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tv   WBTV News 3 at 430PM  CBS  March 3, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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sometimes that is the radar thinking it's picking up on heavy rain but it's picking up on partially melted snowflakes. the reports came from gastonia and over huntersville and cornelius where you could have brief fat snowflakes which will change-over to rain. >> the mountains we are anticipate ago consumelations tonight. it will be on the lower end of a 1-3 inch range. more details on that in the first alert forecast coming up. >> thank you. campaign 2016 comes to north carolina early voting began today in the state. you can vote at 17 different locations across mecklenberg county. the new photo identification requirement is being enforced for early voting and the primary on march 15th. steve crump went to the polls to see how it's going and joins us live. are voters having trouble with
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>> you know, brigida, at this point no problem. and we are live from little rock zion because in an hour from now folks from the local n.a.a.c.p. chapter will be holding a protest and a march to protest the new voter id requirements. you talk about the voter id situation itself. this afternoon on the campus of central piedmont community college nearly 120 people voted early and while the numbers were steady during the day, poll workers said no major issues and everyone showed up with the required documentation. ad campaigns across charlotte have been spreading that message and for the local board of elections it's meant hiring more staff and printing new documents to handle the changes. >> and this is not the only primary north carolinians will vote in this year? >> no. we have one that is supposed to happen in june. and i say it's supposed to
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congressional districts that have been redrawn. however the concern even though the state legislature last month submitted the plans for the courts approval they are waiting on the feds to give the nod to the plan. the question is will the primary happen? it's up to the courts and some regards and some people are still waiting. >> all right steve crump live in charlotte. thank you. >> first at 4:00 a tamer hit by a car at the bus stop is talking about the moments he saved another student from getting hit as well. 1515ear-old junior gonzales spent four nights in the hospital after the crash. he is home from the hospital and describing the scary situation. >> i tried to run as fast as i can but i feel like i was running so slow when it hit me i did not feel no pain but when i
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the reason i'm here he protected me everyday every second. >> junior says he is not mad aat the person responsible but he wants them to come forward. >> a 9-1-1 call happens when listen to a victim describe the situation. >> he asked for my license and registration and i asked what i was being pulled over for and he told me not to argue with him. and not to make it difficult for myself. and so you know, i just told him if he could give me a reason that he had stopped me. then i would gladly do that but he would not identify himself. >> the suspect wound up driving off and the man's car had blue
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his belt. >> charlotte-mecklenburg school board met today to talk about the superintendent search. and wbtv's education reporter dedrick russell was there and joins us live. are we closer to starting the hiring process? >> yes, we are, jamie. you know the board today decided to start the process to look for a search firm who will be responsible for your child's education. the board voted 8-0 to begin this process. eric davis was not present at today's meeting. starting tomorrow, search firms who want to participate in finding the next superintendent will have two weeks to answer questions. the board came up with today. those answers to those questions will determine which search firm will make the cut. to get this far was an accomplishment. the school board were divided and did not see eye to eye on the process and many thought by
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close to naming a new top educator but the board ran out of time. that is why the board had to extend current superintendent ann clark's contract. the board leans on the expertise of former school board member to get ideas how to proceed. much more to the story including how much will the community play in the process? and trying to figure out how much will the process cost cms. i'm getting those answers and that part of the story on wbtv news at 6:00. now live at the government center, dedrick russell wbtv on your side. see you later. thank you. >> time to get to our alert center where alex giles is standing by with new images of an accident along south tryon. >> we got these images from a viewer.
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tryon and sandy porter road. a police and fire on scene. we have reached out to medic to get details and how severe it is. i'm sure this could be causing problems for the commuters on the roads. have to be careful on the afternoon drives. >> thank you. >> south tryon. a busy road this time of day let's update traffic with tonya rivens in the first alert traffic center. >> your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. and let's check in on that area that alex talked about. notice the red on the mapping system. a lot of congestion already in this area. in both directions as we look on the mapping system. westinghouse boulevard you think would be a great alternate route. arrowood road is better because we have two accidents close by to the area. one steele creek and brown grier road and the other steele creek and westinghouse boulevard. shopton road west is a better alternate route to get around that. and there is a lot of congestion in that area. if you know someone and that is
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be delayed. this is i-77 and 485, guys you will agree there is volume out there. >> no question about that. a lot of stuff going on the radar. donna had snowflakes up in newton. and gastonia as well. >> and david said it was snowing hard for 30 seconds. we will have the first alert forecast weather team is watching all of that. >> a family heartbroken after a tow truck driver was hit and killed on the side of the road.
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>> first at 4:00, a south carolina family is now fighting for laws that could save the lives of tow truck drivers. >> right now, the move over law requires drivers to change lanes to give a safe distance for emergency vehicles. eddie mills was killed while responding to a driver on i-85. his family is working with lawmakers to get the move over law amended. if passed drivers would have to move over for tow trucks as well in addition to the emergency vehicles. >> there's nothing we can do about what happened to my husband but if i can prevent that from happening to somebody
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>> if the law passes and cars do not move over drivers could face fines up to $500 and jail time. >> it is a good habit if you see anybody on the side of the road and you are able to move over go ahead and do it. >> right. >> the f.b.i. and apple fighting over your privacy. should the company help investigators break into an attacker's iphone? >> which companies are weighing
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>> i'm maureen o'boyle. emotional reaction from the daughters of this man accused of stabbing his girlfriend and their two-year-old son. hear his daughters describe an alleged history of abuse inside their home. and we are on your side asking governor mccrory tough questions after he ordered the ncdot to reevaluate the contract of the toll lanes on i-77. those stories are still ahead right now. brigida and jamie continues with the news first at 4:00. >> back to the alert center with alex giles.
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>> we are seeing more and more. gastonia and now i have a report where mooresville look at this video from kent green. this is mooresville stepped outside to shoot video for us. you see it coming down flurries in the area and the cars and all the stuff snow coming down looking for tweets on twitter. cool images and pictures share it with the hashtag i will find it and we'll bring it in the alert center. >> all right thank you. we are on your side right now with the top consumer headlines. the country's biggest tech companies throwing their support behind apple in the battle with the f.b.i. "the new york times" reporting facebook, google, microsoft, snapchat and yahoo! are expected to back apple. the company fighting the order to break into the iphone of one of the san bernadino shooters.
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to pay for items with your smartphone without taking it out of your pocket. there is a hand's free mobile payment system. the app sends the payment info to the cashier who uses a photo to confirm it's them and somehow the money comes out of your account. >> not comfortable with that. >> walking by somewhere and you did not mean to be buying something? >> six months from now there will be a story about hackers taking advantage of that if it will take that long. >> we have to say. >> here is a high tech job if you love travel, tv and instagram netflix is looking for gram masters you will get paid and then you post the photos to instagram to apply tag three of your best pictures with the hashtag gram masters 3 by
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that sounds cool. i know you are not all about it but that would be a cool job. >> the things you get to go to and check out the behind the scenes of the shows. >> showcase your creativity. >> that is what insta gral graham is -- inis it graham is about. >> check it out. graham masters. >> graham masters. >> let's update the traffic with tonya rivens in the first alert traffic center. >> your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. as we check in around center city problems checking in south tryon and katherine street morehead is a great alternate route. and a report of an accident at east john belk and third and showing around mcdowell. but the volume we are seeing on i-77. southbound starting from at least morehead down towards tyvola road. it's early for that. that is southbound. northbound it's about one mile of stop-and-go traffic in this area.
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volume here heading towards i-85 moving really slowly and then on 277 that is being affected as well. here is the d.o.t. camera. northbound at lasalle and that is a lot of volume on the roadways. back to you. >> wow. that is a parking lot. crazy. >> biding your time sitting sitting in that. >> and the clouds moved in today and someplaces seeing snow. >> we have had it from across the viewing area, newton, bessemer city, davidson, gaston county. >> let's find out what is going on. lyndsay tapases keeping busy in the first alert weatherenter. >> the temperatures in the mid-40s and unusual to see the snow at a temperature this warm. this is what the radar looks like right now. so it started over parts of gaston county and extended northeast of there for where we
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it started gaston county area, gastonia, bessemer city, iron station and then moved just north of charlotte north along 77 we had places like mooresville and salisbury and davidson. and where you see the darker color on the radar. sometimes the radar has trouble differentiating what is rain and what is wet snowflakes. that is a possibility. in the mountains where we did have light snow seeing a break between waves of moisture right now. this is the broader view of the storm system. you can see a little bit of circulation where the actual low is towards the west and this is a quick-moving system that is not terribly strong so there is not a whole lot of moisture so it will be moving through quickly and the snow totals for the mountains backed off and come down from yesterday at this time. i took the clouds off so you can see here what is going on with the radar.
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with this is trending south. as we do start to get this to pull in from the west from charlotte south, it does look like as far as the rain is concerned, the heavier amounts will be and pockets of heavy rain through the evening hours and the night. but the snow totals for the mountains you are under a winter weather advisory but they have come down. 1-3 inches for the high country and it and looks like most areas will be on the lower end of that. an inch or two through about midnight. it looks like most of this comes down within the next couple of hours. temperature-wise in the mid-40s right now. in the charlotte area. upper 30s low 40s on the 40 corridor and the place below freezing is boone in at 29. we'll show you future-cast through the rest of the evening most of the rain holds from charlotte south which future-cast picks up on. through 7:00 p.m. through 10:00 p.m. lingering showers and more
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and by the time we head into first thing tomorrow morning moisture is gone by day break friday and the clouds will continue to clear out through the afternoon. we will end up being a nice day. eric thomas will have more details on the rest of your seven-day first-alert forecast coming up for you at 5:00 p.m. >> thank you. next, a teacher in a nearby school district forced to resign after nude photos were passed around the school.
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>> first at 4:00 we told you about the teacher off the job after a scoot discovered and distributed nude photos of her. >> now she is receiving threatening messages at her home and maureen o'boyle tells us why she is worried about the safety of her family. >> i'm pretty tough. it tangs a lot. takes a lot but that hurt. >> a week after she was forced to resign as a teacher, leann arthur has received threatening messages in her mailbox they were written on the back of one of the four nude photos taken by a student from her phone. saying you got what you deserved and wait until your kids see. >> it's been very emotional. you know, you are positive one minute and the next minute it's
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is like do i have anything left? >> the interim superintendent says arthur is not where she should have been at the time the incident occurred. >> if you are not at the hallway greeting your students and monitoring the hallway doing your job then you better have a reason why. >> and arthur's students used her phone with her permission. >> i allowed my nephew one time to use my phone. it was something that i ok'd with his mom and it was done after class. >> as far as the threatening messages, the sheriff says whoever left them will face a felony charge and hopes to find the culprit by next week. >> we are waiting on other agencies to process. until we get those things we can't do what we need to do. >> arthur says whoever did this to her will never know how much damage was done. >> i am not asking for my job
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because if i went back into that psition, they are not going to look at me the same way. >> maureen o'boyle wbtv on your side. >> coming up next on wbtv news, a father accused of stabbing his two-year-old son and the child's mother. emotional reaction from the suspect's daughters who allege a history of abuse in their home. >> and snow and dropping many it is. our team of meteorologists tracking it all in the first alert weather center. chief meterologist, eric thomas will have your up dratted forecast in next -- updated forecast in next 90 seconds.
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on wbtv news is sponsored by... >> announcer: wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> right now a man charged for stabbing his girlfriend and their two-year-old son. >> i hate him for this. he just tried to kill our brother tried to kill our family. >> you will hear the emotional reaction from the man's daughters and allegations of their father's abusive past. >> the calendar says march but these are chilly temperatures and remind us it is still winter. snow falling in our viewing area `right now. chief meterologist, eric thomas on your side with what you can expect in your neighborhood.
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we are seeing an active power doppler radar. nice to have you with us i'm maureen o'boyle. >> i'm paul cameron. a surprise because many of you have been tweeting us video of snow falling in your neighborhoods. this is cornelius. video on lake norman. it's heavy at times but mostly light and is not sticking. quite a sight for folks in the area. over to chief meterologist, eric thomas tracking all of it in the first alert weather center. >> yeah, i will be the first to admit we did not forecast snow falling in charlotte this afternoon. it's 46 . we do not typically do that but we had a boundary come through. the atmosphere is cold aloft and dry near the surface so that cooling allowed the snowflakes to make it to the ground before melting. you can see that band right in there. that is where we had that burst of snow. but again we are not expecting the temperatures to race down towards freezing. no, we are not in the midst of a snowstorm.
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this is where we were talking it up. and we are looking for accumulations during the overnight hours up there. in the meantime, the hd towercam this is high definition here, snowflakes. 45 with the winds out of the east northeast and a bone dry atmosphere right now. where the rain has been falling for a longer period of time, the atmosphere is cooling into the catawba valley and 41 morganton and 29 in boone and blowing rock. through the evening hours again it's any little snow that you see, likely going to switch right back over to rain. 42 at 9:00 and 41 at 11:00. late tonight that rain will start moving off to the east. much more coming up. the weekend is around the corner. >> snow in the mountains led avery county schools to close. to find out if your child's school will be open tomorrow


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