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tv   WBTV News 3 at 430PM  CBS  March 10, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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clock, which really in thissituation this really benefits duke. >> tim: no qstion. >> mike: without any time-outs, this is a free time-out and i think they may be judging, it was kicked off of augte. this is a reviewable play a the end. not a clock issue. >tim: a good call now duke has two seconds to work with. that is a catch and shoot opportunity without -- >> mike: you c do that without worrying about the clock on your back. >> tim: absolutely. people think two seconds they don't realize how much time that is in basketball. duke comes back, they have the py, defensively let's see what the irish do. tied at 70-70,efending champions, irish of notre dam come back to defend their title and now all do to
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grayson allen takg the ball in. 2.5. >> tim: allen bringing it in. mi brey -- time-out. two of the masters right here. mike krzyzewski and mike brey. >> mike: officials are looking athemselves and talking things over. >> tim: they don't want to miss a thing in the final 2:5 seconds. >> mike: if you're mike krzyzewki having shown that formation, do you change it up? do you go to a plain plan b? >> tim: he's telling the where to go. looked like he changed the pl. hall of famer mike krzyzewski the legend and mike brey, who worked with mike. >> mike: they did change it
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the ball the first time now ingram. >> tim: ingram has to bring it in. allen will come off the roll. off the seen. here he is, can't get it. kennard for the win, we're going to overtime. mike brey comes all the way out to mid-court to welcome his guy back to the huddle. mike: he knows now that it is an advantage notre dame in overtime wh the tired legs and foul trouble and then luke kennard a great look at it. >> tim: diddid he ever. time-out folks, going to an
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we'll be back. >> tim: folks, 45-37 duke at intermission.
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points and the irish came backo tie it at 70. grayson allen fouls vasturia. >> mike: that was a play draw up on the jump ball and auste got him quickly and duke not in position defensively to get back. tim: luke kennard great look to end the gamen regulation, 2 of 12 in this game from the field. vastia gives notre dame the lead here to start the overtime. 71-70. makes them both. >> mike: if i'mike brey, i might throw zone out there early just maybe test and see how the shooting is and how the legs are. vasturia has not had t best shooting day but all over grayson allen.
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three, comes up sho. >> mike: an indication of legs there when it is short. >> tim: kennard with the rebound, not close. vasturia looks at the three ball. bonzie colson kicks it back out. beachem for tee! >> mike: he's the one that will finish theeal off. early on in thealf demetrius jackson started the fire but boy, beachem came up big. >> tim: 27-6 run. step back juke per for ingram. gets his own rebound. >> mike: everything short for de on the shots. >> tim: ingram backo allen. allen looks at the tree. tries to draw the foul, puts up a tough two ball. >> mike: wow, big time drive
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>> tim: sweet shot by allen. >> mike: augte coming up gym maniy on thatgimpy on that play. >> tim: 75-72. one ofhe all time great notre dame players austin carr celebrating his birthday, he loves it so far. here comes ingram with the rebound andhey are coming back. this is ingram for three. >> mike: trying to get -- trying to ph, get in the legs of duke right now. he thought about it for a
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>> tim: he didn't have the ir pin but his finger was on the trigger. vasturia entry pass to zach auguste, tough time hanging on to it. theyouble him but knocked out by -- by bio. >> mike: they delivered the ball to auguste with no outlets. >> tim: 5 on the shot clock. notre dame has 5 to shoot. >> mike: every team gets an extra time-out in oh over ti. great defense. >> tim: kennard to the basket. man, they are struggling w. 2 of 13. >> mike: there is no -- there are no offensive rebounds for duk they have got to make shot >> tim: down to two minutes in the oertime period.
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shot clock back down to 6. vasturia looked at it. running one-hander, good! 77-72, irish. >> mike: the fifth irish playern double figures. they have ingm running the team right now from the point. >> tim: 90 seconds to play, allen for three. zach auguste with the rebound. it's auguste in march! >> mike: 2 rebounds, 19 points for zh auguste. >> tim: the irish fans come to their feet. mike brey wants them to take it under minute. down to one minute t play. 5 on the shot clock. jackson! yes! oh, i thought it was in. >> mike: they called the block on the play and
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he will get up but i think he is taking inventory right now. >> tim: foul on jeter, that is f fe onim, he's disqualified. jeter givesou so much energy. >> mike: he had -- i'm sure notre dame faithful anxious moment right there. >> tim: chaseeter disqualified, 7 points. >> mike: so much expected of demetrius jackson, this is his team. >> tim: performance of the game brought to you by your lol chevy dealers, mike. the performer of the game? >> mike: 18 point 4 of 7 threes, 7 of 1 from the floor.
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that in the second half and overtime. >> tim: averages 11 points, 4 rounds a game. v jack beachem. performance of the gam at the line, demetrius jackson. he misses the free-throw line. 79% free-throw shooter. he had a chance -- >> mike: a chance to make it a three possession game. >> tim: 4 for at the line, ke. bonzie colson out of the game. 58.5 seconds remain. >> mike: jackson -- >> tim: makes that. notre dame comes away with one. the clock is now their friend. and duke trying to rally. allen is tripped. >> mike: last tng you
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they onlyurned eight seconds off the clock. >> tim: that will bring colson back in the game. pflueger will go out. >> mike: mike brey's hairline went back about half an inch. >> tim: ha ha. >> mike: in that situation you have to defend without fouling and defend the three-point line. you are switching everything outside and not fouling anything close to the basket. >> tim: grayson allen from jacksonville, florida, goes to the line. mike: he had to work for it 7f 19 from the field,. >> tim: they are waiting to get the floor cleaned up. gotten slippery. here at verizon center there is ice under the floor. thiss where the capitals play. you have the wizards,capitals, and georgetown p their home game here.
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allen makes the first. 5 for 5 at the line today, 78-73. >> mike: if you foul somebodyout there, it will be zach auguste. 64% from the line. >> tim: a four-point game. grayson allen made them both. >> mike: they wanted the foul and they didn't see, he pushed him in the back. >> tim: mike by is wanting the attention. >> mike: people slip down at e other end of the floor,
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is ded up right now. >> tim: they are trying to clean up the take are floor. brian cursy instructing the ball boy to get it off here. >> mike: they funneled ito auguste. matt jones was trying to get the foul. after he pushed him he looked at the referee, said where's the whistle. >> tim: notre dame had a two-on-one had numbers, pulled it out, mike said bring it back out. melt the clock, shorten the game. vj bea cream goes to the achem goes to the line, misses the free-throw. >> mike: not a good free-tow shooter. far from over. >> tim: still so much
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beachem's second is good, 79-74. and allen is fouled. grayson allen stopped the clock with 37.2 seconds left. he will go to the line to shoot two. >> mike: after that made free-throw you can see how quickly he can advance the ball up the floor. not a lot of time went off the clock. >> tim: best free-throw shooter on the flo. he makes both of these it is a one-possession game. 37.2 left. >> mike: there is plenty of timeeft to defd without -- get a stop without fouling. seven second difference between shot and game clock. >> tim: mike brey taking zach auguste out of the ball game. bonzie colson comes back in.
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freshman from california. >> mike: imagine beachem taking the ball in as your worst free-throw shooter on the floor. >> tim: kes them both. one-possession game. >> mike: don't foul. >> tim: he slipped again in the se spot. but he was fouled. >> mike: mike krzyzewski is going to play the foul game the rest of the way and hopes that the pressure gets to notre dame. >> tim: steve vturia will go to the line, 10 points this afternoon. makes the fir. vasturia 85% 85% free-throw shooter, 3 for 3 tod. >> mike: little surprised beachem didn't take the ball t of bounds.
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82-possession game again. -- made it a two-possessn game again. vasturia made them both. allen pushes it hard.will take it at the basket. misses the layup and the foul very quickly on bonzie colson. colson, 77% free-throw shooter. w the notre dame fans are starting to feel it. the shot clock off. 29.5 seconds left. >> mike: i was surprised they didn't try to shadow him a little bit, sw allen up, coming up the floor. >> tim: bonzie colson, 6'5" sophomore from new bedford, massachusetts misses the first. he's just 1 for 3 in this game.
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gets the second. 82-76. this is for three from a from allen. gets it to dell jar dell jar and notre dame demetrius jackson and notre dame will win the game. mon one of the more remarkable come backs, five on grayson allen. >> tim: i didn't see it coming. >> mike: it was grit and determination by notre dame. >> tim: look at that scene. think mike krzyzewski doesn't apprecie grayson allen and vice versa? >> mike: leaving it all out on the floor two days in a row. this is a talented duke team. similarities between this gamend championship game are uncanny. second half.
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>> also an irish tea they are defending tournament champions. a lot of these guys played on the team. >> tim: down 15to carolina, won the championship, down 16 inhe second half to du, coming ban and they win. final 12 seconds. 84-76. that is three for ingram. hold on now. five point game, two possessions. >> mike: they won't foul. >> tim: that's it. notre dame holds on, and the irish win it 84-79. r highlights and must see moments of this ge and others check out theacc.c. you have been watching
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raycom sports. >> announcer: wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> good afternoon and thank you for joining us the abbreviated version of first at 4:00 i'm
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>> i'm brigida mack. south carolina investigators trying to figure out why three missing children were found safe locked in a closet of an abandoned tailor that trailer 300 feet from their home. 4 year old and two-year-old sisters went missing with the three-year-old cousin they searched the trailer where they were found but did not find them initially. investigators do not know if they left the home or were with someone. they are upset, tired and hungry but safe. >> the alert center with alex giles. >> we have seen wild images coming in. look at the video out of houston, texas where the floodwaters have been covering the roads. heavy rains causing some of the roads to close. we are told some of the schools in that area were delayed or canceled because of that weather. messing up the bus routes, too, if the roads are covered in water you cannot drive. >> they have had flooding in
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appreciate it. around here, another day of very warm temperatures above average and well into the 70s. >> and we could get close to record highs tomorrow and also watching the chance for rain. lyndsay tapases in the first alert weather center. >> we'll have one more day tomorrow with temperatures close to 80 and into the weekend the temperatures come down as the rain chances come up. most spots in the mid-70s. 65 in boone. and evening temperatures will continue to hold in the 60s and mild and no rain yet and this surface map has not changed since yesterday. the rain holding off to the west for now. it will get in here for the weekend and eric thomas will have more at 5:00 p.m. and let's check in with tonya rivens and the first alert traffic center. >> and first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. a problem i-85 southbound this is by little rock road mile marker 31. it just opened up.
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wilkinson boulevard is next on wbtv news... >> that man and woman accused in that bizarre case in alexander county went before a judge today and we were there. >> plus the video has gone viral. a donald trump supporter punches a protester during a rally in north carolina. we have new information about the incident next at 5:00.
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lots to get wbtv on your side. wbtv on your side news farts right now. >> new >> wbtv news starts right now. >> investigators have uncovered.
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charlotteth three days. >> my mom almost got hit. >> we talk to neighbors who fear for their safety after a deadly shooting in east charlotte. it has been a violent week in charlotte. i'm maureen o'boyle. >> i'm paul cameron. police are investigating four shootings that happened four days ago and now a deadly shooting. people on the hickory grove division. three men were shot and one died at the scene. pamela escobar live from park land commons the apartment complex where this happened. do we know why the shooting? >> police are still investigating the motive but they do believe that everyone involved knew one another. and that this was not random but that is not much comfort for the people who live here who found out someone was killed here today. lunchtime thursday people who live at park land commons say there was gunfire.
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i'm not sure. >> she was inside her apartment but her mom was outside when the men involved arrived in cars. >> my mom almost got hit coming in for one of the guys i'm not sure. but i heard music. and my sister she heard the gunshots. >> police say when they arrived they found two of three people who were shot. up with was dead. the other was taken to carolinas medical center. >> a third victim showed up at presbyterian main and we are with that victim now. >> family and friends were on scene but prevented to get close to it. they were upset and yelling at police. >> it does appear that everybody knew each other. it is not a random act of violence. as soon as the motive is found out we will let you all know. >> people leaving said they were concerned. >> i heard four shots. >> never seen something like


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