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tv   WBTV News 3 at 5PM  CBS  March 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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abrasion on his arm. de not request medical attention and he did not need any. reporting live at police headquarters pamela escobar wbtv on your side. >> thank you. and police are reviewing the video and asking for any other witnesses to please come forward and contact internal affairs. another warm and gorgeous sunny day. >> got into the 70s. but all that rain could drop heavy rain on your neighborhood tonight. >> over to chief meterologist, eric thomas for a check how things are looking. >> good evening yes we have a well organized front coming our way. ahead of it, yep, you see showers as well. let's talk about who is going to see what here. first of all, as we advance this picture let's talk about the local area and the showers that i mentioned out ahead of the main line. the main line in the tennessee area. these are moving quickly off to the east northeast at 50-miles-per-hour. some of the showers they are
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cleveland county and they will be on their way toward gastonia in 5:00 p.m. and huntersville quarter of 6:00 p.m. and concorde coming in to that. and we are going to zoom in and get more detail on this for you. now let's take you down into this region and you folks in catawba county, lincoln county, gaston you will be in the path of this. and the other line of storms that is well off to the west of us and that is coming across tennessee. the radar is beginning to fill in a little bit as we get you into the southern foothills. but across the state line and we are looking for this to get in around 9, maybe 10:00 p.m. and this is coming through chat into georgia right now. lightning strikes as well and we will track it and the rest of your seven-day first-alert forecast stay tuned. >> thank you. right now a gaston county woman in jail charged with killing her husband. crystal gambino is charged with
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connection with a triple homicide. christian flores spoke with the neighbors who know the gym bin know family. what are the neighbors saying about this? >> well, paul, neighbors here are still stunned. they are a community is a scene of a triple homicide as gambino is in jail. they have one question. what set her off last night? >> a lot of racket it was loud. >> neighbors on the road are still in disbelieve the noise they woke up to was gunfire. gaston county police say 42-year-old crystal gambino shot and killed her 40-year-old husband and two other murder victims inside the house who police have not identified to the public. gambino made her appearance in court. a neighbor says she noticed the two had a rocky relationship. >> he loved her very much. and she was kind of the boss of everything.
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>> that neighbor said gambino had violent tendencies and stopped talking with her after being threatened with a gun. >> when she came running out with the gun toward me, i really did not think she was going to shoot me. i thought the best thing i needed to do was leave her alone. >> other neighbors and friends side. >> close known them a longtime, i guess hard to believe it's that close to your house and somebody you know. >> she would never hurt anybody. >> susan was friends with gambino for three years and her son dated one of her daughters. until she hears a guilty verdict she refuses to believe she is a murderer. >> i know she would not kill anybody in cold blood. >> now, detectives are still in the middle of the investigation and more charges are expected to be added once the other victims are identified. wbtv on your side.
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appearance is march 21. >> new information on a deadly crash in west charlotte. investigators say the person killed was a student at west mecklenburg high school. 15-year-old heaven see died after the car she was in went off windy grove road this morning and slammed into a tree. two other west meck students in the car were injured. investigators say the driver was also seriously injured but it's not known right now if that person is also a student. police tell us the vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed before it went off the road. >> and union county school superintendent dr. mary ellis is retiring. acin a release she stated she would retire on june 1st after prosecutors cleared her and two employees in a conflict of interest laws investigation. ellis has been the union county public school superintendent since 2012.
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asking for your help to track down the man that chased a female jogger with a knife. police released this photo of the suspect. the woman was jogging near the winthrop university campus last week when she was being followed. she ran into this nearby bank and hid in a restroom. if you recognize this man call rock hill police. >> trial underway for a woman accused of squatting in an $800,000 home and claim to go for herself. in court she requested to dismiss her attorney and the judge said he would not allow it. she is part of the group called moorish nation. sharon smith was in court and will have more at 5:00 p.m. >> right now police in charlotte are searching for the person responsible for a shooting that sent a woman to the hospital with serious injuries.
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northcross town homes just off of beatties ford road. it appears the bullet grazed the woman's head. cmpd says she was able to talk to detectives at the scene. if you have information that may help call police. >> it's march first and the biggest day of the 2016 primary season and time for millions of voters to make their voices heard. dozens are heading to the ballots to cast their ballot. we are hearing from the candidates as they make their case for the last-minute votes. jamie boll watching the action on this crucial day from washington. >> donald trump stepped off his private plane and singled out his closest republican rival at a rally in ohio. >> i deal with rubio. i deal with cruz. these guys don't know anything. they have no clue what is going on. >> of the dozen states on the super tuesday map trump is leading in all but one. >> he is everything that the republican primary electorate is
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>> but trump's opponents say not so fast. >> donald trump will be an embarrassment to america and embarrassment to anyone that supported him. >> and ted cruz voted in texas and made his final pitch to voters. >> you are among those 65% of republicans who recognize that donald trump could be a disaster as the nominee then i ask you to join us even if you are thinking of another candidate. >> this is the single biggest day of voting. there are 595 delegates up for grabs on the republican side. that is about half the number needed to win the nomination. >> the goal of today is to end up with as many delegates as we possibly can. >> there are 859 democratic delegates at stake but hillary clinton has a commanding lead in six southern states. >> i need your help tonight. >> that is why the former first lady and secretary of state is in minnesota.
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frequently and is hoping to win. jamie boll wbtv on your side. >> north carolinians will have the chance to vote later this month. the presidential primary is march 15th. early voting is thursday. >> right now a cleveland county community is preparing to remember this couple killed after an explosion at their home. jb and naomi newton died after someone crashed into a propane tank outside their home causing it to explode. the community will gather for a prayer service for the couple and all the rescue personnel who helped. the service will be held at the baptist church on circle drive in fallston at 7:00 p.m. >> we have new information on an apartment fire in rock hill. alex giles is live in the alert center. >> just spoke to a firefighter in rock hill who says four families are without homes after this fire. this is from the partners cn2 in south carolina.
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complex in rock hill. it took firefighters 40 minutes to get that under control. and they say 4 apartment units were on fire. two others smoke damage everyone made it out of there safely they had to rescue a cat and the red cross is assisting the families that were struck by the fire. >> all right thank you. time for a check on the roads here is tonya rivens. >> your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. things are busy as we check in here. trade street i-77 north an accident. you maybe able to see the volume the overpass there. and on the mapping system we see a lot of red and slow-moving traffic affecting i-77 and 277 approaching i-77 north. quite a bit of stop-and-go traffic and volume northbound i-77 and headed nosh four miles of slow-moving traffic southbound three miles of
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and the drive time... westinghouse boulevard to i-77 277, 30 minutes. and you see that volume northbound and southbound on i-77 back to you. >> thank you. gas prices are going up. >> but there is a silver lining. next... >> that downward spiral in gasoline prices may be over for now. look for the prices to jump up in the next few weeks. >> and still ahead at 5:00... >> a south carolina mom's worst nightmare hear her describe the moment she fought off a man
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the wave of dropping gas prices may be coming to an end. prices at the pump are start too long creep up. experts say it's seasonal but there is debate whether they will come back down again. wbtv's steve ohnesorge has the story now from catawba county. >> sam noticed what is happen togas prices. >> yes, i have. >> john says it's jolted a dime. >> they have gone up a lot the last week. >> along the stretch of 321 in catawba county, the prices in the upper 50s are in the 160s' and higher elsewhere. >> disappointed. it was fun. to have cheap gas for a while. >> many are wondering why it's happening with the crude oil prices so low and a glut of it on the market. but there is not a glut of gasoline. refinery space is limited. and this time of year they
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the systems and switch to summer blends and during that period at the beginning of spring gas prices will go up. 10 to 15 cents agallon in this area is possible. >> not good news for roy wallace. >> i drive 200-300 miles a day. >> everyone who puts miles in will feel the effects. a few cents can make a difference. >> oh, yeah. >> it's still $2 cheaper than three years ago. and danny browning has other plans for the money. >> stay at home. got a daughter getting married. >> always the chance prices will come back down. but no guarantees say experts and most folks say they are not counting on it. >> yes, it ain't going to stay low forever. >> they have seen the prices change a lot over the past few years n catawba county, steve ohnesorge wbtv on your side. >> i want to show you the video of this kid. he is ok.
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this toddler fell out of the back of a moving van. the scene was captured on video. and the driver behind became a good samaritan and stopped and grabbed the child and gave it back to his grandfather. the grandfather says the child got out of his seat and crawled to the back and he fell out. fell out on his own. he had been rear-ended recently and that is why the hatch would not stay closed. the child ok after falling out. it is time for a check on the roads let's check with tonya rivens. >> thank you. so dangerous on the roads especially with congestion we have here by steele creek on 485. we had an earlier accident at 485 and wilinson boulevard. and we see a lot of time for traffic trying to recover. and we have an accident steele creek and shopton west. and you may notice all of this red from stop-and-go traffic on
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continue to look around the area there is another accident over at 485 and i-77. a lot of congestion as well. south tryon is the better alternate route as we look at i-77 by arrowood northbound and southbound delays. back to you. >> thank you. lots of interesting things moving in. look behind us on the hd towercam and you see the clouds u delightful day and the clouds started coming in. it was going to cloud up but the temperatures got warm. >> we got backup to 73 today. we thought it would keep us in the upper 60s because of the clouds but we managed to get into the low 70s. delightful. light showers on the radar right now. we'll go in tighter for you and show you what things are doing around the immediate viewing region. again this is what we are watching later on in the evening. we are thinking 9-11:00 p.m. the line will be coming through and we have lightning strikes as well. in terms of the showers
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county quick motion about 45-50-miles-per-hour off to the northeast. showers coming into the i-77 corridor around stanly, westport, huntersville and then mayorsville up in iredell county. when a main line gets here tonight the winds around this are going to kick up. the high wind warning for ash and watauga county until noon on wednesday. and you could be seeing gusts in excess of 60-miles-per-hour. and avery, mitchell yancy this is the same idea perhaps the gusts are not as strong. the hd towercam camera is jiggling around. 71 . sustained winds out of the south, southwest at 18. and gusts 20-30-miles-per-hour this afternoon. and that is before that line of showers and storms comes into the area. 70s in piedmont and 60s in the i40 corridor and track it
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us here by the 11:00 p.m. hour. and 62 then at 9:00 p.m. and 60 through 11:00 p.m. look how quickly it moves out. tomorrow morning there it is the map clearing out and we should be in pretty good shape but a clipper comes back in here thursday evening, thursday night so a round of showers and late mountain snow out of that during the overnight. and after that, temperatures not bad. upper 50s working back into the 60s by late in the weekend and that 73 which we hit the last two days is on the way back for early next week as well. leigh brock has another update at 5:30. >> next, a surprise political announcement some of the most recognizable names in nascar what do they really think about endorsing donald trump? >> and new... >> the only explanation i can give to it is god's hand.
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describes the terrifying moment she fought off a man trying to get away with her baby. her emotional story is next. >> and new at 6:00... >> i figured this guy was going to try to kill me. >> the woman who was chased by a man with a knife in rock hill and what about seeing the pictures and what she wants other women to know.
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a south carolina mother describes the moment when she had to fight off a man that tried to steal her truck with her baby boy inside. >> [inaudible]
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amanda silva was emotional and says she left the baby in her truck as she ran inside her house to grab a bag. silva says a man got into her vehicle and tried to drive off. as she fought with the man to get her son out of the truck he ended up backing into the large ditch unable to get the truck out. silva says the man took off on foot. >> i hope they find him soon. you know because if he is still out there he will still do it. and well, at that point, i don't know what he is capable of. and i'm worried not about me and about me and my kids and my safety butbout the others, too. >> silva said her family was already planning to move out of their home. but this incident has increased her passion for leaving. >> ahead, a woman arrested for living in a home illegally and
5:25 pm
>> it's happening here in charlotte. we'll take you inside the
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>> announcer: wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> now, at 5:00 she is accused of squatting in an $800,000 home in a charlotte neighborhood. today she fired her attorney in court. plus... >> donald trump [inaudible] >> some are against it and others for it and some inbetween. we are breaking down the lines that drive politics in the world of nascar. good evening and thank you for joining us i'm molly grantham. >> i'm jamie boll.
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that shook up many who follow nascar. donald trump announced big names like bill and chase elliott, ryan new man and david reagan would join him on stage for this. >> this is a great man and the guy who can do great things for us so thank you. >> also joining the drivers the man who runs nascar itself. c.e.o. brian france. fans on both sides of the controversy reacted quickly and some said it would hurt the sport's outreach to minorities. david whisenant. first of all, why did the endorsements come yesterday? >> well, donald trump was in georgia for a rally and the nascar folks were there because the race sunday was in atlanta. georgia is a super tuesday state that is voting today. the timing made sense but there was one unaccounted for element of times that seemed to surprise a lot of folks.
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[cheering] the hottest young driver in the world. >> sounded like driver introductions at the speedway only the announcer was a man who wants to be president. donald trump brought out brian france for an endorsement and ryan newman and bill elliott and his son chase. >> i think he can do great things for us. >> there was an immediate reaction on twitter. some fans loving it and others not so much. and one fan saying he is disappointed and alienated. in an opinion piece in "usa today" calling it a huge mistake. locally reactions were split. >> i think donald trump will be a good president. it did not affect me what he said. >> donald trump lied. >> politics and racing have been bed fellows for years but the trump enendorsement and the timing struck folks one day after trump was criticized for not distancing himself from


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