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tv   WBTV News 3 at 530 AM  CBS  March 7, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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34 hickory, rock hill, 37 monroe, salisbury, gastonia. 29 in boone. the forecast then for today, look for plenty of sunshine, little cloudiness from time to time, not bad at all. haven't had very much rain around here of late. that is going to have to change. i'll let you know what the best chances for rain over the next seven days are in the seven day planner, have that in a couple minutes. 5:31, check in with chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: al, thank you. traffic sponsored this morning by toyota of north charlotte. out the door here with live at i-85 near 485 coming in from concord and kannapolis, most of our major highways are running in the green this morning. drive times rock hill inbound, 21 minutes, 66 miles an hour, concord to center city, 17, 68, lake norman southbound at 14 minutes and average speed of 70-miles-per-hour. again, looking at our overall mapping system, 485, 77, 85, absolutely no problems. seeing slow downs to the south,
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providence road and in to matthews, so expect a little heavier traffic there. that isthat is a check of the morning commute. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> john: thanks, chris. nick tennyson is heading to texas to meet with d.o.t. officials there. it comes as he re-evaluates the i-77 toll lane project here at home. mark davenport is following the story and mark is joining us now live with much more so mark, do we know exactly why the transportation secretary is making this trip? >> reporter: john, we do, he's going out west because he was pat mccrory. contract. i want to show you video of the highway in question in texas. this is highway 130 out west, transportation secretary will be talking to department of transportation officials specifically about cintra's
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operating the now-bankrupt highway. last week tennyson attended a conference son sr.ed by cintra everybody the company building the i-77 toll lanes right here in charlotte. pre-35pre-planned, they mingled with executives. today the secretary will get the real deal on this company's work in texas. wbtv sent a team out west, we'll have updates on the meeting both on air and online for you at reporting live i'm mark davenport, wbtv on your side. >> christine: thank you, mark. it is 5:33, let's check back in with brody o'connell in the alert center. >> brody: a violent crime spree happened in new york city. this is disturbing what we're reading off cnn. apparently this is the suspect right here, 23-year-old patrick dylan went on a spree slashing a
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man, setting a homeless man on fire. it appears according to police what i'm reading the attacks were at random. late last night police caught up with him, he sprayed some sort of accelerant on new york city police officers and they were burned during this attempt to arrest him, finally the suspect was shot twice in the legs and they brought him in custody. but really a violent rampage. the attacks attacks and to be random. >> new this morning. >> i found her in the closet tape to a chair on the floor. someone threw her in there and close the door. >> that is a mother describing how she found her daughter after a reported home invasion in raleigh. the 17-year-old girl was taken to the hospital but is expected to be okay.
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back door of the house and tied her up, using duct tape. the teen's mother says her daughter facetimed a friend while duct taped to the chair. she says her daughter was able to send text messages for help. this week charlotte-mecklenburg school leaders have a busy week looking at projects that impact your child's education. listen up, according to our news partners at the charlotte observer, on tuesday afternoon the school board will hold a work session to review a list for ten years worth of construction and renovation projects. superintendent ann clark wants to get school bonds on this november's ballot. county officials say they want to wait until 2017. cms leaders expected to give an update on efforts to boost achievement at some of the lowest-performing schools, that update will come in a report on project lift and the beacon initiative. >> john: looking ahead you can
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charlotte-mecklenburg schools budget, cms hosting meetings for community members and employees. the meeting tonight at waddell language academy on nations ford road. starts at 6:00, goes until 7:30. another meeting will be held wednesday at independence high school. this morning, the american heart association and sun belt rentals is helping cms students get active. 350 ball pes will be donateds will be donated. all equipment will be deliver to cms this morning. >> christine: bank of america could have fewer workers than it did before the last two major acquisitions. the bank reported having 213 thousand employees world wide at the end of last year, 6,000 more than in june, 2008, before buying countrywide financial and merrill lynch in 2009. the bank cut more than 10,000
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expected as the bank leaders work on reducing expenses and improving efficiencies. let's give you a live look at your commute, 5:36, and this stretch of the interstate looking great this morning. traffic is light so far, chris larson, watching all the problem spots as they happen. you'll hear about issues first when they arise here on wbtv. because you're never more than and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is meteorologist al conklin. >> al: thanks a lot, christine. hope you had a great weekend on this monday morning we have high pressure that will dominate this week and what that means is increasingly warm weather. each and every day, and at least at the start fairly low rain chances. now for today, look at mostly sunny skies in the numale fishing forecast, up to 67 degrees, about seven degrees above average. today's big catch is steve wilson of charlotte.
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with his buddy mike verdi at stone mountain river, gorgeous brown trout. steve hauled in might have been a leftover from last year, they re-stock the river from time to time. steve is a guy that loves to get on the water always got his eye to the forecast, pays attention to it marry to barbara, two great boys, logan and dillon. you're the big catch of the day. if you're heading toward stone mountain in that direction, you're looking great. highs in the 70s after today. what about rain chances? if you have weekend plans, you might want to stick around for the seven day planner. all those details in a few minutes. much more to cover here on wbtv news this morning. we'll show you the problem crews ran into while moving two houses in north carolina. both more than a century old. >> john: an inside look at largest aircraft in the world. how soon it will be taking to the skies.
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>> john: 5:42, despite nearly half a year of planning, a project to move two 115-year-old houses in durham have run in trouble. threadthis red house got stuck in the mud, forced the yellow house being moved with it to be moved back to the original lot. they are being moved from a commercial zoned area to residential area to be sold. the nearly 1000 mile iditarod race is underway this alaska. 85 racers hit the trails yesterday. it has a staggered start with
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in two minute intervals. winner expected in the old gold rush town of nome in nine days. >> john: the snow had to be brought in. they had a warm season and they brought it like a train was on board a train, huge cars. >> al: not the first time that has happened but the race goes on, so we have to get some snow somewhee, we'll bring it in. i'm talking rain right now or in this case the lack thereof. you think two weeks ago we had two to three inches of rain. monday night into tuesday, last week no rain, two opportunity, one tuesday night, another one thursday morning, and again it amounted to less than a tenth combined, how quickly things dry out. i'm not complaining, i'm sure you're not, pretty nice weather
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garden in, looking at the lawn, there is cracks here in the ground, what is going on, very little rain over the last several weeks, so we have a deficit of about .8 of an inch of rain for the month and year. we can make it up in one heavy downpour but that won't be happening in the next four or five days. virtually no chance of rain over the next several days as high pressure is dominating our weather right now. that will keep us on the warm side, will also prevent this rain you're seeing across the middle part of the country getting in here. that will go north and eastward, not coming in our direction, we will remain dry not totally sunny but enough sunshine to get us in the 60s today and 70s thereafter. dry conditions, mostly clear skies this morning, right now charlotte is the quote unquote warm spot at 42 degrees, outlying areas cooler, excellent visibility, fog is not a problem at all. current readings, at 33 in salisbury, 30 lincolnton, 32
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freezing around morganton, boone, 33 shelby, 34 hickory. lots of sunshine, afternoon temperature rebounds, start in the 40s, wind up in the mid to upper 60s. tonight's lows not as chilly as recent night, mostly in the 40s. highs tomorrow in the 70s, get used to it the rest of the week will feature afternoon temperatures in the 30s. courtesy of the same high pressure system going forward. that is going to keep us on the warm side. eventually the rain chances will go up as the high is forecast to break down. that probably doesn't happen until the beginning of the weekend and right now, focusing on saturday as the day we will have the best opportunity for showers and storms, that might need wiggle room because it is a long way out, we'll keep you posted on any changes. sun will be up at 6:45. this weekend daylight saving time begins, we'll spring that clock ahead, along with a couple showers and thunderstorms. between now and then, dry, mostly sunny for the next couple days, partly sunny thursday, friday, well in the 70s, scattered showers and storms,
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that is the forecast, check in with chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: first alert traffic sponsored this morning by toyota of north charlotte. we'll get you out on the roads with a live look here, i-77 clanton road. volume of traffic picking up from in are or out bound, heavier last 5 or 10 minutes at the traffic system. go ahead and take a look at some of our maps here across the area this morning. you will see that again, most of us are running in the green this morning, we are seeing some slow downs there along highway 24, wt harris boulevard between albermarle and then up toward orr road, stop and go traffic there this morning. checking your drive times, matthews to center city, 13 minutes, 50 miles an hour. coming in on providence road from the arboretum, 17, 37, and concord to center city, southbound at 19 minutes with an average speed of 68-miles-per-hour.
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minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> john: just ahead on wbtv news this morning, are you sick of the same old dating sites that connect to you so many different people you have no idea where to start? all new in the 6:30 half hour, we'll focus on sites trying to find you a furry connection. >> christine: brody o'connell getting headlines first as news is happening. >> brody: earlier i'm keeping an eye on a hostage situation in a suburb outside sydney, australia that has come to a violent end. we'll have details in the alert
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giving you first alert weather and traffic every seven minute, welcome back to wbtv news this morning.
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>> john: ten minutes before 6:00. over to brody o'connell, live in the alert center with new details just coming in. what have you got, brody? >> brody: an update to a situation we have been following, a stand-off at a factory outside sydney, australia. here what is we learn, apparently a six-hour stand-off started early monday morning their time. came to a deadly end. one person in the factory was killed by the gunman, two others were wounded. according to cbs news. this came to an end when police learned that the gunman who initiated this incident took his own life. three factory workers were trapped inside alive during this stand-off situation with police. they were able to exit that building safely. once the situation was resolved. john and christine, a lot more coming up here in the alert center in the 6:00 hour, we'll keep you updated throughout the morning. back to you guys. >> john: north korea is yet again threatening nuclear strikes on the united states and south korea. this time a reaction to the
5:51 am
military drills. officials say the drills which start today and run through the end of april are invasion rehearsals, they say. >> christine: families of those aboard malaysia flight 370 marked the second anniversary of the disappearance. a special event calling for authorities to continue to search for the plane. ongoing search in the southern indian ocean found no trace of the boeing 777, a wing part washed ashore on reunion island in the western indian ocean last july. >> john: the average price of gas has jumped by seven cents a gallon, sits at 1.84 a gallon. analysts say the price is still 70 cents per gallon cheaper than a year ago. the moderate hike due to growing demand across the nation and higher crude oil prices.
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largest aircraft, a cross cross between the air ship aero plane, developed for army but ryman forwardreimaginereimagined for personal use. it does not need a runway and can land on most surfaces including water. how cool is that, pretty neat. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is meteorologist al conklin. >> al: i had long flights, not five days long, though, i don't know about that, but nice it could land anywhere. here you go, we have high pressure dominating our weather right now. that means warmer conditions coming our way, close to 60 yesterday and saturday. this is our metro school camera in center city charlotte, dry conditions here, gorgeous clear skies out there, we're cool but
5:53 am
at 42, likely to drop those somewhat, everybody else is running cooler, from 5-10 degrees cooler, 20s around boone, morganton, 34 rock hill, close to freezing salisbury and hickory, 37 right now in gastonia. for today, lots of sunshine, a few clouds from time to time, start off at 8:00 at 43, in the low 60s, already above yesterday's high and that is noon and late this afternoon, 67 degrees. a mild start to our monday, a milder start to the work week. warm week ahead, but there is thunderstorm activity that i'm looking at down the road, i will highlight that in the seven day planner at 6:00. right now check in with chris. >> chris: first alert traffic is sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. we'll begin with a live look i-77, clanton road, volume you see it increasing but running along very smoothly through center city on # 77. 485, 85 looking fine. john belk, brookshire, 277, no
5:54 am
if you're heading in center city tonight, it is the hornets taking on the minnesota timberwolves, 7:00 p.m., heavier traffic around center city later this evening. here is a check of the drive times, matthews, center city, 14 minutes. providence road from the arboretum, 15 minutes. concord to center city, 18 minutes. that is traffic, christine, over to you. >> christine: following several breaking news stories for you this morning. >> john: amtrak train crash in an suv causing major delays, a homicide investigation in west shared, those details. >> christine: several days in early voting in north carolina, all new in the 6:30 half hour, details on how many votes have been cast here in mecklenburg county. >> john: peyton manning set to announce his retirement today. at 6:00, brody o'connell is in the alliter alert center getting reaction.
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go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now with breaking news. >> christine: we're watching breaking news here in west charlotte where an amtrak train crashes in a car near the airport. as police search for the driver of the car we're on your side reaching out to amtrak to learn of any delays. >> john: campaign 2016 comes to the charlotte area, republican presidential front runner donald trump will hold a campaign event in concord today. president bill clinton will be in charlotte to campaign for his wife and democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton. good morning, welcome to wbtv news this morning on this monday, it is march 7th, good to have you along with us i'm john carter. >> christine: good morning, i'm christine sperow. brody o'connell getting
5:59 am
breaking in the alert center. >> brody: busy start, cmpd are are investigating a homicide after a man showed up at a hospital with gunshot wounds. details coming up in the the alert center. >> john: right now get started with charlotte's most experienced morning meteorologist, here is al conklin. >> al: a lot of sunshine, temperatures both days up to 60. that is only an average. we're looking at above average temperatures, big area of high pressure dominating across the eastern part of the country, that will bring progressively warmer air our way. this morning it is chilly, mostly in the 30s, clear skies, our metro school camera in center city charlotte. holding at 36 degrees, we dropped a little bit after being closer to 40 last hour, this lines up very well with everybody else. 35 harrisburg, 33 arboretum, 37 ballantyne, 36 belmont, 31 out toward oakdale and coulwood. 43 what i'm forecasting at 8:00. lots of sunshine, up to 67 this
6:00 am
no rain in our forecast today, but that won't be the case all week long, i'll let you know when the best opportunity for wet weather comes our way in the seven day planner. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here's chris, first alert traffic. chris: al, thank you, traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. i-77 looking pretty good this morning. this is coming inbound from the south carolina state line in both directions traveling fairly smoothly there across our 77 corridor in center city, 277, john belk and over to the brookshire, both running in the green, no problems there. we'll widen out, take in the travel pattern, 485 looks good, 77, 85, providence road to the arboretum in the green. independence boulevard, a few slow downs up toward albermarle road, wt harris, albermarle looking good. over in the university city area things are running smoothly this morning. the drive times coming up from rock hill, 21 minutes, 65 miles an hour, concord to center city, 17 minute commute and lake


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