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tv   WBTV News 3 at Noon  CBS  March 7, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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he told me friday he plans to drive the highway the first time today, the highway wedrose as part of our investigation into the troubles. we hope to talk with the secretary when he is done meeting with texas d.o.t. this afternoon. we will have a full report at 5:00 and 6:00. >> anchor: you can look for coverage from nick on the transportation secretary's trip to texas at 5:00. a plane headed from las vegas to charlotte is being evaluated after an emergency landing in memphis. the plane belonged to hendrick motor sports and was carrying team members home from the nascar race in las vegas. a representative said it landed safely in memphis after someone noticed smoke in the cabin. no one was injured.
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dispieces five, on rockwell boulevard west. it took 23 firefighters 18 minutes to crows this blaze. the red cross is assisting two adults and three children as firefighters investigate the cause. sky 3 over the scene, another fire in east charlotte on hillet court, 10:30 this morning, the fire on the first floor of the home. no one was injured. firefighters did rescue two dogs. an active crime alert in west charlotte. police searching for a shooter connected to a homicide investigation. that happened 2:45 this morning, on park fair drive, not far from allen brook elementary school. police say the man was driven to the medical center where he died. we talked to people who live nearby, who say they heard the gunfire. >> like a shotgun, like bam.
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>> i could not imagine, we were going to work or school. so i -- it is an awful feeling. >> if you have information to add to the investigation, call crimestoppers. another crime alert, this out of rock hill, police are searching for a man they say hit a woman in the face before stealing her zone. sonic. police say the woman was taken to the hospital with incomed out teeth and bruised face. person searching for the person who left an s.u.v. sitting on tracks in west charlotte, causing amtrak train with 160 passengers to hit the unvoupd vehicle. no one was injured. it happened 1:00 this morning. officials say the train was traveling from new orleans to new york city when the accident
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passengers were able to reach destinations 4:00 this morning. live outside on our hd tower cam a gorgeous afternoon on this monday. enjoy it for the next couple days. i think you will like what you see. i guess i had to give away the forecast. >> it is ok. we have been waiting for a warm-up, that would stretch several days. it starts today. from concord, beautiful sunny afternoon. temperatures are climbing, 61 currently. humidity, 44% with a southwest wind at 10 miles an hour. already up to 59 in boone, shelby, 61 charlotte. 62 wadesboro, 59 in chester. cloud cover minimal across the piedmont. thicker the eastern tennessee border, boone and blowing rock, high pressure will build, and temperatures climb the next several days. 57 is the forecast high for
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63 in hickory this afternoon. 65 morganton, and upper 50's and low 60's in the high country. tomorrow, we are talking about the 70's, and they will hold us to the end of the week, and then we will be talking about rain chances ramping up the weekend saturday and sunday. a look at all of that coming up. >> thank you. campaign 2016, all eyes on the charlotte area as g.o.p. front runner donald trump rallies in concord. he is pushing for support after the latest round of presidential voting delivered a split verdict between trump and ted cruz. live at the cabarrus arena, where hundreds are already gathered. people started coming to the arena very early this morning to get a seat at donald trump's rally. we will be streaming the event on so you can also check it out there. and as soon as he takes to the stage, we will cut back in live.
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trying to catchy early votes in the campaign. former president bill clinton is supporting his wife and her run for president. he is speaking in charlotte in four hours, at johnson university. one stop of many today in north carolina. he is speaking in greensboro. we will have a crew at the appearance 4:15 in charlotte, at johnson university. we are your headquarters for campaign 2016. you can count on us to bring you coverage from the camps in the days ahead, live reports beginning tonight at 4:00. next, tax season is underway. that means you are more prone to fraud.
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the i.r.s. >> anchor: the i.r.s. has been with fraud. according to the consumer, there's a new wrinkle on an old scam. people are receiving emails made to look like it is coming from a top executive at the victim's place of employment. it asks pay roll data on all review. those who work in pay roll or human resources are being targeted. that contains all the information a scammer needs to file thousands of fake tax returns. gas prices are inching up. they jumped 25% in the past month as oil prices rebound, and refineries do seasonal maintenance. the average, 1.81.
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cents by memorial day. apple gate farms recalling natural chicken nuggets in 8 ounce packages because there may be faulty mastic, with best before date you can return it to the store where you purchased it for a full refund. live on our hd tower cam, ok, inside to the donald trump rally in concord as we are waiting for him to take the stage, in a matter of minutes. you see the music playing in the background. we think he will be entering the stage. keep it here.
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it happens. >> flags over the u.s. coop at half staff in honor of former canadian nancy reagan. they were lowered last night at the request of speaker of the house, reagan passed away saturday of congestive heart failure at 94. her best known project, just say no campaign to help teens stay off drugs. she will be buried at the ronald reagan presidential library. in less than an hour, peyton manning expected to announce he is retiring. he is a five time nfl mvp. he will turn 40 this month.
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broadcast on espn and nfl network at 1:00. charlotte-mecklenburg schools holding a series of meetings for you to learn about the 2016-2017 budget. tonight's meeting on nations ford road, 6:00, until 7:30. another meeting will be held wednesday at independence high on fortunate drive in charlotte. and the second school options lottery application period opens today for students in the charlotte-mecklenburg school system. the program gives students a chance to take different electives not offered in traditional classes. families can participate in the second round even if they took part in the first. the application period through monday, june 6. if you are just joining us, we are live at the cabarrus event center in concord at this rally that was supposed to start at noon for donald trump, underway
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yet. as soon as he does, we will take it live. we are also streaming this live online, so you can watch the live stream there as well. in the meantime, a check of the forecast. late, isn't it? >> maybe joying the sunshine. >> anchor: that's what it is. nice weather for a rally. even though it is indoors. >> light winds, hair won't move. it will stay in place. >> important. >> anchor: lots of sunshine this afternoon. temperatures mid and upper 60's. we have a nice warming trend on the way. clear blue skies midday. there's a look from our metro school camera in charlotte, and our hd tower cam. it is 61 in charlotte. humidity, 44%. we have a southwest breeze, 5 to 10 miles an hour. nothing significant, 61 in the charlotte area.
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harrisburg. in the mountains, 59 boone and wilkesboro, 62 rock hill, 61 in lancaster. i think you will like the trend. today for the lunch hour, already 7 warmer than we were sunday afternoon at this time. 9 warmer in hickory, you warmed up 14 over yesterday midday temperatures in the weekend weekend area. so barely a cloud in the sky across the area. a few more clouds still up in the north carolina high country. little precipitation to none. what we will see the next 24 to 48 hours is this ridge of high pressure builds, that southwest flow will increase, and our temperatures will be in the 60's today. then the 70's the next several days with really no chance of rain the next 72 hours. 59 boone, jefferson, 57, top of beach mountain.
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67 wilkesboro, across the piedmont, most of us mid and upper 60's. 67 in concord, 65 albemarle, 67 in salisbury this afternoon. just to the south, rock hill, upper 60's, 66 pageland and 65 cheraw. our future cast, pretty quiet the next three days. no chance of rain, just a very small chance thursday and friday with partly cloudy skies. we take that to a 60% chance for a few scattered showers coming up the weekend. right now, it would appear to be saturday evening, overnight into sunday morning. is so just a clear shot of sunshine here the next 48 hours. that ridge of high pressure holding all the severe weather into the mid section of the country, so we will keep an eye on that. tomorrow afternoon, 68 boone, 75 gastonia, 74 in charlotte, 7 phob 5 albemarle. the warmth had continue, 74 tuesday afternoon, 76 wednesday
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the temperatures stay mild, the rain chances up saturday afternoon and evening, 60%. we will keep an eye on that. that's the forecast. >> anchor: thank you. great reads, make america great again. getting people to read. >> your campaign. >> get your backs. not running for anything. i am running for best gift giver ever. baby shower ideas. definitely something from the registration, whatever, but always give a book as well. help those moms and dads build the library. i kind of went off book, a lot of people, basics, i we built
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beautiful books, gorgeous pictures, so when you are looking at baby books, it is easy reading. the first one is so sweet. try to look which way. it is a great, funny book. a lot of rhythm, pictures. you will see your child begin to awaken when you are reading this book. >> anchor: the cover alone. >> the zoo and there's a mix-up. kids books, always mix-up. this is a new one i was excite about, the reason you are here, it re-enforces you grow up. this is a gift for everyone, if someone is having a bad day. great pictures, no one cut in front. favorite of all tame.
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kitten's first full moon. another author, to build their library. i got this as award book, because children love to chew on them. and it is $10 cheaper than a picture book. so in this one, kittens, bowl of milk, he goes on the hunt. gorgeous, really great pictures. award winning, when you are thinking about books and buying a gift, think about what they like as well. who they are. instead of generic,. >> anchor: i still have books from my baby shower my kids love. >> they got 49 copies. >> we dib get that one. >> i guess somebody. >> i am not having any more babies. >> no.
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the forecast is next. >> live at the cabarrus arena in concord. another angle, you're looking at the main stage where donald trump is supposed to have a rally here, supposed to start at noon. he has not come to the stage yet. but we are expecting him to get
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as soon as it happens, we will cut in, and let you see it live for yourself, as you can see, a packed house for the rally. we have a crew there who will bring us reports through the day. continuing coverage on the death of former canadian nancy reagan, she pad away saturday of congestive heart failure at 94. it has led many to look back on the classic love story between herself and president reagan. >> reporter: during their 52 years of marriage, nancy and ronald reagan's devotion was undenialable, they met where love stories are made, hollywood. she contacted him, he was headed to the actors guild, for help, after her name popped up on a list of communist sympathizers. >> at that point, i just wanted to meet him.
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became parents of two children. >> impossible to imagine ronald reagan being elected president without nancy and he relies on her for pretty much everything. >> she was often accused of metling, she was criticized for wearing designer gowns, and signature reagan red. her husband always stood by her. >> for all the years we have been married, it has been we. it would be inconceivable to go my way on something without her. >> reporter: she focused her energy on the health of her husband. >> golden years. >> in 2002, she spoke to 60 minutes about his battle with alzheimer's. >> that is the worst part about this, there's nobody to exchange memories with. and we had a lot of memories.
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celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary last friday. on their 31th anniversary, the president wrote her, i more than love you. i am not whole without you. you are life itself to me. when you are gone, i am waiting for you to return, so i can start living again. >> anchor: nancy reagan will be buried in simi value at the ronald reagan presidential library. a final look at the forecast. >> warming trend the next couple days, sunshine, a few afternoon clouds. 67 today. mid 70's tuesday, wednesday, thursday, with more clouds by the end of the week. chance of showers from saturday into sunday. we will tweak that forecast, and look at the latest computer through the week. it doesn't look like a huge rain maker, but instability saturday and sunday.
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we will continue to monitor this live picture at cabarrus arena, where donald trump is holding a campaign rally. early voting is happening in north carolina. the actual voting day is march 15. we will be dipping into programming as soon as donald trump takes the stage. so be keeping it here for that live coverage. you can live stream all the
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website. >> victoria: with dad in jail, it's been so chaotic here. the media won't let up. the business pages are nailing newman. and the department heads are bombarding me with questions. i'm sorry, but i don't have the answers. >> nikki: listen to me. >> we are cutting into
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donald trump taking the stage cabarrus arena. coming to the mic for a campaign rally in the concord area. let's listen in as he waves to the crowd, services hello. hundreds of people gathered for this event as early as 5:00 and 6:00 this morning, many in support of donald trump. let's listen in. >> thank you very much, everybody. boy, on a monday morning, can you believe this, right? this is amazing. i want to thank you. it is a great mesh. you know, i have a lot of property here. i love north carolina. and over by headache norman, anybody ever hear of lake norman? you know what i have, then, it is great. great place. that's right. that's exactly right. you know.


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