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tv   WBTV News 3 at 430AM  CBS  March 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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good deal of sunshine today but a lot cooler out there. there you can see the frontal system to the east of us, the last little bit of rain is exiting our viewing area toward the pee dee river back to the west, mainly clear skies. however, there are a couple flurries, cloud cover in the mountains, nothing all that heavy. no advisories for any snow. in the metro school camera you can see we have dry conditions here, a little bit of cloud cover, skies are clearing quickly. temperatures falling off. 34 in boone, 46 in morganton, 48 shelby, 46 in statesville, 50 in charlotte, almost 60 in wadesboro. you can pick out where the front is just to the east of the charlotte metro area, pushing toward the east. temperatures will be cooler today. yesterday, back in the low 70s. today, low to perhaps middle 50s. plenty of sunshine but 20 degrees cooler than where we have been the last couple days. i'll talk about a warm-up and next opportunity for rain in the
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back over to you. >> john: thanks, al. an eight-year-old boy in south carolina airlifted to the hospital after being hit by a car. sky 3 was the only news helicopter out in indian land as his bike, ran a stop sign and hit a moving car. they say he was not wearing a helmet at the time. neighbors say the child suffered a bad head injury and an emt who lives in the neighborhood came out to help before he was taken by helicopter. one woman saw the aftermath. >> i prayed for the mother, prayed for the little boy, kept on praying, because everybody was hysterical, highly upset with the blood and all the things, with the tragedy. >> we are still working to learn the boy's name and condition and update you on air and online at this morning an amber alert cancelled after four children who were abducted in north carolina were found.
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dominique lecco took the four children, all under the age of ten. investigators haven't said if lecco was arrested. a memorial growing at the scene of deadly crash in which a student from west mecklenburg high school was killed. sky 3 over the scene yesterday on windy grove road. the driver was speeding, lost control, driving off the road and hitting a tree. police say 15-year-old heaven seay died. two other passengers also west meck students were seriously hurt. the driver taken to the hospital, not clear if the driver also goes to that school. police have not said if anyone will face charges. we know the names of the two other victims in a triple homicide in gaston county. a story we brought you as breaking news yesterday on wbtv news this morning. investigators found the bodies
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sanchez and jia van javan giovanni gambino. a fire broke out in pineville, heavy flames ripping through the home when they arrived, no one injured, the cause is under investigation. wbtv is digging in a video of what appears to show several charlotte-mecklenburg police custody. shows an officer repeatedly hitting a person being arrested in connection to a hit and run. this happened at the sardis place apartments in matthews. security expert carl della dela guerra is where they are hitting him is key. >> from my experience if the officer is striking a major
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my opinion excessive force was not used. >> he says officers used the technique to get a suspect to release their arms instead of pulling it out and break a bone. cmpd's internal affairs unit is looking in the allegations of excessive force. we're learning more about a former marine that ran in a burning home to save an elderly couple. the stranger pulled jb and naomi newton out of a home that exploded sunday. initially, he was driving a dark pick up truck is all we knew. we tracked down brian crotts of shelby, coleen harry talked with him in a story you will see only on wbtv. >> i can't sleep. i see that man setting up pointing his left hand pointing across the rubble to his wife. >> reporter: to appreciate brian crotts tonight, you have to understand sunday. flames shooting up as he rushed toward the house, then an
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>> the house was rubble, piled up sticks. >> reporter: an older gentleman we know it was jb newton, sitting up against debris, fire raging beside him. >> i tried to pick him up, he pushed me away, no, no, then he said my wife and i said i'll get your wife, if it kills me, he went limp. i picked him up and run him to the road. >> reporter: two neighbors helped lift mr. newton over the fence. brian went back in the rubble and fire for the man's wife. >> i got to her, she was by 2 x 4s and a wall. >> she was unconscious, he was exhausted but a marine ignored the pain in his leg, lifted her and carried her to the fence. >> laned her head back, she wants breathing. i gave her a breath. went to take a second breath, she come to. i keep smelling the flesh, that is a smell i never smelled. >> the husband ban and wife badly burned.
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>> i want the family to know that that lady asked about her husband when she come to, and that man only thing he was thinking about was his wife. >> for a man who served four years in the military, he says he does not consider himself a hero. would do it again. >> when he said there was people in there, i didn't want nobody to burn alive, nobody to die if they were in there i want to get them out. >> coleen harry, wbtv on your side. >> john: boy, what a true hero. people in fallston gathered to remembered the newtons. dozens came out to pray at fallston baptist church. also praying for first responders who worked the scene. donald trump and hillary clinton celebrating a
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4:38, 22 minutes before 5:00. >> john: 20 minutes before 5:00. wbtv always on your side, bringing you the latest headlines from around the world. kristen miranda is in the alert center following the stories you want to know before you head out the door. you told us you wanted news first and this is where you get it. we'll check in with her in a few minutes. in campaign 2016, cbs news
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the delegate-rich states participating in super tuesday. donald trump and hillary clinton are racking up victories. >> reporter: donald trump had a super tuesday with cbs news projecting wins in the republican primaries in arkansas, tennessee, alabama, georgia, virginia and massachusetts. >> i think honestly we've done something that almost nobody thought could be done. >> reporter: ted cruz nabbed the biggest prize of the night, home state of texas, a crucial win. cbs news projects he won oklahoma. >> we're the only campaign that has beaten donald trump once, twice, three times! >> reporter: marco rubio picked up the first win of his campaign with cbs news calling minnesota for the senator. a third of republican voters said the most important quality in the candidate shares values and can bring change. for democrats they have the
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cbs news projects democrat hillary clinton won texas, arkansas, tennessee, alabama, georgia, virginia and massachusetts. >> this country belongs to all of us, not just those at the top. >> bernie sanders is celebrating a victory in vermont. cbs news also projects he picked up colorado, minnesota and oklahoma. >> the people where we stand together will be victorious. >> half the delegates needed for the republican nomination being handed out tonight and more than a third needed to clinch on the democratic side. craig boswell, cbs news. no candidate can clinch the nomination yesterday. 35 states have to vote including new york and california, and north carolina. still ahead on wbtv news this morning, north carolina attorney general roy cooper speaking out about charlotte's non-discrimination ordinance, what he's saying about governor
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against the ordinance.
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4:45 the time, bond has been denied for a man accused of murdering his former boss, a well-known businessman in charlotte. kevin dejesus charged with the murder of jesse campbell.
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near lake wylie in january. investigators have not released a motive in the case. dejesus from hob honduras and ice will investigate whether he is a legal citizen. a woman defended her position she was living in a house legally. ninti el bay arrested after police found her living in a home in piper glen. she represented herself in court. arguing the court has no jurisdiction because she is a member of the moorish nation. that group is known to create meaningless documents to unlawfully acquire homes. she interrupted the proceedings constantly and tried to call witnesses after the closing statements. a judge found el-bey guilty on six of the seven charges. has to pay court costs, stay away from the home and comply with supervised probation. charlotte's non-discrimination ordinance is morphing in a hot issue in the race for governor.
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need for the state to intervene. cooper is a democrat and running to face governor pat mccrory in november. mccrory says the rule allowing transgender people to use the bathroom of their choice is a safety threat. he wants legislators to repeal the decision. cooper says there are already laws on the books against any criminal activity that could occur and legislature should focus on issues such as education and job creation. 13 minutes now before 5:00. had a little rain overnight but things are looking good right now. i saw the moon as i was driving in, a few clouds as well, but otherwise, not a bad start to the morning. let's check in now with meteorologist al conklin. >> al: john, skies are clearing across the area, we'll wind up with a lot of sunshine but big story breezy, and much, much cooler behind the front that rolled through during the pre-dawn hours now. very little rain with this, i'll give you the rain tallies at 5:00. but safe to say this was not a stout front, didn't think it would be.
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the east. we're getting clearer skies, may be a couple snow flurries in the mountains. bigger story is the wind. gusts between 30 and 40-miles-per-hour, in the high country, a little bit of wind blowing in the charlotte area. this is center city from our camera at central piedmont communityyollege looking back toward the west. mainly clear skies here, just a couple clouds around early this morning. excellent visibility, 50 degrees right now, ten miles and again you can see the wind out of the west, northwest at 6, 7 miles per hour, perhaps a few higher gusts. temperatures a wide range, close to freezing from jefferson and boone, then you get in the 40s. then the 50s and as we get down toward the sand hills, close to 60 in cheraw and rockingham. a wide-range of temperatures, the flow out of the west, northwest, meaning cooler air filtering in and most of us will wind up down in the 40s this morning and only getting back in the low to perhaps middle 50s this afternoon.
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across the area, high temperature only getting back to 53, about 20 degrees cooler than the last couple afternoons. days. low temperatures tonight colder, 26 boone, 31 charlotte, to monroe, 30 hickory, 28 morganton, 28 albermarle. colder night coming up and stay in the 50s tomorrow, we don't budge, despite the fact we start the day with a lot of sunshine, wind up with more cloud cover. here is the reason, high pressure is building in behind the front that came through, then increasing clouds tomorrow, eventually another round of rain gets in tomorrow night, by friday morning early that is pushing away from us and drier conditions coming back in the picture. every time we get the reinforcing shots of cool air it keeps our temperatures a little below average and that will be the case for probably the next three to four days. as far as rain goes, done with the rain today, we shoot up late tomorrow in tomorrow night and come back down, there may be cloud cover over the weekend i
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milder conditions. especially by sunday, getting up above average. for the next couple days, we will be in the 50s, a little below average for this time of the year. here's the seven day forecast, gorgeous background picture there, pilot mountain from our good friend, cotton ketchie, breezy, cooler today, 53. colder tonight, low near 30. tomorrow increasing clouds, rain at night, dries out friday morning, 58, drying saturday, milder sunday look at this, 60s, low 70s, early next week. that is the forecast john, see you at the top of the hour. >> john: new insights in the disappearance and death of zahra baker. what a medical examiner is revealing, coming up. ten minutes before 5:00. speak out is an expression of opinion from the editorial board
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general manager scott dempsey. >> construction moves forward on the future toll lanes along i-77, despite an ongoing battle to try and kill the project altogether. that battle has played outin other states, where ntra - the company that's ilding the lanes here - s operated toll roads.a recent wbtv investigation to those roads revealed me troubling concerns. indiana, skyrocketing lls and fees led to a decline in cars on the roads.leading to a drop in revenue. to make up for that, cintra's subsidiary raised the price of tolls before eventually declaring bankruptcy. a similar thing happened in chicago, where declining ridership meant rising tolls and financial troubles, before cintra sold its rights to a 99-year lease. and in texas, cintra currently owns a highway that parallels a free state-run interstate. when our reporter drove that toll road, it was virtually empty. so here's an obvious question: who dropped that ball when it came to investigating cintra's track
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hired them for the job? you wouldn't hire a contractor for your home without checking out their references. so why didn't the state do the proper research beforesigning a multi-billion llar contract? r state legislators are e only ones who can stop e i-77 toll lane project w. t your voice be heard fore it's too late.
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4:53 am >> john: 4:55. this is just in the newsroom, want to let you know about a school delay. avery county schools telling
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operating on a two-hour delay today. avery county schools, two-hour delay. could be black ice, could be winter weather kind of conditions up this causing that. more than five years have passed since the body of zahra baker was found in the foothills of north carolina. a manhunt went on for months for baker, now we're getting new insight in that investigation. steve crump talked with the man who handled her case and remains in the state lab. >> reporter: no two days are alike for you. >> no, sir. >> reporter: clyde gibbs labors in a work environment of unsolved puzzles. an investigator with the state medical examiner's office. and his responsibility is to identify the remains of those connected to unsolved death cases across north carolina. as law enforcement agencies scoured the foothills, searching for zahra baker, it was just a matter of time before his office in raleigh started receiving dismembered body parts connected
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>> it was only until we actually recovered the skull that we were actually able to really put the case together saying yes, we have zahra completed. >> reporter: the evidence discovered in april of 2012. more than a year-and-a-half after investigators first started looking for her. >> that was 2010 when that case originally came in. >> reporter: the case file and autopsy report can be described as graphic. >> found indications of sharp force injuries that would either indicate some point the individuals or suspects were trying to disarticulate the individual for disposal. >> reporter: layman's term? >> cut up the bones, body and either easily dispose of the remains somewhere else. >> reporter: in september of 2011, elisa baker, the stepmother, pled guilty, months before positive i.d. was made. clyde gibbs recalls her father
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>> he was the main individual that was as the person who did receive her remains before they went back to australia. >> reporter: closure not only came for zahra's family but those who invested countless hours in the case. >> it was very good to be able to say yes, we have zahra baker. >> reporter: steve crump, wbtv on your side, raleigh. >> john: we've been following the case for you every step of the way for years. you can see our complete coverage on come up at the top of the hour, while you were sleeping, crews were on the scene of a fire that destroyed a family's home, the investigation in that fire just ahead. al? >> al: while you were sleeping we had rain you can see it, moved through quickly overnight, now we're setting up for much cooler day today, i will have the seven day forecast. kristen? >> kristen: al, super tuesday results, scott kelly back on earth, a violent crash in massachusetts all that
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wbtv news this morning starts in this broadcast sponsored by subaru south boulevard and subaru concord. wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> john: now at 5:00, a child seriously hurt after being hit by a car in south carolina. we're on your side with exclusive video of the aftermath. >> christine: the mystery surrounding the stranger who tried to save a couple from a house explosion in cleveland county solved, we talked to the former marine who pulled the couple from the home in an interview you will see only on wbtv. >> john: welcome to wbtv news this morning on this wednesday, it is march 2nd, good to have you with us, i'm john carter. >> christine: i'm christine sperow. major development in campaign 2016, super tuesday in the books. kristen miranda is in the alert center with the latest results first. >> kristen: super tuesday results coming in. we found out who took the prize in alaska a few moments ago, i'll get you caught up in a couple minutes.
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school delay this morning. wintery weather in the mountains, avery county on two-hour delay. if there are any others we'll let you know. you can find the latest information at let's find out more what may be causing that in the weather here, here is charlotte's most experienced meteorologist, al conklin. >> al: there is a couple things, we have light snow falling in a few areas in the mountains but windy and cold. the temperatures close to freezing right now but the windchill factor in the teens. not one thing, but the combination of things has the school systems in avery county operating on two-hour delay. had a little bit of snow overnight. the rain pushed off toward the east, exited our viewing area and we're going to be drying out through the day today. you can see the tree branch in boone. wind gusts are high, 40 miles per hour in boone, the windchill


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