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tv   WBTV News 3 at Noon  CBS  March 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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investigators say this is michele hill. she was last heard from six days ago. she had an appointment at the doctor and was seen getting into a white car. if you have seen her, you are asked to call police immediately. a live look, this is outside on our hd tower cam. beautiful bright sky, lots of sunshine, but we started off pretty cold this morning. warm temperatures are not going to return yet. appalachian ski resort, blowing snow, and cold enough for some of it to stick around. >> crazy, because up in the mountains even, you had temperatures in the 60's saturday. the rest of us, low 70's. then 40's for sunday. now we are kind of in between. the current numbers, 49, we are
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it is 50 in rock hill and wadesboro. 47 albemarle and hickory. boone, you can make snow, 33, it is chilly. everybody is cold tonight. we have a freeze watch for all the areas in blue until 9:00 tomorrow morning. temperatures close to freezing. highest elevation don't have that. you are in the path of having those really cold temperatures at night. the south, this includes richmond county, union, south carolina, chesterfield, lancaster, a frost advisory in effect until 9:00 tomorrow morning. pretty close to freezing. everyone needs to bring in plants you have outside. if you have tried to put them out early, time to bring them back in. we will warm up. tonight is cold. beautiful afternoon.
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we will talk about where we from from. >> anchor: the union county school board is trying to find its next superintendent. current superintendent announced her retirement earlier this month. the board decided to skip a search firm. instead they will let the north carolina school board association pick the candidates. the meeting started an hour ago. some board members want to have a leader in place by the next school year. dr. ellis plans to retire june 1. four people are without a home this afternoon because of this fire in charlotte. firefighters responded to the call 8:00 this morning, in north charlotte. two people were inside but were able to escape by crawling out a window. investigators say the house has working fire alarms, and that may have saved the family. >> very important, make sure your battery is good. this is a good example, we are alerted before they were injured
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to get out quickly. >> investigators have not said what caused the fire. a fire in iredell county is under investigation. firefighters were called out 4:30 this morning to the structure fire on east mcneilly in mooresville. we are told there was one person in the house but they were not hurt. firefighters quickly got the flames under control. at this time officials say they don't know how the fire started. the president is visiting cuba, something many of us never thought we would see, touching down in havana yesterday. it is the first time in 88 years a sitting u.s. president has stepped foot on the island nation. >> historic visit and opportunity to engage directly with the cuban people. >> reporter: he is on a two day trip today. he will lay a wreath at the memorial, remembering a cuban
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he will sit down for a meeting with president castro. foreign policy takes center stage as nearly all of the candidates address a proisrael group today. >> reporter: hillary clinton took the stage to loud applause at the conference. >> one of the first things i will do in office is invite israeli prime ministers to visit the white house. >> reporter: clinton, already looking ahead to the general election, laid out the case the next president needs to be able to lead the world from day one. >> we need steady hands, not a president who says he is neutral monday, proisrael tuesday, and who knows what wednesday because everything is negotiable. >> reporter: donald trump
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his policy plan, a stark contrast to the campaign trail. a group of ramp areas -- rabbis are planning to protest, with a planned walkout, but it is not expected to turn violence like this past weekend. >> it always takes two to tango. obviously it needs to be denounced from all sides. >> reporter: ted cruz and john kasich will address the conference. bernie sanders, the only jewish candidate running for president, is skipping the conference to campaign out west. >> reporter: trump is also scheduled to meet with a group of lawmakers ahead of this speech. charlotte controversial nondiscrimination ordinance is back in the spotlight. north carolina house speaker hopes to call a special legislative session this week. according to our news partners, governor mccrory. the most controversial portion of the ordinance centers on
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use the bathroom of the gender with which they identity. the regular session begins after that date on april 25. moore says he is looking for a special session to take place at the end of the week. coming up next, find out which vacation destination is banning alcohol for part of the year. also coming up, apple setting up for its first event of 2016. what you can expect to see, that is just ahead. and why investigators believe
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on paris may have been >> we are on your side with today's top consumer news. the f.b.i. is warning high tech cars are getting more vulnerable to hacking. f.b.i. and federal safety reactors issuing a public service announcement recently, with demonstrations where
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functions like braking and steering by remote control. if someone buys a car with the connection option, the f.b.i. says you should keep your software up to date. you will have more options to stay if you want to visit cuba. air b and b is making moves in the country. the online lodging company can open listings in the country, it has become the fastest growing market. today is the day a lot of apple fans have circled on their calendars. the company is holding its first event of 2016 today. in about 45 minutes or so. don't expect any major announcements. the headliner will be a new four inch iphone, the smaller phone comes after some complained bigger is not always better. and listen up if you have a kendall reader, you need to update software by tomorrow. if you don't, you will lose internet connection.
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will have to download it on a computer or laptop, then plug it in to transfer the new software. live outside again on our hd tower cam, gorgeous afternoon so far. but it is still cool. maybe a light sweater if you are heading outdoors. we are talking about the freeze warning, how long colder temperatures stick around coming up next in the seven-day forecast. also next, a popular vacations destination is banning alcohol on its beaches.
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we will tell you coming up. at the original mattress factory, we simplify the mattress shopping experience. by building mattresses and box springs in our own local factories,
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>> authorities say the only surviving suspect in the november attacks on paris may have been plotting more terror. police captured him friday in brussels. the latest from the prison where the 26-year-old is being held. >> reporter: the manhuntentedded five blocks from the house he grew up in. this is thought to be him, shot in the leg dragged into an unmarked police car. he may have even been planning further attacks. >> we have followed a lot of weapons, heavy weapons. >> reporter: and fingerprints.
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of being a key operative in the terror attacks in november, and admitted he was supposed to blow himself up but backed out. his lawyer said it is not only a breach of confidentiality, it could stop him from speaking in the future. >> important because he has a lot of information. >> reporter: like who helped him slip away from paris and find his way back to his neighborhood under the noses of belgium officials. he is being held in prison. he is due to appear before a judge wednesday. there's a manhunt underway for two accomplices. >> reporter: 130 were killed in the attacks last november. 368 more were hurt. responders across the carolinas
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fellow firefighter. from conway, south carolina, on top of a fire truck, while responding to a call yesterday. he fell off the back of the fire truck and then was hit. ray had worked with the department since 2010. he leaves behind a wife and two daughters. fire departments across north carolina and south carolina are sending coldests including one of our own, huntersville fire tweeting out this, it says, very sad news out of conway this afternoon. rest in peace, brother. investigators are investigating to see how this happened. an electrical malfunction is blamed for exploding man holes in downtown greensboro. take a look at video from the cbs affiliate. in 10 minutes, two went flying in the air. businesses were evacuate. luckily no one was injured. no alcohol allowed, a popular
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saying to thousands of college students this year. gulf shore leaders will not allow drinking on the beach this year. they are worried about public drunkenness and damage to the beaches. the ban started friday, and so about it. >> i think it is good, because there's too many kids, and families that want to have a good time. when you see 20, 30 kids, everyone having cases of beer, it is like what are we getting ourselves into. >> reporter: cities such as orange beach are thinking about banning alcohol during this time of year. time to say happy birthday to a social media platform many of you use. twitter is now i decade old. the social site tweet was sent by founder, just setting up my twitter. it invited users to express themselves.
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accounts across the world. i wonder if he thought 10 years ago it would be this huge. >> that is a long time. >> seems like yesterday. there you have it. the first day of spring yesterday. it was freezing. >> it was. 47. we hit 70 saturday, 47 sunday am the first day of spring. >> come on. >> we are kind of in the middle in the afternoon today. we are in the 50's. we are closing in on the 50's now. it looks completely different from yesterday. remember yesterday, we had clouds. gray skies, chilly and ugly. big difference today, temperatures warmer. just the sky conditions themselves, being able to see the sun, at least makes you feel better. looking fantastic this afternoon.
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you may have noticed the camera jumping around. we have winds 10 miles per hour, occasionally gusting to 20 miles an hour making numbers feel cooler. it is 49 in charlotte, gastonia. we have hit 50 in rock hill and wadesboro. you are struggling in boone, a little progress, up to 35. here are the highest elevations. this is why they are making snow. it is 29, beach mountain. 23 banner elk, 36 blowing rock, so you really have chilly temperatures. this afternoon, at least we make it out of the 40's. we could not do that yesterday. 48 nobody, up to mid 50's for afternoon highs. we have the sunshine. it will look nice. then it will turn on us because whenever you have clear skies, we know what it means overnight. a very chilly night coming up. we have not been used to, even
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into spring yesterday, we haven't been used to waking up to freezing temperatures. a freeze watch is in effect for the blue counties until 9:00, counties. everybody is at least going to be close to freezing. if you have plants outside, if you planted early, if you have anything you want to protect, bring them inside or cover them. 8:00 in the morning, 36, so dropping below freezing, then 36 quickly. near calm winds, beautiful clear skies for tomorrow. below freezing in morganton and boone, close to freezing statesville, salisbury, and to the south, at least on the border line. this is just too cold for you, we stay in the 50's today. tomorrow, mid 60's. then 70 for a couple days.
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really not half bad. your average high, 65, so about every day after today we should be back above average. next couple days, we have temperatures today in the mid and upper 50's, so, yeah, a little milder than yesterday. tuesday, 67 is your temperature. 75 wednesday. thursday and friday, there's a little more of a question mark. we have a system coming through, looks like the best chance of rain is thursday night, friday morning, so at least 30% chance of rain for thursday evening. better chance of rain friday morning. still temperatures stay in the 70's. then comes easter weekend, not a bad saturday. we have 67 is the high. then we are headed to easter sunday, high temperature around 70. things are kind of iffy there too. looks like the best chance of showers late afternoon, evening.
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in the meantime, enjoy the sun. >> joining us this afternoon, a wonderful organization called hope for the warriors. a great event coming up in charlotte next month. nice to meet you. >> thank you. >> for those who haven't heard of the organization, it is a national organization. tell us more about it. >> we are a national nonprofit, service members and families and families of the fallen. >> wonderful. and like i said, big event coming up next month, that money will be raised to help the cause. tell us about it. >> we are very excited, april 23 10 k, 5 k, and one mile walk at charlotte motor speetedway. all proceeds go to our program, family and service members. >> anchor: fantastic. you have areas corroboration. this is the first time you are bringing it to charlotte? >> we are continuing after this year. our sponsor has been gracious
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they will continue supporting it year after year. >> anchor: give us a sense of other markets, what you can expect in charlotte. >> the race starts with opening ceremony. during that time, it is our time to celebrate those who have served and remember those who have fallen. >> moving. >> it is a great time for families and friends, just to really bring the community together. it is our time to educate the community too. needs of local service members, and those who have fallen, it is a great way to pull together your community. >> anchor: absolutely. what has been the response from some of the veterans you are honoring? >> we have one race that we have been able to give adaptive equipment. seeing the community seeing new equipment used, sports and experience. >> anchor: wonderful. someone wants to be a part,
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>> you can register online, run for the registration is $30. wednesday, it will increase $5. >> so next couple days, you can get a discounted price. >> early registration price. >> anchor: you see the website where you can sign up and be a part of the wonderful organization, veterans doing so much for our country, giving us our freedom.
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the forecast is next. >> looking nice outside. feeling a little chilly. 58 your high today. beautiful skies, though, tonight that is the problem. 32, projected low temperature. that means you could potentially have frost, freeze by tomorrow morning. bring the plants in. tomorrow afternoon, 67, after that, wednesday, 75. we stay in the 70's a couple days, even easter weekend. chance of showers thursday night friday morning. another chance easter sunday. overall nice temperatures.
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>> lily: wow. >> neil: hey, hey. wow, right? um, does this sign look crooked to you at all? >> lily: no, dad, it's perfect, just like tonight will be. i promise. >> neil: [ sighs deeply ] thanks to you and your staff. look at you. you're outshining everything in this room tonight, baby girl. >> cane: isn't she gorgeous? >> neil: yeah. something you want to tell me? >> lily: yes. >> cane: hmm. >> neil: what? >> lily: cane moved back home, and the kids are very excited.
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i love this. you know what? it was the mistletoe. it was the mistletoe back at christmas. >> lily: oh, yeah. >> neil: i knew that it would do the trick. >> jack: what is this? are we celebrating our first donation? >> neil: jack, even better. the happy couple. >> lily: a happy married couple. >> jack: hey, that is fantastic. congratulations. >> both: thank you. >> lily: yeah, the winters clan is gathering. what about the abbotts? is everyone gonna show? >> jack: not everyone. >> billy: wow. you didn't have to dress up for me, but i appreciate it. >> phyllis: is that your go-to look for jack's fundraiser? >> billy: oh, yes. i don't think jack will be very thrilled to see me right now. >> phyllis: well, i think he'd be pretty happy to see you. we worked out our pass key issue -- your idea. he loved it. >> billy: yes, yes, i hear you guys patched things up. i'm proud of you. >> phyllis: well, you know what? you gave me the push i needed. thank you. >> billy: well, good. get out of here. go celebrate with your husband. >> phyllis: that's exactly what


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