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tv   WBTV News 3 at 5PM  CBS  March 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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crystal gambino made her first appearance in court on tuesday. and while appears there is no threat to the community, details about the triple homicide are hard to take for the community. >> just you know, you hear all kinds of rumors figure out [inaudible] and bad situation. >> i talked to several neighbors today and most told me they avoided hanging out with crystal gambino because she was hard to get along with and had strange tendencies including making a claim that she was a witch. that according to a neighbor i spoke to this afternoon. brody o'connell wbtv on your side. >> thank you. gambino's next court appearance is march 21. but the district attorney's office believes the grand jury will indict her. >> look at the beautiful sunshine on our hd towercam and
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warm as yesterday. >> not as nice as yesterday but a storm system could dump rain on your neighborhood. >> that front that came through and dropped the rain last night it moved through and it busted the door open. look at the cold air pouring in. high pressure building in from the west. and that is going to drive our temperatures below freezing tonight. if you have the plants sitting around the house think about bringing them inside and protecting them. but we are running 19-21 colder than at this time yesterday and 30 colder right now around boone and blowing rock than they were at this time yesterday. the hd towercam, the sun did not help much today as we stayed in the low 50s and still have a brisk wind and gusts 20-25-miles-per-hour over the last few hours. if you are heading out be aware it's breezey and that wind-chill temperatures in the 440s north of charlotte and in the 20s in the high country. your forecast down to 42 at 9:00 p.m.
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coming up, we will rebound from this. but before we do, more rain and snow to talk about. your first alert forecast. >> thank you. right now, a sad update out of indian land. a seven-year-old boy died from injuries after hit by a car while riding his bike. he died after midnight investigators say he was hit after he rode his bike through a stop sign. he was not wearing a helmet. school district spokesperson confirms the child was a second grader. neighbors and school officials say it's hard to cope with bryson's death. >> i had a conversation with the mom and the kids around a couple weeks ago. and just a good natured kid. embodied everything you would think of youth. make you smile to think about him. the biggest thing is the teacher's statement that said he loved playing tag. and that having kids myself and
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weekend that hit it for me. >> school leaders say he has a sister in the fifth grade. >> we are hearing from the mother of a man who was here seen hit several times while being held down by officers. an internal investigation continues at cmpd as they review the videotape and this arrest that happened yesterday as they case. pamela escobar is live now and she has reaction from the mother of malcolm elliott, the man at the bottom of the pile of officers. what was his mom's reaction to seeing that videotape? >> she tells me when she first saw the video on the news she did not realize it involved her son until she saw the photo afterwards. she says there's so many officers in that video that she could not see her son's face for body. >> i was terrified.
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why did it take that many officers to hold my son down? my son is like 6'1" and he weighs like 100 pounds. so it should not have took that many officers to hold him down like that. >> malcolm elliott was arrested tuesday and charged with hit-and-run and resisting an officer. a spokesperson says the arrest came after elliott was involved in a hit-and-run and briefly avoided officers. in the video you can see someone is struck in the back and cmpd says the suspect was not allowing his arms to be handcuffed. a expert reviewed the video and says the video is unclear but says the technique to strike someone to release their arms is common. >> there is nothing unusual about that particular technique of striking a major muscle group to release an arm. >> elliott's mother cannot say if her son did or did not resist officers.
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the investigation and what the elliott family would like to see happen h pamela escobar wbtv on your side. >> we have learned there will be no charges in the case of a jogger who claimed that she was chased by a man with a knife. the 20-year-old woman said the man chased her near the campus of winthrop university and police say it's not true. investigators are saying they have determined that no crime was committed. cabarrus county deputies need your help to find this woman. she suffers from dementia or another cognitive impairment. last seen on bar link road in mount pleasant. if you have seen her call 9-1-1. >> republican presidential candidate ben carson will skip tomorrow night's g.o.p. debate saying he does not see a path forward. he has not won a state in the presidential primaries. donald trump continues his march
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winning seven states tuesday. leaving his remaining rivals with a lot of catching up to do. jamie boll has the latest. >> marco rubio voted for himself of florida. nearly two weeks before that state's primary. >> it's my home and we are going to win florida. >> rubio needs florida after tuesday. donald trump claimed seven states. stage now we are getting to the acceptance too stage. >> there's talk some leaders will try to block his path but the stramist said that would be bad for the party. >> if donald trump wins fair and
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not to give it to him. >> trump's momentum has not only stunned the g.o.p. establishment. ben carson released a statement today saying he no longer sees a path forward. >> what a super tuesday! >> in the democratic race, hillary clinton starting to pull away from bernie sanders. she won seven states on super tuesday and sanders won four. but sanders who rallied today in maine says he is happy with his super tuesday results. >> we can win here if there is a large voter turnout. please vote. >> the vermont senator raised $12 million more than clinton in the last month. jamie boll wbtv on your side. >> while ben carson is hinting he is getting out of the race he stopped short of making it official. he will have more to say friday when he attends a conservative action conference. north carolina voters will have the chance to make sure voices heard this month.
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march 15th but early voting starts tomorrow. >> we have learned of the heavy police presence on south boulevard and the latest to the newsroom here is alex giles. >> there is a situation developing. a live picture of sky3 over that police presence on south boulevard in the south end area and you key the cars out there. we are hearing from police they have two people detained responding to a call of shots fired. this is near a chick-fil-a and a burger king we think they are in a burger king parking lot. two people in handcuffs and officers are on scene. we have counted six cmpd vehicles and again we know they are responding to a call of shots fired. two people in custody. we will keep watching this live and give you the latest updates. >> right now more people at wingate university are sick with noro virus-like symptoms.
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after several dozen wingate students reported to the health center with symptoms. the cases have not been confirmed as noro virus. the university is waiting for the test results. wingate encourages all students to clean shared spaces and common surfaces thoroughly. and let's check on traffic. church night for many. tonya rivens how are things going. >> they will be late in gaston county we have problems on i-85 especially northbound we have morse chapel road and that accident is with us. and two 18-wheelers involved in this. and wilkinson boulevard is a great alternate route and another problem at cox road by gastonia near i-85 and look at the congestion we are talking exits 29 back to 21. at least 7-8 miles of slow-moving traffic that is a problem for commuters slow-moving traffic a lot of patience needed. your first alert traffic is
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back to you. >> thank you. drama in the pageland police department. >> why nearly all of the department's police officers have now walked off the job. those details are next. right now here is eric thomas. >> thank you. we are watching the cold air that is driving down into the wbtv viewing area. protect those plants. we have subfreezing temperatures on the way and the snow heading into the wbtv viewing area. all part of the seven-day first-alert forecast. >> wow. all right. still ahead at 5:00 p.m., video a woman drags two south carolina officers in her s.u.v.
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coming up. uh, hello geico?... yeah, i was just talking about your emergency roadside service and how it's available 24/7 and then our car overheated... what are the chances? can you send a tow truck please? uh, the location? you're not going to believe this but it's um... it's in a tree. i wish i was joking, mate, but it's literally stuck in a tree. (car horn honking) a chainsaw? no, no, all we really need is a tow truck. day or night,
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right now nearly all of pageland's police officers have walked off the job after the
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department's suspended police chief. chief larry brown was placed on administrative leave back in november and most of his police officers say they prefer if he did not return. michael clark is on your side explaining why. >> deputies taken over pageland and the sheriff tells me none of the police officers showed up to work today and now town leaders are scrambling to figure out what to do. chesterfield county deputies have an unexpected addition to the jurisdiction. >> the sheriff office is patrolling the town of pageland. >> the sheriff says several officers quit after suspended police chief larry brown was reinstated by the town council tuesday night. >> after that meeting, a large percentage of the pageland police department walked off the job. >> brown had been on leave during a state investigation but allegations never released. today there are no pageland police officers on patrol just the deputies filling in.
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officer to protect our children that is ridiculous. to me it's ridiculous and i am concerned about what is going on here in page land. >> leaders are having an emergency meeting tonight to come up with a plan and how to pay for the deputies that are working on the off days so areas of the county do not suffer. >> i have a huge county because we have limited resources. >> walking off the force that means there is a problem going on here in pageland. >> a sergeant would not go on samarra but said several officers complained about what they claim to be a lack of leadership under brown. neighbors do not know what to think but wonder if it's time to start over. >> this would be an excellent on to clean the slate and start over from scratch and hire all new personnel and get back to business. >> get over it. protect the citizens right here. get over it. >> until town leaders make a decision what is next you will see deputys' cars patrolling the streets.
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said we will take care of the town while the council takes care of what their problems are within that department. >> that is michael clark reporting. wbtv will be on your side covering tonight's emergency meeting there in pageland. if you would like to attend the meeting starts at 7:00 p.m. in the council chambers at the building. >> it's been a tough day on the roads. lots of traffic and congestion and tonya rivens has it for you. >> and more slow down on independence boulevard. your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. as we check on the expressway on 277 on independence eastbound it is around central avenue an accident at central and briar creek creating problems. the signal failure by central at hawthorne. monroe or independenced good options. but violence on independence typically as you get by albemarle road. and slow-moving traffic traffic in both directions approaching w.t. harris boulevard.
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>> thank you. heavy rain last night. but this morning cleared up. and sunshine and the temperature down. >> yes, and i understand people in the mountains might get snow? >> that is right. what is interesting is tomorrow night might end up looking like last night with the rain. except with the colder air, this time it looks like the snow will start accumulating up in the high country. we will cover the bases for you. stage one the cold air has to get here and it is. we are 20 colder today than yesterday. looks like we are going to be heading into below freezing territory. and flurries already showing up in the high country but the snow up here that will be reserved into thursday night and then into the friday time-frame. the weather net nice sunset but it's cool. 53 . and might not hurt to take the jacket. and again, you will see we are in the 50s in the piedmont.
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20s in the high country through 11:00 p.m. how quickly we are heading into the 30s in the area and then again into the 20s up there in boone and blowing rock. hour-by-hour if you are trying to plan out the evening you have dinner plans or a movie, temperatures through the 40s midnight hour. thursday weathermaker. we are tracking this. notice it's over memphis, tennessee thursday morning. clouds ahead of that should not be a problem out the door in the morning 36 and that is not the official low we figure 31 at 5 or 6:00 a.m. but yes, it will be below freezing in the mountains. and clouds starting to work in in advance of the system. already by 4:00 p.m. on thursday, the snow starting to show up here. and here we go. shower activity getting in here by 7:00 p.m. thursday and the snow continuing up in the high country. still not letting up by 11:00
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will be out of the picture. with that how much snow are they expecting? 2-4 inches thursday night that will be into friday morning. in terms of rainfall, not that much. now again this is happening late thursday past midnight into friday. we will tack on rain before midnight and then more might add up to 3 or 4 inches of rain. and for the day on thursday, 50 at noon, 5 our through the 4:00 p.m. hour. and again, rain becoming a better bet as we take you through the day. outside of that, the storm completely moves out during the day on friday. you will like this. the seven-day first-alert forecast, into the weekend we go. 58 on friday with the storm exiting and then we will climb into the 60s by late in the weekend. and how about this? you want to climb more? mid-70s by early next week and very little opportunities for rain once we get you past the next 24 hours.
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>> the smell i never smelled. >> a local sheriff vows to help the man his town calls a hero after he ran into a burning home to save a couple inside. we have reaction from neighbors after they learn who the good samaritan is. >> and all new, new video of a woman dragging two south carolina police officers in her s.u.v. what led to this wild ride and how it ended. >> and new at 6:00, kilah davenport became a symbol of the devastation of child abuse. kilah's mother speaks about the man who is serving time for second degree murder for killin her daughter and the subtle red flags that she now sees only in hindsight. she will share them at 6:00.
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>> newly released police dash-cam video shows a woman dragging two south carolina police officers in that s.u.v. look. >> this happened back in november but police released it. the woman detaped for shoplifting but borden was allowed to get back inside and she gun to do with two officers clinging to the door on the side of the vehicle and backs up. and crashes into a gate before taking off. the officers got into the patrol car and went after her. and one officer fired his gun. board especially was charged. >> all over a shoplifting case. ahead, video of an axe wielding robber. >> and we explain why authorities do not think this is
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robbery befor wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> now, video of an accused serial robber wielding a pick axe in a break-in. police need your help to catch the men before they strike again. plus... >> in the midst of these flames emerges a good samaritan risking his life to save a husband and wife trapped inside. >> it's unbelievable. i don't know if i could have done the same thing. >> the community mourning the couple stands behind the marine they call a hero. >> what a story.
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joining us i'm molly grantham. >> i'm jamie boll. it takes a special person to run into flames to save strangers. we're following breaking news coming into the alert center. >> alex giles is live with more. >> sky3 has been busy. let's look. a serious accident right now, officials are telling us a pedestrian was struck near peach tree and sunset. they were taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. that is the latest. you can see that the road is shutdown there. that car is smashed up and officers are on scene there. we are told caps hill mine road is shutdown as police investigate this incident. a pedestrian struck and taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. we'll keep watching the situation. >> back to the story. no doubt takes a special person to run into flames to save a stranger. >> and that is the emotion that brian has.
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did exactly that sunday. he whats going in hopes of saving the couple. the emotion is raw and real. tears streaming down his face when we sat down with him last night. >> when he said there was people in there, i did not want anybody to burn alive. i leaned her head back and i went to give her the second breath and she came to. i want the family to know that that lady asked about her husband. when she come to. that man the only thing he was thinking about was his wife. >> incredible. steve crump joins us live from cleveland county. and you took that interview and showed it to the neighbors there. how are they responding? >> jamie, i can tell you they were deeply moved by his words. and we are back at the scene of fire.


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