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tv   WBTV News 3 at 5AM  CBS  March 20, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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plus movement expected in the movement of a murder trial of a shorl lot man. the proceedings are expected to pick back up tomorrow. taking a live look at our weather we're tracking rain -- wbtv news starts right now. >> let's start with breaking news. two people are dead after a wrong way accident in south charlotte. this was the scene this morning on i 485 outer. highway patrol says a driver was traveling the wrong way when he hit another vehicle head on. this is near prov deps road. now both drivers were killed -- a third vehicle was side swiped by the wrong way vehicle but that driver is okay. troopers don't know if alcohol played a role in the accident.
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for the investigation. >> just a sad story we'll continue to follow. hope you're having a good day to your saturday morning. i'm brody o'connell. >> good morning i'm lyndsay tapases. >> here we are it is the first day of spring. >> and cooler did you notice? >> definitely noticed that. >> noticeably cooler than the last several mornings. >> i was happy to stop running the a.c. and i shut the a.c. off. >> i know a lot of people have tried to wait but it was this the 80s. so we're cooling things back off now. this morning we're starting out in the 40s and tonight we'll be down into the 30s for the first time in quite some time so it is cool. we have rain that moved through yesterday and although by the looks of it all the rain is off to the east this morning. don't let that fool you because there are going to be showers
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so we're going to have a scattered water chance cloudy but cooler will be the big factor. we did manage to get into the 60s yesterday. our highs will be in the 50s. >> definitely cold about the details. >> happy sunday. all right let's take a look at top headlines this morning. we start with a crime alert. police in charlotte are searching for the people who shot and killed two men in the last 24 hours. the first one happened just before 11 yesterday morning on central avenue. this is east charlotte. the other one was three hours later across town on west charlotte. wbtv has been keeping track of both shootings since they happened. he has more on how the community is reacting.
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>> richard nixon lives near the shooting that killed a 27-year-old man saturday. >> he isn't related. i don't know what to say. a young man lost his life probably for nothing. >> the family did not want to comment because they were visibly shaken up. that was the second shooting. the first one happened earlier in the evening. >> i'm used to seeing it but still it's sad. too many young people out here dying. too many. both shootings are under investigation. >> detectives do not believe they are connected. with the shooter still on the run cmpd asked the public for help. >> it's a busy intersection and we hope someone saw something so they can find some information out about this case.
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watching this. i mean i don't know what it's like to lose a family member and i was sitting here thinking about because i've got one sister and three other brothers. yeah sad situation we'll continue to follow. that was christian flores reporting. cmpd is asking about both shootings. if you know anything you can call crimestoppers at 7:043341,600 -- >> we have another crime alert a violent criminal is wanted. take a look. this is christopher critical continue 10. -- he's wanted police say he cut off his electronic monitor yesterday and was last known be in the area of university city boulevard. anyone with xhfgs is -- information is asked to call police. >> a house destroyed after a car slams into it just before seven
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medic says the driver has potentially life-threatening injuries. two adults and three children were in the house but it's unclear if they were home at the time. >> people are turning the patrol car driven by a fallen greenville police officer into a shrine. dozens of people stopped by and prayed over the officer's car or left flowers and contribute boots there. he was shot and killed by a 17-year-old self professd gang member he was questioning about a gun purchase friday. the suspect shot and killed himself after killing jacobs. a go fund me account has gathered $50,000. >> a mother of a girl beaten to death is expected to testify as part of the ongoing trial of the man accused of beating his daughter to death inside a
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2012. we heard opening statements where the father is representing himself. a judge will decide his fate. >> we have new information north carolina house speaker time moore hopes to call a special legislative sessions on the couldn't to very she'll anti-discrimination ordinance in charlotte. according to the charlotte observer moore says discussions are happening with the governor. the most controversial poor ship allows transgender people to use the bathroom with which they identify. it's expected to go into effect april 1st. the regular legislature begins after that. moore says he's pushing for a special session to take place at the end of this upcoming week.
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>> now to support for a c.m.s. student facing deportation and many more like him. they gathered for a march down south boulevard ending at east charlotte-mecklenburg government center a rally followed shortly afterwards. students and others who face deportation ship spoke encouraging charlotte to stand with them -- >> just because i was born here and he wasn't i have the best education i get to go to school every day i get to have all these opportunities and he's being held in a detention center. >> that young woman won't stop demonstrating until her classmate is back in class with her. >> bishop formally made an announcement yesterday. it was created in response to growing interest in priestly vocational shins. the church calls the seminary a
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will focus on under garage wet men considering priest hood one step before enrolling in major seminary. >> this is going to give younger men who are really -- lost audio. live with other men who are considering the same thing and form themselves spiritually. >> starting the fall the college seminary will be temporarily located on the campus of saint ann church in charlotte but there are plans to build a permanent home at belmont ann by college -- abbey college. whatever church you're going today bundle up. >> easter is early. it's only the 20th of march.
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here we are a week from easter obviously. it feels really and i'm trying to think with this being the first day of spring just after midnight that we hit. >> 12:3018 was the spring equinox that officially starts spring -- and it's 15 degrees cooler compared to yesterday at this time. so a drastic temperature drop. you probably noticed it yesterday afternoon. temperatures started to fall during the day yesterday. so noticeably different yesterday from how warm it was a week ago and we're carrying that trend over. -- lost audio. from this time yesterday and it's the coolest we've been in almost about two weeks time so that puts us at 43 in the charlotte area right now.
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chester holding at 45. forty-four and 40s in if region. thirty-eight in boone. as we go forward in the afternoon yesterday we made it into the 60s -- the region. today we're holding in the 50s. this is going to be below average for us again for the first time in almost about two weeks. fifty-three cooler with a 40 percent coverage of showers for today. so it's also going to stay cloudy for this first day of spring and palm sunday. tonight lows drop into the 30s. we'll be below freezing northwest of the city. we actually had a freeze warning and freeze watch come out for some areas for the overnight tonight so we'll show you the spots under that and a look at the upcoming week. brody. >> thanks, lyndsay. >> we're just getting started here on wbtv news sunday morning. candidates are battling for western states.
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pushing for votes. that's up next. much more news heading your way. the battle of the burgers. day 21. it seems the competition is as hard to locate as the two ofclubs. go fish.
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the battle of the burgers. day 33. with no competition to take on, they took the next best thing... ...selfies
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and looking ahead tomorrow is world down syndrome day. it's a day to raise awareness for the genetic disorder. one group got an early start. thousands came out for the dash for down syndrome 5k. now the annual association raises funds for research and advanced minutes in down syndrome education. what makes this special you run the 5k -- and then there's a person is shall finish. >> then you run an extra .11 and it's called the dash and that
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represents the extra chrome soem. they have raised $100,000 -- congrats to all those out there yesterday. >> the city of can nap list kicked off the run can nap list series -- part of the city to discover a healthy life. there are eight-five k's. they'll be events from april 9th to december 17th. here's a list of events lasting throughout the spring. >> well people lined up in the streets of up town for the 2016 saint patrick's day parade. well they had a lot of charlotte goers going green for this
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and under anderson was the grand partial. >> there are so many irish people in the city -- grand marshall. and they're everything in the hospitality sector and i connect with them and visit companies doing business with ireland but apart from that that's the more serious side just enjoying the city is a pleasure. >> i love the accept. did you see the person photo bomb her? >> that was ok so she kept it classy quick and move along. >> by the way it's always a fun event. we have a slide show up on our website go there and checkout some of the pictures. for me where i was anyways it kept getting cloudy and then it would break up but never rained where i was. >> for most areas it rained in
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but the middle of the day was ok. so not too too bad. today a lot cooler for the first day of spring. >> did you get a chance to celebrate saint patrick's day? >> i did. i had a lot of green things i dyed everything green that i ate. >> by the way last sunday morning i talked about the green tie i did wear it thursday. >> good i was worried about that. i was wondering if you were going to wear your green ty. >> i had green next -- eggs. >> i dyed my greens eggs. >> happy spring everybody. twelve 30 was the spring equinox and it's iron nicks because today is the first day of spring when temperatures are supposed
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live look from our tower cam. forty-three in the charlotte area where the breeze is coming out of the northeast. with that breeze it feels like 37 out there this morning. take it to future cast. temperatures on palm sunday may have brunch plans later on today. here's how that will shape up hour by hour. by 9:00 o'clock we're up to 45 in charlotte area. so keeping things kind of cool. twelve noon here we are at 48. highs this afternoon only going to reach about the low 50s. forties outside of the city. so quite cool compared to how warm it's been the past two weeks and compared to what we're used to. temperatures fall down into the 30s. we haven't been in the 30s since the first week of this month. so the growing season while it's not well under way maybe there has been some planting there's a freeze warning in the bright blue. that goes until 10:00 o'clock tomorrow morning and then a freeze watch in the lighter blue
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for tomorrow morning as well. so just again it's an extra precaution even though i don't think the growing season again is really far along by any means just yet but does have a warning from the national weather service. >> this is the upper feature of the overall system. this is with this batch moving through kentucky and tennessee. our shower chance will be in place today once again and even in the mount attains since we are seeing colder air move in there could be wet snow mixed in with the rain as well. we'll see that on future cast. here we are 11:00 o'clock. it is indicating on wet snow showers in the mountain. scattered showers elsewhere. then this fine line is going to develop later on. 4:00 o'clock moving out of the mountains.
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9:00 o'clock sunday. gone first thing monday morning. it will still be on the cool side. it will be dryer and the sun will be out fully. so 56 our high tomorrow afternoon that 53 today. heading into next week the 60s and 70s do return. we'll be in the 60s tuesday and then 70s from there on out leaning up to good friday we'll be in the 70s. it looks like we'll have another cold front. easter weekend it will be cooler. it should be dry for both saturday and easter sunday. not a bad looking seven day forecast except the overnight lows get pretty cold. >> yeah especially tomorrow morning. so be prepared for it because it's been so warm. a little shock to the system tomorrow morning. >> all right. keep that in mind. >> here's a good story. w n.b.a. superstar -- lost audio.
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year olds yesterday. moore is considered one of those decorated women's basketball players of all time. she's one of nine players to win a ncaa championship and olympic gold medal. >> i still feel so connected to the kids because i was one of those kids that was going camps and got to interact with some of the players they hooked up to through camp experience accepts and learning not only the fundamentals of the game but just the excitement where i could go. >> i can't believe all those people have that many accolades. >> moore said it was a huge part of growing up and being who he is is today. >> still to come millions of children are rushed to the hospital for accidentally taking an adults medication. we'll take a look at the prevalence and offer advice to
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>> pope francis so fish 88 inging palm sunday mass -- officiating palm sunday mass. they celebrate jesus entry into jerusalem days before he's crews identified. >> warning medication poisoning in children appears to be increasing. adult medications even in small doses can lead to loss of consciousness as well as con vul shins. >> -- krista was prescribed pain medications after she and her son were hit by a car two years ago.
5:26 am
audio. safe kids says 59,000 kids go emergency rooms each year because a child accidentally took medicine. >> the danger is if it is within reach and within their access and in something they can open and trust me child resistant is not child proof. >> kate of safe kids says children underage three makeup the majority of e.r. visits for medicine poisoning ingesting pain relieve verse vitamins and diaper cream and in 48 percent kids got into grandparents medications. >> they may not be used to what are the rules of your family making sure that they're out of reach. >> this is high enough that he can't get to it. >> the best advice keep medicine up and away from children. use the dosing device that comes with the medication and keep the poison help line in the help line. >> with americans filling four
5:27 am
parents need to be more vigilant than ever. >> take a look at other top health lines. the centers for disease control and prevention have released information to curb the epidemic of opioid. first none opioid therapy is preferred. second when open yoidz are used they should be in the lowest effective dosage -- finally providers need to be cautious and monitor patients closely. >> pope francis makes his table by on instagram. he's been busy. palm sunday instagram. it's all happening there. how many of you want a glimpse of his every day life. that's a live look. still dark out there. forty-three degrees in charlotte.
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you like everybody outside the carolinas. >> what are you wearing carolina blue. >> i would call this carolina blue. we're keeping it even keel. >> it's hard with all the hughes.
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>> you can enjoy some guilt free couch time. >> and cloudy. you won't feel like it's great outside and you have to be outside. yes, not going to happen. forty-three. this is the coolest morning we've had since march 7th which is almost two weeks ago so it's going to feel a lot cooler to you. we've got some spots that are 40 upper 30s and then tonight we're all going to drop into the 30s again for the first time in two weeks. so today is the first day of spring. kind of ironic timing i guess you could say the coolest day we've had in two weeks is the day that it's supposed to be warmer coming out of winter but not the case this year. we'll talk about how long the chill sticks around in a minute. >> sounds good. let's get to your top headlines in campaign 2016. people in arizona utah and idaho head to the polls tuesday. republican and democratic presidential candidates are
5:33 am
donald trump event turned violent. our reporter is in new york. >> donald trump held another protest filled rally in arizona saturday as demonstrators with mock k.k.k. paraphernalia were escorted out a trump supporter punched and kicked one of them and trump manager was involved in another incident. trump went ahead with his tough on border control message. >> illegal immigration is going to stop. it's dangerous. it's terrible. >> earlier in the day protesters blocked the road heading to a trump event in fountain hills a arizona and denounced the g.o.p. in new york marching between his
5:34 am
>> and cruz and kasich fought for positioning. >> a vote for kasich is a vote for trump. >> i am going to change things for people who don't have a voice and they don't like it. >> and sanders. >> i will end the deportation regime which is dividing so many families. >> sanders expressed dis appointment for not doing better in last week's ohio primary and trails clinton by 500 points -- delegates. >> arizona is the largest contest for the g.o.p.. >> president obama's two and a half day mission to cuba starting later today will be a crowning moment for his ambitious diplomatic expire meant after a half-century of bitterness -- the two former
5:35 am
american businesses are crying opportunities and 1u is firm will run three cuban hotels. >> -- mark zuckerberg has had a rare meeting with china. this comes as chinese authorities are tightening control over their cyberspace. official media report chinese officials told zuckerberg they hope facebook can share it's experience to help internet better benefit people of all countries. >> authorities in turkey are dealing with their sixth suicide bombing. the attack yesterday killed five people including two dual national israel americans -- now several dozen others were wounded in this attack. there has been no claim of responsibility. >> authorities are beginning to investigate a devastating passenger jet crash in southern
5:36 am
the pilot who was expecting his first child just reportedly accepted a job with another airline. -- lost audio. >> all 62 people on board including 55 passengers, four of them children and seven crew members died in the violent crash. >> everyone in our company is in deep shock. >> while the impact pulverized the boeing 737 investigators quickly recovered the cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder. the deadly crash happened two hours after the flight was to arrive 600 miles outside moscow. it appears the plane made an unsuccessful attempt to land and then made a second attempt. the mayor of the region told russian reporters it ended up
5:37 am
runway. an american team from boeing and the ntsb are joining the investigation. >> among the causes being looked into pilot error, a technical failure and poor weather conditions. >> well, the top suspect in last year's paris attacks is starting a legal fight against his extradition from belgium to france. the french president and the families of 130 victims want the suspect to stand trial there after four months on the run he was captured and arraigned friday in brussels. the 26-year-old has been charged with participating in terrorist murder. >> new this morning the scribble doctor's prescription is headed to eradication shin. in new york state the nations's toughest paper less law requirement -- instead of handing patients slips of paper
5:38 am
send orders electronically otherwise prescribers face fines, license loss or jail at times. the requirement is meant to fight pain killer abuse. >> pope francis has posted a photo to of himself praying. the pontiff wants to walk with followers along the way of god's mercy and tenderness. the account gained 1 million followers within the first 12 hours. not too bad. this is the second for ray into social media for francis. he also has a twitter account. you may know that. perhaps. maybe. >> he skipped facebook. he went right to twitter.
5:39 am
>> you haven't noticed the decrease in usage? >> facebook was everything when i was in college and now you're telling me it's dying -- >> that's hard to believe. >> i don't think it will ever go away completely. >> zuckerberg is in china did you hear this story. >> i think the way they changed they're all go rhythms people don't see their posts as much. >> interesting. >> you really don't notice? >> no. this is news to me. >> we'll chat later. >> i don't pay attention to the social media. i mean i'm on it twitter facebook but to me i believe twitter and facebook are still equal but they're not. >> i don't think so, no. that could just be my opinion but i think that that's the general consensus that things are moving away from that. >> i think proof is in the
5:40 am
together and going right to twitter and instagram. >> proof is in the front active. >> that was a good one. >> our producer is saying weather. >> thank you. >> you get extra points for that. >> thank you. >> you laughed at your own joke. i like that. 735 sun is up. happy spring 12:30 eastern was the spring equinox. today is going to be the first day in two weeks we'll be below average holding in the fieft -- 50s and 40s outside the city for highs this afternoon. so it's a notice by cooler start. we're waking up to temperatures in the 40s. the charlotte area outside of the city you're not going to
5:41 am
shower chance picking up as we head through later on this afternoon. tonight we get colder dropping into 30s for overnight lows so we actually do have a freeze warning and freeze watch that has been issued in some areas. -- lost audio. we will watch the freeze warning and a check of the workweek. that's coming up in your forecast. >> a pleasure to come here on wbtv news. jail takes on duke in the second round of the ncaa tournament. how duke nearly got a lesson -- and the spurs take on the golden state warriors. two of the best teams in the n.b.a. we have highlights from the
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duke beat the bull dogs. brandon led yale with 22 points. for duke 29 points. not too bad. brandon added 25. north carolina is going back to the sweet 16 after pulling away to beat providence 85 to 66.
5:46 am
maybe you went to bed early. the top-seeded tarheels and friars were playing before north carolina started pulling away. the tarheels got the win in front of allowed home state crowd. they're playing in the arena -- lost audio. well in what very well may be a preview of the n.b.a. western conference final the san antonio spurs remained perfect at home by downing the golden state warriors. no easy task there. the spurs shut golden state down and got a huge win last night. the spurs are now 35 and o at home which is ridiculous this season and that was their 44th straight regular season home victory.
5:47 am
the hive hosting denver nuggets here. the nuggets snapped a road victory -- arthur and harris both had 13 points for the nuggets. nicholas had 24 points for the hornets who lost at home for only the third time in the last 15 games. they been looking good as of late. >> jeremy had 16 points. >> the hornets beat miami to pull into a tie with the heat for fourth best record in the eastern conference. now in a post game press report the coach said they didn't have the same fight as thursday. >> we've not beaten any team in this league if we're not right. there are only four or five who can show up and not play their a
5:48 am
if we're not engaged and mail well we're not beating anybody. >> the hornets are back to six in the conference. they host san antonio tomorrow night at 7:00. so that's not going to be an easy go for them playing san antonio. but still they play in the playoffs. to be tied at fourth with the heat who is a powerhouse -- pretty cool. i see them doing well. >> i think as long as they can sneak in it's exciting. did you see the e-mail about when the tickets might be released for the playoffs. i guess there's speculation. they're in good enough stand that go they're giving people an idea of when to release i think we have that information up on our website monday so monday there you go. we know who to opponent could be so if they make it you will get a shot at a ticket. cool. last year they weren't in the playoffs. >> i thought they did or did
5:49 am
>> i don't think so. i don't remember. if so they probably just barely made it. >> we'll have to go back and confirm. >> i'll have to look. i don't follow that closely enough. >> but anyway. >> i feel like after the panther success it would be nice to see the hornets get some as well. >> good morning. it's about 10 minutes until 6:00 o'clock sunday. first day of spring for us and about the coolest start we've had in two weeks time. so 24 hour temperature change yesterday. if you were an early morning runner we were in the 50s. this morning we're in the 40s. that gives us a 15 degree drop. so noticeably cooler for sure. this afternoon is going to be cooler for us. here's what the overall weather pattern is. rain off to the east. we have another pocket of rain and snow showers associated with an upper level of low pressure
5:50 am
midwest right now. that's going to dive across the carolinas and with that upper level low inting swinging through that's going to do two things -- one it's going to bring showers back into in the area and it's going to draw in cold air. so we're going to keep things on the chilly side for or highs and for our lows tonight also. as we head through the west test l rest of this afternoon we're going to have a mix of clouds and sunshine -- we've got temperatures tonight that are going to be down into the 30s. so that's why we've got that freeze warning in effect. that's in bright blue. that freeze watch is in the purple shaded color. both those go until 10:00 a.m. monday morning. future cast here we go. twelve noon you notice that you do see a little bit of blue mixing into the mount attains. so there could be wet snow with that colder air working around the back side of that system. showers then will move through
5:51 am
the foothills by the evening. 5:00 o'clock on future cast here you do start to see showers in place and then into the piedmont by later on tonight. ten o'clock on future cast. some showers in the charlotte area between nine and 10:00 o'clock before we clear things back out as we do head into monday. so highs this afternoon 41 for you. -- lost audio again it's looking like you may not get out of the 40s today. charlotte we get into the low 50s. average high is 64. so first time in two weeks that we'll be below average in the lower 50s and keep things in the lower 50s also across the south carolina upstate for highs on this palm sunday and the first day of spring. so it doesn't last too long though. after tonight in the 30s and tomorrow in the 50s and one more night in the 30s.
5:52 am
back into the 60s and 70s through the balance of the week. it looks like the shower chance returns on good friday but since we're getting that out of the way before weekend easter weekend should be dry for us. >> but boy going down into the 30s. >> yeah, the next two mornings will be colder than average so be prepared for that. >> right now i'll tell you what it's palm sunday here and we want to take another live look at palm sunday mass in vatican city where pope francis so fish shall officiating. palm sunday is the beginning of holy week -- let's take a live look and see if we can see the pope. we didn't get to see him last time but there he is. you can see him presiding over the mass this morning. we're one week out from easter. >> coming up next on wbtv news sunday morning experience a full scale replica of a navy and marine base from the vietnam
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well our series southern weekend explores the low country of south carolina we got a tour of patriots point and was able to check out their new vietnam exhibit. take a look. >> you always hear when you're visiting charleston south carolina you have to visit patriots point. >> there's something here for everyone whether you want to learn through video or audio. it must be special for veterans to come and see. >> we have a very special veteran and our volunteer coordinator. he's very special because he was an army engineer. we thought he is the best person to give a tour of that to you and we're excited for you to get on the tour. >> hey, mollie. >> it's a pleasure to have you here.
5:57 am
>> well it's set up in the '95 vary support base and you'll see a lot of buildings like you see in vietnam and the second part of this is marine fire base. now these little round holes here this is where they patched bullet holes. everywhere where you see metal holes like that it's from a bullet hole. why do you think it's to have past. >> not only for the people to participate to come back and see the things they used in the war but to have young people learn from it. they need to know they got their freedom because guys and women fought and died for it. some of them don't realize that. >> and for more weekend inspiration all you have to do is head to the and download the new app on your mobile device. >> coming up we're monitoring our live power doppler radar
5:58 am
increase later in the day.
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