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tv   WBTV News 3 at 430PM  CBS  March 1, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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a virginia police officer shot and killed her first day on the job laid to rest today. officer ashley gwendon was one of three officers shot satdy while responding to a domestic violence call. the other two officers are expected to survive. >> the teenager accused in yesterday's ohio high school shooting went before a judge. investigators say the 14-year-old armed with a handgun opened fire inside the cafeteria at madison high school in butler county. four students suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. authorities have an idea of the motive but are not revealing it yet. an accident in west charlotte at the wal-mart. alex giles is live with that. >> got this video in. scary situation. we have this video from our chopper and crews on the ground. this is the 3200 block of wilkinson boulevard where medic says a pedestrian was struck. and there is a bike lying in the roadway.
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life-threatening injuries and was taken to the hospital. scene. police officers inspecting that accident. we will be looking for an update on the condition of the pedestrian yap. we will bring you new center. back to you. >> all right thank you. >> all right. i have moved over to the first alert weather center with our meteorologist leigh brock. we had a great couple of days, leigh, but real changes are moving in. >> big changes the cold front is on the way and it will be here before you know it tomorrow. not the 70s anymore. >> and rain as well? >> mainly tonight. but, yeah, rain is coming this way. right now the clouds can taken over. let's look where the rain is. it's making good progress moving across the eastern part of tennessee. the heavy rain and the lightning strikes in there. a couple of showers have made it into the wbtv viewing area. and here is what we have through
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as timing. pushing to the east. quickly seems to be 40-miles-per-hour. not wasting anytime close to hickory around 8:00 p.m. and charlotte 9:30. plan accordingly. we have a high wind warning for avery watauga and ashe county. that is in effect from 7:00 p.m. to noon tomorrow and a wind advisory for avery county. also in effect from 7:00 p.m. to noon tomorrow. you can see gusts for the warning up to 60-miles-per-hour. and farther south for the advisory winds up to maybe 50-miles-per-hour. very warm temperatures for now. especially joy them while they last. they will last a couple more hours and the front will be moving through around midnight to 2:00 a.m. and temperatures are concerned, 70 at 5:00 p.m. 66 7:00 p.m. and 62 at 9:00 p.m. and the rain moves in and cools us down.
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talk about how cool and when it warms up again is coming up in a little bit. >> thank you. a south carolina pastor has been arrested for sexually assaulting minors. >> 62-year-old author layer has been accused of touching children. the incidents date back to 1989. >> a coastal carolina university football player now facing hacking charges. kyle wilson has been restricted from campus. authorities say a university employee that someone hacked into her icloud account and wilson admitted to the crime while being questioned. apple and the f.b.i. testifying in front of congress about encryption and privacy. the f.b.i. wants apple to break into the phone of one of the san bernadino shooters. apple refused. a federal judge in new york says the government does not have the authority to force apple to give the f.b.i. access to the locked
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the ruling could influence the terrorist attack case. >> president obama today sat down with key senate republican leaders to discuss the high stakes vacancy on the supreme court bench. republicans vowed to block any nominee. wbtv anchor maureen o'boyle has the latest first at 4:00. >> president obama met for the first time with senate republican leaders since the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. reporters questions went unanswered. >> there was not much said. >> antonin scalia's death leaves the high court flight 4-4, meaning the replacement will tip the balance either way with so much at stake republicans want to run out the clock on president obama's term refusing to consider any nominees he selects. >> i will tell you if the shoe were on the other foot do any of you think the democratic majority would be confirming a republican president's nomination in the last year of
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>> let's do it. vote up or vote down. stop trying to politicize the supreme court. >> democrats say it would be the first time since 1875 that a president's supreme court nominee has not received a senate hearing. >> our strategy is that the president will fulfill his constitutional responsibility and we will appeal to the members of the senate that they should put their constitutional responsibility ahead of political calculation. >> maureen o'boyle wbtv on your side. >> right now let's get you updated on the commute. tonya rivens is in the first alert traffic center. >> thank you. and your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. looks like we have an accident on our dot camera. i need to confirm where this is. 485 and wilkinson boulevard where we were looking earlier and now zoomed in on the accident. that exit ramp is closed. and also an accident on
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westbound by caramel road. congestion. south sbld a great alternate route and in addition 485 we have congestion from rea road to johnston road and another accident dropping in rea road by pineville matthews road creating problems. you may be able to see where the volume is starting to build and that leaves providence road as an alternate route. even as we go to look at providence road, right in the intersection of pineville matthews and providence there's red indicating problems in that area. pineville matthews road is busy as well as rea road. back to you. >> it's been that kind of day. investigators trying to figure out what led up to this crash that shutdown i-77 in huntersville. this happened at 9:30 on i-77 northbound at gilliard road. the wreck involved a tractor-trailer and a construction zone. the hazmat team was called in to remove leaking diesel fuel.
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hospital with minor injuries. >> some parents here say a school's dress code is unfair. >> they filed a federal lawsuit. we'll explain why they believe their children are being discriminated against.
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transgender student athletes in texas maybe kept from playing on teams. >> school leaders believe the rule was not created to be spiteful but to make teams fair. students must show their birth certificate to qualify for a sports team. some feel this oppresses teens. >> some parents in a charter school filed a federal lawsuit claiming the uniform dress code discriminates against girls t requires girls to wear skirts or shorts or dresses and boys are permitted to wear pants or shorts. >> a south carolina teacher forced to resign after nude photos of her spread throughout the school. >> this is not my fault. >> why the former teacher says a
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i'm maureen o'boyle. 15 minutes from your news at 5:00 p.m. a man hit in the back several times by a charlotte-mecklenburg police officer and it was caught on video.
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whether excessive force was used. plus... >> [inaudible] >> that mother visibly shaken and risked her life to save her baby. hear her describe the scary moment she had to fight off a man trying to get away with her child. much more ahead at 5:00. right now the news tips in the studio. >> we have new developments coming into the alert center a chase in lenoir. >> alex giles is on top of this. >> we got this law enforcement video from steve ohnesorge. take a look. this happened in lenoir a motorcycle is chased bylaw enforcement here. he does not get far before he wipes out. and he is not done yet he tries to make a run for it. police officer is not getting away and tries to chase after him.
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as chuck summerment and that crash and wreck. officers found drugs in the backpack. he is now in jail facing several felony charges and under a $300,000 bond. scary situation. he got up and kept going and is in custody now. >> that motorcycle on that gravel road was not going to work well. appreciate the update. >> we have the top consumer headlines. check your fridge. whole foods recalling maytag raw milk blue cheese because of a possible listeria contamination. no illnesses have been reported if you have the cheese throw it away or get a refund. >> and self driving cars can cause fender-benders. google says one of its vehicles was partially responsible for an accident with a city bus. it's the company's first
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played a part in causing a crash. the bus hit the car after it switched lanes unexpectedly. >> you know only knew it was a matter of time. >> another reason why are you not getting one. it would be nice to read your phone or paper. >> my dad used to read the newspaper and drive in traffic and he was doing it and [laughter] an officer was behind him and got on the loud speaker and was like driver, put down the newspaper. so see, no. it can wait. what is that sign? it can wait. >> you are not supposing to -- how do you explain the insurance 0 on that? >> is it going to be higher because it's they see it more of a risk? >> the computer cannot testify. >> way too many questions.
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>> you are not ready to enter the world of the jetsons. >> we are prodded along. the charlotte hornets are giving 90s kids something to cheer about. the hornet also host nickelodeon night at time warner cable arena games and giveaways based on hit nickelodeon shows such as all that, double dare, legends of the hidle temple and rugrats. other teams have hosted nickelodeon nights. the hornets host the suns. i saw it on twitter and they had their outfit laid out it is real. >> rugrats i remember that show my kids watched it not me. i avoided it. >> you saw it, right. >> there were adult jokes in there. >> as there often are when cartoons are involved. >> let's update you on traffic here is tonya rivens in the
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>> your first alert traffic is let's check in here. a lot of problems on 485 and another accident at steele creek and shopton road west. south tryon is a great alternate route and as we look around this area notice the slow-moving traffic here on our mapping system. we see from wilkinson boulevard back towards south tryon the drive time leaving center city to highway 160 about 50 minutes which is not, too, too bad. and on the d.o.t. camera which is not connecting. i do apologize for that. but back to the congestion on the road the red indicating slow-moving traffic in that area. >> all right. thank you. >> camera shaking a little bit. a breeze here in the charlotte area but, boy, another day of nice warm temperatures. >> beautiful today. hopefully you are getting out to enjoy it because changes are on the way. >> over to leigh brock in the first alert weather center.
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temperatures start to fall and that lasts for a couple of days. we have the camera shaking a little bit. here is your hd towercam, this is what it looks like in charlotte. highest elevations you have high wind warnings in effect. we'll talk about that. right now we have temperatures showing areas in the 70s. 72 in charlotte and albemarle and wadesboro. 70 in chester. 65 in morganton and 67 in statesville. we have rain coming this way but let's talk about the high wind warning in effect from 7:00 p.m.-noon tomorrow. and this is for watauga and ashe county. you could have gusts up to 60-miles-per-hour. and heading farther to the south avery county you have a wind advisory, gusts up to 50-miles-per-hour. certainly a major issue up there traveling and if you have trees that could come down that might be an issue tonight.
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we have one batch in the eastern part of tennessee and another batch farther to the west. both will be moving through overnight. we have not seen a lot of rain here in the wbtv viewing area just yet, but through the overnight period here is what we are looking at. some areas could see half an inch of rain. and farther to the east a little bit less. so substantial rain. and it will be overnight. from this evening all the way through the overnight period. tomorrow morning there is a chance it's out of here. temperatures will be cool. 43 to start your day. a 10% chance of a shower i think most of the rain is out. and drying out through the day tomorrow. and here is what it looks like. we have a steady stream of warm air and we have been in the 70s yesterday and today and here comes the cold front. that is pushing in overnight. tomorrow morning it's all the way through here and we are clearing and drying out. but then we have high pressure.
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we will see the sunshine but heading back to the 50s and into the middle of the week we will stay in the 50s. your wednesday high temperature 54 . slight chance of a morning shower most areas stay dry. rain comes back in thursday night into friday morning. 55 the high temperature. showers wrap up friday morning and 57 is the high. eric thomas has the full forecast at 6:00 p.m. and the extended forecast and another warm-up. >> next at 4:00 nude photos of a south carolina teacher spread through a cool we'll hear from the teacher who says it is not her fault. >> first, a shout-out to our facebook fan of the day, lynda hill. if you want the opportunity go to >> and check out the closing numbers from wall street. big day all around. the dow up almost 350 points.
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on wbtv news is sponsored by... >> a south carolina teacher is now off the job after a student discovered and distributed nude photos of her. >> leann arthur has been a teacher in south carolina for more than a decade. and says a student took her phone off her desk when she stepped out of the classroom for
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>> he opened up my gallery from my pictures and he found the inappropriate pictures of myself. and he took pictures from his cellphone of that. and then he told the whole class that he would send them to whoever wanted them. >> the superintendent says the school has concerns arthur could be contributing to the delinquency of a minor. >> this is not my fault. i did not knowingly leave my cellphone sitting on my desk knowing that i had the pictures on there. >> she says even though her privacy was invaded the school district wanted her to resign. the student should have been expelled but that has not happened yet. >> next, a triple homicide lands a woman in jail accused of killing her husband. will you hear from neighbors who knew the gambino family. >> and we are live as charlotte-mecklenburg police investigate whether excessive
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>> a lot more to get to.
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wbtv news at 5:00 starts in 90tt0w!tx#hi!!%4@-*! tt0w!tx#hi!!el@- &l tt0w!tx#hi!!ed@-&$( tt0w!tx#hi%!)8h-fzt tt0w!tx#hi%!kzh-[5( tt0w!tx#hi%!n-h-.\$ tt0w!tx#hi%!0ph-0;< tt0w!tx#hi%!s"h- i\ tt0w!tx#hi%!ueh-#+, tt0w!tx#hi%!7hh-?)x >> announcer: wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> right now three people shot dead in gaston county and a woman behind bars accused in her husband's murder.
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>> a storm system out west moving towards the carolinas and it could drop rain on your neighborhood tonight. chief meterologist, eric thomas is on your side with what you can expect. >> first, caught on camera. a man hit in the back several times by a charlotte-mecklenburg police officer. we are asking what are the circumstances surrounding this arrest? right now charlotte-mecklenburg police investigating whether excessive force may have been used. i'm paul cameron. >> i'm maureen o'boyle. police tell us this stemmed from a hit-and-run. the suspect on the ground is 25-year-old malcolm elliott, ii pamela escobar is live at police headquarters. pamela, is the person who shot the video speaking about this? and what about the police department? >> well, maureen, the witness asked us specifically not to use her name. cmpd says internal affairs is investigating allegations of
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arrest they made this morning in charlotte. the video of the arrest in question shows several officers surrounding a man on the ground and one officer punching him in the back. the person claims the person did not resist officers. she does not understand why officers would punch a man on the ground if he was not fighting back. wbtv reached out to cmpd. a spokesperson says elliott was involved in a hit-and-run when the officers found him they had to chase him briefly. resisted. officers say elliott pulled his arms away when they tried to put handcuffs on him that is when an officer strikes him in the back. wbtv went to the apartments off of independence boulevard and saw one police officer still on scene a couple hours later. elliott is facing charges including resisting a public officer and hit-and-run.
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abrasion on his arm. de not request medical attention and he did not need any. reporting live at police headquarters pamela escobar wbtv on your side. >> thank you. and police are reviewing the video and asking for any other witnesses to please come forward and contact internal affairs. another warm and gorgeous sunny day. >> got into the 70s. but all that rain could drop heavy rain on your neighborhood tonight. >> over to chief meterologist, eric thomas for a check how things are looking. >> good evening yes we have a well organized front coming our way. ahead of it, yep, you see showers as well. let's talk about who is going to see what here. first of all, as we advance this picture let's talk about the local area and the showers that i mentioned out ahead of the main line. the main line in the tennessee area. these are moving quickly off to the east northeast at 50-miles-per-hour. some of the showers they are


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