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tv   WBTV News 3 at 6AM  CBS  March 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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planner. minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. first alert traffic brought to you by toyota of north charlotte. >> john: right now give you a live look at current conditions map and for the most part things are looking green right now, which means conditions are good, no significant issues. as we look at this live picture of i-77 at arrowood road, there has been an accident at north sharon amity and indlewood, an accident there, that may cause issues as you head out. >> christine: the biggest day yet in campaign 2016, voters went to the polls in a dozen states to decide their party's presidential nominee. hillary clinton and donald trump earning wins in seven of those states. republican ted cruz nabbed the biggest prize in texas, marco rubio got his first win of the campaign, in the state of minnesota. clinton's competitor, bernie sanders celebrated victories in the home state of
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while nearly every candidate in the race picked up a win, super tuesday was not good news for everyone not named, clinton or trump. >> john: they so far ahead they may not be able to be caught. kristen miranda is live breaking down the very latest delegate count. >> kristen: you said it, marco rubio got his first win, john kasich and ben carson haven't won any of these primaries or caucuses but cnn put together a handy dandy cheat sheet of the current delegate count. you can see hillary clinton has 1055 total delegates at this point to donald trump's 315 delegates. cruz and rub yo split the rest of the republican delegates. sanders at 418. hillary clinton pretty far ahead there, donald trump not as far ahead of his rivals as clinton is of sanders, but again they are splitting the vote, we will see what happens now that super tuesday has passed and all of
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are moving on to the next round. back to you. >> john: new this morning, the voters who first challenged north carolina's congressional districts are now challenging the state's new maps. they are asking a three judge federal panel to reject the new maps, claiming it does. fix the issues that led to the original maps being struck down. mark davenport joins us now live in charlotte with much more on this story, so mark, tell us about the latest challenge. >> reporter: well john, the latest challenge could hamper the congressional primary here in north carolina. been pushed back from march to june 7th. when they had to re-draw the map in february. it could get pushed back further if this map has to be re-drawn again. here is the issue at hand. attorneys of two voters say the replacement map drawn in february wasn't better than the last one. they argue the lines were drawn with an intentional manipulation of district lines. now a federal panel ordered a new map be drawn in february, this is how it all started after
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black voters in the 1st and 12th districts. the new map was supposed to be used in the congressional primary in june but now this new lawsuit is calling for judges to reject the new map and re-draw the boundaries. state attorneys have until next monday to respond to those objections. we'll follow this for you right here on wbtv. reporting live i'm mark davenport, wbtv on your side. >> john: breaking overnight news, a family forced out of their home by early morning fire near pineville. this was the scene on dell court lane before 2:00 this morning. firefighters say when they arrived they saw heavy flames ripping through the home. the family was able to get out safely. no injuries reported. the cause of the fire is now under investigation. >> christine: now this morning, a man who rush in a home after a propane explosion in cleveland county is speaking out for the first time. brian crotts who served four years in the marines, was driving on east stage coach
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when he saw flames and heard the explosion from the home. he rush in and found jb and naomi newton. this morning he is talking only to wbtv northbound about what happened. ashton pellom is live with the story and as you can see from the video, ashton, a tearful interview. >> reporter: yeah, a very traumatic experience for that retired marine. he tells us he cannot sleep at night after what he saw sunday night trying to help that elderly couple get out of that burning home. brian crotts tells us that flames were shooting up as he rushed toward the house on stage coach trail. a driver ran off the road sunday hitting a propane tank and that house. crotts tells us that jb newton was sitting against debris, fire raging beside him and two neighbors helped crotts lift mr. newton over the fence. he wept back in the home and found naomi unconscious. carried her to the fence as well. crotts was a marine for four
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instinct to run and help if there is trouble. >> when he said there was people in there, i didn't want nobody to burn alive, nobody die, if they was in there i want to get them out and get help to them. i want the family to know that that lady asked about her husband, when she come to. and that man the only thing he was thinking about was his wife. >> reporter: as you can see, very emotional interview with brian crotts. you can tell this is a tightly-knit community. dozens showed up last night to pray for the couple and the first responders on the scene. reporting live near uptown charlotte, ashton pellom, wbtv on your side. >> john: 6:06, amber alert cancelled after four children were abducted in north carolina. police say they arrested 29-year-old dominique lecco, they found the four children with her at a house in high point. police have not said what charges lecco will face.
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police identified the other two victims of a triple homicide in gaston county. crystal gambino shot and killed her husband giovanni, along with geoffrey gilliland and stephanie sanchez in this home on alexis-lucia road. we brought this try to to you story to you with breaking news. gambino is charged with her husband's death, investigators say more charges are coming. still plenty ahead live in the 6:00 a.m. hour of wbtv news. >> john: charlotte-mecklenburg police take a man in custody, all caught on camera, as some claim excessive force was used, we talk with our security expert to see what he thinks. before we go to our break, let's take a quick check of first alert weather temperature, 47 in charlotte, we have 31 in boone. we have windchill factors in the teens up there, keep that in mind. 44 in shelby, 54 rockingham, 50 lancaster, a live look at i-77 at arrowood, traffic there is moving smoothly.
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as the morning goes on and more people get out on the roads but no significant issues slowing you down. remember, you're never more than seven minutes away from weather
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it is eight minut bringing you the latest updates live from the alert center, thanks for choosing wbtv news this morning. >> john: 11 after 6:00. several all new stories in the 6:30 half hour. today at 6:35, the man accused of killing two college student in virginia expected to take a plea deal today. we'll hear from one of the victim's mothers about that deal. everything from your fridge to your baby monitors and kids toys are now tied to the internet. at 6:46, on your side telling
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family from cyber threats. >> christine: a video shows several charlotte-mecklenburg police officers taking a man in custody, at first glance this looks violent. that one officer is repeatedly hitting the person being arrest in connection to a hit and run. the video taken at the sardis place apartments, now the police department is investigating. we also took this video to our security expert, karl de la guerra, who trains police officers. he says it all depends where officers are striking the suspect, listen. >> it's completely different if the officer is repeatedly striking the suspect's face. however, from my experience, if the officer is striking a major muscle part of the suspect, in my opinion, excessive force was not used. >> he says officers used the technique to get a suspect to release their arms instead of pulling it out and breaking a bone. cmpd says that is what the officer is doing.
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looking in the excessive force allegations. >> john: wild video police chase involving a motorcyclist who crashed and tried to get away. this is dash cam video from the chase in lenoir yesterday morning. look at the motorcyclist go down, crashes on a dirt road then takes off running. an officer runs as well, catching the man, officers say the man was originally pulled over for a license plate violation but also found drugs in his backpack. >> christine: we're working to get an update on the condition of an eight-year-old who was hit by a car in south carolina. sky 3 the only news helicopter out in indian land as this was happening last night. troopers say the little boy ran a stop sign on his bike and hit a moving car, they say he wasn't wearing a helmet at the time. he suffered a bad head injuries, neighbors say. a temporary memorial growing at the scene at a scene that left a west
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the driver was speeding, lost control and hit a tree. police say 15-year-old heaven seay died. twtw other passengers who are also west meck students were seriously hurt. thehurt. it was not clear if the driver was a west meck student. police have not said if anyone will face charges. >> john: 14 minutes after 6:00. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is meteorologist al conklin. al: john, avery, mitchell, watauga county schools operating on two-hour delay. this is king street in boone from i've been watching the tree branches blowing, 40 to 50 mile per hour winds on top of that, temperatures near or below freezing. 29 in west jefferson and fa fleetwood. deeper through the day you will see more and more sunshine but chilly breeze all day long, shouldn't be as gusty as this
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getting a brighter sky toward the east. clear skies in charlotte, 47 and you're near freezing in boone if not below, everybody else in the 40s to low 50s. 51 around monroe, 46 in salisbury, 48 in rock hill, 43 in hickory. the temperatures are actually a little milder than yesterday because of the breeze that is keeping up out there but that breeze is going to be with us all day long and will be a cooler breeze, we get back to 53 in charlotte this afternoon. we'll look for plenty of sunshine but 20 degrees cooler than the last two afternoons, well in the 70s. i'm tracking more rain that is right around the corner, show you that on futurecast and looking at detail in the weekend, all those details and specifics coming up in the seven day planner. right now 6:14, first alert traffic. first alert traffic brought to you by toyota of north charlotte. >> christine: we have a few more accidents now popping up this morning and as we look at providence road some of you take providence road to get in town, there is an accident right at sharon amity road and providence
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that as you're commuting. none of the accidents we're seeing causing any slow downs at this hour. so you should be good to go there. you travel on 85, a live look at i-85 here at sugar creek road exit, you can see volume has picked up in this hour, so watch that as you are commuting and watch for the damp roads, drive carefully. a sportscaster fighting for her right for privacy. >> john: more from erin andrews emotional testimony against a stalker who secretly videotaped her in a national hotel room, that is later on "cbs this morning" at 7:00. >> christine: next at 6:00 on wbtv, the carolina panthers put the franchise tag on corner back josh norman. we'll tell you what it means for the two sides moving forward. wbtv is always on your side,
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>> john: 20 after 6:00, avery, mitchell and watauga county schools are operating on two-hour delay this morning. let's get over to kristen miranda who is live in the alert center with new video of a deadly crash in massachusetts. what this is about? >> kristen: i want to show you this crash, the video pretty severe. look at it while i tell you what happened. two people died, at least seven others were injured after this suv crashed through the front window of a busy, busy pizza place in massachusetts. it happened during the dinner rush. so it was pack in there. this is sweet tomato's pizza in newton, if you're in the massachusetts area, outside boston. the two people killed were patrons in the restaurant. the suv according to witnesses came flying down a hill. the driver failed to stop at an intersection and plowed in the restaurant. very very busy restaurant. a tough morning there as they
6:20 am
they have to figure out exactly what caused that driver to not be paying at tension or have some sort of issue that caused them to go in the restaurant. back to you. >> christine: the charlotte hornets returning to time warner cable arena to take on the phoenix suns. nickelodeon night at the game last night and the 90s kids were loving it. big al jefferson 19 point, 7 rebounds over the bench. kemba walker led with 26 points. hornets cruised to victory, 126-92, next up a trip to philadelphia tonight. in college, it was no. 17 duke hosting wake forest. grayson allen powered the blue devils with 30 points as they win 79-71. duke wraps up the regular season saturday against anybody know, anybody know? >> john: the big one. >> christine: unc. carolina panthers put the
6:21 am
a long term deal, norman will make nearly $14 million this coming season. other teams can try to sign norman but the panthers can match the offer. if they don't the other team would lose two first round draft picks. >> al: that is the non-exclusive part. >> john: how about that. >> al: that is a big price tag. >> john: he's so good and such character. i like that about him. he's a good fella. >> al: a good player. >> christine: you be you. >> al: hope you're having a great morning, little cooler after last night's rain and we have a much cooler day on the way. last couple days we enjoyed well up in the 70s, 74 monday, 73 yesterday, those temperatures are gone. at least for a while but if you're a fan of the warm weather there is hope. this is often times how it goes, you'll have swings where it gets warm a few days and cool again for a few days. now heading down for a while. the rain left over from last night pushing away.
6:22 am
the rest of us nice clearing trend a lot of sunshine. very little rain last night. in fact, .04 is all we could manage, obviously, very early in the month of march but running a quick deficit here now of quarter inch include today where there will be no rain and yearly deficit is .17. there is another round of rain knocking on the door, we'll make all that up in short time. this is our camera from lake norman where again clear skies out there this morning and as we looked off toward the east, i can see brighter sky, sun up shortly. you can see it very very pretty sky from hd tower cam from scott clark's nissan honda, clear conditions in charlotte, our current temperature right now is at 47 degrees. 46 in concord, 48 in wrong hill, 45 in lincolnton, 43 around hickory, colder in the mountains in the 30s. you will stay in the 30s in the mountains, but mostly sunny by later this afternoon. you have a few flurries, this morning.
6:23 am
issue most of the day. 50 around lenoir, morganton, tons of sunshine, no chance for any rain, 53 salisbury, concord, charlotte, 52 gastonia, 55 wadesboro, albermarle at 51 and to the south, pageland, patrick, lancaster and rock hill, 53. our temperatures, again, next four days in the 50s, which is close if not a little below average but look how we rebound. going in the weekend, a nice warm-up. high pressure is with us for today, clear, cold tonight, we start off with a little bit of sunshine tomorrow look at the clouds on the increase. here comes our next weather maker, that brings rain, even mountain snow tomorrow night. don't think it will be a huge deal, rain could be heavier tomorrow night and early friday morning before this pushes away. we dry out nicely for friday and the weekend. at least 70% chance of rain from late tomorrow in tomorrow night, no rain expected if you're making your weekend plans. seven day forecast looking great. breezy, cooler today, 53, rain
6:24 am
then we dry out and we start to rebound. 58, close to average for friday and saturday, some clouds on saturday but i think for the most part in good shape. a milder day sunday and look at those numbers, warm, going in monday and tuesday, no rain expected then. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. right now, first alert traffic. first alert traffic brought to you by toyota of north charlotte. >> christine: and like i told you in the last hit, we do have a couple more accidents that we're watching for you. there is one at i-485 and wilkinson boulevard, if you're headed toward the airport, you'll run in to that. there may be some delays from that. not seeing significant ones on the map. just be on the look out for that. this stretch of independence boulevard moving great this morning, no stopped traffic at this hour so just keep that in mind if independence is part of your commute. charlotte's non-discrimination ordinance is becoming a hot topic of campaign 2016.
6:25 am
cooper responds to governor mccrory's push for lawmakers to intervene. the naacp speaks out about a deadly officer-involved shooting in raleigh. find out what they are asking the community to do. you're watching wbtv news
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right back. >> christine: early voting for north carolina's march primary begins tomorrow. this morning we're on your side with what you need to know about the state's new voter i.d. requirement. >> john: kristen miranda hard at work in the alert center, will join us with another check of news that just comes in. >> christine: this man accused of killing two college student in virginia is expected back in court today. all new the mother of one of the
6:29 am
the plea deal he is expected to take. >> john: good morning, thanks for waking up with wbtv news this morning, it is now 6:30 i'm john carter. >> christine: i'm christine sperow. avery, mitchell and watauga county schools operating on two-hour delay this wednesday morning. anything changes we'll let you know first here on wbtv. meteorologist al conklin is in the first alert weather center now with the most accurate look at the forecast. >> al: outside of the mountains where we have a few flurries and cloud cover, clear and dry out there. the five sweeps of power doppler radar are showing no rain, the rain we had last night is now moved down to the coast and it is out of here. we're seeing already a brighter sky. sun will be up in a few minutes, 20 minutes, that is scott clark's toyota in stallings, da camera points to the east, a brighter sky. no chance of rain, coming home from work and school, good deal of sunshine, on the cool side, low to perhaps middle 50s but will feel cooler than that because of the breeze out of the
6:30 am
i'll let you know when we go from the 50s to the 70s. they are around the corner, i'll have it in the seven day forecast in a couple minutes. right now 6:31, first alert traffic. first alert traffic brought to you by toyota of north charlotte. >> john: right now a live look at current conditions map, and you can see if you're traveling i-77, things are looking green, you shouldn't have too many issues. same is true for i-85 and 485. here is a live look now we've got this is independence at john belk and want to let you know there has been an accident within the last ten minutes at sardis road and morningdale road, an accident at sardis and morningdale road. that could impede your drive in this morning. keep that in mind. remember, you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> christine: looking ahead early voting for north carolina's primary starts tomorrow and there will be a big change when you head to the polls this year. you will be required to show
6:31 am
ballot. wbtv's mark davenport on your side with what this means for you as a voter, so mark, are election offices ready for this change? >> reporter: christine, they have been working really hard but are voters ready are voters ready for the change? you need to bring a driver's license. if you don't have this, there are other options, you need to bring this if you want to vote. like you were talking about polling places and the board of elections have been working very hard to make sure voters know they need to bring i.d. with them. we talked to the local board of elections, they told wbtv they have been planning for months. they printed out new forms, fresh set of signs, billboards, sent out information on social media to make sure people know they need a photo i.d. to vote in elections this year. election supervisor michael dickerson says the voter i.d. issue, means he's hiring extra extra staffers to handle the new
6:32 am
>> we had to re-train our poll workers just to that. you have to take that in account will it slow the process down on election day, we had to bring in extra people to make sure we have it. >> reporter: now, i want to you look at your screen, these are the six types of acceptable voter identification. first one like i showed you, the driver's license. that works great. state i.d. card also works. u.s. passport, military i.d., veterans i.d. or certain tribal enrollment cards. early voting opens up tomorrow. don't forget your photo i.d. reporting live, mark davenport, wbtv on your side. >> john: charlotte's non-discrimination ordinance is morphing in a hot issue. roy cooper doesn't see a need for the state to intervene, a democrat running for governor. mccrory, pat mccrory, the governor says the rule is a safety threat. he says legislators should
6:33 am
reconvene in april. cooper says there are laws on the books against any criminal activity that could occur and legislature should focus on issues like education and job creation. >> christine: for the second straight day protesters took over several streets in raleigh in response to an officer involved shooting there. akiel denkins died after an officer shot him during a foot chase monday. north carolina naacp leaders spoke out urging calm until all the facts come out. >> truth is the main antidote to unrest. truth. no matter where it leads, truth. no matter what -- where the finger points, truth. >> truth. >> not pre-determined truth.
6:34 am
tight-lipped. 6:34, get over to kristen miranda again. >> john: live in the alert center with new details on astronaut scott kelly's return to earth. >> kristen: everyone anticipating he would get home safely. he did last night. let's look at video, really cool pictures. scott kelly getting ready for the trip back to the u.s., going to fly to houston today, but late last night as you can see, he and two cosmonauts landed after 340 days in space. that is the same number of days it would take to get to mars. let's look at pictures on apple tv, the international space station has been tweeting great pictures. you see the entire crew now that they are all back on planet earth. this picture is great, i love this picture. his breathing his first fresh air in nearly a year. and this is the capsule they came down in, you can see there it a wider picture, that is cool
6:35 am
also talking about what they do next, what happens next for scott kelly? they say here, his balance will be put to the test for sure. scientists will look how the body adjusts to weightlessness and isolation, radiation, stress of long term space flight. compare his body to his twin brother mark, he has been on earth for the past 340 days, so it will be interesting to see what comes out of though experiments. back to you. >> christine: neat stuff, thanks, kristen. a quick look at top stories across the nation and around the world now. >> john: a man charged in the killings of two virginia college student is expected to avoid a death sentence in a plea agreement. jesse matthew scheduled to appear in court today, state attorneys say matthew will enter pleas that end the hannah graham and morgan harrington murder cases. harrington's mother is content with the deal. >> the plea agreement will keep
6:36 am
always been my paramount motivation. i don't need to punish him or rip him limb or limb and i don't hate him. >> matthew is serving life in prison for 2005 sexual assault in northern virginia. >> christine: all new, the ten sailors briefly held captive by iran in january may face discipline for mistakes contributing to the incident. an official familiar with the navy's as yet unreleased investigation spoke to cnn, it found that the sailors made errors which led them in iranian waters according to the official, among other thingses are reportedly failed to conduct operational briefing before setting sail. >> john: battle between the f.b.i. and apple has gone to the nation's capitol. the general counsel testifying to congress if apple agrees to break in the phone of one of the san bernardino terrorists it would make everyone less safe. congressman questioned the
6:37 am
>> i would be deeply disappointed if it turns out that the government is found to be exploiting a national tragedy to pursue a change in the law. >> james comey says investigators did everything to get in the court before going to court but they made a mistake by resetting the account password prohibiting it from syncing on the other computer. >> christine: a few accidents being worked on right now but none of them causing significant delays where you live, so your commute should be good to go. now meteorologist al conklin. >> al: beautiful morning, our lake norman cam from the, it is really pretty out there. after last night's rain and cloud cover, it quickly moved
6:38 am
sunshine out there early this morning. granted, the sun will be up in a couple minutes. getting the bright sky toward the east. a little bit of a ripple because there is a bit of a breeze. that will be with us through the day, a cooler breeze, numale fishing forecast, 48 at 8:00, 51 lunch time, 53 this afternoon. breeze 10 to 15-miles-per-hour. lori woods sent in a picture of her dad, acb, they have one grandson, lives in maryland. they enjoy spending time with family whenever they get a chance. you're our big catch of the day. our temperatures are are going to be up, up, up over the next couple days. i'll give you the details as far as rain goes because there is some of that in the forecast. i'll have it in a couple minutes when we return. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> john: thanks, al, next on wbtv news this morning -- >> christine: with high tech dgets taking over most of our homes, we're on your side trying
6:39 am
that could use though gadgets to get in your home.
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giving you first alert weather and traffic every seven minutes. welcome back to wbtv news this morning. >> christine: welcome back, this month will be another tough milestone farcied cade's for for kilah davenport's family. >> john: her body gave in the injuries sustained at a man supposed to care for her. we heard very little about joshua house r from kilah's mom, she wanted to answer the questions many have asked, like
6:43 am
erupted in violence. >> now i see it that was a red flag, i should have taken it as one. but i made assumptions and i was wrong for making those assumptions. >> tonight at 6:00, kirbi explains what the red flags were, she hopes it saves others. you'll see home movies of kilah and the family is only now willing to share. turning tragedy in triumph, tonight on wbtv news at 6:00. >> christine: 16 minutes now before 7:00 here on this wednesday morning, you are going to feel the difference when you step outside today. >> al: monday, 74, yesterday, 73, everybody going spring is here, very nice. not so fast. four straight days likely to be in the 50s here, which is a little closer to average and in fact the next couple days will be below average. last night's rain didn't amount to very much and i think the reason for that is notice all the lightning, this is six-hour loop, a lot of lightning down
6:44 am
heavy downpours crossed through sumter, wilmington, that robbed a lot of the moisture coming up in our area. we had showers yes, a few flurries in the mountains, sure, wasn't very heavy. less than a tenth of an inch. clear skies right now, scott clark's toyota in stallings, sun coming up, will be up full in a couple minutes. for today, breezy and cooler, 53 in charlotte for today but that is considerably cooler than last couple days when we have been well up in the 70s. if you're in lincolnton, downtown lincolnton, shot from our friend cotton ketchie, charlotte, 53, these numbers are below average for this time of the year. you notice tomorrow at least a 70% chance of rain. i might be on the low side with that, tomorrow night 90% chance of rain, as we go through the day tomorrow, the clouds will increase, they will thicken and we may start with dry conditions, we will end with rain and will rain heavy at
6:45 am
so plan on that if you have outdoor plan tomorrow evening, not looking good. high pressure with us, increasing clouds tomorrow, thursday night the rain, it is gone by friday morning. except for snow showers in the mountains. the clouds will follow suit and we will wind up being nice on friday, drying out and warming up to about 58 degrees. friday is not a bad day at all, again, that 58 is close to average. we get the one shot of rain and dry out nicely going in saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday, and notice the temperatures, they rebound, saturday seasonal day, sunday is milder, 63. temperatures go up from there. monday and tuesday, i think back close to 70, in the 70s on tuesday, with plenty of sunshine to go around. next opportunity for rain is probably just beyond this, going in wednesday, right now it just looks like a good stretch of weather with one more shot of rain, this one more important than last night, thursday late in thursday night. that is the forecast, check in
6:46 am
first alert traffic brought to you by toyota of north charlotte. >> john: right now a live look at our current conditions map and you can see we have yellow area in a few places as things slow down as more people hit the roads. i-77 southbound at clanton road, things are looking pretty good but another accident now at east independence boulevard and briar creek road, an accident at east independence and briar creek, keep that in mind as you head out. also at albermarle and lake forest road, another accident there. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> christine: on your side with consumer warning it seems just about every home has them modern day gadgets that entertain us and make life easier. the smart devices have hidden risks that could make you and your family easy targets for hackers. the story is all new in this half hour. >> reporter: seems like everything is now connected to the internet like this baby monitoring camera.
6:47 am
cameras built right in the door. toys are also tied to the web. >> you're here, how are you? >> they all have processors that transmit and receive data. part of an exploding category of connected devices called the internet of things. >> we'll have something in the neighborhood of 20 billion of these devices online by 2020. >> reporter: todd beardley is a tech research with rapid 7. gadgets that sent out information on the internet can let hacker in your home. last april a new york city couple was horrified to hear a man talking to their three-year-old through a web-connected baby monitor. hackers can invade your privacy for fun. this website features feeds from homes around the world. >> that blue box. >> changing your router's default password is a must. >> you don't have to be a
6:48 am
the password is the password. >> once the router is compromised, hackers can learn a lot about you. >> first name, last name, zip code, date of birth, a good data set i can use directly for crime or sell it. >> create unique passwords for often. >> internet security experts also suggest you check for software updates for all your connected gadgets, they also recommend reducing attack surface by turning off your devices when they are not actively in use and re-setting them to the original factory settings at least once a year. update them again right after that. some tips you can do at home. >> john: after the break, we'll have a check of your top local headlines. >> christine: and switch over to bounce tv in a few minutes.
6:49 am
dollywood, the public relations manager wes ramie will tell us about the new season including a new roller coaster, that and more from 7:00 to 9:00 on bounce tv. here is where to find bounce based on your cable provider or livestream the newscast at
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[ female announcer ] most of the time it's easy to know which option is better. other times, not so much. so it's good to know that mazola corn oil has 4 times more cholesterol blocking plant sterols than olive oil. and a recent study found that it can help lower cholesterol 2 times more. take care of those you love and cook deliciously. mazola makes it better. >> john: seven minutes before 7:00. a quick look at top local stories. >> christine: breaking overnight a family forced out of their home overnight by this early morning fire near pineville. this was the scene whether we arrived on dell court lane before 2:00 this morning. the family got out safely. the cause is now under investigation. >> john: this is new, the voters
6:53 am
carolina's congressional districts are now asking for the state's new maps to also be thrown out. the state has until next week to respond to the new challenge. a hearing is set for march 11th. >> christine: school delays this morning, here they are, avery county schools, mitchell county and watauga county schools are you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. let's check in with meteorologist al conklin. al: the sun is just now coming up you can see it from statesville, temperature in the mid 40s right now. clear skies, every where outside of the mountain, where we have a few flurries flying, 30 in boone, 41 in morganton, 44 in shelby, 45 now charlotte, 51 in monroe and 52 in wadesboro. we'll get back in the low 50s on the cool side, 53 degrees, yesterday. that breeze will be with us all
6:54 am
a chilly breeze, 31 tonight, 32, rather 52 tomorrow, rain arrives late, continues tomorrow night. dries out friday, good for the weekend. sunday. 53. first alert traffic right now. first alert traffic brought to you by toyota of north charlotte. >> kristen: we >> christine: slow downs on providence before you get to the arboretum. also on 485 at providence road, come down 77 south from the cornelius area, traffic is also moving slowly there. and we're watching this accident scene live on our nc-dot camera at independence boulevard and briar creek, you see the accident there blocking the one left lane, watch for slow downs on independence due to this. kristen miranda has three big stories we need to watch. >> kristen: does anybody drop out after super tuesday. the last chance is winner take
6:55 am
scott kelly flies back to houston to begin more tests. he lammedded safely after a year on board the international space station. a live picture of the anthem of the seas back in port in new jersey because of bad weather, now they have new policies after the same ship, the very same ship was battered off the north carolina coast. you remember the pictures, the 30 foot waves. they came back early on this trip so they didn't run in any problems. >> christine: good thing. thank you, kristen. celebrating dr. seuss' birthday. >> john: great american writer would be 112 today. >> kristen: lots of event in his honor across the area. we have posted them for you on our website,, mark davenport is reading to kids, i'm reading to kids. >> christine: people posting messages on twitter telling us how they are celebrating. good stuff. read today. >> john: best thing you can do for yourself, read more.
6:56 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, march 2nd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump domtsinates his super tuesday battle. donald trump turns his attention to hillary clinton hillary clinton after key victories in the key states. >> is phil collins ready to come out of retirement after calling music his enemy? a rare interview with the music star we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener."
7:00 am
instead of building walls we are going to break down barriers. >> when we unify, there is nobody, nobody going to beat us. >> trump and clinton dominate super tuesday. >> bernie sanders argues 35 states to go but gets more difficult after tonight. >> we are going to take our fight for a world of peace! i'll do anything it takes to keep donald trump from being our nominee. >> it will tear the party apart and provide conservatism. >> the conversations of that would be catastrophic. >> this is totally new. is the party coming apart? what is going to happen next? stay tuned is all i can say. >> at least one confirmed and hit alabama. late yesterday, apple filed a second appeal in its dispute with federal investigators. >> we are asking apple to take the vicious guard dog away and let us pick the lock. >> scott kelly is returning to


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