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tv   WBTV News 3 at 6AM  CBS  March 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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no rain in our forecast today, but that won't be the case all week long, i'll let you know when the best opportunity for wet weather comes our way in the seven day planner. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here's chris, first alert traffic. chris: al, thank you, traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. i-77 looking pretty good this morning. this is coming inbound from the south carolina state line in both directions traveling fairly smoothly there across our 77 corridor in center city, 277, john belk and over to the brookshire, both running in the green, no problems there. we'll widen out, take in the travel pattern, 485 looks good, 77, 85, providence road to the arboretum in the green. independence boulevard, a few slow downs up toward albermarle road, wt harris, albermarle looking good. over in the university city area things are running smoothly this morning. the drive times coming up from rock hill, 21 minutes, 65 miles an hour, concord to center city, 17 minute commute and lake
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67-miles-per-hour. that is a check of your morning traffic, john, over to you. >> john: right now, get over to brody o'connell. >> christine: in the alert center with more breaking news. >> brody: a homicide at park fairfax drive in the freedom division, this is an apartment complex. we have new pictures to show you from the scene. as you can see a very active scene, a lot of police there. here what is we learned, apparently a call came in before 3:00 a.m. from the apartment complex, police got to the scene and they didn't locate anybody who needed help. it was a medic call that came in, didn't find anybody, they cleared the scene. then a short time later they got a call from carolinas medical center and it was information letting them know a man was driven to the er with an apparent gunshot wound. police went over to the hospital so we have two scenes here, the man pronounced dead at carolinas medical center, according to cmpd, right now the victim's identity was not release and no word yet on any arrests. as you can imagine, we'll be
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the morning. john and christine, back to you. >> christine: now to more breaking news happening in west charlotte, an amtrak train hits an suv near old dowd road. this was the scene when we arrived near charlotte douglas international airport around 1:00 this morning. ashton pellom was the first reporter on the scene and also broke the story on social media, so ashton, what can you tell us about the crash? >> reporter: hey, good morning, christine. as you are about to see from the picture as dramatic scene this morning. police are still looking for the driver of that suv who left that vehicle unoccupied there on the tracks. let's take you to the video, amtrak officials tell me at 1:00 this morning the crescent line train that travels from new orleans to new york city hit an unoccupied suv left on the tracks on old dowd road. there were 160 passengers on the train at the time of the incident and no injuries to the riders or the crew members. after crews removed the suv
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continued their way here to charlotte around 4:00 this morning. nearly three hours after their scheduled arrival time. i spoke with a couple of riders who were upset with the inconvenience of the incident. >> frustrating, man, imagine being in a seat for 16 hours, not being able to move. and being claustrophobic. >> got to be very annoying after an hour-and-a-half sitting there. >> reporter: now, cmpd is still looking for the driver this morning. they are still investigating this incident and as soon as we get updates from them, we'll update you on air and online at reporting live in charlotte, ashton pellom, wbtv on your side. >> john: 6:04, more news, the high pressure tells wbtv one person killed in a single vehicle crash in union county.
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on ridge road near indian ridge road near indian trail road. they crashed in a tree and overturned. the driver was the only person in the car. troopers say they will release the victim's name when family was notified. the investigation is ongoing. new information police have made an arrest in connection to a deadly shooting in rock hill. 23-year-old quintonio porter arrested on several charges including attempted murder as well as several gun and drug-related charges. porter was the driver of the vehicle involved in a deadly shoot out at the intersection of keels and east black street friday. during the shoot out his friend, jarrius harding was shot and killed. porter is being held without bond in york county. rock hill police say the investigation is not over. >> christine: a man accused of almost dragging a lincoln county deputy with his car is scheduled to appear in court today.
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harvey boyd was pulled over on gastonia highway friday. view in the car. when asked to get out, detectives say boyd refused. when a detective reached in to unlock the door, boyd tried to roll up the window with the detective's arm inside. the detective freed himself and boyd led them on a chase in gaston county where he was arrested near exit 17 on 85. boyd faces list of charges including resisting an officer and possession of a controlled substance. he's being held under $20,000 bond. also scheduled to appear in court a tow truck driver arrested and charged in a shooting in south charlotte. police say jarvis simpson shot a vehicle owner saturday morning in a parking lot on central pacific avenue. simpson charged with assault with a deadly weapon. the victim drove to cmc pineville with minor injuries. they are expected to be okay and police have not said what led up to the shooting. campaign 2016 now, returns
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just over a week until north carolina's primary elections, campaign events held for both the republican and democratic presidential front runners. concord. bill clinton is going to be in charlotte campaigning for wife hillary. mark davenport joins us now live from johnson c. smith university where the clinton event is being held. mark, what can we expect today? >> reporter: john, battle to earlybattle forearly voters. we will see bill clinton and donald trump, will be here in the charlotte area today, also across the state in the next couple days as well. get you the schedule to show you where they are going to be today. start off with former president bill clinton, campaigning on behalf of his wife, hillary clinton. raleigh then greensboro and stop right here in the queen city, that is at 4:15 this afternoon at johnson c. smith university.
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early voters as possible. donald trump will be making a stop in north carolina today as well, at lunch time, he will be over at the cabarrus arena and event center in concord. 23% of all north carolina votes in 2012 were early votes that is why it is so important for these candidates to be out here in charlotte, in north carolina area campaigning to make sure that these early voters hear their messages. that is why they are out and the battle is just beginning. reporting live, mark davenport, wbtv on your side. >> christine: thank you, mark. still plenty ahead here live on wbtv news this morning. >> john: a square at a scare at a nuclear plant, after the break, what caused a fire. a quick check of first alert weather temperatures, 36 here in charlotte, 37 monroe, 32 shelby, 36 gastonia, 34 salisbury. a live look at i-77 at trade street, chris larson is keeping
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remember, you're never more than seven minutes away from weather
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mornin you're planning your day with wbtv news this morning. >> john: 12 after 6:00, we have several all new stories you want to stick around for in the 6:30 half hour. today at 6:34, new numbers on early voting in mecklenburg county. find out how many people have cast their ballots already for next week's primary election. dating websites now specialize in matching you with people with similar interests. at 6:46, the sites pairing pet lovers together. right now getting more breaking news out of memphis, tennessee. >> christine: get to brody o'connell live in the alert center. you're learning more about an
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team. >> brody: our raycom station over in memphis just getting details to us, apparently a plane that belong to hendrick motor sports was flying from the event this weekend vegas back to charlotte, but before they could reach home they had to make an emergency landing in memphis. we have pictures we can show you right now, this from our station in memphis, wmc action news 5, a picture of the plane that made the landing. a few shots to show you. apparently what happened according to them, there was smoke in the cabin, they brought the plane down early, safely land in memphis, everybody is okay. the plane being evaluated for issues. passengers will return to charlotte on another flight. how about that, scary moments for them making their way home. john and christine, back to you. >> christine: a large transformer in south carolina catches fire. look at the video, this was the scene at oconee nuclear plant in seneca, south carolina,
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when firefighters arrived, it was engulfed in flames. one of the reactors was shut down but there was no danger to the public. the fire was declared an unusual event which is the lowest of the four nuclear emergency classifications. >> john: this is new, a close call for young pilot and passenger when the 18-year-old made an emergency landing on a golf course. this happened in florida. this is on the 12th fairway at st. pete country club. the plane lost power mid-flight. the teen and his dad landed without a scratch and no golfers were hurt, either. >> christine: you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is meteorologist al conklin. >> al: can we play through, please, right? let's get you out there, first off this morning, i'm taking a look back at temperatures, over the weekend not bad, close to average. lots of sunshine, 60, that comes after several days below average in the 40s and 50s.
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week as our temperatures go up, no roller coaster, straight up. i'll show you that in a couple minutes. out there this morning, king street in boone from, schools that are on time today, no issues up there, no ice are or snow but cold, 29 in boone, you'll have partly sunny day and fairly mild by mountain standards, getting up to 57 degrees. charlotte, 36 right now, clear conditions, 29 boone, 34 in hickory, 36 gastonia, mid 30s around salisbury, monroe, low 30s in rock hill. today, start off at 8:00 at 43, 62 lunch time and mostly sunny skies right up to about 67 degrees here in charlotte. a fairly mild start to our day and our work week and a warm week ahead, what about weekend thunderstorms, they're possible. talk about it in the seven day planner. right now check in with chris at 6:14, first alert traffic. >> chris: al, thank you. traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. if you're getting ready to hit
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look at i-85 at bruton bruton smith, thicker traffic at this hour and looking at your drive times, matthews, center city, 12 minutes, 52-miles-per-hour. inbound on providence road from the arboretum, running at 17 minutes, concord to center city, the same, 17 minutes, average speed is 70-miles-per-hour. looking at the mapping system most of the majors still running in the green this morning, a few slow downs, beginning to build around the arboretum, that is highway 16 and 51 and inbound on providence road, a couple of slow downs there. we'll keep an eye on things for you as we head between 6:15 and 7:00 as we roll in the rush hour. that is a check of the morning commute, christine, over to you. >> christine: the gop presidential race narrowed down to two candidates? >> john: donald trump and ted cruz evenly split the contests, more on that later on "cbs this morning" at 7:00. >> christine: peyton manning set
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in the alert center getting reaction ahead of his announcement. wbtv is always on your side, in
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is 6:16. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to
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hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. >> john: a gorgeous look at the sky lin from scott clark nissan honda hd tower cam, wow, going to look different this time next week, remember, this weekend daylight saving time goes in effect. nascar sprint cup series, be viva las vegas, a windy day, gusts reaching 40 miles an hour. kurt busch penalty dropped him to the back of the field, caught up in a wreck. his brother kyle leading, six
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passes for the lead. he gets the win. log ano came in second, johnson, kyle busch and dillon. >> christine: career leader for passing touchdowns in nfl is today. a lot of people talking about this, peyton manning decided to end his 18 year career after helping the broncos win super bowl 50. he is the only quarterback to achieve 200 win in a career, two of those super bowl championships. should be a first ballot hall of famer when he becomes eligible in five years. i guess people might not be surprised that he's announcing it. that was the big rumor. >> john: that was the big thing. go out as a winner. >> christine: big names reacting to peyton manning's retirement. >> john: coming in over social media right now as we speak. brody o'connell is in the alert center. >> brody: people pouring out memories and respect. panthers fans, bear with me,
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no denying it, peyton manning a legend. the carolina panthers tweeting out this picture of peyton manning with the hashtag, respect. expecting the big announcement, good picture there of cam newton and peyton manning embracing after the super bowl. >> another tweet from tom brady, one of greatest rivalries to watch on sunday. congratulations peyton on incredible career you changed the game forever, made everyone around you better. been an honor. >> also cool, this is an official twitter handle, vol photo, they will take a trip down memory lane, tweeting out great photos of peyton during his days as a volunteer. one last one, the indianapolis colts, the star running back, played with peyton no more apple
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paying respects to peyton manning. a lot of fun to watch. john and christine, back to you. >> christine: except when he beat the panthers in the super bowl. that was not fun. >> al: a little sour games. a great career -- >> john: he will receive nice gifts and things, like the ones the referees gave him during the super bowl. >> christine: okay! >> al: we're kind of crying. >> john: sore losers! >> al: hope you had a great weekend, not much rain around here of late. two weeks ago we had two to three inches of rain. since then, basically bone dry, two opportunities for rain last week, neither one amounted to even combined, tenth of an inch. where do we stand? down .8 of an inch for the month of march and the year. you can make it up in one heavy downpour.
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you noticed your lawn drying up a little bit out there. our camera from up at the, lake norman, flat water an indication high pressure sit offering us, as we look off toward the east from our scott clark nissan honda toyota hd tower cam, 36 and clear conditions, not much of a breeze, excellent visibility, fog is not a problem this morning. you'll wind up in the upper 50s near 60. partly sunny sunny skies. morganton, lenoir, taylorville, partly to mostly sunny skies, no chance for any rain today, mostly sunny charlotte, statesville, mooresville, salisbury, albermarle, lincolnton, gastonia, shelby, all about 66, 68 degrees, mid to upper 60s from rock hill, pageland, cheraw, mostly sunny skies, big ridge of high pressure is going to dominate this week. this is going to be like the rock of gibraltar. frontal systems are being
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case for some time to come. eventually the ridge will break down, the timing may be toward the weekend. after today, 67, 70s going forward. our rain chances if you're planning on being outdoors this weekend, we do have at least some rain mentioned both saturday and sunday. again, long way out, things could change. there isn't a set agreement here in the models, but we'll keep an eye on it. sun-up at 6:45, normal high, sunsets at 6:25. 37 degrees where we would normally be for a low. well in the 70s this week with lows at night in the 50s. partly to mostly sunny skies, low rain chances thursday, friday, better chance saturday if i had to be pinpointed, saturday afternoon, saturday night, sunday morning best opportunity for rain. daylight saving time begins, you check the battery in the smoke
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sure the clock is ahead one hour as you go to bed. you don't have to do it at 2:00 in the morning. do it when you want. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is chris, first alert traffic. christine: i'll set the alarm at 2, move it ahead an hour. >> al: come to work! >> chris: let's get you going on monday morning commute, live look independence boulevard from albermarle, beautiful shot here, volume of traffic running along smoothly as you make your way in toward the tall towers this morning. lake norman, southbound, 15 minutes, 66 miles an hour, that is 77, lake norman, huntersville, cornelius down, seeing a few slow downs around the huntersville area southbound and then in the green all the way up to 485. most of our charlotte commute still looking good. 485, 77, no problems. beginning to see headaches and slow downs around the arboretum area, highway 16 and highway 51. coming northbound out of rock hill this morning, making that
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drive time running 21 minutes, average speed is 66 miles an hour. that is a check of the morning commute, guys, back over to you. >> christine: much more to come. >> john: live at the scene of a homicide investigation in west charlotte. we'll be bringing you more details when we come back. these are live pictures from that scene. we'll fill you in on what has
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you're watching wbtv news >> christine: we're watching breaking news in west charlotte, live at the scene as police investigating a deadly shooting that happened at these set of apartments in west charlotte, we're there live with a report here coming up. >> john: north carolina secretary of transportation is heading to texas today. he's scheduled to meet with the transportation officials about
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center of a wbtv on your side investigation. >> christine: as the democrats take the stage for another presidential debate, new numbers from early voting here in mecklenburg county. >> john: good morning, thanks for waking up with wbtv news this morning, now 6:31, i'm john carter. >> christine: i'm christine sperow. great sunrise on the mega monitor this morning. meteorologist al conklin watching a nice forecast for us but things will change. >> al: 6:30 on monday morning you can see it on the map over eastern north carolina, eventually that is going to throw a lot of warm weather in our direction as we go deeper through the week. even today, not bad, starting off with sunshine as we mentioned from our hd tower cam from scott clark nissan honda nissan honda, currently at 36 in charlotte, 32 wadesboro, albermarle over to shelby, 32 rock hill, 34 hickory, colder 28 in morganton. out the door, 43 in charlotte cooler outlying area the at bus
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home from work and school, partly to mostly sunny, milder finish than the last couple days, 67 degrees. if you like that you'll love the next several days. much milder weather on the way. talking 70s, chris, the enjoying the weather this morning. traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. we're looking live i-77 here at west boulevard, rolling through center city, no significant problems, most of our major interstates are continuing to run in the green this morning. so if you're coming inbound on 77 say from fort mill or down toward rock hill, looks good. lake norman commute beginning to show a few slow downs, also over on wt harris up toward downs there. we do have one newly reported accident, this is at the intersection of freedom and morehead, as you make your way
6:32 am
coming off of freedom drive. the rest of it looks good this morning and that is a check of the morning commute. that is traffic, you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> christine: let's go back to west charlotte this morning where we are live with breaking news, as police investigate a shooting that left one person dead. wbtv's ashton pellom is live on park fairfax drive where the shooting happened this morning. ashton, what are investigators telling you on scene? >> reporter: hey, good morning, christine. this scene is still very active right now. i spoke with cmpd a little bit earlier, they tell me they got a call for service out here this morning, when they arrived out here this morning, they didn't find anyone, they didn't find anyone at the scene. they spoke with a couple neighbor pes and say they couldn't determine anything so cops left the scene. from there they had gotten a call from officials at cmc man that a man showed up in the
6:33 am
wound and that man actually died there. >> john: having issues with our audio from our ashton pellom, but ashton is there live at the scene of this homicide investigation in west charlotte. apparently what happened was someone was shot at that location and then they were taken to carolinas medical center where they died. police are having an active investigation and we'll get back to ashton with much more on that story. looking ahead, north carolina secretary of transportation will travel to texas today to meet with transportation officials, the meeting comes a few days after governor pat mccrory ordered the department of transportation to re-assess the contract for project. wbtv's mark davenport is looking into this story and joins you now live in charlotte with more, so mark, what are we expecting to come out of the trip? >> reporter: john, a better understanding of what charlotte needs to do with the i-77 toll lane project.
6:34 am
that is exactly what the transportation secretary is going to do in texas today. i want to show you video of the toll road in texas in question. the one that went bankrupt last week on wednesday. this is highway 130. the secretary of transportation will be talking to d.o.t. officials in texas about cintra's performance in building and operating that now-bankrupt highway. last week it was tennyson who attended a conference sponsored by cintra, the company building the i-77 toll lanes right here in charlotte. a pre-planned for rumplanned forum. they were mingling with cintra executives and today the secretary will be getting the real deal about the company's workings in texas to figure out exactly what went on out there. wbtv investigates is sending a team out west, we'll have coverage on this this afternoon on air and online. you can find us there, reporting live, i'm mark davenport, wbtv on your side.
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early voting numbers from mecklenburg county for next week's primary elections. more than 13,500 votes been cast since voting began last thursday. more than 600 absentee ballots have been sent in for a total of 14,000 votes so far. early voting is underway right now, continues through saturday and of course the primary is march 15th. campaign 2016 taking center stage in michigan as democratic candidates took to the stage. hillary clinton and bernie sanders took questionses on how they would handle the flint water crisis. while the debate going on, bernie sanders was projected the winner of the democratic caucuses in maine which is the third win of the weekend. michigan voters go to the poll tomorrow. time now get over to brody o'connell. >> christine: in the alert center with reaction to the death of nancy reagan. what are you seeing this
6:36 am
>> brody: this is just sinking in for a lot of people, a lot of tributes poured out on social media remembering the late nancy reagan. i thought a nice quote here, cnn has out, "my life really began when i married my husband" but her legacy is beyond the career of her husband. became such an active force here, lapd paying homage to that, her just as a no campaign. lapd tweeted our deepest sympathy to the reagan family. a champion for so many and her just say no campaign saved lives. i'll wrap it up i thought this was a nice tribute. coming from the white house twitter handle. a nice picture of the late nancy reagan and president obama says we remain grateful for nancy reagan's life and that is from both the first lady, michelle obama and also president obama. i'm looking forward to seeing the coverage, certainly a lot to touch on when talking about
6:37 am
john and christine, back to you. >> christine: give folks a live look at the commute this morning one of the many cameras we're watching this morning here is i-77 at the woodlawn right exit you can see more volume. keep that in mind if you have to give yourself extra time to get where you need to go. go to meteorologist al conklin. >> al: thanks a lot, christine. a gorgeous sunrise this morning, just enough cloudiness to make for a pretty one. lake norman cam and, flat water, hardly any breeze, clear skies, calm conditions this morning. just a little bit of high clouds. a few clouds from time to time, otherwise the numale fishing forecast lots of sunshine and milder afternoon. we were 60 saturday and sunday, today, 67 degrees. today's big catch is steve wilson out of charlotte, north carolina loves to trout fish. a good guy, he was up on the stone mountain river last week with his buddy mike verdi, hit pay dirt, nice brown trout. steve always looks at that
6:38 am
on the water and be on the baseball diamond. his wife barbara and boys, logan and dylan, very active in area baseball. temperature scheme, you like warm weather you'll love what i have to say, what about rain? weekend details, i'll have them in a few minutes. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> john: thanks, al, next on wbtv news this morning -- christine: are you looking r love but you can't find someone that shares your love of animals? all new after the break, the hyper focused dating websites that can help solve that problem. >> john: first, a look at
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thank you for starting your day with wbtv news this morning. >> john: all new, a prominent maker of crossword puzzles accused of plagerism. a data base of 53,000 published puzzles shows 60 edited by timothy parker. seemingly borrowed from the new york times. website 538 found parker republished puzzles in usa today with minor changes but under different by lines. he told 538 that it is mere coincidence. the usa today and parker's other clients have not commented. hmmm. those crossword puzzle, they can be the source of serious -- >> christine: controversy. >> al: exactly. if you're serious about them you know what -- >> john: people are serious. >> al: i've seen this somewhere before. let's get you out there, hope
6:43 am
temperatures are mostly in the 30s, chilly out there but won't last long. winding up in the 60s this afternoon, before much longer, talking 70s down the road. that is a gorgeous shot from the hd tower cam, here what is is going on, high pressure will dominate our weather, not just at the surface but a ridge aloft. that means the flow around this is going to be just like this. clock wise, keeping all this moisture at bay, heading northward and eastward for the time being. our chances for rain are very low this week. take a look at seven day forecast, break it down for you, first off, probably wind up being the coolest day out of the next seven. this is above average, 67 degrees, no rain, a little bit of cloud cover here and there. look at the numbers, 67 charlotte, gastonia, hickory, all partly to at times mostly sunny, getting closer to 70 at monroe, 67 in salisbury, very very pleasant conditions. now, tomorrow we bounce up, tack on another 4, 5, 6 degrees
6:44 am
temperatures will wind up in the upper 60s in the mountains, probably ten degrees warmer, more like six, seven degrees rise in the piedmont and foothills with well in the 70s and sunshine to go around. nice conditions. now, heading in wednesday, still in the 70s, thursday, we start to get a small chance for a shower or thundershower, best opportunity for that is probably going to wiped up in the changes here. other than the fact we will be nice and warm. temperatures continue to rise, by friday there is a small chance maybe a 20% chance of a shower or thundershower. mainly western sections but unfortunately, the timing on this looks like the best opportunity for rain might come saturday, if i had to be pinned down i would say saturday late into sunday ending early on sunday and dry out. by the way, speaking of the weekend keep in mind this saturday starts daylight saving time move the clock ahead one hour ahead.
6:45 am
alarm and co2 detect tore, weor. much later sundowns starting this weekend. let's check in with chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: first alert traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. rolling out here on monday morning commute, let's start with a live look, i-77 woodlawn road, running along fairly smoothly and checking your drive time, communion bound from gastonia, based on 321, center city, average speed, 62 miles an hour. seeing a few slow downs leading up to lowell and mcadenville on i-85, off 321 in the green, up to lowell and mcadenville, back in the green belmont all the way up to 485. looking at our lake norman commute. slow downs beginning davidson to huntersville, coming in on 85 from concord and kannapolis, no problems there. again, majority of the roads are running in the green but we are starting to see the volume delays coming northbound, 77
6:46 am
around the arboretum area this morning and one other accident to point out at the corner of morehead and freedom drive. that is a check of traffic, you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> christine: now a slew of specialized sites that match you with people who have similar values or interests from religion to hobbies, political parties. pet theme websites make people who love pets dating that much easier. >> reporter: emily garcia has lived with animals all her life. her two cats, gus and lola are more than pets. they are like family. >> so nice to come home after a long day of work to two little furry faces. >> so when it comes to dating, emily says her partner better like cats. >> i mean it is a deal breaker because i'm not going to get rid of my cats for anybody.
6:47 am
dating website devoted solely to pet lovers a try. >> i thought okay. i could meet someone potentially that we automatically have a love for animals in common and that would be a great thing. >> from sites like pet people and date my, hyper focused dating websites are now available to singles. >> instead of having this huge mass of people to look at, where you don't even know where to begin, the niche website is a how you to narrow down the search to people who share a very important value. >> psychologist karen prager studied relationships for years. she says she sees the value in the sites since many people consider their pet a companion. >> our pets have warm blood and beating hearts and emotions and they attach to us so we attach to them. >> nationally acclaimed match maker julie spira has been
6:48 am
20 years. she has seen how online dating has changed. and is a big proponent of the pet themed sites. >> when we look at blending a family, guess what? you're blending pets as well. >> she also thinks a pet theme date is a great way to break the ice. >> i love having dates at the dog park. i think a very relaxing way to get to know someone without any pressure. it is like the coffee date, only you bring your pet. >> experts caution it is important to stay realistic, just because someone is a pet lover, doesn't mean they are jarreau man particular match. your romantic match. >> you could meet friends as well. >> cats will be a priority in emily's life, no matter what site she uses. >> people who take good care of their pets is a great quality. >> kristen miranda, wbtv on your side.
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in mind when using the sites the selection of available suitor is more limited, especially if you don't live in a big city. pet themed sites range from free to sliding cost based on which from extra features you want. >> john: ten before 7:00. a live look at park fairfax drive where police are investigating a deadly shooting. ashton pellom is there at the scene. working with investigators getting more information, eel have a live report when we come back.closed captioning on wbtvnews is sponsored by subarusouth boulevard and subaruconcord. i was walking home.
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>> john: 6:53. breaking news out of west charlotte, police investigating a shooting left one person dead. >> christine: ashton pellom has been watching the active investigation on park fairfax drive where the shooting happened. ashton, what is the latest you can tell us? >> reporter: good morning, christine, a very active scene
6:53 am
they were actually got a call out here around 2:45 this morning to assist medic but police say when they got out here they didn't find a victim, they didn't find anything, they talked with neighbors who didn't hear anything, so they left. later they got a call from from hospital officials say a man showed up to the emergency room with a gunshot wound. that man later died in the emergency room. that is when cops came back out here to the scene to investigate more. they say they are speaking with witnesses right now, the identification of the victim was not released yet. police haven't made any arrests just yet. when we learn more information, we'll update you on air and online at reporting live in charlotte, ashton pellom, wbtv on your side. >> john: you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. 6:54 here is al conklin. al: this week will be dominated by ridge of high pressure across the east, warm conditions here going forward. that will start this afternoon in the upper 60s, then we kick
6:54 am
it is chilly this morning, in belmont currently at 35 degrees, dry conditions here, clear skies, just a few high clouds, that is about it, we wind up getting up to 67 degrees today under partly to mostly sunny skies, should be a very nice monday. if you like that kind of warm weather, you'll love the next couple days. we will be 15 to 20 degrees above average for this time of the year, unfortunately it looks like the next opportunity for any serious rain may come over the weekend, saturday and sunday. a chance for showers and thunderstorms. 36 right now in charlotte headed for 67 this afternoon. mostly sunny skies. let's check in with chris. >> chris: first alert traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. new injury accident slowing down the monday morning commute. look at this, this is north sharon amity road at campbell drive, right above albermarle road you can see we have one car blocking lanes there, medic is on the scene. go ahead and look at the mapping system give you a pinpoint location where this accident has happened.
6:55 am
amity at campbell, so between central avenue and albermarle and we were seeing delays on central avenue back in the green heading on the expressway right now. down to the south beginning to see the back-ups building, 77 northbound coming across 485 and then down to the south inner loop of 485 up to providence road. that is the morning traffic, christine over to you. >> christine: brody o'connell back with the three big stories we need to watch. >> brody: a busy start to the week here, a lot to look forward to in the day ahead. a plane with nascar ties heading back from vegas to charlotte, no drivers on board. plane. so no drivers on board. everybody is okay. they made an emergency landing in memphis. peyton manning expected to retire here. i think you will be hearing a lot about that i know hard feeling because of the super bowl he was a legend.
6:56 am
look forward to seeing the great coverage. >> christine: more on that on "cbs this morning" in a couple minutes. this morning graduates from norway's royal navy school are showing off their dance moves. [ music ] >> john: we will leave with you that because we're switching
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hope you'll join us as captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, march 7th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." a nation honors the remarkable life of influential first lady nancy reagan.
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her, about her love and legacy. plus, the cbs news investigation into trump university. what former students and teachers reveal. and holly williams and her cbs crew caught in the chaos in iraq and a new battle against sis. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. open your eyes to life. to see it in the vivid colors that god gave us, as a precious gift to enjoy life to thefuls fullest. >> remember america's steadfast first lady. >> you were always a political partner. he depended upon you. >> well, that could be. he voted against the money that ended up saving the auto industry. >> the gloves come off in the democratic debate. >> your friend destroyed this economy -- >> you know --


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