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tv   WBTV News 3 at 530PM  CBS  March 15, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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i think that it is an important time to try and stay focused and get things back on track. >> what made you come out this `election? >> i think this is probably one of the most important elections to come out. i mean, with everything that has been in the news and all of the different candidates that are creating such a raucous i think it's important to have your voice heard and have a positive impact and serve your civil duty. >> and back to the voter id. the precinct judge told me they have had to issue provisional ballots because some people did not have id's and others came from a different location and they wanted to vote here. live in charlotte, coleen harry wbtv on your side. >> and we are not the only state voting. four others are as well. here is a look at what is at stake. there are 691 delegates up for grabs for democrats.
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in the states voting there is a heavy focus among republicans for florida and ohio. both are winner take all states and democrats are focusing on the midwest. tonight the cbs evening news will look at north carolina's new voter id law now in effect. and how it could impact today's primaries. and we have crews in our area ready to bring you campaign 2016 results and we will have the results on followed by a wrap-up tonight on news at 11:00. >> charlotte-mecklenburg police are looking for the person who fired shots into a family home with an infant girl and one-year-old boy inside. it happened on highland street in west charlotte before 1:00 a.m. yesterday. a man, woman and the two children were asleep at the time. no one was hurt. >> one person is dead and two others hurt after a shooting in a concorde parking lot last night. investigators say say large
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and right now police are trying to piece together why there was a large crowd there at that time. and david whisenant is live for us tonight. have police made any arrests? >> no arrests have been made. but i do know police have been working in the logan community and here at the police department all day on the case and they want to get to the bottom of this to find out what resulted in three people being shot in an area of concorde known for having a troubled and violent past. >> the logan community was bathed in blue light monday night after the latest incident of violent crime. this was just after 8:00 when three people were shot after a large crowd gathered in the parking lot off lincoln street. by day you can see what is left of crime scene tape where columbus simmons died. the police cars are still in the area. >> we viewed it as a tragedy. >> volunteers with nearby first
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saddened by the news of what happened. especially when so many have been working to improve this community. >> we look how the tragedy of it, and we pray for people and then we try to teach them when they come a lot of people in the neighborhood that involved in that or in that surrounding we try to reach out to them and give them a different way. >> the area has a history of violent crime. in september, kenya was shot and killed nearby. and neighbors and family held a candlelight vigil not just for his case but to pray for peace and to make a difference in an area where scenes like this from last night are not unusual. >> we have to show them love and compassion and try to make a difference here in the streets. >> now, i did talk to police and right now they are not he had ready to release the number of the other two people who were shot but they told me there were
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were not hurt they are looking for the person responsible for the shooting and i did go by the home of columbus simmons and did not find anyone there. david whisenant wbtv on your side. >> thank you. anyone with information is asked to call the concorde police department... correct crimestoppers... >> a live look at uptown charlotte through the hd towercam a picture perfect evening. >> cannot get enough of this day. >> meteorologist leigh brock is in the first alert weather center with a look at the forecast. >> i would agree. your high temperature very mild very well above normal. we will talk about that. first of all here is your camera from our network of cameras. you can see how beautiful and blue and clear the skies are. there is a light breeze and you can see the trees blowing. we have a wind out of the southwest it keeps pulling in
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and hate to say it but that is going to come to an end. it is march and this is not typical weather. and upper 70s for most areas and low 80s popping up. 80 in gastonia. 81 in morganton. and 81 in wadesboroment and 80 in rockingham and 81 in lancaster and the rest of us upper 70s. and want to show you this to let you know how atypical this is. 79o is the high temperature. 63 is your average high and today we were 16 above average and it's not going to last forever what we should expect. here is tonya rivens she has traffic. >> and your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. and i-77 north is already rough this time of day and a stranded motorist with a lane closure creates a lot of traffic looking here at i-77 north between
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the backup beyond 485. south boulevard is one alternate route or south tryon street as we look around the area look at the volume that is started to build on 485. a lot of slow-moving traffic and i-77 heading in southbound or southbound from center city headed on i-77 a lot of slow-moving traffic as well. starting around morehead beyond tyvola. as we check on the d.o.t. camera, this is 485 and south tryon quite a bit of volume here as well. >> thank you. mother theresa will become a saint later this year. pope francis made the announcement this morning. the canonization will happen in september. mother theresa known for her work with the poor in the slums of india. and received the noble peace prize in 1979. and passed away in 1997. >> and next at 5:00 voters report offensive messages on campaign signs near polling places.
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>> a south carolina couple does what some call the unthinkable
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floodwater a man is recovering after a shooting in northeast charlotte. the victim tells police two men pulled up to him in a car on bennett street and tried to rob him and shot him in the leg. no arrests have been made. >> voters in the wilmington area are reporting offensive grafitti on a campaign sign near polling places. our sister station tweeted out this picture as you can see that is a trump sign that someone vandalized by painting a
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>> next, a man stands trial accused of killing his own wife. >> now the couple's children testify in the case. plus the 9-1-1 call made the moment their son found his mom dead. >> we are close to 80 right now. it's only mid-march so we know there will be a cooldown and when to expect that.
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stay with us. vo: know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. we didn't really have anything, you know. but, we made do. vo: know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. al, how you doing. hey, mr. hamilton. vo: know that together you can establish a meaningful legacy. with the guidance and support of your dedicated pnc wealth management team. >> testimony from inside a courtroom as a brother and sister take the stand to testify
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their own father. >> that was the initial 9-1-1 call for help after elaine's children found her dead. her son was in the home but did not hear anything. now his dad is on trial for his mother's murder. michael clark is live in lancaster county tonight. was there a history of abuse in the couple's marriage? >> well, the sheriff says that he has had calls out to that address but never arrests were made. in court we learned that the family members testified she was planning on leaving her husband until she was found stabbed to death in the home in 2013. >> with cancer roddy has tried to help his daughter elaine but he was helpless when family members saw her stabbed to death in her bed with her husband john. >> jurors listened to a voice mail that john left on his
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time his wife died. family members testified elaine had been trying to find another place to stay but came back. her sister seemed to be turning a corner after surviving a car crash. >> she lost weight and colored her hair. and started acting like she was happy for a first-time in a longtime. >> this is video from the house the couple shared with jonathan and his family and one of the grandchildren slept with her grandparents but not on the night of the murder. >> my father said you cannot sleep with me now. >> did he say that to you? >> yes, sir. >> and he slammed the door. >> jonathan was in the home the night his mom was killed. the attorney has not called a witness but objected to testimony about elaine's plans to leave and lawyers pocked holes in jonathan's account of a previous threat was never reported to police. >> you did not say a thing about
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died until a week ago, correct? >> correct. >> now, the suspect john gent has injuries from a fight that he got in with his son and two marks on his wrist and a history of mental illness but we expect to hear more about that tomorrow when gent is expected to testify. the trial may not wrap up until thursday. michael clark wbtv on your side. >> thank you. >> following a developing story out of texas. alex giles with the latest in the alert center. >> this video down from the cbs wires an officer in critical condition after a shooting with a suspect. this happened after a police pursuit that is in fort worth texas and one got into a firefight with police and that officer taken to the hospital in critical condition and one of the suspects dead and one is on the loose. a developing story we are going
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that suspect and we check on the condition of the officer in the hospital. >> all right thank you. >> right now let's update the commute, tonya rivens in the first alert traffic center. >> hey, things are gotten busy in north mecklenburg. this is between davidson and cornelius exits 28 and 30. it does not show an accident around sam furr exit 25 and it's near statesville a lot of congestion this is slow-moving traffic northbound but the story is from iredell county from exits 23, 36. 150 down to huntersville we have stop-and-go traffic that is a lot of slow-moving traffic in the area. as we continue to monitor traffic we are used to seeing this scene here. i-77 north this is in huntersville exit 23. >> thank you. a columbia husband and wife are doing what some may call the unthinkable to save their home. you remember what happened back in october.
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including this one, the first storey underwater and the belongings swept away into the lake. bruce was not home and his wife was. she was rescued by friends on a pontoon boat from the second storey of their home. instead of tearing the home down they are hoisting it up to satisfy fema and protect it from future flooding. can you see the process here in a time-lapse video. >> what i figured was the difference in the flood insurance premiums will just about pay for elevating the house. >> of the long time. >> over the long period. now the problem is i have to pay for it up front and get that benefit over time. it looks like the chimney is falling out of the den. >> from the inside, it looks like the chimney is falling out of the den but the home is moving up around the chimney. this is expensive the couple says it is worth it to save the
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of the money they are having to invest. what a job? >> that time-lapse video and that is not the full process where they are right now. >> incredible engineering. >> leigh brock has another look at the forecast in the first alert weather center. >> no rain here and no clouds here is the hd towercam. gorgeous, beautiful blue skies. it's just down right nice outside. 79 that is your temperature in charlotte. 79 in albemarle. 80 in gastonia. and in wadeboro and up in boone 72 . and we are all well above average for this time of year. most areas anywhere from 15-20 above average and all of the areas that are enjoying the nice weather this is atypical for everyone that you see. you have a little bit cooler temperatures to the north and clouds but those are the closest clouds we can find.
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bright and early on wednesday morning. temperatures may fall to the mid-50s as the sun is coming up. but by 8:00 a.m., 59 that will be the temperature. and cloudy skies and wind out of the southwest at 6-miles-per-hour. and for the rest of the day, it's looking like a warm one. still above average. 59 in the morning. your midday temperature 76 and your high tomorrow that will be around 82 later on in the day. sunshine for everyone. there is believe it or not a cold front moving through tomorrow. will not be able to tell and look at too many clouds probably will not see arraignment there is a 20% chance and the high temperatures with the cool front it is a sorry excuse for a cold front. upper 70s and low 80s for high temperatures. i think you will like the day tomorrow and several more days. and we see a cool down. and 82 on wednesday. 76 on thursday. we go down gradually each day. 68 friday. and 60 for a high temperature
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56 with showers on sunday. we slightly warm-up heading into next week into monday and tuesday. and we will send things back over to you. >> all right thank you. >> coming up next new at 5:00... >> always coming over to me. la, la, la. i just want to retire and i told my parents. and i approved this message. [laughter] >> kids and politics. what do they really think about voting? becoming president and their current election for class mayor? and then new at 6:00... >> it's primary day in north carolina.
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places and asking what is >> today is super tuesday in north carolina and we decided to seek the wisdom of children when it comes to helping to sort out the big picture in politics. >> our moderators for this wise group of first graders, our own kristen hampton. even though things got off topic she has tonight's incredibly cute good news. >> votes. then they will be the new president.
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president? >> but i didn't get it. somebody else. >> why do you think you didn't get it? >> maybe because like somebody else said funner things like that excites people and the person that got chose was mckenzie hampton. >> mckenzie hampton. class president. >> well, mayor of the entire first grade. i will save my money so if i can get rich and get more money, and then i will start spending some of it. >> you know what i like to do? i just like to spend it all day long. >> and you know what happens? you have this much money. nothing. you got nothing. when i play, i cannot get alone time because everybody comes running. >> really. so you are a well-known politician?
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>> yeah. >> i try to hide in the bushes but they aricy. >> what is the president's job? >> to make the country better. >> take care of people. and let everybody follow their dream. >> he wakes up in the morning and then he eats breakfast. i don't like dealing with too much stuff. >> too much politics? >> yes. everybody's always coming over to me, la, la, la. so i just want to retire. and i told my parents and i [laughter] >> how adorable. >> that is so funny. she is watching tv. >> and i approve this message. heard that tag line. >> mayor of the first grade and wants to retire. >> well, it is a tough job it
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and the other girl is budget director she has it figured out. >> you will have no more money. >> polls are open now for north carolina's primaries. >> and we are bringing you team coverage from local races to the presidential primaries and what
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wbtv news 2016. north carolina's primary is happening right now. >> from local contests to the prep shall race we are looking difference. >> and the possible punishment for charlotte's former mayor. >> and off campus robberies have parents and students upset. >> i caught him from my window. unbelievable. >> we go to police to ask if
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>> announcer: wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> the heated race for president is driving more people to vote in north carolina. welcome i'm molly grantham in for maureen o'boyle. >> i'm paul cameron. you have less than 90 minutes to vote. polls close at 7:30 for the primary. our reporters are in charlotte and raleigh covering local, state and national races. pamela escobar begins our coverage. do you have any feel are not turnout? >> well, right now, at this precinct they are expecting 900 voters to come through. and i have seen an increase in ople with this after work crowd. here in mecklenberg county this election cycle has attracted a record number of early voters that have locked in their vote that is 55,000. and with donald trump and his campaign style that has attracted a lot of attention. i wanted to ask voters what is motivating them. voting across mecklenberg county
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steady flow of people. and while there were lines in some precincts voters moved through quickly. >> not an issue. it was quick. probably have been here less than seven minutes. >> the first election where voter identification was required. >> no issue with that. i do not agree with it, but you know that is just the way the law is. so you follow the law. >> i understand if you do not have a id why it's more of a hassle but for me i have my license it is not a big deal. >> each voter has a different motivation to vote. katherine a mother of two and lifelong republican. >> i did not have many good choices so i had to vote my conscience and i value kasich's honesty and track record. i don't know if it's going to matter but at least i will sleep easy tonight. >> i want hillary to be the president. >> this election season for


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