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tv   WBTV News 3 at 530PM  CBS  March 18, 2016 5:30pm-5:59pm EDT

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statements where bodrick is representing himself. today, the attention shifted to the child who diedment we learned more about what she went through before she passed away. pamela escobar was in court today. difficict day. and a lot of what was said in court hard to hear. >> yeah, it was hard to hear. and i want to warn our viewers what they are about to hear prosecutors describe to the judge what happened is graphic. they are saying that this baby had their head stomped on and shaken violently and suffered from battered child syndrome. after years of delays, todd bodrick's trial began the prosecutors laid out the evidence. he said bodrick beat and killed the 6-month-old. >> it is consistent with jumping on the ground. her head being stomped.
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older injuries, head bruises, brain bleeding and skull and rib fractures. >> when he had access to the baby she had broken bones. >> bodrick did not respond to the claim telling the judge he could not make an opening statement. >> no, your honor. [inaudible] the state called the firstficer on the scene back in 2012. bodrick's side did object to the officer's description as not normal for the circumstances. on cross he did ask a couple of questions. [inaudible] most of the first day of the trial the medical exam inner testified. the cause of death was blunt force head trauma due to
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>> he was able to view the x-rays and the medical exam inner explained them to the judge and asked questions regarding timing of injury and death. >> this is inflicted trauma and the child is it dying from a disease or pneumonia. the child is dying from the head trauma. >> now, the day ended with the medical examiner talking about a 2010 child abuse case that involved bodrick that baby survived but suffered from skull fractures and rib fractures and brain bleeding. monday we are expected to hear from the biological mother. pamela escobar wbtv on your side. >> the cases are so hard to understand, thank you. >> i am in the first alert forecast now with lyndsay tapases and earlier we saw a system and it's bringing changes. >> today was the 11th day
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the 70s or 80s. 11 days in a row that we have been in the 70s or 80s. 74 is the high right now. soak it up and it is nice out there. and we turn cooler this weekend and we have the clouds returning and yes, rain off to the southwest will be moving our way just in time for the start of the weekend. most spots low 70s. 60 up in boone. 62 by 9:00 p.m. and 59 by 11:00 p.m. with the clouds increasing. and then it's clear out there for the most part right now. we are not seeing anything showing up locally on the radar network but there is a peek at that rain off to the southwest. and the timing of the arrival of this on future-cast and what you can expect for saturday in the
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a few minutes. >> take a look at the south carolina woman and her dog fell into this hole and had to be rescued. lexington firefighters say the dog fell in first and the woman fell in as well. and the firefighters rigged a lowering system and pulled both out. they are ok at home resting. >> is ska >> maclean was thrown from the atv and died at the scene. the deputy was taken to the hospital and is expected to be ok. >> new information on a dog. investigators in columbia found
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this week we told you she was found hurt badly rushed to surgery and lost her right hind leg. authorities said she was dragged behind a car and now believes she was hit by a passing vehicle. the owner says the dog got out of an enclosed gate. and they signed over the rights because of the costs. animal rescue in new york is taking care of the medical bills. and how you can donate is on our website >> let's get over to alex giles live in the alert center with a deadly crash in lincoln county. >> yes, we got details from state troopers about the deadly wreck on nc27 today. and video of sky3 over that accident. you see the vehicle. and again this is nc-27 near howard's creek mill road one driver is lloyd strikeout he was headed towards lincolnton and
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vehicle struck another car head on they think that strout had a medical condition and passed way at the scene. nobody else was injured. terrible story. back to you. >> let's update the commute, tonya rivens in the first alert traffic center. >> your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. a check of independence boulevard and the expressway. we have problems on monroe road by village lake drive. congestion. sardis road or independence are great alternate routes. a report of an accident by albemarle road on independence. i was unable to see that on the dot camera. but notice eastbound is slow-moving traffic approaching matthews for your friday evening commute. and check and look at arrowood, a lot of volume around 485 as we continue to monitor this traffic there is an accident between east john street and providence road and a lot of volume starting to build as well.
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51 we have problems there as well. back to you. >> thank you. charlotte-mecklenburg police want to make sure your child is safe and why they have invited parents to a free car safety seat check part of national child passenger safety week. crashes are the number one cause of death n mecklenberg county there were 81 unrestrained child deaths between 2009-2013 close to half of all crash-related deaths in the county. a minor crash could cause serious injuries and if they are not restrained the seat could go flying out or they could go out of the seat. >> remember children should ride in the backseat until they are 13 years old. the police department plans to hold the events every third friday of the month. >> a store clerk is able to save a baby while its mother was suffering a medical emergency.
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they are urging you to do new video is going viral showing a clerk saving a baby while her mom has a seizure. you can see the woman walking into the colorado gas station and goes to buy something and the clerk notices her wobbling. here, the clerk is about to grab the arm of the baby and right then is when the mom starts to fall. a good samaritan rushes over an ambulance was called. and mom and baby are ok. but you can see how it plays out and how the clerk did sense what was going to happen and save that child before the mom fell.
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support shown by hundreds of people in north carolina. look at the line of folks who got out early to adopt animals from hope county. 700 dogs and cats were taken from a hoarding situation. all adoption fees are being waived and all animals will be sprayed or neutered. >> a south carolina man was supposed to be transporting a body to a morgue but what he did instead was disgraceful. >> and a hidden danger in your home. what is sending thousands of kids to the emergency room every year? that is next, first here is lynndie. >> and a beautiful evening to close-out a fantastic week. and changes and wetter weather with spring arriving this
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we will check the details geico motorcycle,
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say south carolina man is accused of taking a rolex off of a dead body he was transporting. he is a self employed subcontractor that works with the office he was transporting the body to a morgue when he took the $11,000 watch. >> new information about an animal abuse case. alex giles has that in our alert center. >> you might remember the do i dogs this -- two dogs. but the dogs were in poor condition in gaston county. animal control was called to check on the animals and the gray one ended up dying after officers warned the homeowner to
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they charged the man for animal cruelty. you are looking at derrick scott weatherly facing animal cruelty charges and a drug possession charge and he was arrested today after one of the dogs died while in his care. >> back to you. >> thank you. 59,000 kids end up in the emergency room each year because of accidentally taking medicine that is not prescribed to them. mark albert has more. >> christa was prescribed pain medications after she and her son were hit by a car two years ago. >> it aoccurred what if he got ahold of this medicine. >> a report shows how dangerous it is. safe kids worldwide says 59,000 kids go to emergency rooms each year because a child accidentally took medicine. >> the danger is, if it is within reach and within their access, and it's in something that they can open and trust me
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>> kate says children underage three makeup the majority of er visits for medicine poisoning, pain relieverses and vitamins and diaper cream. 48% of cases kids got into the grandparents medications. they may not be used to what are the rules of your family. making sure they are out of reach. >> the best advice keep the medicine up and away from children and use the dosing device and the poison help line in your cellphone. and with americans filling four billion prescriptions a year parents need to be more vigilant than ever. mark albert, cbs news. >> and important to note that adult medication can lead to loss of consciousness in children. >> for the first time in 30 years a formula one race team has a car on the track are not
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the haas team is based in kannapolis. industrialest gene haas is the team owner. the team hopes to run the full f1 schedule this season. >> and the changes are coming but it's felt great outside today. >> if you think perfect weather today is like it, 70s and beautiful. >> sorry lyndsay every time we mention it's friday and she works the weekend. and lyndsay tapases is live in the first alert weather center. >> i know, the rest of the worl is off over the weekend. you all can be excited about it. and it is a beautiful friday night. and yes we have big changes coming into the start of the weekend and soak it up this fantastic friday night we have. 74 in charlotte. which is the warmest we have been all day and the dew points are so low and the air is dry and humidity levels as well are comfortable.
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evening hours and once the sun goes down upper 60s and hour-by-hour through friday night. 7:00 p.m. 69. 62 by 9:00 p.m. and midnight upper 50s. and first thing tomorrow morning we will start out at 50. but the catch will be that with the clouds and rain we are not going to see much of a warmup tomorrow afternoon. we will start out the morning in the low 50s, upper 50s will be the best that we will be able to do with the wet weather moving in through the mid-morning hours early tomorrow and through the afternoon and evening. off to the southwest through future-cast you can watch the clouds move in and the showers through the mid-morning hours. it will be on and off periods of showers starting from the mid-morning lasting through the afternoon and the evening. and while, again it's not going to be pouring all day long there will be dry breaks in the mix and it will be tough to rule out
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hours, one time period from mid-morning on where you can guarantee dry weather you will see future-cast does bring in waves of showers. and we see improvement sunday. palm sunday will be the dryer day of the weekend. and we have the last of the showers wrapping up by first thing this is 8:00 a.m. rest of the day is dryer by comparison and mountain snow showers with colder air working on the backside of this system and perhaps a leftover sprinkle in charlotte. this is 5:00 p.m. overall it's going to be tomorrow that will be your wetter weekend day. temperature-wise that will hold us into the mid-40s for the mountains. that wind out of the east and northeast. one of the big factors to keeping the temperatures lower than they have been, 52 in taylorsville. charlotte look to get to 58 which is below average.
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week has been we are falling below average. upper 50s to near 60. and first day of spring is sunday. 12:30 eastern time is the spring equinox. and spots outside of the city will not get out of the 40s. and back into the mid-50s monday and just like the warmth did not last forever neither will the cooler weekend. we see improvement next week. now to tonya rivens in the first alert traffic center. >> your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. as we check in i-85 billy graham parkway no problems catching a flight at charlotte douglas international airport. and west in gaston county problems around this area. and an accident slowing things down on i-85 southbound and a problem at sam wilson road. it should be clearing out. around the area volume on i-85
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mecklenberg county line. and wilkinson boulevard backed up. and that is your alternate route. as we continue to look on i-85 one accident and this is on freedom drive and ashley road. tuckaseegee is a great alternate route. >> thank you. she is putting a new spin on school drop offs. next, the school crossing guard known as the dancing lady. how she is putting smiles on the faces of parents and students. >> do charlotte city councilmembers think their
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what a former councilmember wendy hates dirty lawn furniture. that's why she uses scotts outdoor cleaner plus oxi-clean. it cleans all of wendy's lawn furniture without damaging any of wendy's lawn.
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>> announcer: closed captioning on wbtv news is sponsored by... >> if you've ever driven on 160 in fort mill when school lets you there is a chance you have seen this woman. >> the lady dancing with the stop sign is working. it is a job she does not just for a paycheck. kristen hampton has taxpayer's good news. -- tonight's good news. >> getting up and going to work
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traffic controller but once the vest is on... so is the show. [ ] >> this is where veronica sets herself apart. >> what do i love about it? i love people. i see them smiling. they wave to me. they give me good compliments. >> parents students and bus drivers in and out of the schools dubbed her the dancing lady. >> i have two boys that i drive to daycare and they notice her and they love. as they approach they say where is the dancing lady it makes their day as much as it makes mine. >> thank you! [cheering] >> the compliments are just as heavy as the traffic that veronica gets. >> it makes me feel wonderful. >> where the paycheck takes a backseat to the best part of
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>> blessing people. because i have had people tell me how they have had bad days. and i make them smile. >> the dancing lady should be better known as the dancing queen. >> see you tomorrow! yeah! >> she is getting us laughing here. >> what a workout, too. >> i know. >> dancing queen, we appreciate you, thank you. >> we should all love our jobs that much. new, the battle over charlotte's nondiscrimination bill
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>> the lawmakers have to go now at 6:00 hundreds of jobs coming to charlotte as paypal anounses it will open a global operations center. >> plus, do councilmembers really think their meetings are bugged? the questions we are asking to
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>> and the battle to stop what is called the bathroom bill. >> i have serious concerns. and anxiety about men being in the bathroom with me or my children. >> after supporters rallied in raleigh those against the bill are making their voices heard in charlotte and we spoke to a lawmaker who says there is time to make a change. >> announcer: wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> it is a topic both sides have very strong opinions on. good evening nice to have you with us i'm maureen o'boyle. >> i'm jamie boll in for paul cameron. two weeks from today charlotte's nondiscrimination ordinance will take effect april first. but not everyone wants to see that happen. a group of people gathered outside the charlotte-mecklenburg government center holding signs with phrases like "keep women safe",
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and "it's common sense." and steve crump has the latest. >> you talk about it being an issue of timing and april first being a couple weeks away and the issue here is those protestors that we ran into at the government center they are hoping the state can step in before this ordinance takes effect. >> there are thousands of business owners that do not agree with this ordinance. >> david and his twin brother attracted dozens of opponents fighting against charlotte's so-called bathroom bill. >> i have serious concerns and anxiety about men being in the bact room with me or my children. >> beyond bathrooms opponents are concerned about locker rooms and showers. >> i for 1:00 a.m. tired of being denied restroom use and told i cannot use the female dressing him. >> erica who is transgendered


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