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tv   WBTV News 3 at 7AM  CBS  March 19, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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day time hours today, show you those on futurecast, little bit of wet start to the weekend, we turn drier tomorrow, that complete weekend forecast for you in a couple minutes. >> kristen: thank you, lyns. one person taken to the hospital after a single vehicle accident in east charlotte. this was the scene around 3:00 on easted wayway drive and audrey street. the driver was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. a power pole was broken, didn't impact power but crews made repairs. police looking for four men wanted forward shooting a man in east charlotte. the man shot in the leg off the plaza near atmore street. able to drive himself to the gas station. medic says he will be okay, police are looking for four guys
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shirt also. shirts. new information about an officer the shop and killed by a self-proclaimed gang member. the greenville police chief identified the officer as alan jacobs. he and another officer were trying to question a man who they believed was trying to buy a gun. that man, identified as 17-year-old dea there, deande mackey. >> he was dedicated, why he was out doing what he was doing today. >> he was able to call his mother before he shot and killed himself. officer jacobs leaves behind two children and a wife pregnant. also an iraqi war veteran. a south carolina teacher who are resigned after a student spread nude the photos of her is
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she sales leaders forced her to quit after the incident. she is seeking damage also for lost income and harm to her reputation. students sent home early from a school in charlotte after someone set a bathroom on fire will be back in class monday. the fire at walter g. bye byers was set intentionally. the fire did $4,000 in damage. they do have a crew working to make repairs over the weekend. two students suspected of setting the fire are being questioned. a group of concerned parents, teens and businessmen calling for governor pat mccrory to call a special session and strike down charlotte's couldn't veer shall non-discrimination order nance. the order nance protects people
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includes which bathroom they use. >> i have serious concerns. >> yelled's gathering attracted city council member john autry. he feels confident people will not be violated. >> hasn't happened in columbia, myrtle beach. panthers stadium and charlotte motor speedway has similar protection also. >> leaders threatened to call a special session to deal with the ordinance but have not set a date. governor pat mccrory wants lawmaker to take it up drug the regulars session because a special session costs too much. charlotte city council members are concerned over their meeting rooms being bugged by the media. they say items mentioned in executive sessions were getting out to the media and at times published. the staff sales they didn't find
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looking ahead the city of charlotte will host neighborhood board retreat this morning. during that retreat attendees from 19 neighborhoods are going to get guidance with planning yearly goals in the community. that retreat is from 8:30 until 1:30 at johnson c. smith university. check out this video, look at the people at westin for the uncf masquerade ball. hundreds came out to raise money for the united negro college fund. molly grantham was the emcee. they helped 65,000 students attend 900 colleges and university, raised more than $100,000 last night. the st. patrick's day parade and charlotte goes green festival takes place today.
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offrom other years.the parade if you're going up for that starts at 11:00 at north tryon street. everybody wearing the green still. >> lyndsay: i know. i forgot to wear green on st. patrick's day. >> kristen: i did forget. >> lyndsay: i roll you were wrote you were a rebel. you totally did it on the purpose. >> kristen: i didn't. i really didn't. >> lyndsay: i feel you did. >> kristen: i wore it the day before. >> lyndsay: i can't wear green because i have a green wall. anyway, we have green on our radar, you don't necessarily want to see but we have showers that have started to pop up in
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most of them are along and east of 77, we have a bash to batch, this is the overview what the live radar looks like we can zoom in on some of these showers and show you some of the areas it is coming down heavier, so we bring up the buttons and zoom in on this shower moving in southwestern sections of gaston county, you see some of the brighterof thebrighter returns. this is headed toward gastonia, the direction the showers are moving in, from southwest to northeast, gastonia, mounts mount holly you will be up next. pan back over as we head in the charlotte area. most of everything is east of
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moving in an easterly direction. this next batch that is moving in gastonia shortly could make its way in the charlotte area through the 8:00, 9:00 hours which could dampen things overuptown. we will show you futurecast to expect for the rest of the afternoon. a check of of that coming up until a couple minutes in the full first alert. kristen? >> kristen: lynx, thank you. after the break, our friend coach lamont. has it been four years you have eve been coming to see us? >> yes, it has been this many years. >> ha ha ha. >> how dare they tell me that i that i have aged. >> is they lyndsay? >> the weather girl. >> she is a meteorologist. >> i'm sorry.
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>> i'm a coachologist. >> kristen: 11 minutes after 7:00, our friend coach lamonte is back with you. >> how are you? it has been four years. >> i can't believe it. >> since i have come to the studio and seen this lovely face. >> such a dork. >> so glad you have been here and help us become better selves, you want to go back to the beginning. >> the very first thing we talked about, i remember the first week and that is where i'm going to try not to get choked up. but the very first week when i came to this station, there was so much that was going on in my personal life, that i didn't know if i would be able to really make it.
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my genesis moment. that is when you have an aha moment, you knew something but didn't know you knew it and you walk it out. i didn't know when i had the opportunity to come to this station how my life and my family's life would change and it has been a very, very cool thing. >> we thought you were come for a few weeks and see how it goes. >> you know when i had came and met with dennis and it was funny, dennis milligan. >> our boss. >> whether i had came and met with limb, i had -- i asked, i said the lady that does saturday mornings, i want to meet her really quick. so he said okay, so he walked me over to your desk and there you were and do you remember the first thing i said? >> no. >> i said i introduced myself and i said you are the only
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bedroom saturday morning. >> i do remember that now. there. but see at that time, one. most major things that was ever taking place with my family was going on and what many of you don't know isesdon't know for the first year my family and i were homeless. happened was going with me to affect what i was called to bring in your houses. and i remember the first time i came until on that saturday morning, i brought my son with me and we did our genesis moment, we went inned in the parking lot and i fell apart. i broke down crying. i said my son he was crying, too. his tears were tears that he was seeing his father really step in his dream. mine was that i felt like a hypocrite. here i am, encouraging this
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you, hey it is possible you can do it, you can do it but in my own life i felt like i wasn't getting it done and i remember we drove back to the hotel we were staying at and when i walked in my wife and daughters daughters celebrated. i want you to know i've never been paid to be here. i've shown up on time every time, my work ethic to give this station my best. and one of the things that i've always wanted to do and i've always thought that when i drove in and i saw every household, every house has as story and i wanted to make sure to write words to impact yours. so it has been a journey and an amazing thing and a lot of fun. >> it is important for people to remember, i fall in this myself if you don't get something you
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won't have this thing i always wanted but i don't know what is coming a year, two years, three years down the road. >> all you have to do is show up. you have to be active in your life. i remember a little boy growing up in detroit, my work worked for an abc affiliate and take us to the studios. the very first thing i was fascinatedded with was not only the studio i would get in front of the camera but it was the antenna. up to this day, every time i walking in this studio, whether i'm here doing saturday mornings or just meeting, the very first thing i do is look up at the antenna, because i'm still that little boy that is amazed that god has given me this opportunity to stand in front of a camera and share life with you. so thank you, charlotte, i appreciate it and wbtv, you guys changed our lives. >> we have enjoyed having you for four years. you're not going anywhere. >> firms of all --
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me all the time. i'm enjoy. >> how handsome are you, coach? >> come on, my wife is looking at me and she is drooling. >> no, she is not. >> she is saying that is my man. you know i'm your man. >> i'm hearing this again? god bless you. >> god does bless utt us. >> you can do the weather now >> thank you, lord for allowing me to do the weather now. a gloomy shot from scott clark nissan honda hd tower cam, the lw clouds in place, a gray, dull start to the day, that is not going to change a whole lot going forward, we've got some showers popping up here on the radar and one batch just to the southwest of gastonia, that will be again moving probably in the charlotte area pretty shortly, so if we do zoom backing in on the showers and show you the the areas seeing the rain right now
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so you can see that and kind of moving right in gastonia, some of the brighter colors indicating the heavier returns. so you're probably getting a good shower here, actually, pulling out of kings mountain, gastonia shortly. mount holly up next. all the showers moving from southwest to northeast, this will probably going from mount holly, huntersville, cornelius with the heaviest bypassing the charlotte area but look, we've got more scattered showers elsewhere. even though maybe over the city we're not seeing anything fall at the moment, everything really kind of starting to break out here basically along and east of that # 77 corridor. if we zoom out the shot you will see how we've got rain in every which direction, kind of in two batches right now, but as forecasted it is filling in during the middle part here of the two kind of batcheses on
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futurecast shows us coming in waves. won't be pouring raining all day long. there will be dry breaks in the mix, but we do see it has a pretty good handle on where the morning showers are lining up right now. so as we put this in motion and take you through the mid-morning, that batch may actually clear out some that we see a mid-morning break,ing which would be good news around 10:00, 11:00, noon for parade time in uptown, this is 11:00 a.m. on futurecast, although indicating we have wet weather southeast of the city, charlotte metro at least according to this, is dry at 11:00 a.m., then we see more showers break out heading back through the afternoon. kind of a second wave that develops here during the afternoon hours, lasting through the first part of the night. so, again, showers coverage around 70%, almost all of us are going to see some wet weather at some point. up person 40s in the mountains, coolers than the past
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northwest of the city find the numbers in the 50s for the foothills, taylorsville, lenoir, morganton, mid to upper 50s. in the charlotte area, 65. there will be a wild range until temperatures today from the charlottement row south and east, those numbers in the 60s, maybe even close to 70 for some of those south carolina upstate counties later this afternoon. tomorrow is the first day of spring, also palm sunday, it will be drier but there is as 30% shower chance which will come tomorrow night. also cool things off more to 58 for our sunday high. stay in the 50s through monday and then by the mid to later part of the week we come back up in the 60s and 70s with dry weather also back in the forecast. >> kristen: warmer weather soundth good. i like the mid 70s, that makes me happy. >> lyndsay: just been so nice the past two weeks.
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cooler but closer to average. 70s will be coming back bull that is above average. >> forces uses to stay inside and get stuff done we have been neglecting because we wanted to play outside. >> lyndsay: like watching basketball. >> kristen: coming up next, spot lighting the role of healthy neating during national nutrition coach. a health coach has great recipes, great information to make sure we're eating nutritious, balanced meals with
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al >> kristen: 7:23, if you want more inspiration, boy, do we have it for you. johnette maxwell is here, how are you? >> i'm doing great. >> we asked coach to stick around, if we have a health coach we need a master life coach and we're all set. we have it all. we want to tell your story you just told us in the commercial break you lost 150 pounds. >> a whole person.
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passionate about what i do. and it is changing, -- helping people get where they are to where they want to be. i'm passionate about it wanted to share with you this morning some of the things that helped get me there. >> took you 14 monthses to do it. >> yes, it is a journey, i'm still working alts it every day. >> you did it utilizing stuff on this table. >> absolutely. and changing from just putting nutrients, fueling my body instead of stuffing food down. which is what i used to do. not knowing the difference. but changing to low fat dairy, using a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, making that most of what we eat. changing up to whole grains instead of refined sugars and processed grains. and choosing fish and seafood and beans, in nuts. >> because.
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>> yes, and eating less red meats. >> for reality check, how long did it at that time you to start craving these things as opposed to craving the things you were eating? >> it is truly shifting from trying to solve a problem as in losing weight and then to change that to creating something that you want so your focus goes to creating health instead of i got to lose this weight. solving the problem which stops the yoyo. you start feeling better, you lost a couple pounds, and hey, let's get pizza. >> yep. >> which is what this guy does. oh, ten pounds down, let's get pizza. >> just changing it up. paying attention to your labels. looking to see what is in there. so many things are hidden sugars. so i want to show you how to make a quick snack, our own
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sugar and trade the sugar coated candy for dark chocolate, which is full of rich antioxidants. we'll take four cups of oatmeal squares, take a cup of dried cranberries. tartness. chocolate. a couple of our almonds. >> wait a minute. >> i'm keeping a couple of these for later. >> i knew you would. >> also, because how you're using this you're talking about portion control, too. which is something that a lot of us need to understand. >> depending -- it can be eerything. >> depend what you choose to put into your trail mix, it is very high in calories, but, choosing
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many nutrients the candies don't. candies have zero nutrition. you want to make sure that you with when you do make something like this, or even bring it home from the store, you want to portion it out in single servings. >> smart. >> if you go sit down with this, >> which is what's i would have done. >> you will eat too much. there is so many wayses to make healthy snacks. portion control to make it easy, i suggest using a nine inch plate, what i changed to. we as americans tend to fill up the plate no matter what size. >> yes. >> if you go with the nine inch plate, these are proper portions and the plate is full. half is the fruit and vegetables, the size of a small paper back book. lean protein like a deck of cards and whole grains a tennis ball, cheese, two double a batteries.
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look how adorable this is. great for the kids. little snacks and better than putting chocolate. >> thank you so much for coming in, sharing your success story. >> you can't go wrong with grain. >> absolutely. >> thank you for coming in. you did a great job congratulations. >> it is 7:28, we'll be back
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can't go wrong with grain. morning. program. >> lyndsay: 29 minutes. little program. is that the buffalo thing. >> kristen: like an old person way. old like coach. >> lyndsay: good save. >> good save? >> lyndsay: okay, we're crunched for time we will get to the forecast for you. we have showers right now, breaking out over the charlotte
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kind of over gastonia and parts of east gaston county, that will move in mecklenburg, more scattered showers drifted east of the 77 corridor. we'll get to the futurecast and show you what to expect for the rest of the day and remainder of the forecast, first day of spring is tomorrow, a check of the details until in a few. >> kristen: 262 people mostly russians were killed until a crash of an airliner in russia. 62 people. those killed in the crash of the fly dubai air liner were mostly russian. seven crew members among those killed at an airport in southern russia. weather conditions are most likely responsible for that accident. french anti-terrorist judge also could file an extradition request for the top suspect in last year's attacks in paris, he was captured in belgium yesterday after four months on the run.
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up the extradition process, particularly for grave crimes, which this was, salah abdeslam will face police questioning today. in campaign 2016, protesters and supporters of donald trump got in screaming matches again at an appearance by the republican candidate. this was in utah. protesters rushed the door of the building and police in riot gear blocked the way. some did not make it inside. also in utah mitt romney endorsed ted cruz and continued to criticize donald trump. an appeal is likely after a florida jury sided with ex pro wrestler hulk hogan, awarded $115 million in his sex tape lawsuit against gawker media. the founder said he will appeal based on evidence that was not introduced in court. the jury will moment on monday to decide on punitive damage
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baltimore ravens cornerback tray walker dialed of died. he was riding a dirt bike with no lights and wearing dark clothe when he collidedded with a ford escape thursday night. may be safer to go to work but people are a report released shows more than 10,000 severe injuries were caused by work place conditions in 2015. these held to nearly 8,000 hospitalizations. the manufacturing industry had the highest proportion. accidents. 7:34 now, time to get a full look at the forecast with meteorologist lyndsay tapases in the first alert weather center, hey lyns. >> lyndsay: we will have an unseptemberred saturdayseptember -- unsettled saturday.
7:35 am
a quick burst that produced a brief downpour, that is moving toward hunter alsoville, cornelius, mooresville area, heaviest of that is just going to bypass the charlotte metro, we have scattered showers elsewhereas we zoom out the shot there. as we take you through the rest of the morning hours, here what is to expect hour-by-hour, temperature-wise, in the 50s in most spots to start things off, initially temperatures aren't too bad. then they will level off and flat line as we head through the afternoon. low 60s by 12 noon, 65 in the charlotte area, around the high of the day. cooler yes, but actually just closer to average for the time of year. however, it will feel cooler after the one to two week streak we just finishedded with temps in the 70s and 80s. you see the showers coverage increases through each time period as well. bottom line, little bit of a wet start, but we turn drier,
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stick with us, >> kristen: 7:39, we decided to keep coach around for product testing, i don't know why. >> lyndsay: whose idea was this? not mine. >> kristen: we're product testing a wine-cooling sleeve. >> lyndsay: i can feel the cool air radiating. >> kristen: this sleeve has been in the 12:30 this morning.
7:40 am
cool air is coming off it. >> kristen: promises to cool your wine in five minutes. we have two room temperature bottles. >> lyndsay: you want to do the honors? >> place cooling sleeve in freezer, which we have done, and as you said, you felt the power of the coolness all right? it wasn't just you. >> can you feel it i started thinking of that jackson song can you feel it we're going to wrap it around. very easy to use. >> lyndsay, two scenarios share them. >> one i forgot. someone comes over at the last minute and brings wine not chilled. secondly, you like to display
7:41 am
>> lovely. >> >> lyndsay: for decorative purposes and yank it off the wall and drink it but not chilled, there you go. how this would be different than an ice bucket i don't know. >> an ice bucket would make it sloppy when you pull it out, water all over the place. you know what i'm talking about. >> i like that it is kind of cute looking. >> yeah, it is. >> let's leave it there, for the duration of your weather forecast and in this wonderful cooking segment and we'll check on it. >> i'm going to eat it. >> you go watch the wine the wine bottle, coach. >> how are you? >> chef jamie lynch is one of my favorites of all time. how are you, how are things at
7:42 am
>> great. >> nan and byron's is good inch >> we're?>> they are wonderful to eat and a party. >> we have a cool scene going on, it is fun. >> today is one of our spring dishes at nan and byron's', seared sea scallops. can i do it? >> yeah. >> put those down flat in the pan, nice sear on those. >> scallops go fast. >> really fast. nice high heat, very fast. >> i worry overcooking them or under cooking them. >> middle, rare or medium. >> you will see color difference. >> a little opaque in the middle. a little sear on these. hopefully that will happen quickly. >> do people move them around too much? >> once you get them in the pan,
7:43 am
once it starts to brown on the side, flip it. add butter and baste it. >> amazing. >> they have the sweet flavoring. butter brings that out. serving with carmellized brussel sprout, olive oil, salt and pepper, roasted them in the oven. clean and simple. we'll make orange pan sauce. son once we get sear on these, which is going to take a minute, >> do you have to rinse them or smug, youanything? >> they suck the water through the valve. the sand won't hurt you, you can rinse them, i prefer not to, i
7:44 am
that way you get a nice sear on them. we have a light sear are today. we'll get moving i want to show you the pan sauce. >> so excited about it. >> you don't always have to have like hack edge an intricate sauce. this is one pan. you're not dealing with a lot of dishes or mess. some i'll give this a butter in here, just to help brown those up a tad. >> yes. >> the trick for this is once you remove the scallops, let them rest, we are about to do and dump this fat. then start with the pan sauce. >> okay. >> this is a simple sauce made from fresh oranges. the fresh orange juice, dump this grease.
7:45 am
>> a little bit of shallots. tall a littletake a little bit of fresh orange. >> just the sections. >> a splash of white wine. >> hello. >> whatever you like to drink, you know how we do. chicken stock. you can use vegetable or fish stock, whatever you have around. a little bit of orange juice from the oranges. and to this reduction is concentrating. >> yeah, sweetness, too. >> you can smell it, right? >> yeah. >> the thing that brings it together is butter. what that does is creates emulsification. while that is coming down, we'll plate these geils up. >> tell me how 5church atlanta is coming. >> coming along, almost there. i would say you will be seeing us very shortly down there.
7:46 am
and nan and byron's on all the social media channels you need to. they are showing pictures of jamie's food that he has at all the restaurants. and everything that all the stuff they are working on. we have 15 seconds left. >> now we'll take these segments over the top, and you don't want to cook them, leave them whole. >> is the spring menu going? >> you can come and get in the today. down at nan & byron's >> thanks for coming in. good to see you. we'll come down and see you in charleston. >> i'll be down there. >> let's check the forecast with lyndsay. >> what happened goes excellent with scallops is white wine, we will see how that plays out with the product test. get you caught up on the forecast first, we have the low clouds over uptown, a gray start to the day, that is not going to change going forward. 59 the temp in charlotte right now, dew points have come up, a little bit higher humidity, a
7:47 am
for some of you that you're already seeing out there first thing this morning. 60 gastonia, cooler salisbury, toward morganton, in the lower 50s. 41 in boone as we are coming up on the 8:00 hour. we had the batch of showers which has for the most part fired up just along and east of the 77 corridor. that is just where we're seeing the showers right now, however, as we go forward through the rest of the afternoon, again, any. anywhere fair game to pick one up. am hint of a lull during the mid-morning hours which may be good for a couple of 5k's and the st. patrick's day parade in uptown at 11:00 this morning, there could be a mid-morning break before another batch of showers gets in here as we head through the afternoon and evening hours. here we are at 7:00, these are sticking with us through past sundown. heading in sunday, the last of
7:48 am
by first thing sunday morning. it is palm sunday, if you have a service early in the morning or brunch plans, you will be good through the first part of the day. final wave of showers gets in here through the evening and night time hours of sunday, mountains and foothills during the evening, this is 7:00, by the way there could be a little bit of wet snow in the mountains with colder air wrapping around the backside of the system. this comes total piedmont by the late night hours of sunday and in daybreak on monday morning. sole both days are fairly unsettled, during the actual day time hours, though, as far as both weekend days are concerned today is the better pick. for seeing the rain because tomorrow it comes through again as far as later on in the evening and night time hours. 48 in boone today, in the foothills in the 50s, 54 taylor alsoville, 58 lenoir, morganton, a big spread in high temperatures today. once you get in the charlotte
7:49 am
of the city, 60s near 70 across the south carolina upstate. tonight, cooler air drains in, get down to 41, chiliest night in quite some time. sunday the first day of spring, temperatures will be in the upper 50s with a shower in the evening. middle 50s on monday, still kind of cool and back in the 60s and 70s alleges we head through the rest of the week. >> kristen: time to check, right? >> yes. >> smells really good. >> jamie killed empt it. >> i don't think jamie would let us ser serve this. this is in all of our houses. >> you're doing that in a real weird way. you know you don't have to have do that. >> you can just and you turn the
7:50 am
at this time is effective. >> that is fine. it works, right? >> it works. >> okay. the sleeve has been on seven minutes. why don't you take it off and we'll pour some. >> i know for seven minutes i sat and watched it for seven minutes. i sat right here. >> lyndsay: no you didn't. you were in the other room. >> someone is a bitter because i'm doing product testing with you guys. >> here you go. >> all three of these. >> i will say from feeling the bottom felt colder than the top. with you confirm that? >> actually, i would confirm that. >> confirmed. room temperature and cold. room and cold. >> room temperature in the left. >> room temperature first.
7:51 am
>> classy. >> not good wine. >> barely. >> no difference. a little, tinny bit. ice bucket would be better. >> charles shaw did not disappoint. >> someone is so bitter. >> it is not that big of a difference. put it in the fridge or freezer for 15 minutes and you're better off.
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$7closed captioning on wbtvnews is sponsored by subarusouth boulevard and subaruconcord. >> kristen: taking a look at big stories we have been covering today, police looking for four men wanted for shooting a guy in east charlotte. they tell wbtv that the man was shot in the leg off the plaza near atmore street last night. he was able to drive himself to the gas station. that is when medic was called. he will be okay but now police tell us they are looking for all
7:55 am
camo pants and dark shirt also. shirts. >> this was the scene around 3:00 a.m. on eastway and audrey street where a pick-up struck landed on the roof. victim taken total hospital with non-life threatening injuries. the driver hit and broke a power pole. crews will spend the weekend making repairs after a fire in the bathroom of a school in charlotte. officers say there was a fire at walter g. byers school, set intentionally yesterday. lingering smoke in the building forkedbuildingforced the school to shut down. two students are being questioned. opponents calling for governor pat mccrory to call a special session and strike down charlotte's non-discrimination ordinance. several dozen people gathered demanding the state take action before the ordinance takes effect on april 1st. the ordinance protects beam in
7:56 am
discrimination and that includes which bathrooms they use. here is a quick reminder, the st. patrick's day parade and charlotte goes green festival, festivities get started in a couple hours, 10:00. everything runs until 6:00 tonight, parade itself stems off at 11:00 on north tryon. steps off. people want good weather for the parade. >> lyndsay: i wish i could deliver. it is not raining right now, so you could get lucky, but showers have broke out across the region, can't rule it out. whatever you have for rain gear, probably not going to be pouring or raining heavily but just keep that with you, i'm not sure if they allow umbrellas on the parade route. does look drier during the day time tomorrow, also palm sunday and first day of spring. evening or night time shower, before we dry out next week. 60s and 70s will be back by
7:57 am
>> easter is next weekend. >> a week from tomorrow. >> thanks for joining us, have a great saturday. see you back here tomorrow
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good morning. it is march 19th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." breaking news overnight. a passenger flight crashes in russia killing everyone on board. a camera captures the moment of impact. plus, a key suspect in the paris terror attacks was taken aalive in aa aalive in a violent rage. >> spring break rules. finances in florida's hot spots and animated movie only for adults to a first-person action thriller. we will show you the ground breaking films at the


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