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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  March 15, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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way next and couldn't pick trump out of a lineup. now-- >> trump. >> donald trump. >> pelley: and they have plenty to say about it. pelley: history will be de tonight, but will it be enals the beginning of the end the nomination process or just the end of the beginning. if front-runners trump and clinton sweep tonight tcook all but over, but if voters surprise us, like sanders u could stretch into may and june. the candidates kasich and rubio are running in their home states this evening, so for them, it is do or die on the ides of march. for the republicans, 358 delegates are up for grabs in illinois, ohio, missouri, north carolina, and florida. and we'll begin tonight with major garrett. >> reporter: ohio governor john kasich voted for himself in suburb an columbus today. >> great, we're going to win. i feel terrific. it's great. you know, do i seem like i'm nervous or uptight? >> reporter: kasich has tried to run a largely positive campaign, but today criticized
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comments about women. >> bimbo. >> dog. >> fat pig. >> reporter: now strung together in some anti--trump superpac ad. >> i have two daughters. they see this stuff. what do you think they think? >> ohio is going to make america great again. >> reporter: after days of unrest at trump rallies, there were no disruptions at his final stop in ohio last night. security was noticeably beefed up. >> well, i'm going to review it. >> reporter: trump also backed away from comments he made sunday that he would consider paying legal fees fair north carolina supporter charged with assault for punching a trump protester. >> i don't condone violence, and i didn't say i was going to pay for -- >> reporter: so you're not going to? >> no, i didn't-- i didn't say that. >> from the state that always makes the difference. >> reporter: marco rubio campaigned into night yesterday, and today dismissed polls showing him running well behind trump in his home state of florida. >> i think a lot of people are going to be embarrassed tonight and are going to want refunds from the money they spent on these polls because we're going to win florida. and we feel very optimistic about that. >> reporter: ted cruz made
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illinois, a state his campaign believes is winnable. >> there is only one campaign in a position to beat donald trump and win the republican nomination. ( applause ) >> reporter: cruz's strategy has been to hunt for delegates in non-winner-take-all states to offset predicted trump gains elsewhere. scott, if kasich wins ohio this evening, from the perspective of gathering delegates could be as much cruz's as it is trumps. >> pelley: major, thanks very much. hillary clinton is also running in her home state of illinois. she and bernie sanders are fighting over 691 democratic delegates don't, which is more than a quarter of what's needed for the nomination. nancy cordes caught up with clinton today. >> reporter: in chicago, sanders predicted he would beat expectations again today and dominate the midwest. >> well, i think that if there's
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going to do just great here in illinois, missouri, ohio. >> thank you. thanks, everybody. >> reporter: clinton has a comfortable lead in ohio polls, but neither campaign is putting much stock in that after her surprise loss in neighboring michigan. what do you say to that voter in a manufacturing state who says, "bernie sanders has just been more consistent on trade." >> i say, number one, the only multinational trade agreement i ever had a chance to volt on, i voted no. but more than that, it's not just what you're against. what are you for, and what have you ever done to create good jobs and rising incomes? and i have a record on that. i came all this way to thank you. >> reporter: today, she paid last-minute visits to a couple states that should be sure bets for her, north carolina, and florida. if he's the one who is closing these huge gaps in the pollses, does that mean that he's the one with momentum? >> i have 1.6 million more votes, and i have many more delegates, and so, i think, look, it's a great contest.
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sanders and i are running a campaign on the issues compared to the insults we hear coming from the other side. >> reporter: speaking of the other side, clinton is celebrating tonight in trump's backyard. we are just three miles away from maura lago. scott, clinton's aides tell me she would win or lose all three midwestern states tonight but they still think she will walk away with more delegates thanks in large part to her support here in florida. >> pelley: imagine her losing her home state. we're going to turn now to john dickerson, our cbs news political director and anchor of "face the nation." john, why did clinton choose to be in florida tonight? >> reporter: as nancy said, florida has an older population and it also has a l lger share of non-white populations. those are two groups hillary clinton does well with. she could win so much, get so delegates out of florida she could come ahead tonight. >> pelley: what do you see for the republican?
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winnerrer-take-all states, ohio and florida, the two men fighting to stay alive in the age of trump who once would have been considered front-runners, john kasich, outside of washington be a governor, popular in a swing state. marco rubio was once considered cover of "time" magazine. he was considered the savior of the republican party. now both are at the back of the delegate count and one or both of them may not survive the night. >> pelley: so what does this mean for the party? >> reporter: tonight was the night those who want to try to stop donald trump are going to try to strip delegation away from him. in conversations i've had with people who are part of that effort is means the conversation tomorrow will be fighting this out at the convention in cleveland. >> pelley: john, thank you very much. and john will be right here with us as cbs news brings you campaign 2016 primary results throughout the evening. in north carolina, about 1,000 voters cast provisional ballots because they didn't have enough identification to meet the state's new, strict voter i.d. law.
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voter fraud is almost unknown there. opponents say the law is meant to silence minority voters, and here's mark strassmann. >> reporter: as north carolinians voted this morning, maria del carmen sanchez thorpe woke up worried. >> i will need to present a valid north carolina i.d.. >> reporter: and you're anxious about it. >> yes, i. and if i'm anxious, i can't imagine how many people may zhong not even show up. >> reporter: she's 58 years old, a u.s. citizen born in cuba. all her photo i.d.s, including her passport and driver's license, say sanchez, her maiden name. >> and that's a problem because my voter registration still has my maiden name. >> reporter: she said latinos culturally often use different last names. north carolina estimate twoz 25,000 of its registered voters may not have a valid driver's license. of the 11 states with record
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seven have enacted stricter voter i.d. laws, including north carolina. wendy weiser studies electioning apt n.y.u.'s law school. >> these laws are a backlash against increasing participation by new voters in the political process. >> reporter: but republican state representative david lewis supports want new law. how many documented, verified instances of voter fraud in the last five years do you know about? >> we don't know if-- how widespread that may be or may not be. but isn't the integrity of our republic worth maintaining that somebody is who they say they are when they present themselveses to vote? >> reporter: sanchez thorpe did get to vote, but by midafternoon, roughly 1,000 voters without valid i.d.s had to cast provisional ballots, which means they need to be verified before the votes can be counted. mark strassmann, cbs news, raleigh. >> pelley: now, we've been talking to voters in these
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today, and demarco morgan is keeping track of that exit polling information. demarco, what are we finding out? >> reporter: a lot to talk about. we have all heard about t.p.p. and nafta. they are trade agreements and not everybody knows exactly what they mean, but in ohio they simply mean one thing-- jobs. we wanted to find out what republican voters there are saying is their most important issue, and you can see it right here behind me. 37% say it is the economy and jobs. when it comes to u.s. trade with other countries, the republican voters that were polled there believe it has taken away our jobs here in this country. that's 56%. not surprisingly so, the democrats also believe the same thing. they came in at 53% who were saying that it's taken away our jobs here in this country. so a lot to talk about tonight. >> pelley: demarco, thanks very much. president obama today was critical of the rhetoric of the campaign. he was speaking at what was billed as a unity luncheon at the capitol. he had some kind words to speak about the speaker of the house.
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recall some intemperate words that we regret. certainly i can. and while some may be more to blame than others for the current climate, all of us are responsible for reversing it, for it is a cycle that is not an accurate reflection of america. and it has to stop. speaker ryan, you and i don't agree on a lot of policy, but i know you are a great father and a great husband, and i know you want what's best for america. and we may fiercely disagree on policy, and the n.f.c. north-- ( laughter ) but i don't have a bad word to say about you as a man. >> pelley: the president today on civility. in another important story, floodwaters are getting deeper and no place has been hit harder
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louisiana border. david begnaud is there. >> reporter: this is the worst flooding deweyville has seen in over 100 years. everything-- the sheriff's department, post office, church, school, and the town's only grocery store-- is under water. deweyville, a town of 1100, sits west of the sabine river. it's a funnel for many smaller tib temporaries carrying water downstream from three larger bodies of water. 20 inches of rain over the last week, and 455 billion gallons of water released from an overflowing reservoir has left deweyville flooded in four feet of water. >> look at the dog. look at the dog. >> reporter: today, rescuers spotted animals in need of help. >> come on up, big guy. >> reporter: this dog had to be coaxed into the boat. >> oh! >> reporter: downriver is krista kachtick's home, with two feet of water inside. >> it's horrific. i would have never in all my 26 years thought i would see what i'm sieg right now.
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headed with the rescuers to check on a guy they met last night who refused to leave one his flooded home bon of the rescuers said it was pitiful. >> search-and-rescue! >> reporter: no one responded. just as we were headed back to shore, we spotted ray holden. do you plan on leaving? >> no. >> reporter: why not? >> i have gun, food, water, why leave. >> reporter: gun, food, and water. >> yeah, goit everything i need. >> reporter: here in deweyville, the sabine river is cresting right now and that will continue through tomorrow morning. when it's all said and done, scott, the river is expected to crest at about 33.2 feet. that's nine feet above flood stage. >> pelley: david begnaud for us tonight. david, thank you. vladimir putin appears to be making good on his pledge to begin withdrawing russian forces from syria. today, several warplanes flew home to a hero's welcome. the russians have launched more than 9,000 bombing missions in syria since september and turned the tide of the civil war to the
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tonight, cbs news has learned that the american who defected from isis and then surrendered to kurdish forces had left the d.c. area in mid-december, three months with isis was apparently enough for him. elizabeth palmer has more from erbil in northern iraq. >> reporter: here's the moment kurdish soldiers find out they've detained an american. >> where are you from? where are you from? >> united states. >> reporter: minutes earlier, the kurds had grabbed mohamed jamal khweis when he walked out of the scrub land at dawn and right into their front line. in broken arabic and english, he told them he wanted to surrender. one of the kurds who arrested him but didn't want his face shown said khweis confirmed he had been fighting for isis. how did you make sure that he wasn't a suicide bomber, that he had no explosives on him?
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and drop his pants to prove it," he said. that's standard procedure all along the kurdish front line. anyone crossing has to strip to show they're not wearing a bomb. 26-year-old mohamed jamal khweis had his virginia driver's license with him, two credit cards, and three cell phones, along with about $4,000. he gave himself up here at the village of gaulat near tal afar. but the kurds say it was a mistake. he had been aiming for the turkish border but was double crossed by the smuggler hired to take him there. but backat virginia, reporters showed up at the family home to ask questions, but a scene that started out as merely chaotic, turned hosciel when khweis' father turned the hose on them. khweis' parents say they'd lost touch with their son and they have no idea how he ended up with he is tonight, in the
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and it's not clear, scott, how long before he returns to the u.s., but the department of justice is already planning to file charges against him. >> pelley: elizabeth palmer in northern iraq for us tonight. liz, thank you. today, the vatican said that mother teresa will become a saint on september 4. pope francis cleared the way by attributing two miracles to her work. mother teresa devoted her life to working with the sick and the homeless in calcutta, india. she died 19 years ago at the age of 87. the c.d.c. is urging drastic action to stop an epidemic of prescription pain killer overdoses. and he talks constantly about china. now, what china says about trump when the cbs evening news
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of pain killers that includes vicodin and oxycontin. there is a growing epidemic of addiction, and each day, more than 40 people die from overdoses thieves drugs. here's dr. jon lapook. >> reporter: 60-year-old executive recruiter steven diamond was predescribed opioids in 2004 to treat chronic knee and back pain from years of skiing. >> i was out of control. whatever the doctor gave me wasn't enough. so i got more. >> reporter: it wasn't long before he became addicted and moved on to heroin. >> i think the doctors make it easy for you. they give you the pain scale-- 1-10, "tell me what you're feeling." >> reporter: today, the c.d.c. said enough is enough. dr. tom frieden heads the agency. >> the epidemic of prescription opennate overdose and death is driven by doctor prescribing. but because doctor prescribing drove this, doctor prescribe
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>> reporter: the c.d.c. recommendations include patients and doctors should first consider pain therapy that doesn't including opioids. before prescriek opioid , physicians should clearly outline the risk of addiction. and if opioids are needed, they should be low dose and short act. >> a lot of people who get into problems with opiates start with acute pain. that's why we say for most episodes of acute pain, three days will be enough. it is very rare that more than seven days will be needed. >> reporter: the c.d.c. also hopes clinicians will check an online database to see if patients are going to other doctors to get those drugs. >> pelley: and opioids can be a gateway to heroin as well. jon, thanks very much. in a moment, what the chinese say about trump.ving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving.
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months ago, our seth doane found few chinese had ever heard of him. well, they know him now and have plenty of opinions. in fact, china's "global times" calls trump a racist and compares him to hitler. here's seth in beijing. >> reporter: do you know this man? >> trump. >> it's trump. >> reporter: just his picture triggers opinions. >> a little crazy. >> reporter: you think trump would be tougher? >> yeah, yeah. >> reporter: on china. >> yeah, much tougher. >> china, taking our jobs, taking our money. >> reporter: how much more are people talking about donald trump than, say, the other candidates. >> much more, much more. >> reporter: guan xin takes clips from the campaign trail and translates them into chinese. then he posts them online with subtitles for his 370,000 follows, or weibo, china's twitter. what's the range of opinions you hear about donald trump?
6:53 pm
to the only truth-telling candidate. >> i know, i be him. >> reporter: we've seen trump's name recognition here increase compared to last fall. >> jeb bush. >> reporter: no, this is not jeb bush. >> china has taken millions of jobs. >> reporter: after he took so many high-profile jabs at china. >> it's the greatest theft in the history of the world. >> reporter: though 7,000 miles away, the politics of it all are pretty clear. >> reporter: seth doane, cbs news, beijing. >> pelley: small world. and we'll be right back.
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>> pelley: donald trump has picked up the first win of this day. he got 72% of the vote, and all nine delegates in the northern mariana islands. it is a pacific island chain that has been ruled over centuries by spain, germany, and japan. it is now one of five u.s. territories whose citizens can vote in primaries and caucuses, but not in the november election. with that victory, trump met a g.o.p. requirement that a candidate win more than 50% of the delegates in at least eight states or territories for his name to be placed in nomination. he hasn't clinched it, but he has met that stipulation. as the votes come in tonight, we'll have prime-time television
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on our digital service, cbsn, late returns on your local news, and all the overnight developments on "cbs this morning"." that's the cbs evening news for tonight. for all of us around the this broadcast is brought to you by subaru south boulevard and subaru concord. wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> tonight on "primetime" sara pea lynn's video captures the moment a deputy 1 beaten. and a 10-year-old girl now left without parents after a double murder. but first tonight on "primetime" north carolina voters are now weighing in on campaign 2016 in the state's primary. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm jamie in for maureen. if you are planning to vote in today's primaries, the clock is ticking. the polls close statewide in about 30 minutes.
6:59 pm
voter turnout has been steady since polls opened at 6:30 this morning. colleen is is live at mount mariah church. are you seeing a lot of last-minute voters? >> definitely, jamie. it really got busy. this is what we are dealing with at pre sink 11. the line has been out the door and maybe this way for an hour or so as last-minute voters want to make sure their voices are heard. this is the first election where they have to show a voter id at the polls. the workers tell me they have had to do provisional ballots. some voters didn't have a photo id or they were at the wrong location. those voters will have to be verified before their ballots will be counted. it has been busy all day. there was a line of 100 people waiting outside when the polls opened at 6:30 this morning. and when folks got out of work, the line was even longer.
7:00 pm
now? >> i just wanted to take some time to do research on some of the candidates before making a final decision. >> how was it showing a photo id to vote? annoying? why was it annoying? >> it wasn't difficult for me. >> what brought you out? why vote this primary? >> because it is important. i want my opinion to be heard. >> now, the precinct captain told me the precinct judge told me that as of 5:15 this afternoon a thousand people had voted. i haven't had a chance to go back and they were so busy they didn't have time to tell me the number. every hour has been about a hundred or so people. i am guessing about 1200 people voted with a half hour to go. >> long lines are forming in several places around the state. colleen, thank you.


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