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tv   WBTV News 3 at 530 AM  CBS  March 2, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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morning so again, three operate on two-hour delay up there. mitchell, avery and watauga county schools. the rain has cleared the area, so clearing skies across the region, outside of the mountains. where again you have mostly cloudy skies. in charlotte, a few lingering clouds, but the stars are out, dry for most neighborhoods as what little bit of rain we had last night is long gone. 32 boone, 44 morganton, 49 gastonia, 50 charlotte, rock hill, lancaster,55 in where where. wadesboro. plenty of sunshine to go around, breezy, cooler, 53 in charlotte, exactly 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. goodbye to the 70s for a while. let you know when they return, that will be in the first alert forecast coming up in the seven day planner, right now a look at first alert traffic. first alert traffic brought to you by toyota of north charlotte. >> christine: still just two accidents we're seeing at this hour, if you're commuting in and around the area, none of them
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we look at providence road near the arboretum at 51 you may get a slight slow down at that intersection but things should be moving smoothly there on providence road, highway 16. a look at interstate 77 at the woodlawn road exit, the traffic light, roads are damp, so keep that in mind. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. looking ahead, early voting for north carolina's primaries start tomorrow. the new voter i.d. requirement goes in effect in time for the march primary. a federal judge could still rule against the law. wbtv's mark davenport live in charlotte with more, so mark, what does this requirement mean for voters who may want to vote early and head to the polls tomorrow? >> reporter: christine, it means voters need to show up with photo i.d. to the polling place. if they don't have it with them, they won't be able to cast their vote.
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getting voters to understand this law before they hit their polling place. local board of elections office told wbtv they have been planning on this for months. they have been printing out new forms, rolling out fresh new sets of signs, putting up billboards, sent out information on social media to make sure people know they need a photo i.d. to vote. election supervisor michael dickerson says he's hiring extra staffers just to handle some of the new changes. >> we've had to re-train our poll workers for that and you have to take that in account is it going to slow the process down on election day, we had to bring in extra people to make sure we have it. >> reporter: take a look at this list on the screen, there are six types of acceptable voter i.d. driver's license being the best. state i.d. card, u.s. passport, military i.d., veterans i.d. or
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you can show that to the people your vote. you need to have it with you, remember than if you head out today tomorrow or further down the road here in north carolina. reporting live, mark davenport, wbtv on your side. >> john: scott kelly's year in space is over. kristen miranda has new details live in the alert center. >> kristen: yeah, a pretty amazing sight, john and christine as scott kelly touched back down on earth a little before midnight last night. let's take a look at video actually if we can. kelly and a russian cosmonaut were on the international space station 340 days. this is the moment that scott kelly came out of that capsule that landed him safely back in kazakhstan and gave the thumb's up, he gave a fist pump when he got out of the capsule. they traveled 144 million miles
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they circled the world 5440 times, and experienced 10,880 orbital sunrises and sunsets. if you want to go back to apple tv quickly, mark kelly, the twin brother, tweeted this last night, my brother is back home on our planet, talk aboutallens, he has been off the planet for a year. now they will test what space does, what living in space does for a year, does to the body because they have a twin brother, that they, who has been on earth and has been living normally they can see if there are differences now between scott kelly and mark kelly going forward so they can decide if people can actually sustain a trip to mars which would take a year-and-a-half. if they can live in space a year and be okay, maybe make it to mars in a year-and-a-half and be okay. we'll keep an eye, he's coming back to houston today.
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5:35, north carolina attorney general roy cooper is speaking out about the deadly shooting of a man by a police officer in raleigh. 24-year-old akiel dan kins shot by officer dc twitty. authorities should take the case where the facts of the investigation lead them. >> i know it is horrific for people in the community when someone loses a life. it is clear that investigators and prosecutors should look at this matter thoroughly. >> officer twitty is on administrative leave while the sbi investigating. >> john: mecklenburg county health director think as program offering contraception to teens should be implemented here. according to our news partners at the charlotte observer, he met with county commissioners.
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dropped from 40% if commissioner heard the idea but did not discuss it in detail. >> christine: nikki haley is handling an attack by donald trump in a southern way. shehe took to twitter to criticize haleie, yesterday he tweeted the people of south carolina are embarrassed by nikki haley. in respone, haley treated donald trump, bless your heart. she got the last word. ben carson is call on fellow republican presidential candidates to bury the hatchets before tomorrow night's bedate in detroit. he called each candidate to set up a meeting. he says the race has gotten too negative and republicans cannot beat the democrats if they embarrass themselves by attacking each other. >> john: people across the country are celebrating
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he was born theodore giesel, would have been 112 years today. read across america day and a barbershop in charlotte is celebrating by giving away books. it will be giving away one free book for every kid's haircut. imaginon will have a dr. seuss themed story time. we'll have more events in the 6:30 half hour. >> christine: a live look at the commute, 5:38 right now, this is how things are looking at the wilkinson boulevard exit at 77. traffic moving smoothly, we have not had accidents on the downs. giving you the thumb's up if you have to head out the door in the next few minutes. remember, you're never more than and traffic on wbtv news this here's meteorologist al conklin. >> al: all right, thanks a lot, christine. get you out there, this is downtown belmont, dry conditions there, see a few joggers this
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come on by and the train went by as well. we have mostly clear skies in belmont, current temperature is at 49 degrees. n umale fishing forecast, start in the upper 40s, getting back to 53 a bit of a breeze. chillier breeze, temperature 20s degrees cooler. lori woods if then a picture of her dad of concord with a nice catfish he hauled in sunday from a friend's backyard pond. ac and his wife rita one grandson. lives up in maryland, enjoy spending time with family in the charlotte area when they get a chance. you're our big catch of the day today. folks, i need your big catch fish pictures, email them to me at sun-up at 6:51, sets at 6:21. normally should be close to 60 this time of the year. we have four straight days which will keep us in the 50s. i will talk about whether we warm up, the seven day planner
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5:40 we'll be right back, more >> christine: 5:43, a look at what's trending. >> john: we dealt with cabin fever before, makes it easy to feel the panda cub, the little one trying to rub for freedom throughrun for freedomthrough an iron door. a care taker took it away. has nearly a million views. spoil if roller coaster no longer excite you maybe head to los angeles this summer. >> john: glass slide built 1000 feet above downtown. sky slide as it is called will open in the u.s. bank tower in june. 45 feet across, it will spread across four floors of a
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>> christine: what if it breaks? >> john: it will be that big sturdy glass. >> al: tell me when it's over. >> christine: al will not be checking that out. >> al: okay, now i can look. >> christine: not for you? you'll take the elevator. >> al: there you go. >> john: that could be fun. >> al: no. you know what was fun the last two afternoons, 74 on sunday, and then yesterday, we were up in the 70s again, but a little bit of a break here, monday, tuesday in the 70s, today, going forward for the next four days, only in the 50s and below average around here. let's get you close as we were going to break i showed you the normal high is close to 60 degrees, so we started to get warmer as we get in march but we're going to tail back. here is what is hapning, the front had rain with it, that pushed off toward the east, cooler high pressure builds in. this is king street in boone
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basically dry conditions, there are a few flurries, not a huge deal but the temperatures close to freezing. the windchill factors in the teens, you have gusts between 40 and 50-miles-per-hour. there is still a little bit of wind across the foothills and piedmont, not as strong as the mountains. with that, avery county, watauga, mitchell county schools all operating on two-hour delay. you will see decent amount of sunshine, mostly sunny later this afternoon. temperatures up in the 30s and show that again in a moment here. current conditions in charlotte, partly cloudy, 50, good visibility, that wind out of the west at 8, 10-miles-per-hour. temperatures are close to if not below freezing in the mountains. rest of us in the 40s. south of charlotte you're in the 50s. a wide range of temperatures but guess what, on the northwesterly breezes, here is where the cool air is coming from, high country partly to mostly sunny in the 30s. looks like upper 40s to 50, lenoir, morganton, taylorville, good deallf sunshine that way.
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mooresville, 53 to charlotte, to concord, 51 albermarle, 55 wadesboro and go south of town, in the 50s as well. these numbers 20 degrees cooler than yesterday and that breeze will make it feel cooler. here is high pressure, that builds in today and tonight, cold tonight, stop this tomorrow morning, probably a little aggressive, likely start with sunshine tomorrow but increasing, thickening cloud cover, rain overspreads the area late in the day. snow for the mountains, doesn't look like a huge deal, rain will be possibly heavy at times tomorrow night but out of here quickly on friday and we set ourselves up for a dry end to the work week and in the weekend. our rain chances are at least 70% chance if not greater as we go in thursday, thursday night. and very dry conditions here going in the weekend but it will be cool at least at the start. back in the 70s next week. breezy and cooler, 53 for today, near 30 tonight, outlying areas in the 20s. late rain tomorrow in tomorrow
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saturday, seasonal, mild run sunday and look at this, focus in on these days, going in march we just continue to warm up very nicely. a look at first alert traffic. first alert traffic brought to you by toyota of north charlotte. >> john: a live look at our current conditions map, if you are traveling i-77, no significant issues. here is a live look at i-77 at wilkinson, things are picking up but they are flowing smoothly. remember, you're never more than seven minutes away from weather morning. 5:47. >> christine: technology is everywhere. >> john: yes. >> christine: could it be invading your privacy, a story next hour. on your side helping you protect yourself, make sure you're >> john: kristen miranda is live in the alert center. she is solely dedicated to
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headlines throughout the morning.
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thank you for starting your day with wbtv news this morning. >> christine: welcome back to wbtv news this morning. >> john: nine minutes before 6:00. go over to kristen miranda, details on a train derailment york right now. she is live in the alert center. >> kristen: the good news right off the top, we got word a couple minutes ago a leak that was there at the scene has been contained following that train derailment. this is in western new york state, the town of ripley. a freight train carrying hazardous liquids, 15 cars derailed and because some of those liquids spilled, many homes had to be evacuated.
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shelter in place. we're talking things like ethanol were spilled. they wanted to contain the leak, make it safe for the people that live in the area to be in their homes, again we have heard they have contained that leak. no fire, no injuries here, so that is a good thing, still waiting to see what exactly caused the train to derail. if i learn anything, i'll bring it to you from the alert center. >> christine: south dakota's governor vetoing a bill that would have required transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms that match their sex at birth. governor said the law would have removed the ability of school districts to determine what is best for their students. supporters said the bill was privacy. >> john: a possible tornado southwest of birmingham, hit early yesterday engineer bessemer. four people were injured, their conditions unknown, two were
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>> christine: a teacher in indiana getting attention for a touching letter she wrote to students. >> john: abby martin posted this note from her son's teacher. as students prepare for standardized tests the notary minded them the tests do not assess does not make you special and unique. people do not know each of you like i do. that was nice of her to send that out, took the pressure off. >> christine: you're never more than seven minutes away from weatheheand traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is meteorologist al conklin. >> al: we're tracking what isleft of the rain that moved through last night. and never amounted to very much. most of us less than a tenth of an inch, drier high pressure is building in, still have cloud cover in the mountains but very little in the way of snow. a couple of flurries up there, that is it but windy and cold in the mountain, temperatures are near freezing with windchill factors well down in the teens, so we have mitchell, avery and watauga county schools all operating on a two-hour delay. no delays here in the charlotte
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conditions now, little bit of rain overnight is blowing dry with a breeze. 50, partly cloudy in charlotte, 50 rock hill, 52 monroe, cooler north and west. below freezing in boone. 45 in hickory, 49 gastonia and out toward salisbury at 47. for today, lots of sunshine across the area, even in the mountains you become sunny this afternoon. 49 this morning. near 50 at lunch time, 53 late this afternoon here in the charlotte area. 20 degrees cooler versus the last couple days. i'm tracking our next round of rain, also look at weekend forecast all starting in a few minutes at 6:00. right now, first alert traffic. first alert traffic broroht to you by toyota of north charlotte. >> christine: all right and we continue to watch the commute for you which during the 5:00 hour has been moving great this morning. followno major slow downs, 77, 85 coming from gastonia moving smoothly. all of 485, highlighted in the
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let's look at live look at i-77 at nations ford, traffic picking up slightly as we move to the 6:00 a.m. hour, keep watching wbtv news we will let you know about problems first as they arise. super tuesday is now in the books, we're continuing to get a clearer picture of campaign 2016. >> john: we have the results from the 12 states that voted and kristen miranda is in the alert center breaking down what they mean. you're watching wbtv news
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this broadcast sponsored by subaru south boulevard and subaru concord. wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> christine: the results are in from super tuesday and
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have tightened their grip on their respective party's presidential nominations. kristen miranda has been breaking that down in the alert center, getting you exact results first. kristen, more details coming in? >> kristen: we have the final delegate count as of this morning after super tuesday, we'll bring those to you from the alert center. >> john: wbtv sits down for an exclusive interview with the man who rush in a burning home in cleveland county trying to save the couple inside. >> i can't sleep. i see that man setting up there pointing, left hand out pointing across the rubble, at his wife. >> john: good morning, welcome to wbtv news this morning on wednesday, march 2nd, good to have you with us, i'm john carter. >> christine: i'm christine sperow. there are school delays to report this morning. there is the list. avery, mitchell and watauga county schools on a two-hour delay for wednesday morning.
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experienced morning meteorologist, al conklin. >> al: snow is falling in a couple neighborhoods but more the wind and cold weather. a flurry or two in the mountains with cloud cover up there, but the bigger issues that we had 40 to 50 mile per hour winds around boone this morning. that has our windchill factors down in the teens with temperatures near or below freezing. different story in the mountains. rest of us clearing out nicely after last night's rain. we have dry conditions here in charlotte, little bit of rain we had is gone and so again the road conditions are improving. 47 in charlotte, 46 mountain island lake, 43 tega cay, 47 belmont, weddington, 49 for ballantyne and indian trail. starting in the 40s, only getting back to 53. mostly sunny skies but again, much cooler, that is 20 degrees cooler than yesterday and looks like the cool weather sticks around a while. i'll let you know when it will
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planner. minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. first alert traffic brought to you by toyota of north charlotte. >> john: right now give you a live look at current conditions map and for the most part things are looking green right now, which means conditions are good, no significant issues. as we look at this live picture of i-77 at arrowood road, there has been an accident at north sharon amity and indlewood, an accident there, that may cause issues as you head out. >> christine: the biggest day yet in campaign 2016, voters went to the polls in a dozen states to decide their party's presidential nominee. hillary clinton and donald trump earning wins in seven of those states. republican ted cruz nabbed the biggest prize in texas, marco rubio got his first win of the campaign, in the state of minnesota. clinton's competitor, bernie sanders celebrated victories in the home state of


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