet anymore. this would mean you would not be able to download new books from the cloud or the kindle store. the update affects models made in 2012 and earlier. if you wait until after tomorrow, you will have to manually add the update using a desktop computer. >> apple is rolling out a four-inch iphone to replace the model in 2013. the iphone se will have features from the larger iphone 6s which came out six months ago. some users prefer the smaller size and resisted upgrading to
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and it will take pictures at 12 meg p georgia pixils and have a longer lasting battery and faster wireless connections. folks wanted all the gizmos but did not want to hold the ipad up to their ear. it is big. >> i will put molly on blast and got the 6s plus but it looks like i held up my keyboard i'm molly. because it is very big. >> where do you store it? pockets? >> i don't know. good news for the people who resisted the bigger 6s. >> twitter turns 10 today. >> incredible. >> the first tweet sent on march 21, 2006. the social media allows 140 characters per tweet and that will not be changing: despite the rumor. rumor? >> that was a silly idea.
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happening and i am happy to hear that. that is the appeal of twitter you have to craft that tweet. >> if you are sending it somewhere else fine. link me somewhere but the idea that you have limited character. >> and learning how when you put in a picture you have to have 25 characters if you want a picture included in your tweet. >> fascinating to look at the old tweets about big moments and how twitter helped cover those. >> 10 years. >> let's see if traffic is flying. >> no flights on the roads at the moment. your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. a strand stranded motorist and volume as a result as well. and red on i-77 and the congestion from tyvola back to center city.
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back to uptown four to five miles of stop-and-go traffic. and the d.o.t. camera and all the volume on i-77 this is tyvola road northbound and southbound. and we have a road closure this is by park road actually at princeton avenue construction in this area. park road is the better alternate route. a heads up with all the activity moment. back to you guys. >> all right thank you. >> today chillier than it has been and sunshine was nice and the weekend... >> you mean this past weekend? saturday was great it was yesterday. yesterday is totally clouding saturday. >> it's true. >> it was 70 on saturday. >> i don't know. [laughter] >> but the good news is we are going to warm-up. >> yes. we are heading the right way
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temperatures it is spring since early sunday morning we welcomed in springtime it has not seemed like it yet but it will. right now here is your hd towercam a gorgeous afternoon almost no clouds in the sky anywhere around the region. mild temperatures are not back yet. we are running 10 below average. most of us right now only in the mid-50s. you have 40s. 41 is your temperature in boone. so you have been struggling on the numbers. and it's been breezy at times. especially in the higher elevations. and boone your temperature is 41 . you add a 15-mile-per-hour wind to that and it feels considerably cooler. much cooler all day. most of the rest of us from 5-15-mile-per-hour winds. that has been the case for much of your day. and that is going to calm down overnight. and allow the temperatures to fall quickly. that plus the clear skies we have and i mean clear for just about everyone in the eastern
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a couple snow showers closer to pennsylvania and new york. clouds offshore. that is absolutely it. let's talk about a high pressure system. what it will do is give us a cold night. you see the bright blue areas we have a freeze warning and a frost advisory for the lighter blue colors. anyone could get to or below the freezing mark. bring inside the plants. take care of them if they have to stay outside. it may seem strange that the mountains do not have that in effect it does not mean it will be warmer you will be cooler but you have not seen many things blooming. that is why we do not have the freeze warning for you as well. and the forecast close to freezing by the time you wake up in the morning. and chilly temperatures to start the day. temperatures that are close to freezing. we have a high temperature tomorrow of 67 . 75 will add-on 10 for wednesday. and mid-70s thursday. and a shower chance thursday night into friday.
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forecast and your easter forecast coming up in just a little bit at 5:00 p.m. >> all important thank you. next, a new investigation has been launched after an electronic device is blamed for vehicles rolling away. we have why drivers thought they were in park and if your car could be affected. >> but first, a shout-out to our facebook fan of the day. mary barns we are looking at you. appreciate you. go to and hit the like button and hangout. we are updating our feed all day long. >> and as we head to break here are the closing numbers from wall street on this monday. we are back in a moment.
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on wbtv news is sponsored by... >> the u.s. government is investigating electronic gearshifters found in jeep models. >> there have been hundreds of reports of vehicles rolling away after the driver thought they were in park. molly grantham is explaining. >> gary titus leased a 2014 jeep grand cherokee built with new electronic transmission that changed the feel of shifting gears. maybe too much. >> if i don't hit it just right and get it into drive i could get into an accident because of that. >> the shifter is an electronic gearshift or e shift.
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sensation of moving the car into park, drive or reverse. >> i got out and thought it was in park and it was in reverse still. >> the safety administration is now investigating 850,000 vehicles most are 2014 and 2015 grand cherokees equipped with the e shift and that investigation claims reports of 121 crashes resulting in people being hospitalized. >> we would like to see there is a fail-safe so that you do not have a problem when a car is going to launch forward or rollback wards or move in a way that the consumer is not expecting it. >> fiat says it is cooperating fully with the investigation. as of the 2016 model year it's changed to the transmission in new vehicles but has not recalled the existing models. the automaker says the changers were do to customer satisfaction and not safety reasons. >> next here on wbtv news... >> and because i know how the
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>> a quest for help with directions ends with a woman being robbed and a man leading deputies on a chase. investigators are trying to sort out what happened. >> a mother charged in her six-month-old baby's death takes the stand. her shocking testimony and why the child's father who is also charged got to cross-examine her.
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wbtv news at 5:00 starts in 90 right now freezings temperatures in the forecast for your neighborhood tonight. chief meterologist, eric thomas on your side with what you can expect where you live as temperatures continue to fall. >> plus a man is dead and three children are in the hospital after a head-on collision in union county. we are live with the new details about the victims and the investigation. >> first, a father is accused of killing his six-month-old baby. today the child's mother took the stand. >> we went to go smoke a cigarette and then i asked him can i call the paramedics and he told me to wait until the next day. >> hear her describe the baffling actions the couple took after the baby was killed. testimony paints a chilling picture of a baby's slow death
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i'm jamie boll in for paul cameron. >> i'm maureen o'boylement a disturbing day in court. prosecutors called the infant's mother to the stand who is also charged with murder. and because the father, todd bod rick is helping -- representing himself. he cross-examined her. it's been a strange trial but today was heartbreaking. sharon smith joins us live. did the mother or help or hurt his case? >> maureen her testimony hurts them both greatly. even if she never touched the baby in a harmful way she established she was there over the course of the two days and that the baby was unresponsive and said she did not call 9-1-1 until an hour-and-a-half after she noticed the baby was not breathing. >> she normally laughs you know and cries.
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matter of fact describing that only moment of vitality we heard about the six-month-old. and it was the same as this mother charged with murder described her last 48 hours. >> i just thought she was sick. >> she said she was limp, motionless, unresponsive but ok enough for trips outside their west charlotte motel. >> sleeping. >> she never called the doctor. >> i didn't know what was wrong so i didn't want to take her to the doctor because i did not want dss to get involved. >> and when she testified about finally calling 9-1-1 she and bodrick discussed what to say. >> i told him that her sisters had dropped her off the bed. >> was that the truth? >> no, sir. >> under the cross-examination, the minutes and pauses dragged on reflective of the four years taken to bring this case to trial. and symbolic of inaction those days that the baby was dying in


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