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tv   WBTV News 3 at 6AM  CBS  March 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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significant delays. 12 minutes, 51 miles per hour. arboritum. concord to center city, average speed there 71 miles per hour. interstates running in the green this morning am few out of bounds delays on providence road. we've been following this story, a part of hovis road is closed down because of downed power lanes. let's get over to kristen miranda live in the news center with live pictures. >> these live pictures coming to us from mark davenport, he is on the scene right now. they're starting to clean the mess on hovis road. a car went into a utility vehicle and a parked car. this car you see here that mark is zooming in on here with the
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that hit the utility pole. now the crews are removing both cars from the scene, and it doesn't sound like there are going to be any significant travel problems as we head into the morning rush. so this is the live picture from that scene on hovis road that chris has been talking about all morning long much you see the sector wrecker coming in to take the car away and it looked like the road is open and everything should be fine. >> a man is arrested, i cueing of killing his uncle -- accused of killing his uncle. police found toni hearne and linsey lentz trying to buried body. we're looking into this story, ashton pellom is live this morning. one of the suspects had a lot to sigh to say as he was being taken into custody.
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looked dead into the camera and told us why he killed his uncle and he said it was good he was caught so they can get it over with. we saw a man get pulled into the driveway in an old, a vacant house in taylorsville. a deputy saw a man and woman inside. they saw drag marks in the leaves which led him to the body of the uncle. hearne and lentz were immediately arrested. they say the victim, robert hearne is toni hearne's uncle. >> i brought him up to hide him because he attacked me last night and i had to defend myself with him in a fist night and i was scared. i never wanted to fight my uncle, but he came in and came at me with his knife. >> and investigators executed a search warrant and police say this is the home where one of the suspects and the victim in this case lived.
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the home to find evidence that a crime was commit at this location. they will being assisted by the sbi in this operation. this morning that couple is charged in robert hearne's death and for allegedly trying to hide that body. we will keep you updated and developments roll in. reporting live, ashton pellom, wbtv on your side. >> we went dig through hearne's expensive criminal record, and found he was released from prison in early december. he was staying in a halfway house but the program that was helping him get back on his feet said it lost touch. >> we have aidentified a pedestrian killed in northeast charlotte. mary and collins died yesterday on rutgers avenue. police have not said if the driver will face any charges. >> the driver accused of hitting
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facing a 2nd degree murder charge. gregory wheeling was initially charged by felony death by vehicle and dui. he killed kelly putnam at she was leaving a panthers game. his blood alcohol level was .13. his attorneys say putnam stepped into the street in front of his dar into looking looking into the kidnapping of a pizza delivery driver. they forced him to go to an atm to withdraw money. they're also looking for a woman who was with rhodes during the kidnapping. call crime stoppers if you have any information could help. >> and 26-year-old johnny banks will appear in court, accused of
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personal vehicles at more than a dozen fire stations across the area. and the woman attempting to set the house on on fire is in courts are facing two counts of first degree murder and arson. >> and the group widen i-77 is set to make their first public presentation in over a year, give, new details about how the project could affect taxpayers down the road. now, this comes a week after the governor urged officials to reevaluate the contract. we have the strong words the group has for the governor. >> they did have pretty choice words for the governor, they spend so much time bashing him in the fast few months and the past
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him, a 180 by this group. they say they are now confident this review will result in the i-77 toll lane contract be, canceled. i want to take you back a little bit to earl your on earlier this week. the governor reevail waited this contract. -- re-evaluated. "widen i-77" says they are pleased this review was ordered. they're presenting research on how taxpayers will be affected if the highway fails. taxpayers will be on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars. they say the courage contract protects taxpayers from financial losses. the state department of transportation is assessing this situation right now in texas. we're going to continue to follow this story for you, developing pretty much every single day. we will have the latest right
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reporting just outside of up down charlotte, i'm mark davenports wbtv, on your side. >> thank you, mark. still plenty ahead. >> and we're going to tell you what they're asking cms officials to do. before the break, let's get a quick check of your first alert weather. 57 in charlotte. 57 inland caster. 55 shelby. and, here is a live look at, chris, where is this? >> independence exst expressway. >> this is the independence expressway, just making sure. things there are moving smoothly.
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that because you're never more >> that's cool shot of our studio. i like that. welcome back. we have brand new stories we bring you throughout the morning, especially in our 6:00 a.m. hour. coming up at 6:30, we have new details on the issues at blue cross blue shield of north carolina. find out what the state's insurance commissioner is saying about the progress to fix those issues. plus, at 6:43, we will tell but the new test helping get test results in in much less time. >> this morning, new concerns in charlotte's latin america coalition and a cms student was arrested by immigration officials on his way to the bus stop. 18-year-old yefri sorto was arrested in january. he is in the country illegally from el salvador burke his
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and has tell remember status in the united states. leaders say he shouldn't be taken away from his family into no criminal record, no other gang affiliation or anything like that that would make him to be a priority to be deported. >> he knows of four cms students picked up recently by ice. two have been deported and who are in jail. sorto is currently in jail in georgia. he is scheduled to be deported in about two weeks. they wand want cms to write a letter to help in his appeal. mourners are paying respects to former first lady nancy reagan. she is lying in repose. her casket was brought there after a brief service with family and friends. mrs. reagan's funeral is set for tomorrow. >> this morning, we're getting a
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affairs out patient facility in charlotte. some got a sneak peek during an open house yesterday. among those in attendance, u.s. congressman petenger. he says they need better health care saw in inspect what you expect. we haven't had the type of management that is needed overall. >> else elsewhere, senator richard burr is pushing for changes to open up medical care for veterans who experience a long wait. here is meteorologist al conklin. >> we have a fair amount of cloudiness around the wbtv viewing area, but most of this is thin cloudiness i think we will see the sun through the clouds but it will be filtered today.
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clouds but they have gill give away slowly to mostly cloudy skies. out and about today, you should be dry in just about all of the kezi viewing area. they are high and dry that up way. you will have a busy day. high temperature back to 68 degrees in blood boon, the population centers. partially sunny skies. if you're wondering if these are record high temperatures, they're not, but they are close. we will have more cloud cover and the risks for rain. i think tomorrow's record is going to hold, as well. no record talk this weekend. we've talking cooler weather and higher rain chances. here is chris with first alert traffic. >> al, thank you. first alert traffic is sponsored by toyota of north carolina.
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and pinned -- dangling and pinned in on hoves road. the pole is resting along the power lines. duke energy crews are now on the scene. they will begin to make repairs. they have cleared the two vehicles involved in this accident scene and you can see that section of road is up and running once again, but there may be times later this morning when they make those repairs that you will find crews slowing down traffic. take a look at our mapping system. this is hovis road to south hosns. inbound from briar creek, volume is beginning to pick up. we see a few slow downs. providence road and independence, center city, looking just fine this morning. 277 and 77 still running in the green. that's your check of traffic. christine, over to you.
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the late show host stephen colbert has a big announcement to make. >> stick around for cbs news at 7:00 for that announcement. plus, the politics news of the day. >> next at 6:00 on wbtv, the quarter men's finals of the a tournament is tipping off live
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we will highlight today's >> 20 minutes after 6 on, a live look at the charlotte skyline. this on the hd tower cam. it looks pretty nice out there, doesn't it? let's get over to kristen miranda with severe weather in
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>> al has been telling us about this a couple days nowing new video in from texas and louisiana. this is texas, look at the flooding of this home. this is a small amount of what we' been talking about. we have new video from louisiana with significant rain and flooding. three deaths blamed on this storm system already. hundreds of homes evacuated. this is something they will be dealing with there for days. meteorologist al conklin has come over to talk about it. >> our sister stations in leave it shreveport and tyler, texas. this is the area we're talking about. look at this, the radar estimate of almost 20-inches of rain so far this week, just east of shreveport.
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rain and flood willing happen quite some time. it is a flash flood initially, full will take time to calm down. >> i have an update on those missing kids. i think bring it to new a moment, i want to shore up the details, first. >> okay, thank you. afternoon walker went off with 35 points as the hornets get the 122-113 went. it is the fifth straight win and 11th in the last 13 games. next up, a visit from detroit tomorrow night. >> looking ahead, the big boys taking the court in the third round of the acc tournament. round two, north carolina looking to take down duke.
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half lead, but they pulled this one out. it went to the end, duke wins 92-89. catch all of today's action begins at noon with pit against the tar heels of unc. duke is taking on notre dame at 2:00 this afternoon. night games at 7:00, virginia tech verses miami. that game at 9:00. and, a very important programming note to tell you about. here we go. because of the a doctor c tournament, the young and the restless and the bold and the beautiful will air at their normal time bus on bounce tv. prime time programming is also aexpected. the big bang theory and life in pieces will air early tomorrow morning. while mom two broke girls and elementary will air saturday morning on wbtv. we've got all this information on because a lot of people may -- >> a lot of people watch that programming and a lot of people are interested in this
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with duke unc still in it. >> great to have another channel. >> yes, another channel. >> let's get this over, with e-mail me with your come pleasants. the times here is not great, elevated rain risk and cooler temperatures. not a great combination. first off, if you're wondering about spring, it is 10 days away to be exact. comes in march 20th very early in the morning. i am i'm always cautious when we get this cold in march. the models trying to put a little rain down. i doubt that happens but these clouds will be slow to break. partly to mostly cloudy skies in our area this afternoon and becoming mostly cloudy for later
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so let's take a look. the lake norman cam, more in the way of cloud cover this morning. not that pretty sunrise we've seen so many times this week. courage conditions in charlotte from our hd tower cam, 57 degrees. again, we are overcast but excellent vezzability. nice weather considering we had snow a week and a half ago. partly to mostly sunny in the charlotte metro area. upper 70s in lincolnton. down south close to 80 degrees in pageland, chester, very, very nice conditions. before we get ahead of ourselves, we've had snow as late as late april, a trace of snow in 1928 and measurable snow in late march so let's not plant the gardens just yet. now we're starting to see the impact of this front.
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clouds, even a few showers north of town and we slide this front south of charlotte. meaning we're into the cooler air. friday night and saturday we get rain into sunday. chances for showers and thunderstorm not a washout. i think the greatest chance for rain is sunday, not saturday, but sunday so we're going to monitor that forecast but we will be somewhat cooler and a lot cloudier. for today, 8. 80 for tomorrow. a small chance for a shower. chance for rain picks up tomorrow night and early saturday. saturday not a washout. saturday is probably dry. back into the 70s next week. you're negative more than seven minute because from traffic -- never more than seven minutes away from traffic and weather on wbtv. here is chris. >> a live look this morning of your thursday morning commute. this is 77. northbound lanes at the rest area, volumes starting to pick
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gastonia, 17 minutes. the green light on to 45 this morning. if you're coming in 85 concord, or kannapolis, no significant problems there. we are seeing back-ups and delays along providence road this morning. northbound 77 out of rock hill this morning, here is a quick check. again, volume beginning to pick up. that's a check of your morning commute. christine, over to you. >> thank you. tonight the school board will meet to discuss student assignments. >> and you're encouraged to attend, we will tell you where
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you're watching wbtv news this >> i found the department had gotten stuck in a time warp. >> the chief tells us the police accident moving in the right direction but there is still a long way to go. >> and issues for customers of blue cross blue shield of north carolina. they say despite claims of problems were fixed, some are resurfacing. >> and, a confederate flag is causing a disruption at one school in north carolina. now the school's principal is expected to take action. >> good morning, i'm john carter. >> i'm al christine sperow, thank you for watch,. we've had sun by things are changing, al. >> we have changes on the way that include cooler the road. coming. complete of cloud cover makes for a gorgeous sunrise.
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brighter skies to the east. overcast, 57 in charlotte. upper 50s for monroe, salisbury. 60 in hickory and 54 now in rock hill. out the door this morning, patchy clouds and 60 degreesening light breeze from the south. work and school this afternoon, partly cloudy skies, nice and warm with a high temperature of 78. we will get a dip down in temperatures this weekend so the timing is not great. at the same time our chances for rain there are coming up, so i might not be everybody's best friend. >> i wrote down your e-mail. you will be hearing from me on sunday. >> like i'm in charge. >> there you go. we have problems out there first alert traffic is sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. take a live, mark davenport on the scene here at hovis road and ponderosa, an earlier accident with injuries. you can see that power pole clipped off the base and lines hanging.
6:32 am
will start to make repairs but you will find workers there and traffic impediments at hovis road at ponderosa. that's where you're likely going to find the delays this morning live look i-77. volume picking up here in both directions and we are seeing some delays on providence road, wt harris. that is a check of your morning travels. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> thanks, chris. it has now been a weeking since the chester field county sheriff has been named the new chief law enforcement officialover seeing the pageland police department, he says there is a lot of work
6:33 am
ashton pellom has move. >> the sheriff says he feels like the department is stuck in a time warp and is working to get them up to date. he closed the local jail because he says it wouldn't pass local inspection. he says they fall behind in technology and don't have department-issued cell phones. they don't have body cameras so they gave some to pageland. he talked about why it is important to have up-to-date technology. take a listen. >> we're going to have the whole department digitalized, they will have smart phones and everything off e-mails. if we don't have the best equipment we can afford to buy with taxpayer money, then we're going to be liable for what happens. >> now, another thing the sheriff implemented, he is having the officers walk the downtown pageland area, talking with business owners and residents to build trust in the community and build relations.
6:34 am
wbtv, on your side. >> thank you, ashton. he was asked to oversee the police department last week when many officers walked off the job. many are upset with the reinstatement of brown who was investigated by the state. >> and a policy-setting meeting set for tonight, they will get preliminary merits about student assignment. the meeting is being held at 6:00 tonight. >> north carolina's insurance commissioner said people who thought they had issues with blue cross blue shield of north carolina resolved actually didn't. the state insurance department intervened on their behalf only to find out the problems resurfaced. the commissioner says they reopened 70 dayses that had been priority advertised in january
6:35 am
and bigging problems. >> there is some progress made but that progress is slow and that is certainly something that is very frustrating. >> won couple said she spent 20 hours on hole. wow! and another 10 to 5 hours talking to blue cross about issues but she still has billing problems blue cross blue shield could face a penalty of $10,000 a day. they have 1900 formal complaints against the insurance company. >> another story new this half hour, parents at a school are not happy about an incident involving a confederate inflation. officials say five students were involved in a disruption sparked by this display. these pictures about taken by were taken by a student. they say they were also yelling things like "white power".
6:36 am
today as a sign of unity. 6:37 is the time. we want to get over to kristen miranda now. >> a lot of people are concerned about the children missing. you have new developments. >> heart breaking new information coming from the scene, but i want to show you the pictures of these children again, these sweet faces, 4 years ole, 2 years old and 2 years old. we're coming up on about 13 hours now that they been missing and we have a raycom reporter on the scene and talked to a guardian and tweets are sends out a picture of what the situation system the guardian saying the kids came home from school, did their homework, went outside to play and have not been seen since late this afternoon. they're saying someone has my children, so that is a little
6:37 am
scene and he also tweeted this picture of the area where the children were allowed to play from. this car all the way to the white house and they never went into the nearby area. so we will continue to watch for these children and hope they are back. >> you still a very fluid thanks. let's give you a look at the commute here, this is i-77 at exit 7, and traffic has picked up here in this hour, seeing a little bit more volume than we did in the 5:00 hour so just watch for that as you commute on the interstates this morning. go to meteorologist al conklin who has your look at the weather. >> changes can be subtle. last couple days, i've been showing you beach shots and nothing boodler skies. now we have the marine -- nothing but blue skies. now we have some of this pushes into our area. a fair amount of clouds but they are break and give away to
6:38 am
60 this morning and clouds, partly sunny this afternoon, hightory 78 degrees -- high to 78 degrees. this is a picture send in of 9-year-old haley catching this fish. she has a sister and both are excellent students. way to go, you're our big catch of the day. our temperatures going up but then coming down and rain chances go up. he will talk about it. we will break this down in the weekend planner in a couple minutes. you're never more than 7 minutes away from traffic and weather. >> new this morning. >> a zika test, a new one is drastically reducing the time it takes to get results. we have the details on it latessest feet to stop the spread.
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>> 17 minutes before 7:00. there is now a quicker way to learn someone has the zika virus in texas. a lab offers results in one day. typically, they had to be shipped to be checked. the health department says there are session confirmed zika cases in the city this year. all of the parents visited country with zika out breaks. it causes birth defects with babies to be born with small heads.
6:43 am
cash, bring smaller denominations. stores are now being held responsible for fraud lent charges. many do not have the chip card technology responsible for fraudilent yet. >> all right, 6:44 the time, and whether wise today it is -- weather wise today it is a little warm this morning and it is probably going to get a bit warmer. >> we are close to 60 degrees at daybreak. headed to the upper 70s this afternoon. yesterday 77 degrees but a lot more cloud cover this morning.
6:44 am
scott clark's nissan honda. not that spectacular sunrise. it is a little muted because of the vail of cloud cover. the rain in the lower mississippi river valley but the weather pattern changed a little bit. height pressure system now starting to have more of a marine influence and we expected that. with that there is more cloud cover in the area and that is going to be the kansas going forward. again, you can -- the case going forward. you can see clouds in the viewing area. lots of gray but no green. rain chances remain low in the next 24 hours. today 78 degrees in charlotte. partly cloudy skies. we're starting with cloud cover this morning but this afternoon we should make a run with partly cloudy skies. 79, almost 80 degrees. 77 in lincolnton and statesville about 76 degrees. tomorrow i've got a 10% chance of rain maybe north of town. as we go into tomorrow night, there is a chance some of those showers could get a little more
6:45 am
-- robust if you're making plans for your friday evening. during the day, about 80 degrees. saturday 69 degrees. sunday about 69 degrees. the problem is in here we're starting to see that front flop into the year. at it does, that will bring us an tomb for showers opportunity for showers and thunderstorm. that brings a lot more showers saturday and sunday. next week, we start to ramp back up. greatest chance was rain is saturday and sunday. we are looking at rain and showers and temperatures cooler. temperatures above average but not as warm as it has been. we should warm up next week, upper 70s to 80 degrees. right now, 5 in 58 in charlotte. partly sunny this afternoon. check this with chris for first alert traffic.
6:46 am
traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. and the intersection of sunset and statesville, 21 and 115, just off of 77, not seeing any terribly significant delays there. looking at the lake norman commute, beginning to see the volume delays from davidson to giliad road, you're back in the green. so the lake norman commute running 19 minutes. 52 miles per hour. slow down the to the south off 45. independence boulevard, all showing signs of stress this morning if you're leaving rock hill northbound into center city, here is the courage drive time. 26 minutes with an average speed of 52 miles per hour. volume there relatively light and running along smoothly. you're never more than seven minute because weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> thanks, chris. 6:47 now. kristen miranda is following all
6:47 am
updates in the newsroom. we have more details on the deadly shooting in peninsula. many people waking up to this story. >> this is a story we first brought you in the 5:00 hour from the alert center. people are learning exactly what happened, it is dramatic video this morning. police near pittsburgh now searching right now for at least two gunmen who they say opened fire on a backyard party, people had gathered late, late last night. five people were killed, three others wounded. a couple of them seriously. this is in wilkins big, pennsylvania. a suburb of pittsburgh. this is called an ambush-style attack. one witness said she heard as many as 25 shots fired at the party. four victims found on the back porch.
6:48 am
mow stiff hoe motive. this is a story we will be following throughout the day. back to you. >> all right. wow, that is something else. 6:49. after the break, we're going to show you how the globe trotters are promoting an upcoming game. >> and, in a few minutes, greg is live in the studio with us from honest one auto care. he will give us information you need to know about tire repair before you hit the roads for spring break. yes, that and so much more from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. on points tv. sere is where are find bounce on
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>> it is now seven minutes before 7:00. we want to give you a quick look at our top local stories. >> a man who robbed and kidnaps a pizza delivery driver is scheduled to be in court. they say he forced the driver to an atm to get money. he was arrested in shelby yesterday afternoon. >> and police have identified a woman hit in northeast charlotte charlotte. she died on rutgers avenue. this is video from the scene. police have not said if the driver would face charges. she crossed in a no-crossing zone and wearing dark clothing. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv morning. >> the sun is muted.
6:53 am
the east. from charlotte motor speedway. cloud cover out there this morning. temperatures are close to 60. low 80s at lunchtime and 78 this afternoon under partly cloudy skies. that high-pressure news starting to give up a little bit. frontal system gets in here closer tomorrow so better chance for a shower tomorrow north of town, otherwise more clouds. as we go into tomorrow night and early on saturday, we get some rain and lots of clouds with temperatures it will be cooler in the upper 60s with this front below us and it looks lying we will stay a little un-- like we will stay a little un setted on sunday with a rain chance back in the picture. it is not a washout but cloudier and cooler than where we've been. 60s over the weekend. 78 and partly sunny. once this front moves through on monday, we will ramp up to near 80 with mostly sunny skies tuesday of next week. let's check this with chris now
6:54 am
still seeing an accident listed up there. sunset road at statesville. not seeing any terrible delays here on the mapping system but you are seeing back-upsing sunset road on i-77. road volume relatively heavy. starting to see volume delays 77 northbound interest 45 up to arrowwood and archdale this morning. delays on the inner loop of 45. we do have an accident there at providence road at 45 on the ramp. also a new accident into the system. scott avenue at east boulevard in towards the dillworth area. that's a check of your morning commute. >> thank you. kristen miranda is back with several breaking stories. >> five people killed in pennsylvania, shot ambush style in pittsburgh. three deaths blamed on severe flooding. al told us a foot and a half of rain fell in some spots.
6:55 am
and three missing children, 4, 3 and 2 years old. a guardian telling a reporter on the scene he thinks they were taken. >> before we go, two stars of the harlem globetrotters took to the roof to make incredible shots. >> come over to the tv and take a look at this. >> they're promoting the um coming game in philadelphia. they will someone shore late in the coming week into seth curry is like, whatever, i can make that shot, too. >> how many shots did they take? just the one? wow. i'm really impressed about that. >> it makes it more interesting when you say that. cbs is next.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, march 10th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." a heated debate in miami exposes new tensions between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. marco rubio he struggles to draw a crowd in his home state. devastating floods force thousands that hair home in the south. stephen colbert joins studio 57 to talk about politics and he shares a big announcement shares a big announcement we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> he voted for indefinite detention for undocumented immigrants. >> the democrats clash over immigration.
7:00 am
my record against yours any day of the week. >> we have a different conversation about the state of the republican race. >> your presence here divides the anti-trump vote. why is giving vote 99 detings good delegates good for you or -- >> our job is not to give trump a victory anywhere. >> in illinois, nearly a foot of rain has fallen. >> our backyard is like a river. >> u.s. forces in iraq has captured an isis chemical engineer who was producing mustard gas. >> mourners in california paying respects to former first lady nancy reagan. a private funeral is planned for friday. >> outside of pittsburgh, four men and a woman is dead and three others injure. >> we believe there were multiple gunmen. >> canada's prime minister justin trudeau will be at the white house for a dinner.


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