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tv   WBTV News 3 at 530PM  CBS  March 17, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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medford trying to work quickly. he was out of control. >> chris: tries to go behind the back. and -- well! makai mason said i did not foul. i wanted to make sure on that play. >> ian: baylor did not even get a shot off. down by 2. 2.2 on the clock. motley fouled out. 59 points and 7 rebounds for the sophomore. now the focus is on brandon sherrod. he can put an end to this game with a pair of makes. >> [crowd noise]. >> ian: 2 point lead for yale. sherrod. first one is good. >> [cheers and applause]. >> ian: 78-75.
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missing. just trying to let the clock run out. we have seen something strange happen. >> ian: he's got it. 79-75. lindsey tosses it up. >> [buzzer]. >> ian: march magic for the yale bulldogs. >> [cheers and applause]. >> ian: their first ncaa tournament win in program history. james jones in his 17th year at yale. and the bulldogs have done it. they upset baylor. 79-75 to advance to the second round. >> chris: they did it with moxie and look at the last play here. the point was moot. yale celebrates. >> ian: baylor is going home.
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>> [cheers and applause]. their first appearance in the ncaa tournament since 1962. it's a win for yale! the ivy league represented and yale gets it done. evan washburn, take it away. >> evan: coach, the program waited 54 years. you waited 17. what does it mean it get here and keep playing? >> coach: absolutely unbelievable. our guys played great tonight and gave us everything they had. i could not be more proud of this group of guys. >> evan: at no point did this moment seem too big for this team. where does that confidence come from? >> coach: we have been building for a couple of years. they stuck together. >> evan: you called him a bad
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makai mason had a legendary afternoon. what is it about his game that allowed him to have this type of performance? >> coach: he is the toughest nut you will ever meet. a really tough kid. nothing shakes him or bothers him. he was unbelievable tonight. >> evan: enjoy it. >> coach: i will. >> evan: makai mason, come on in here. congratulations. an unbelievable performance. your demeanor seemed stoic throughout this game. what was your approach from the start? >> player: trying not to get too up or down. i try to lead through example. they will make a run. they made a couple of runs. we stayed calm and weathered the storm. >> evan: what does this mean to this program? >> player: it's huge, man. we have not made the tournament in a very long time. to win it today is special.
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your thoughts on that match up? >> player: i am glad we have a rematch. we thought we could hang with them in the first game. we might surprise some people. >> evan: fun to watch. see you on saturday. >> ian: first time in the big dance in 54 years. if you ask the yale fans it was worth the wait. they could not be prouder of their team. >> chris: showed moxie and makai mason. set them on the course. they continue to follow it. >> ian: it will be yale and duke with a chance to advance to sweet-16. the yale bulldogs pre-season favorites in the ivy league. they roland to the title. then they carried the momentum
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with a win over the baylor bears. it's a 12 seed knocking off a 5. we have seen a lot of these celebrations for the 12 seed. bure elation for james jones. the 52-year-old head coach of the yale bulldogs. long island native. played in albany. didn't get to play in an ncaa tournament. now he has coached in one and has an ncaa tournament win. >> chris: coach told these guys i have not won one. his team repaid him. we will win one for you. that's the best feeling you could have as a player in the locker room. win a game no one thought you could win except the guys in the room with you. >> ian: yale advances. 79-75 win over the baylor bears. tournament games continue on tnt, tbs, and tru-tv. cbs prime-time begins at 7
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great moments are born from great opportunity. that's what you have here, tonight. that's what you've earned here tonight. this is your time.
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>> announcer: wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> new now in this 5:00 hour emotional reaction in the courtroom. >> take her place, i would.
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his wife hears his prison sentence. we will hear from the victim's family members who do not buy the tears. welcome. we're happy you are joining us. john gent is found guilty and sentenced to 59 years in prison without the possibility of parole. he murdered elaine gent in his bed, his wife. michael clark has been following the story and talked with the family members after the sentencing and is live. family members hope this story can help other victims of domestic violence? >> yes, they say elaine gent left her husband before but always came back part of the cycle that domestic violence victims fall into and hoping the tragic ending might encourage someone else to speak up to speak up and get out before it's too late. >> [inaudible] >> through tears and trembles an apology from a husband convicted of killing his wife. >> [inaudible] >> elaine gent's father and
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>> i love you and i miss you so much. >> for them remorse from the man found guilty of stabbing their loved one, too little too late. >> this time i thought she was going to be able to get out but he took her life. >> she watched her sister struggle in her marriage john gent admitted to having a drug problem but he had no job. he is encouraging others to break the cycle at the first sign of trouble. >> ask somebody to help you if you cannot do it on your own, seek help. there's people that will help you. >> prosecutors said the free ride was coming to an end. his wife of 35 years was ready to leave but instead she was stabbed in the chest that the husband claimed was meant for himself. the jury did not believe his claims finding him guilty of murder with a 59-year sentence, the 56-year-old will likely die in jail. >> i hope he has to spend the
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what i remember every night. >> elaine's family members can forgive john gent but not what he did. >> jesus is telling her daddy loves you and she is living a life that she deserved many years ago. >> now it took a jury less than two hours to return that guilty verdict and john gent is not eligible for parole. michael clark wbtv on your side. >> thank you, michael. now to breaking news. center. a fire, where is it? >> the belmont neighborhood live sky3 arrived on scene. you can see a very active scene that is the structure off to the right on the side of your screen. we are zooming in. you see smoke billowing out of the building as crews work to put out the flames but the damage has been done. this is clay street in belmont. not a lot of information right now.
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just getting information about t you can see smoke towering off that building. goodness it, looks like firefighters are coming out of the structure. we have reached out to the fire departments in gaston county to see if we can figure out how this happened. as soon as we get detail as far as injuries and damages we will pass it along.
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we will be police are searching for the person who shot a woman in charlotte at 2011 of 11:30. the woman was tang into cmc and should be ok. we continue to follow the
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county in belmont. a house fire. you can see it looks destroyed on clay avenue. firefighters are there. smoke is still coming out of the
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we will continue >> right now a man shot by deputies in anson county has died and he may have been the suspect in a kidnapping and police chase a few years ago. investigators tell us 40-year-old dennis penny, jr. was shot in a shootout last night. he died this afternoon. deputies at the chesterfield sheriff's office in south carolina believe penny may have abducted his children in 2012
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>> it has been another beautiful day out there. hope you got outside lyndsay tapases is tracking our weather and is live in the first alert weather center. >> 77 was the high in charlotte and that is where we are at as of 5:00 p.m. it feels comfortable out there. cooler than yesterday. tonight will be cooler and our temperatures continue to tumble for friday and into the weekend. lows tonight will be into the mid-40s. aside from that, it's quiet. we have a sprinkle that has been able to be squeezed out in the mountains. aside from that tonight and into tomorrow, maybe more cloud cover around for friday but we will keep things dry for the last day of the work week but that does change once we start to head into the weekend. not only do we have cooler temperatures in the forecast, it looks wetter especially saturday. 50s both weekend days and temperatures recover back into the 60s and 70s middle part of next week. and traffic with tonya rivens. >> and your first alert traffic
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>> new in this 5:00 hour the hawks are back. you may remember a story last year, a mating pair of hawks swooping down and attacking people in a hickory neighborhood and steve ohnesorge was hit. a built a nest and are on attack again. steve ohnesorge went back but this time he was prepared. >> this hickory neighborhood seems so peaceful but just walking here... >> it's too risky. >> the bats are ready and the helmets are on because these guys are back in town. >> they are beautiful. >> two hawks raising a family but watch out. to protect their space, they will attack you. >> they come up from behind and get you in the back of the head. >> fred has been hit, george, too; the first time six years ago. >> i thought i got hit by a basketball. >> one stays in the nest and the other goes on the prowl. talents are sharp and many heads
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hardhats recommended. last year i got hit by the hawks. not going to happen this time around and the folks in this neighborhood know they have to be careful for a while. last year the hawks did not leave until june. >> last summer, barry put spikes in the trees to discourage them. >> we were hoping... >> instead, the nest was built in barry's backyard, nothing he could do it's against the law to kill hawks and they will not leave until their babies do. until then squirrels will be nervous and people will be, too, and folks like judy miller will have to walk elsewhere. >> i go down another street. >> with hopes next year the hawks will find another street to call home. in hickory steve ohnesorge wbtv on your side. >> that is the greatest story. do you walk with a helmet until june?
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another place but there is not much anyone can do but be careful and protect themselves. >> state university spent $500,000 promoting the bond and experts say that may be illegal. at 6:00 we are asking tough questions of state leaders.
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on wbtv news is sponsored by... >> announcer: wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> now, at 6:00 a 14-year-old is
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we ask how children are getting her their hands on weapons? >> first an investigation is shining a spotlight on state money used to promote the bond. >> i'm wondering if you can tell me why it was appropriate for you to use public money advocating for the bond. >> we are asking whether state community colleges violated state law. i'm maureen o'boyle. >> i'm jamie boll in for paul cameron. we started asking questions after learning state colleges contributes more than half a million dollars to the political committee supporting the bond. investigative reporter nick ochsner found state leaders saying one thing as the law and legal experts say another. >> honorable pat mccrory. >> governor mccrory took the stage to cheers tuesday night at a party celebrating the passage of the connect nc bond. hours earlier his campaign released a statement saying the governor traveled the state
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state law says that is illegal. >> state money cannot be used to ask people to vote yes or no. >> or to suggest that they do ho that. >> freeddy is a professor at the school of government and says state law and an opinion prevents public officials from using public resources to advocate for a bond but it can be used to educate voters. >> public fundsannot be used to try to persuade folks. >> the campaign said that you traveled a state making the case for the connect nc bond meaning you were advocating for it. >> you are stretching the facts right now. i was educating the public on the bond as governor and i'm proud to do that. i have made my case to you. i know you are desperate for rankings but do not worry about it. >> pat mccrorypat mccrory's answer was
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schools 'can state and nc state contributed more than half a million dollars in constitutional funds to the committee which asked voters to support the bond. all gaves tens of thousands of dollars in non-foundation money institutional money which would be public to the connect nc committee. >> that is not my understanding and i will investigate thank you for point to go out. >> so you are concerned about that? >> i need to know the facts. >> public money cannot be used to support a position for the referendum. do you think accepting that money violated that? >> well, what money? you're asking a hypothetical question. >> bob orr is the chief spokesman for the connect nc committee. >> my primary concern is that we win this referendum today. >> no matter what laws you broke? >> at all costs, no.


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