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tv   WBTV News 3 at 4PM  CBS  March 2, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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of 2011 in the block of statesville avenue. and now police are working trying to identify this woman in the past 15 minutes we got the new images of possible clothes she was wearing and that drawing of what that woman might have looked like trying to identify her. she is possibly white or hispanic between 20-30 years old. trying to identify her. if you know anything, please contact police. we'll keep watching in the alert center. back to you. >> thank you. >> a memorial grows at the scene of a deadly crash that killed a west mecklenburg high school student yesterday morning on wendy drove road. the driver was speeding and lost control driving off the road hitting a tree. 15 folder heaven see died and two students were seriously hurt. dedrick russell went to the
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are coping with the loss. dedrick jumps on the telephone with us. dedrick, certainly a tough day there? >> certainly jamie, a cuff day for students and staff here at west meck high. six counselors were at the school to help with the loss. students are expressing their grief outside the school. there is a rock decorated in memory of heaven. one wrote you are an angel. and police said heaven was in speed with three students and we went by the crash scene and a makeshift memorial is there and we spotted friends there. and heaven was fun to be around and they are shock he had she is -- shocked she is gone. the counselors started with hef vep's class to talk to dlas mates and teachers about dealing
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we are told that the counselors say one way people can help and cope with them is to talk to their parents and family and friends that support them and talk to people that can help them walk through this. counselors will be back at the school tomorrow morning. we will have much more on the story coming up on wbtv news at 6:00. >> one of those stories anybody that has a teenager driver at home makes them shutter. >> a woman has been charged with killing the other two people found dead. crystal gambino accused and charged with killing her husband and the other two people their naked bodies found in a home. tonight at 5:00 brody o'connell finds the connection between all of the people involved. >> moving out of the first alert forecast important stuff to talk about here as well.
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we are tracking the potential for heavy rain and snow in the mountains. i'm here with meteorologist leigh brock. >> that is what march is about. we are in the transition period we could be warm one day and cold one day. it looks beautiful today. here is your camera, you can see as far as the eye can see. blue skies it is gorgeous outside but it's cooler today than it was yesterday. we have the breeze blowing most areas 5-15-mile-per-hour winds right now. temperatures are cool. and especially compared to-yesterday when we were in the 70s. we are at 53 in charlotte. 48 in statesville. 51 in shelby and 55 in lancaster and just how much cooler it is now than 24 hours ago. places close to 20 cooler. almost 3 0 cooler in boone that is what a cold front can do.
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those cool temperatures they are here to stay for a little bit. clear skies and clouds in the highest elevations. here is for the evening hours, 52 that is your 5:00 p.m. temperature. 46 at 7:00 p.m. and 42 at 9:00 p.m. more cool weather and rain in the forecast when to expect that in a little bit. >> leigh, thank you. right now, alex giles is working on another developing story. >> out of union county, a crash? >> sky3 is on the scene to the serious looking crash. this is appears to be a bad accident on lancaster avenue in monroe. we are told it is 1900 block you can see a car smashed up and crews flipped the car over flipped on it side and you see the fire trucks and cars off to the side of the road. and up the road we see what appears to be a yellow school bus off to the side of the road we are not sure if that is involved in the accident and
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you see the firefighters working on loading that car up and managing the scene here. guys we will follow this closely and be sure to bring you details we get here in the first alert forecast center. >> we have an important update to a story out of york county. police say there will be no criminal charges filed in a case where a woman says a man chased her with a knife. the police found no evidence of a crime and no word on the identity of the man in their footage that police released yesterday. >> the front runners in campaign 2016 score major victories. donald trump and hillary clinton take major strides in securing the party's nomination after super tuesday. trump scored seven victories ted cruz won three states and marco rubio one his first. as for the democrats, clinton won seven states to bernie
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she has 40% of the delegates she needs to secure the nomination. lots of people paying close attention to the supreme court today. justices hearing the biggest abortion case in nearly a quarter century and they appear divided. they are considering a texas law requiring doctors performing abortions to have admitting privileges at local hospitals and the law forces clinics to upgrade their facilities. supporters say it's meant to protect women's health and opponents say it is an attempt to end abortion. >> the time is 4:07 and how the roads are faring good afternoon to tonya rivens. >> good afternoon. your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. let's start on i-85 gaston county we are starting out very rocky and a lot of problems as we check in. two accidents one at i-85 north near morse chapel road. wilkinson boulevard is a great alternate route. i-85 north at sam wilson road
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involved tractor-trailers and the backup is quite a bit of a delay. we are used to slow-moving traffic i-85 southbound but six miles of stop-and-go traffic wilkinson boulevard is a great alternate route. back to you. >> thank you. this month will mark another painful milestone for kilah davenport's family. march 13th marks two years since kilah passed away after being attacked by her stepfather in 2012. we have only seen joshua houser here at his bond hearing. but tonight a more personal view, a deeper look inside who he was at home with his family before that attack. >> wbtv anchor maureen o'boyle has been working to get an interview with kilah's mom for sometime and finally agreed to talk to you about this. she has never given an interview, right? >> she hasn't and for good reason because she tells me
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abused she has been grieving and still grieves. but she wanted to address kilah's abuser was he violent before that attack? >> i never saw him angry. i never saw him sad. he just went with the flow of things. >> but now closing in on four years since kilah was left 90% brain damaged after houser threw her head first into a wall her mom sees what could have been red flags only now. kirby wanted us to see kilah as was as a typical happy girl and wanted us to hear sweet kilah as she realizes santa left her a letter. >> santa claus. >> look at me. >> santa claus. >> gosh. >> watching that video and doing
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it's tough to ask a grieving mom difficult questions but she wanted to answer them. she believes that her answers might help save other lives. her family will tip to fight against child abuse and to educate people. she wants you to hear her story the complete report is at 6:00 p.m. >> look forward to it. the powerful. the images and that voice. >> which we've never heard that. >> and that precious sound, santa. >> see you at 6:00. thank you. next, cases of mumps and noro virus have parents worried about
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>> we have expert advice to >> back to our alert center new information on the crash in union county. >> alex giles i have of giving us the latest. >> we got this information from the monroe fire department. take a look. we have sky3 live over the scene of that bus crash. we know that two vehicles were involved and one was the school bus and one was the passenger vehicle that you see on the flatbed. what we are being told there were no students onboard on that bus only the driver.
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the vehicles and it took 15 minutes to free them and they were taken to the hospital. we will continue following the story and bring you the information we get. >> alex giles with that live update thank you. >> the mumps the noro viruses have parents worried about the health of their children. >> we have expert health advice to make sure that your family stays healthy. >> yesterday we were in the 70s and now back in the 50s. how long we stay in the 50s
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snow in we have important health advice for your family. two top inses on -- top ins on the mind of parents, mumps and noro virus how concerned should you be in the doctor the health director for mecklenberg county joins us live in our studio. we were chatting and we appreciate you making time for us today. >> sure thing glad to do it. >> let's start with mumps, how many cases do we have? >> four confirmed cases and there are other cases we are waiting for the testing. >> what is your advice when it comes to parents about the vaccine? >> it's important to get vaccinated. the vaccine a combination, measles, mumps and rubella all important infections.
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vaccinated at a year, and then again at four. >> can people still get mumps? >> when you get a vaccine you could still get any of the things nothing is perfect. but if we did not have such a high rate of vaccination we would be talking about hundreds of cases. it is very, very infectious so that vaccine is keeping most people from getting sick. >> noro virus two schools closed because of the nature. what are the different ways you can get it and how do we prevent the spread of it? >> it's passed from person to person. the real key thing is good hand washing particularly around people preparing food. thart we think this one is now under control in the schools. this is a common infection this time of year i don't know people realize this. we take care of a lot of this. we are not surprised by it but
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outbreaks under control and to get the places cleaned up but we think the school system has done a great job. >> stay at home if you have it. >> yes, very important. >> health director appreciate your time today. >> let's get you updated on the commute tonya rivens in the first alert traffic center. >> thank you. your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. boy, do we have a lot of activity around center you city. all of the accidents and problems. the accident at south boulevard close to south tryon street. and also this accident here at caldwell by fifth street another at kings and 7th street. we have problems. construction on the roadway by central and another problem on central avenue. a lot of things happening in uptown and to a picture from the scene, that is our dot camera at tryon here is an indication of that accident a car hit a light
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light pole in the area. >> a rough day on the interstates and the surface streets no doubt. the weather has been a-ok. cooler than yesterday but not bad. >> we will take it but there are changes on the way. meteorologist leigh brock here with the forecast. >> we have had changes since yesterday in the temperatures. 70s to 50s how is that for a difference? just beautiful outside. not as windy as yesterday and not as warm as it was yesterday and we are done with the rain that moved through overnight did not make it to the morning hours. and your temperatures we have 53 in charlotte. 55 in wadesboro. salisbury 47 . 45 in morganton and 27 chilly day in boone. you have seen cloudy skies most of the day especially in the higher elevations, avery, ash, watauga have not been able to make it out of the clouds.
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and the rest of us we have seen sunshine and a lot of it. could not warm us up because we have cool air in place. and back to the north and west, again, there is not a lot coming this way. we have high pressure in place so you cannot see too many weather makers back that. that will change. we know that has to happen. high pressure is in place and the cold front pushed through moving offshore now and the wind is still out of the north. a cool direction that is why the temperatures stayed as cool as they have been today and we have a change in the rain department. 24 hours and start the clock for the radar. because we have dry conditions for the rest of today and most of the day tomorrow. 4:00 p.m. tomorrow we will start to see precipitation and maybe wintery precipitation in the highest elevations we have a mix snow, sleet and freezing rain by 4:00 p.m. and this is in the evening.
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bit of a break in part of the highest elevations and the rest of us are starting to see heavier rain. hours. up to 11:00 p.m., still rain in the forecast for many of us. snow showers in the forecast for the highest elevations and northern foothills as well. and that moves out by the morning on friday morning. it does not last long except for the highest elevations you have the snow showers and you could see 1-2 inches out of this before we dry out for the rest of the day. low temperature tonight of 31 . 54 your high tomorrow. rain comes in late in the day into the evening. lasts into the night and wraps up friday morning. dry heading into the weekend. 50s through saturday and 60s sunday and monday and 70s, wednesday. back to you. >> mid-70s? how about that. a space heater bursts into a flames while a mother sleeps in
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>> it is a blaze i am in the front yard watching the flames roll out the window. >> and why her two-year-old daughter saved their lives.
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the remake of dirty dancing. >> welcome back time for the tail daily. two minutes on the clock.
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kunis have a black belt in secrecy. kutcher dished how they planned their top secret wedding calling it a ninja effort. they posted fake locations on-line to keep the media guessing they did not want any helicopters. and the two have a young daughter wyatt who knows how to do the whip and nay-nay. they are private so we have not seen the child's face and she is a year. >> incredible effort. and the full house rerival barely debuted on netflix before the company announced it's been renewed. the sitcom reboot premiered over the weekend. the fuller house account tweeted the news. jeff franklin has plans for the next chapter like convincing mary kate and ashley olsen to reprize the road.
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producer saying a lot of shade. i want to check it out. that was tgif appointment television for kids in the 90s. two of r&b's favorite voices going on tour together. fantasia and anthony hamilton announced a 10-city tour kicking off in buffalo new york. the grammy award winners both set to release new albums. the closest to the carolinas is virginia may 8th. he is from charlotte and she is from high point. i will need y'all to do better. maybe they will release more dates. >> we have a venue or two in town. >> yeah. >> strange. modern family star sara highland has been cast in the dirty dancing remake. she will star as baby's older sister.
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baby and debra messing is the mother and no premier date is announced but it will be a big deal. >> reboot is all the rage now. that will do it for the "daily detour." we have more news ahead. a home explosion kills an elderly couple and now we are asking investigators if charges will be filed against the driver who crashed into their propane tank. >> and the 9-1-1 calls from a
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carolina deputy is shot several >> announcer: wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> a community mourns the loss of an elderly couple in a home explosion as we ask investigators if charges will be filed in the case. welcome back i'm jamie boll. >> i'm brigida mack. thank you for being here. first at 4:00 no charges have been filed in the explosion that killed a cleveland county couple but they could be on the way. investigators say a driver ran off the road and hit a propane tank attached to the home. neighbors helped that couple to safety but they died hours later at the hospital. steve crump joining us live from cleveland county. where are troopers in their investigation? >> well, brigida, that investigation is still ongoing. let me show you what is happening at the scene and that is there's yellow tape up and
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that people left here. and state troopers left here about an hour-and-a-half ago around 3:00 p.m. there are many unanswered questions regarding the death of jb and naomi newton. the highway patrol has not turned over the final findings to the district attorney's office. however we have learned that the da's office has had people on the scene. and no charges have been filed in the case yet but we have been told the driver of the vehicle submitted a blood sample to investigators. again it's basketball an interesting scene. people stop and drive by and take pictures and leave flowers. and at 5:00 p.m. you will hear from cleveland sheriff norman who has an offer for the good samaritan who helped pull the people out of the burning home. see you then. live in cleveland county, steve crump wbtv on your side. >> thank you.


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