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tv   WBTV News 3 at 530PM  CBS  March 14, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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and this is moving to the north and east. let's track this. moving to the north, northeast on the cells. in sugar mountain, boone or piney creek this is moving your way. especially heavy rain. but anytime through the evening hours we could see more thunderstorms popping through for it any of us. temperatures are warm moving into an unstable atmosphere that is why we are going to be watching this. from our network of cameras and here is where we are going. rain chances go up. and the best chance between 7-9:00 p.m. more coming up in a little bit. >> thank you. breaking news we are following. quickly this. >> stay up-to-date on the forecast and track the storm using the wbtv weather app. >> alex giles is live in the alert center with video.
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is a police presence in huntersville off of sam furr behind birkdale village and reports of one person injuried with a gunshot wound. you can see the officers on the scene this is a neighborhood right now we are told by cornelius police this is an isolated incident not a huge police presence but there are officers and they have taped off one house there with crime tape. as soon as we get more information we will bring it to you h back to you. >> we know you will follow it. the north carolina primary hours away and voters have a good bit to decide on. some of the key races include primaries for president, governor, and also state attorney general. lot to decide there. and voters will have congressional races listed on the ballot. but those will not count. our pamela escobar is live now
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have not been finalized by the courts but they have ruled the current ones are not valid you will see a spot to vote for the house of representatives but it will not be tallied and a windsor will not be announced. districts. and there are bluelines drawn with markers showing where there are could be two districtses. dickerson is ready to ham two primaries. one tomorrow and the next on june 7th. when you vote tomorrow you can fill in the spot or not, it will not affect how he counts your ballot. >> when the courts decide what the correct district is i will call you back out for a june 7th primary to vote just your congressional race. just vote everything that you want to vote for. >> and dickerson explained he will be busy tomorrow and the day after. wednesday is when the candidates
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representatives can file to be on the june ballot. i will have more on another confusing issue, and the voter id requirements at the polls and what you have to do if you do not have id when you show up to vote. >> thank you. marco rubio and john kasich are battling for their states tonight. rubio's campaign manager stated that kasich was the best chance to beat donald trump in ohio was he telling rubio supporters to vote for kasich he responded yes. kasich is the one candidate in ohio that can beat donald trump. kasich is 2 percentage points behind trump in ohio and rubio trailing 14 points in florida. here at home, bernie sanders spoke at the pnc pavilion today. this is a live look at the event i believe. thousands attended this event. and you can see he is still on stage tonight.
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north carolina when it coals to presidential hopefuls. also in town later tonight, hillary clinton. we are going to have live updates from that event at 6:00 p.m. stay with wbtv for all of your campaign 2016 coverage we will have a wrap-up of results tomorrow at 11:00. >> a hickory man accused of trying to kill a woman will go before a judge. madison morrow la shot a woman. and the victim was taken to the hospital in critical condition. we do not have an undate. >> an investigation is underway in kansas to try to determine what caused a train to derail overnight. it was headed to chicago from los angeles when it jumped the tracks west of wichita. 30 passengers were hurt, two critically. paul cameron has more at 5:00 p.m. >> teams of investigators are now on the scene in southwestern
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sent an amtrak train flying off the tracks. >> personnel to respond to the train derailment. >> first responders raced to free passengers trapped inside. when five rail cars flipped over. >> the amtrak southwest chief carrying 128 passengers and 14 crew was traveling from los angeles headed for chicago. 25-year-old donald was reading onboard. he says he felt turbulence that quote turned drastic. >> and as i opened the room door there was a burning smell and outside there was a lot of people were crying for help, and looking for folks. everyone was on both sides of the train looking for other people. and family members. >> more than 30 people were taken to hospitals. no word how fast the train was going. paul cameron wbtv on your side. >> the federal railway
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investigating. >> today's train derailment came after a train derailment in north carolina heading to north carolina march 9th. troopers say they were escorting a tractor-trailer when it got stuck on the rails and the train was five minutes out and no time to warn the conductor or amtrak. 55 people were hurt. everyone did survive. >> let's get you updated on the the commute with tonya rivens in the first alert traffic center. >> our first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. as we check on the expressway i-77 and john belk and slow-moving traffic this time of day. southbound typical as we continue to check traffic around this area. morehead is the problem where we are having problems on the roads. on the interstate not bad but morehead street this closure here at freedom and wesley village road as well as berry hill road by freedom has debris on the roadway. as a result of an accident that has utility pole down. and you may notice there is an
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outbound before morehead and another accident at ashley road by allegheny. busy in this area. tuckaseegee is a great alternate route. back to you. >> thank you. next, a north carolina man's 30-year prison conviction overturned hiss because his attorney fell asleep in court. >> and a extrooper accused of shooting an unarmed man goes before a judge and the victim is in court and why he is choosing to there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child
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where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
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someone's hacked all our technology. technology... say, have you seen all the amazing technology in geico's mobile app? mobile app? look. electronic id cards, emergency roadside service, i can even submit a claim. wow... yep, geico's mobile app works like a charm. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. >> an exsouth carolina state trooper pleaded guilty to shooting an unarmed man in 2014.
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today but he entered a plea instead. the attorney told the judge he suffers from ptsd and is taking antidepressants. he will be sentenced at a later date and faces 20 years in prison. the victim in court today says he chose not to comment after the sentencing to quote give him the benefit of the doubt. >> you may remember the name nick mackey, a former state lawmaker and nearly became sheriff now a federal court says he messed up as an attorney. he slept during a trial and as a result the court is tossing out the conviction of a man accused in a teen sex slavery here in charlotte. reagan was sentenced to 30 years in prison on charges of racketeering but a judge ruled that because mackey fell asleep in court during the trial reagan was deprived of his constitutional right to a lawyer. next new at 5:00 what happens when friends fight
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>> how social media could be this generations crimestoppers. >> and we have had a beautiful afternoon and lots of sunshine upper 70s low 80s. now we have rain moving in. will that mean thunderstorms? i have the forecast if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution
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we made it to the 70s and the low 80s. now we have the rain moving in. and notice most of us dry in the foothills and the ins into south carolina. and into south carolina. here is where we have the mountain rain that is pushing into avery and there have been thunderstorms associated with it. no severe thunderstorms warnings yet. but here is this line here moving through the area. want to zoom in here and here is where we have the rain and also the lightning. look at those lightning strikes that is substantial. and you have the worst of it right there. you are having that rain and the lightning on top of that. tuckerdale this is moving closer to you. and lansing you might not be in the thick of things but you have heavy rain and it's moving to the northeast and the system is moving to the northeast.
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the clear yet. notice the southern mountains they are seeing heavy rain north of greenville and south carolina there is a severe thunderstorm warning down there. that is all pushing closer to us. here is what is going on. we put this into motion at 6:00, another batch through the mountains. avery, ash, watauga and burke and caldwell you can see rain and this is moving closer to charlotte. and moving into 8:00 many of us could see the rain and heavy at times and anyone of the cells could become severe we are looking at the heavy rain and hail and winds. and it continues to push off to the east through the rest of the evening this is 10:00 p.m. a couple stray showers left the heaviest rain is off to the east and we are drying out to the west. should be out of here after midnight and moving on to a nice day tomorrow. 56 in the morning.
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and 81 that is your high temperature. a fantastic day coming up tomorrow and warm. and more warmth your high temperature 81, 82 on wednesday and 70s on thursday and 60s on friday and 60s with rain over the weekend. and tonya rivens has the traffic. >> and your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. i-77 northbound and southbound getting hammered by arrowood road. we have had problems on i-77 an earlier incident caused problems southbound and now two accidents at pineville matthews. one near caramel executive park drive. johnston road is a great alternate route. and notice the buildup we have and we get it this time of day but more starting to happen from rea road back towards south boulevard as we look at i-77 not much better as far as congestion at tyvola. back to you. >> thank you.
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the job york county deputies bidding farewell to one of their own. >> and coming up new at 6:00... >> university of north carolina's new president in town today and she is greeted with leaky roofs why she wants a bond referendum to pass and greeted with critics who claim she is not the right fit for the university. her reaction is coming up.
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on wbtv news is sponsored by... >> new tonight, the york county sheriff's office is bidding farewell to canine deputy justice is retiring. >> justice spent his career sniffing out drugs and working to stop drug trafficking sales in the state. career highlights include a drug bust on i-85 in spartanburg county in 2007 where he found get this... 35 kilos of cocaine. justice sent a person to prison for 25 years after sniffing out
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is spending eight years in prison after justice found cocaine on i-77. >> we have put a lot of bad guys in jail. come on let's go get it. and when he heard that he knew it was time to go into work mode. >> he will leave with his handler randy. justice is 10 years old. yep, 70 years in dog years. >> he earned it. >> he will chase tennis balls and relax. >> kudos to the great work. >> and the handlers that deal with the dogs they are wonderful animals. >> bernie sanders, hillary clinton and donald trump presidential candidates making your vote a priority on the eve of north carolina's primary. >> complete team coverage of
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wbtv news at 6:00 is next. american workers brought us back from the crash. now, let's move forward. we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. we've gotta create new jobs and industries of the future.
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>> campaign 2016 heats up tonight as presidential candidates visit the charlotte area. our team of reporters is covering every angle from politics to protests. >> plus, we are tracking a chance for storms 679 our first-alert weather team is breaking down what you can expect tonight. >> announcer: wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> we are keeping an eye on the radar. storms are moving into our area right now. good to have you in with us i'm maureen o'boyle. >> i'm paul cameron. chief meterologist, eric thomas is tracking the activity up in the mountains in the first alert weather center. >> absolutely, paul. both the southern and the northern mountains. one of the storms is moving in is a severe thunderstorm producing large hail this is
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the end of this low that is rotating through tennessee and the kentucky area but the southern flank poses danger for us. there again you see that thunderstorm moving now along the i-85 corridor in south carolina to the north we go. look at these thunderstorms in watauga county and they are weakening but this right on the virginia border. look at the lightning swarming into the area. moving off to the northeast at 25. and the hope is this will be out quickly. but big horse creek road you are in the worth of it -- worst of it. stay inside do not fool around with lightning. and we will keep you updated on the progress and the potential to workout into the piedmont and closer to charlotte through the evening. all coming up in the seven-day first-alert forecast. >> thank you. now to campaign 201612 hours until the polls open in north carolina and presidential candidates are focusing on winning your vote. >> donald trump spoke in hickory
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up at pnc music pavilion in charlotte. hillary clinton will speak at charlotte's grady cole center later tonight. our reporters are covering all of today's events. michael clark begins our clufer raj. bernie sanders was here and he talked about a range of issues. everything from race, gender and equality. now, the senator spent time talking about the economy and his plan to raise the minimum wage and improve healthcare coverage. supporters today were between 18-21 years old. a key demographic for sanders and he continues to try to appeal to the young voters and struck a chord that the country needs to invest in jobs and education not jails and incarceration. he thinks he can defeat hillary


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