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tv   WBTV News 3 at 4PM  CBS  March 15, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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precincts we visited are seeing a steady stream of people coming out to vote. some say there were longer lines because of the new voter id law. but election officials say it has not caused problems so far. >> the primary is driving folks to get out and vote. four candidates came to our area vying for a win in the tar heel state but that is not the only important race on the ballot. wbtv's steve crump joining us now live from the board of elections. steve, what local races will we be following tonight? >> well, there are a number of those local races but you have to talk about what we have seen here in the last couple of weeks. especially with early voting. we have had record numbers. more than 55,000 last week. and here at the board of elections office we are keeping our eyes on a number of the local races. talking about the mecklenberg county commission race. there is a number of contests with the north carolina general
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and there are several judgeships up for grabs. not only the national scene and the u.s. senate but there is a number of local races of people obviously will be concerned about before the nice is over. >> and steve there is one noticeable different in this year's primary, it appears it will be a winner take all tonight for local races? >> absolutely. and you know, you go back over several election cycles here in north carolina, they had the 40-plus one rule, 40% plus one is what you needed to at least win out right. and if you did not hit that number there would be runoffs. because we are in a earlier presidential primary cycle what happened was the state legislature and the lawmakers when they carolina this year, they decided to do away with that. so bottom line it is a winner take all and some people can win with as little as 20% depending who they are up against.
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primary and that is the same case towards the congressional race which will happen this coming june, brigida. >> our steve crump live at the board of elections. thank you,. north carolina is the no the only state headed to the pollless. four others are weighing in. this afternoon we will tell you why today is do or die for some of the candidates. plus download the wbtv news app before the polls close. there is a special election section that will be updated as results come in. >> first at 4:00, three people were shot after a large crowd gathered in a concorde neighborhood last night. now police are trying to figure out exactly what was going on. wbtv's david whisenant is speaking with neighbors and police today and joins us now live. and i understand this is also a fatality, right? >> yes, it is, jamie. 21-year-old columbus simmons was shot and killed according to police. two other men were also shot but their injuries were minor.
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after 8:00 p.m. police did keep reporters far back because of the crowd. this happened at the logan community of concorde near griffin circle. a large crowd gathered in the parking lot of a health center and there was an altercation and that led to shots fired with the crowd there. police said they are working hard because they are trying to sort this out and talk to so many folks who may have been there. they have not released the names of the people shot yet. at 5:30, in 90 minutes, i will have more including a perspective from a neighbor who lived therein is saddened by what happened because he and others have been working for a longtime to try to make that community better. more coming up at 5:30. live in concorde at the police department, david whisenant wbtv on your side. >> we'll see you at 5:30. thank you. in the meantime anyone with information is asked to call the
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>> we want to check into the alert center with our alex giles live with a developing story about a deadly crash in chester county. >> we have learned this is going on right now. we have a crew headed to the scene in chester county and augusta and catawba river road. there has been a fatal accident according to the south carolina department of public safety. we know highway patrol are the ones responding to the accident. but we are not sure how many vehicles involved or who has passed away as a result of this crash. we are working to get information. we have contacted the south carolina highway patrol and our sky3 chopper is headed to the scene. as soon as we get live images or new information we will bring it to you. >> thank you. a search is underway for this missing woman from lincolnton. a nationwide alert now out for 36-year-old stacy caidenhead. she may be driving a 1992 ford
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you can call the lincolnton police department at... you see the number on your screen. if you have information, a $1,000 reward is possible. >> anniversary to mark today. it's been one year since mecklenberg county launched its smoking ban. smoking not allowed on any government property you had cloog county parks and city-owned buildings like time warner cable arena, the nascar hall of fame and bojangles colosseum. >> weather now. today beautiful. temperatures close to 80 . sunshine, too. >> if you did have to stand in line at your polling precinct not bad, right? how long can we hang on to the warm weather? that is always the question. leigh brock in the first alert weather center with a look at the forecast. >> you know this time of year it's march your average high temperature is low 60s. anything above 62 is a bonus. when you are close to 80 like
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days we are lucky to have these days we have. we have our clear skies. gorgeous afternoon. the kids heading home from school to play outside. i hope to play outside. hopefully nobody is watching television or video games. except the news, you need to watch the news. kids heading home to play we have a beautiful afternoon. temperatures are concerned, upper 70s and low 80s. 81 your temperature in morganton. 80 in wadesboro. 79 in rocking ham and charlotte and 79 inastonia and boone 70 . and through the evening hours, 78 at 5:00. 74 at 7:00 p.m. and we have more nice weather i will tell you how long it lasts in a bit. here is tonya rivens in traffic. >> your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. as we check in, boy, do we have problems around providence road. pineville matthews near
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east john street is a great alternate route. and providence road an accident that right lane is blocked and we have volume building in this area. back towards 485. that is two miles of stop-and-go traffic. east john street again a better alternate route because there is an accident on rea road creating congestion. we can see that around rea road. and here is that additional accident at rea road and bevington place. caramel road is a better alternate or johnston. >> first at 4:00, we are a little more than two months away from speed street taking over uptown charlotte. and the two opening bands were announced. the voltage brothers and soul fusion will kickoff the festival may 26. the voltage brothers america's number one band. and other concerts include montgomery gentry. it will be a fun time. >> and it is a great mix of
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ones you are not so familiar with. soul fusion was performing on first night for the past -- >> lots of fun. got the crowd hopping. >> we will be there i'm sure. and a warning why you should not follow other drivers too closely. >> next, we will show you why it backfired for the driver of an
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and the whole thing caught on >> first at 4:00, an important reminder to not follow other trifers too closely. >> check out the dash-cam video. this is interstate 41 near green bay, wisconsin. you can see an s.u.v. following behind another vehicle and it appears the s.u.v. gets brake-checked and loses control and crashes into the median and nearly tipping into oncoming traffic. there it goes to avoid contact and overcorrection and we have big problems. and the car behind. and off it goes.
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scary stuff. >> that could have been worse than what we saw there. >> yes, into the other lane and oncoming traffic no way to stop. >> be careful. >> driving distance is important. >> traveling can be -- you go. i don't know why i was reading that. >> you want to read it you go ahead. >> i'm excited about it. >> tuesday. >> go ahead. >> traveling can be stressful with children. >> that is what it's supposed to say. and more tough if your child is on the autism spectrum. an airport that wants to make the experience more comfortable for your next vacation. >> and fantastic temperatures everybody is in a good mood because of the weather. 70s and low 80s.
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and we will have a big c >> breaking news we are following here on wbtv. the "washington post" is reporting the entire washington d.c. system is going to be shutdown for at least 29 hours starting at midnight tonight. this is to check for faulty cables there in the metro train system after a fire happened monday morning before the trains were up and running. again, going to be traffic problems in the city of washington d.c. as they deal with the safety issue checking the cables under the metro system. we will keep following that story.
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alex giles has new information on an accident? >> sky3 live over the scene checking out that reported fatal accident in chester county. this is catawba river road and augusta river road. this is a number of emergency personnel tending to the accident. have not seen the vehicle involved. but it looks like a hectic scene. this is reported fatal by the south carolina department of public safety. we are told the highway patrol is investigating this wreck. it looks like a couple people walking alongside the fire truck. as soon as we get new information from the highway patrol who passed away we will bring it to you. >> active scene thank you. first at 4:00 a south carolina native returned to his home state for a special performance with ballerina misty copeland. brooklyn mack is a principle dancer with the washington ballet company and convinced his
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he started training with the classical ballet and the rest is history. >> i remember when we walked in, she came up and he said may i help you. and my mom said yes, i would like you to evaluate my son for a scholarship. and he said we don't give dislarships. and she said well, you have not seen my son. >> mack has traveled the world as an accomplished award-winning ballet dancer. he with missy copeland the first african-american tbe named a principle dancer for the american ballet theater are in columbia for a fundraiser for flooding victims. >> families touched by autism will receive a warm welcome at mirabel teach's airport to make sure tourists on the spectrum will be comfortable. they are transforming a room as a waiting area while the family members get luggage or a rental car.
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that is my goal is to reduce stress. >> the room will open during a event before autism awareness day in april. >> the time now is 4:17 and here is tonya rivens watching the roads on this primary day. >> your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. a check on i-77 quite a bit of volume around tryon. and the last traffic break we checked around providence road. and problems 485. right by center city third street which turns into providence an accident at third and kings drive. ran dofd road is a great alternate route. and activity, a lane closure at morehead northbound and queens road back towards college street. stop-and-go traffic in this area. and then closure here at fifth street by sycamore and fifth and trade. if you are heading out to the polls and heading in the areas you probably should allow additional time. back to you.
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>> first at 4:00, have you seen the video here out of the upstate of south carolina? that is hail pounding that s.u.v. as the storms rolled through tailors yesterday. lots of lightning and rain. check it out! >> that is crazy. that much hail on the ground you have to do a double-take to make sure that you are not seeing snow. >> yes. >> you might need to see the insurance adjuster, too. >> and it moved through the south carolina counties. and there was a lot of lightning with the storms. we noticed that as much as hail. rough afternoon. >> beautiful today. >> it's gorgeousism it is gorgeous outside. i hope you have been outside and been able to soak up the magic it's beautiful. it's not cloudy or windy or cold outside. the best of everything.
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city. and the numbers are concerned, 79 . that is your current temperature. 49 is your dye point. 35% humidity and a wind out of the southwest 15-miles-per-hour. and keeps on supplying us with the warm temperatures. and we will have for several more days before we have to say good-bye to the temperatures. please enjoy it while it lasts. 81 in morganton. 79 in gas yeah and charlotte. 78 in albemarle and 79 in lancaster. not just for us but for all of the eastern part of the country we are all looking good all feeling good. we cannot find any clouds. there's the system that moved through last night out of here and a thing of the past. we are done with this. sunshine today and sunshine for us tomorrow. 59 tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. and winds out of the southwest
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with a 0% chance of rain first thing in the morning. and we have a cold front moving through but you cannot tell. temperatures from the pupper 50s. and 76 at lunchtime and 82 your afternoon high. because there is a front coming through i'm throwing in a 20% chance of a shower but most of us will stay dry throughout the day. looking nice, feeling nice. and the temperatures around the region. warmer than today. upper 70s, low 80s for the high temperatures. we are looking good and feeling good until things change by the weekend. 82 today. 76 on -- 82 tomorrow. 76 thursday. and 68 friday. we start the cooldown on saturday. 60 is your high temperature. 56 with a chance of rain sunday and next week we rebound a little bit. low 60s monday. mid-60s by tuesday. back over to tonya rivens -- no, back to y'all. you can handle it.
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we will take it. heroin use in the united states is growing and doubled among young adultsment you will hear from a north carolina mother who lost her son because of his addiction. her message to other families coming up. >> plus has harrison ford signed up for a fifth indiana jones movie? find out next in your "daily detour." with a variety of fresh-made seafood meals starting at just $4.99, no one does seafood like d's! try our new home-style flounder meal or double dozen shrimp. or our grilled menu, featuring new tuscan tilapia. each with two sides and hush puppies. for full meals starting at $4.99,
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[ ] >> time for your "daily detour." we put two minutes on the clock. >> the adventure continues. indiana jones will return to the big screen for a fifth time. walt disney studios made the announcement today. harrison ford and steven spielberg are onboard for the untitled project. ford will be 76 when the film hits theaters in june of 2019. so still a few years away. and hopefully it ends better for him than it did for hans solo in "star wars". but harrison has it going. >> he is going to ride it out. jaden smith is sounding off about gender norms when it comes to fashion. the son of will smith been raising eyebrows since he posed in a skirt for the new women's line of clothing. in a new interview he said he does not see man clothes and
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about gender norms never seen any distinction and sees scared people and comfortable people is a direct quote. >> whatever works for you. >> roll with it. >> maybe it was a kilt? no? >> no, it was a skirt. >> is vin diesel the unofficial king of facebook. yes. the fast and furious star approaching 100 million likes more than double that of president obama. but diesel has the third most popular celebrity page behind the soccer star and sha kick ra, 104 million. huge stars internationally, of course. what do you post about it? >> it gives you an inside look at his life. there you have it. from facebook to instagram there is a new queen. selena gomez is the most
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she surpassed taylor swift and kim kardashian. she had a whopping 69.4 million followers. other celebs in the top 10, beyonce, the beeb's, kiley and kendel jenner. >> a lot of pressure you have to keep up with that. >> she posted a video of her eating a burger and got a ridiculous amount of likes and views. >> not sure why. but ok. >> there you have it. >> we have more news ahead. it may look like a party on a college campus but the students are holding a protest.
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to get off campus. >> announcer: wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> protests today over the new unc system president. >> give me a chance. >> but so far students at unc charlotte are not welcoming her to campus. welcome back to first at 4:00 i'm brigida mack. >> i'm jamie boll. glad are you with us. first at 4:00, new unc president margaret in town and some welcomed the new president with a protest and argue she is not a good fit for the university. dedrick russell was that the protest and jumps on the telephone with us now.
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president? >> well, jamie, they tell me her 3w-7bd is questionable -- boston police department is questionable and background is questionable and it was a party like atmosphere at this protest with cake and all. the cake reads go home, margaret. students stood outside the union for more than an hour telling others why they think the new president is wrong for the university. they wrote messages why they feel that way. the protestors claim spelling's background says a lot about her. it includes being a major act protect of the -- architect of the no child left behind law and has had relationships with a for protest university and -- for-profit university and students fear she will allow the university to make a profit off of students by raising tuition.


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