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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  March 17, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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back. garland heads to capitol hill to meet with some members of congress on thursday. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. coming up on "cbs this morning," we will talk to senators elizabeth warren and jeff flake about the garland nomination. monday's republican presidential debate has been called off. fox news cancelled the debate after donald trump pulled out and john kasich said he wouldn't participate without trump. the other remaining gop candidate ted cruz says trump is afraid. >> i guess he doesn't like when anyone challenges him. you know? he was saying just a week ago that he was eager to get one-on-one with me. this debate, the field has narrowed even more and he he could have had a direct debate with me, yet, donald, apparently, is ducking. he is afraid of being challenged. >> trump says he is making a, quote, big speech. trump skipped a fox news debate in january because he claimed he was mistreated by the network.
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primaries, trump holds a substantial lead in the dealt count and still has the potential to lock up the nomination before the convention. so far, he has won 47% of the available delegates. but he must do better in upcoming contests. trump issued a dire warning if republican leaders try to deny the nomination to him at a brokered convention. >> i don't think you can say we don't get it automatically. i think you'd have riot. s. >> trump has already shifted his attention to hillary clinton. he released a new online ad. in it, she is barking like a dog, suggesting she is unfit to be president. five north carolina deputies have been suspended for their action at a trump rally in fayetteville. the deputies were escorting a preverted protester from the event when he was assaulted by a 78-year-old man.
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federal intelligence officials refused a request from the state department in 2009 to provide hillary clinton a secure blackberry device. according to just released e-mails, her aides wanted the blackberry to replace the mobile device he was using. clinton's use of a private e-mail server has become a political issue for her. critics contend she may have skirted federal record keeping laws. in just released documents, army sergeant bowe bergdahl explained why he left his post in afghanistan. bergdahl has held five years by the taliban before being exchanged with for five guantanamo prisoners. bergdahl said he wanted to draw attention to what he said were bad decisions by officers. the papers also reveal he was diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder. the texas police -- a texas police officer is free on bail this morning after being arrested for allegedly shooting and killing a teenager.
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ken johnson was off-duty at the time. police officers say he suspected the teen had broken into a car. johnson was taken into custody last night. brian webb reports. >> reporter: friends and family of jose cruz cheered and released balloons, following the arrest of farmers branch officer ken johnson wednesday night. the mother of the 16-year-old he is charged with killing broke down in tears. >> she's gotten a lot of strength from the effect he has been arrested and charged. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> translator: because there is going to be justice for him. >> reporter: johnson was off-duty sunday when he says he spotted cruz and another teen breaking into his car at this apartment complex. authorities say the officer chased him down in his personal vehicle, eventually shooting both at a nearby gas station in an altercation caught on camera. all events, the police chief says, go against procedures.
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off-duty enforcement that we all follow. >> reporter: johnson's attorney maintains his client feared for his life and questions why the case didn't go before a grand jury. >> the only explanation i can think of is that they are doing this because my client is a black police officer. >> reporter: cruz's family spokesman says the facts are clear. >> there is nothing that could be done, except an indictment or an immediate arrest. >> reporter: johnson also faces assault charges for shooting the other teen in the car. he was wounded, but is expected to survive. brian webb for cbs news. firefighters boarded a delta jet when a passenger's electronic cigarette caused a backpack to catch on fire. the plane was just about to depart atlanta's hartsfield-jackson airport for st. louis when the device caught fire last night. by the time the firefighters arrived the flames were out. no one was hurt. e-cigarettes are allowed in carry-on bags but not for long.
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next month. a massachusetts state trooper was killed when his suv was hit on the side of a massachusetts turnpike. trooper thomas pulled over an suv for speeding and returned to his vehicle when a car going very fast swerved across three lanes of traffic and hit the trooper's suv. it went down an embankment. clarty was a father of six children. the washington, d.c. subway system reopens this morning after a day-long shutdown for a system-wide safety check. the d.c. metro is the nation's second busiest rail system. the safety check involved third rail power cables, following a fire on monday. 26 damaged cables requiring repair were discovered. recently released video shows a daring helicopter jail break from a canadian prison back in 2013. two prisoners were picked up by accomplices who had hijacked a
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they climbed up the rope. the hospital took off. the prisoners were captured a few hours later, though. . coming up on the "morning news." sex tape testimony. the woman videotaped with having sex with hulk hogan testifies in his trial. later, president obama reveals his brackets for the college basketball championships. this is the "cbs morning news." everyone loves how they feel in dark clothes. and to keep those darks from fading... there's woolite darks. it's free of harsh ingredients, keeping dark clothes looking like new for 30 washes so your love for dark clothes will never fade. woolite darks. don't let a cracked windshield ruin your plans. trust safelite. with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" you'll know exactly when we'll be there. giving you more time for what matters most.
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we give you relief from your cold & flu. you give them a case of the giggles. tylenol cold helps relieve your worst cold & flu symptoms... you can give them everything you've got. tylenol hi i'm kristie and i'm jess and we are the bug chicks. we are a nano-business. windows 10 really helps us get the word out about how awesome bugs are. kids learn to be brave and curious and all kids speak the language of bug.
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oh! this is so good. (laughs) if you're trying to teach a kid about a proboscis just sketch it on the screen. i don't have a touch screen on my mac, i'm jealous of that. (laughs) you put a big bug in a kids hands and change their world view. (laughs) o say does that star-spangled banner yet wave >> he was a singer. eclipsed by his famous father. frank sinatra jr. has died. he was born in the '40s as his father's career was taking off and his kidnapping at the age of 19 made headlines. frank sinatra jr. suffered a heart attack yesterday in florida. he was 72 years old. testimony from the woman in
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an an accused uber driver shooter sues the app. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. the detroit free press reports a $10 million lawsuit against uber by a former driver charged in six killings. jason dalton's handwriting filing claims uber ruined his life. he said he was never paid back wages or overtime and he is accused of a shooting spree last month in kalamazoo, michigan. he worked for uber less than a month. "the washington post" reports the punishment of 12 military personnel for a mistaken attack on a hospital last year in afghanistan. the punishments are mostly administrative. there are no criminal charges. the seattle times reports that a former hospital worker may have put 1,500 patients at risk of ninfection. rocky allen is accused of switching for painkillers.
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about his resume, where he had been. we know he had been fired for the same thing at other facilities. >> patients who may have been infected are being told to get hiv and hepatitis tests. the"the tampa tribune" is reporting a woman testifying who had case with hulk hogan. heather heather cole satisfy didn't know her then husband was videotaping the whole thing. hogan is suing the website for $100 million because it posted the video online. "lenny" lenny letter bicycle. the first lady explained why she and the president started the
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and at the south-by-southwest festival, she talked about what men can do. >> you're a man at the table and you look around and there are only men at the table, then you should ask yourself how can i do better? >> mrs. obama is urging people to support the cause by donating through coming up, self-tying sneakers take a step into reality. nike unveils a new high-tech sneaker that laces up on its own. >> announcer: this portion of cbs morning news sponsored by kohl's. we need this vacation so bad. absolutely. honey, can you grab my hat? got it! the weather's supposed to be beautiful this weekend, too. do you think we should get a boat? we need the big bag. i put my sunscreen on already. me too. let's go swimming! yeah.
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and to eat healthier, and it was a real easy switch to make. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. on the cbs "moneywatch," it's feeling sort of like the future with self-tying sneakers and cars that can stop themselves. hena daniels is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. the federal reserve is where it is. in a statement following its latest policy meeting, the fed poses a risk to the u.s. economy.
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expect to raise rates at a slower rate than they had originally envisioned. the fed holds its next policy meeting in april. news that the fed is leaving interest rates where they are sent stocks higher. the dow gained 74 points. the s&p 500 rose 11 points and the nasdaq finished the day 35 points higher. automatic braking technology could be standard equipment on most new cars by 2022. the government and major carmakers are expected to make that officials in an announcement today. the safety system will be phased into most models but safety advocates say the agreement means the government won't strictly regulate this technology. an increase in e-commerce business was for a for fedex. they handle most of its e-commerce business jumped 30% but higher costs due to expansion cost income operating expenses to slip.
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nike introduced the hyperadapt 1.0. actually, the sneaker doesn't have laces at all. when you step in your heels, it hits a sensor and the shoe automatically tightens! just like it did when marty mcfly put them on in the time travel blockbuster, the hyperadapt will be available this holiday season but, at first, only to members of nike plus. >> i'm into it. now i wanted them to work on that dog leash that walks the dog on its own! that i can deal with. better happy st. patrick's day! thanks a lot, hena daniels at the new york stock exchange. the president's bracket. the president predicts who he thinks will go all the way in the college basketball championships. clubhouse controversy.
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don't let this happen to you. if you or a loved one is suicidal, call the national suicide prevention lifeline. no matter how hopeless or helpless you feel, with the right help, you can get well. earth hour is about empowering people making a difference to change climate change with passion and excitement earth hour is about inspiring climate action celebrating a global movement and impact join us at 19th march at 8:30pm here's a look at today's
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the country. last night's first four action was a little more exciting than tuesday's slate of games. it came down to the wire between tulsa and michigan. the wolverines sealed it, winning 67-62. they take on notre dame friday night. another first four battle, holy cross versus southern u. the crusaders and the jaguars traded points throughout the second half. southern's sean perdom hit a three-pointer there while he was tying his shoe! ultimately holy cross came up with the 59-55 win and they take on oregon. the top seed in the west in the first round. as he does every year, the president made his picks for the ncaa tournament. here is his final four. unc against michigan state and kansas versus texas a&m.
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over the tar heels in the championship! >> bill self owes me. i'm putting kansas in here! coach, i'm just teasing, i'm not putting pressure on you, but i think the jayhawks in a squeaker gets past unc. >> the president has only picked the winner once during his time in the white house when he picked unc to win it all during his first year in the oval office. duke takes on wilmington at noon eastern today on cbs. a major league baseball player is choosing his family over a multidollar concert. adam laroche retired on wednesday when team official said his son could no longer join him in the clubhouse after each game. the team president ken williams said drake was welcome to spend time with the team but he wasn't open for the 14-year-old being
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this is how you say it's going to be okay to someone who just lost everything. that, yes, we'll find you somewhere to stay and yes, your children will have breakfast. every 8 minutes the red cross responds
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help us keep it. an ohio police officer takes charge in a dangerous situation. his dash camera shows him pulling a driver from a van moments before it's hit by a freight train. the driver was trying to get around a truck when he got stuck on the tracks and nobody was hurt. a homeless man in california proves doing the right thing pays off. he was grabbing a cup of coffee at a san francisco mcdonald's when three escaped inmates drove past him earlier this year. he alerted police and the suspects were arrested. the homeless man pocketed the $100,000 reward this week. it might be the setting for shakespeare greatest tragedy but
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the nation of 5. million people was named the united nations the haerpts happiest in a new survey. denmark is known for its extensive health care system that provides health care and college education. switzerland, norway and iceland and feninland rounds out the top five. a puppy they thought was dead after she fell off a fishing boat more than a month ago. abby alford reports. >> reporter: 1 and a half-year-old luna cradled her daddy's best friend since she was lost at sea five week, ago. >> this was not a day we thought would ever happen. >> reporter: on february 10th, about two miles off the coast of this landing field, her ownership nick hayworth told the navy as they were bringing in the nets on the elizabeth 8,
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thought she was gone. they thought she swam to shore but she couldn't be found. after two weeks her owner thought he lost her forever until tuesday. five weeks after luna went missing, navy biologist melissa booker found her on the side of the road on san clemente island and called the owner. >> i can't believe they found my dog. >> reporter: even the commanding officer for naval base coronado couldn't believe it. >> i didn't think this is when i signed up. i never thought this would happen but this is definitely a good story. >> reporter: a little malnourished and a bit shy this pup has been cleared for any diseases and given a token by the navy. >> just keep the faith for luna. >> reporter: one thing we may never know is her story during her five within week adventure. >> i bet she has stores for her grandchildren. >> i bet she does. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," more on the fight over the supreme court nominee. plus, new changes to your frequent flyer miles.
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peter greenberg and the ceo of seaworld joins us in the studio. that is the "cbs morning news" for this thursday. thanks for watching.
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have a great st. patrick's day! wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now with breaking news. >> christine: goodmorning, i'm christine sperow. we're watching breaking news on i-85 at this hour. all southbound lanes on i-85 are closed right now. this is near exit 49, due to a crash. we have just confirmed a pedestrian was hit, you're looking at live pictures of the interstate right now where we are seeing cars are driving by, so it appears that officials may have just reopened these lanes of i-85 near exit 49, the southbound lanes. they are working on reconstructing the scene as this investigation in the crash is now underway. we'll update you on the air and online, we have a reporter there, we'll ask questions and get more answers for you on what
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now go to early first look at the weather. >> al: we have dry conditions, christine, a little cooler than the last couple mornings, a lot of us waking up in the 40s and 50s. metro school camera in center city, we have dry conditions, clear skies, current temperature 54 in charlotte, like wise monroe, 53 statesville, 55 in gastonia, 38 morganton, 49 in shelby and 44 in albermarle. we have cooler air out there but today will be a nice day. no records. yesterday, 86, record high, this afternoon, sunshine, high clouds, get back to 77, still well above average this time of the year but ten degrees cooler than yesterday. much cooler weather is in the forecast, goodbye to the 80s, hello, 50s. when they will arrive and what it looks like in terms of rain this weekend. we have some some mentioned in the saturday and sunday forecast.


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