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tv   WBTV News 3 at 4PM  CBS  March 1, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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crystal gap bin know charged with first degree murder and two bodies found in the home. molly grantham following the latest developments in the triple homicide case and joins us live with the latest. >> brigida, the judge denied bond for crystal gap bin know. they went to the gap bin know home at 8:00 p.m. the investigation started after a concerned family member asked police to do a welfare check out the house. officers found the body of her husband, and the bodies of two other adults believed to be visitors all were shot to death. gambino was arrested in stanly. we do not know the identities of the two other people. more charges are expected. and the next court appearance is march 21st back to you. >> thank you. coming up new at 5:00 wbtv's christian flores spoke with neighbors who knew the family.
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this afternoon is moving out and a front is moving in. >> another beautiful day. hope you were able to get out and enjoy it. our first-alert weather team tracking rain and the possibility of storms. meteorologist leigh brock is joining us in the first alert weather center and temperatures are going to drop? >> it's 72 and gorgeous. and clouds are trying to move in on us. most of the rain showers are back to the west but a couple are creeping into the area. the clouds can takeover. and you can see peeks of the sun but we have more clouds than sun from here on out. here is the rain. this is the progress it's making. you see in the eastern part of tennessee is where the heaviest rain is and showers are moving in. we will look at the showers in burke county and alexander county we have the heaviest rain on 64. from lenoir through millersville
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and heading up into the mountains there's more rain. buffalo cove and boone getting wet. temperatures are mild. but we have the wind picking up. we have that wind advisory in effect for avery county until noon tomorrow from 7:00 p.m.-1 for watauga and ashe county. and more on the forecast coming up. >> developing, cmpd announcing that they are launching an investigation into an arrest that happened this afternoon. >> our alex giles is following the latest live in the alert center. >> this happened and we have the video and the information from police. look officers say this started as a hit-and-run investigation where the suspect fled. they chased him to this apartment complex and had to use force to detain him. we saw that maneuver where the officer was putting the arm into the back an effort to gain compliance and take the suspect into custody.
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require or need any medical treatment. he has been identified as malcolm glen elliott the second and the officer applying force to the suspect and the suspect has been charged with hit-and-run, resisting arrest and driving while his license was revoked and the cmpd are investigating this use of force. more on this story with pamela escobar tonight at 5:00. >> alex giles live in the newsroom. we'll stay on top it of. thank you. >> breaking news, we've learned three passengers in a deadly crash in west charlotte were all west mecklenburg high school students. one of the passengers killed and the driver and two passengers injured it happened at 9:15 this morning on windy grove road. >> a developing story, a woman was chased by a man with a knife while jogging near a local
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police released footage of the man they are looking for in this case. wbtv's michael clark is following this story he is going to have those images coming up in a short time. again, there is new images released in this case. this happened near winthrop university in rock hill. and michael clark has been following the story. here is the image we want to show you right now. this is the person that police would like to talk to in connection with this case. the jogger was followed on one of the trails near campus and ran off and was able to get away. you saw the image of the person they are looking for. michael clark working the story and he will have much more on later editions on wbtv. in the meantime neighbors in cleveland county coming together to remember a couple killed in a horrible explosion. thomas pruitt failed to make a turn and his pickup truck slammed into a propane tank outside a home. the couple was inside the home
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a community prayer event will be held in their memory at 7:00 p.m. at the baptist church on circle drive. >> first at 4:00, a school in matthews is closed for the second day in a row because of the noro virus. the mecklenberg county health department telling wbtv nearly 50 faculty members got sick friday after eating a catered meal from jersey mike's. we are only hearing that the faculty has been infected and no students. but official tests will be back this week. the union county school superintendent anounsed her retirement today. the state bureau of investigation cleared dr. mary ellis of any wrongdoing in a possible conflict of interest case. superintendent ellis with the union county's assistant superintendent and a technologynist formed a company. lenovo held contracts to supply the school district with computers.
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>> let's get back to the story we mentioned a moment ago. in rock hill a woman was chased by a man with a knife while jogging near the university. michael clark is live. and we are seeing a picture of the person police want to talk to, right? >> yes, that is right. i just got done speaking with that jogger. as you can imagine she is shaken up but it opening up talking about this. she saw the picture on the newscast and said it was chilling when she saw the picture of the man that chased her with a knife while jogging near the winthrop university area in rock hill last week. this man was seen on camera moments after the young woman ran inside a bank to hide in a restroom after he chased her. she passed the man on her jog and noticed him following her and he sped up when she did. the victim is 20 years old and
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call investigators and is opening up talking with us. we will have her story and a warning for others that is at 6:00. michael clark wbtv on your side. >> thank you. >> all right it is time now to get a look at the roads this afternoon. good afternoon to tonya rivens. >> hey, brigida, good afternoon your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. a check in here i-77 approaching gilliard road. there's been a lot of slow-moving traffic in that area all afternoon thanks to accidents on i-77 northbound and that is another view of the area right there. and right around gilliard road slow-moving traffic statesesville are alternate route as we check another scene around this area you may possibly be able to see on the other side of the road as well where the slow-moving traffic is in both directions. the drive time 77 northbound to huntersville 45 minutes. back to you guys.
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it looks like the immediate future of one of the carolina panthers break out stars has been decided. we will look at how long charlotte can hang on to cornerback josh norman. >> and next, talk about too soon why a high school basketball
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>> first at 4:00 a high school basketball team starts celebrating a big win. the problem? they had not won yet. >> yop. seconds left in a rhode island state title game. the team threw up the air and the opposing team called a time-out and made the lay up. to win. 60-59. that is tough. >> about to say that has to hurt. >> when you think you have it won and messing around with the ball and not so much. >> good play calling by the coach. on the opposing team. great. called a time-out.
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>> wow. all right. panthers quarterback josh norman looks like he is staying in carolina for now. >> the defensive player will be back but for how long? delano little explains next. >> we are waiting on rain to move into the area and there is a cold front with that and that is going to bring big changes this way.
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i have the forecast after
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getting back to the alert center with alex giles he is working an apartment fire in rock hill. >> yes, we got this video from carolina. look with me. you can see that structure smoking heavily there. firefighters going at it from the top off the ladder truck and the bottom floor of that apartment. this is the eagles landing apartments in rock hill we are told. our partners are telling us a neighbor heard a pop and saw black smoke. the inside of that structure looks gutted and smoke coming out of it. the video came in 30 minutes ago. crews are still on scene. as soon as we get information about damages or possible injuries we will bring it to you. back to you. >> thank you. >> first at 4:00 looks like josh norman will be back with the carolina panthers. the team putting the franchise tag on the star back. wbtv sports director delano
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explain what this means. >> it's been thought that the panthers were going to use the tag on norman. they used the franchise tag on him and make $13.95 million. and they have time to workout a unlikely. the tag allows other teams to give him an offer sheet and if he signs it the panthers can will get him. he is the 6th player to get franchised. now, coach ron rivera said quote i am excited that josh will be back with the panthers next seasonment he played well for us this year and was a part of the success we enjoyeds a team. so ron rivera believes he is going to be here. this is what the deal is once one year. now after that season you can
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but then you have the benefit of looking to see how he plays this year and backs up what he did or dare you say injury. it is a little bit dangerous for the player as it is but he is ok. >> appreciate it. there is no off season anymore. back to you. >> thank you. time to check in with tonya rivens. >> your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. we have problems here on 485 inner twer wilkinson boulevard and steele creek road. i do not have a camera but on the mapping system we have exit 9 billy graham parkway is a great alternate route. and the congestion as well. slow-moving traffic west boulevard is one alternate route. three miles of stop-and-go traffic in this area. one additional accident on freedom drive close to toddville road tuckaseegee is an alternate route for that. back to you. >> thank you.
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across the area. but... >> changes are coming, right? might be raining before the night is out. here is leigh brock in the first alert weather center. >> big changes we have had our nice spring break and now it's reverting back to more winter like conditions. typical for this time of year. hd towercam we have had clouds try to move in and they will continue that through the evening hours and they will be with us all night long. temperatures are fantastic. 72 in charlotte. 71 in gastonia. 73 in wadesboro. cooler 67 in statesville and 65 in morganton. here is where the rain is. it's coming closer. right now it's back over tennessee. we have one wave here and another line back to the west. we have the very first of this bit of that right now. that is what is pushing through the area for now. more to come through the overnight period. we have a couple of showers
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if you are just to the north of 64 here is 321 closer to patterson. mountain beach you have showers. kings creek showers just to the north of taylorsville getting wet. and the action is often eastern tennessee this takes us up until 6:00 p.m. and the mountains and foothills are you starting to tap into the rain. charlotte area most of the wbtv viewing area is dry. heading through the evening hours up to 9:00 p.m. heavy rain closing in on the charlotte area. that continues to push off to the east through the night. and that goes to 4:00 a.m. most of the rain by then is completely out of here. we have a 10% chance of a shower early tomorrow morning. most of the rain will be gone. snow showers cannot be ruled out as the moisture is left around and the cool temperatures start to pull in.
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snow in someplaces. here is the forecast. tomorrow morning 43 the temperature. most of the rain is out of here. 50 in the middle of the day. 54 your high temperature. that is quite a difference. today low 70s and tomorrow mid 50s. and the forecast, next couple of days a low temperature of 42 . 54 that will be the afternoon high maybe a leftover shower tomorrow morning. on thursday, showers return for the evening hours your high temperature 55 we'll clear out after a morning shower on friday. 57 is the high. upper 50s saturday. and mid-60s sunday and monday. next tuesday, we could be back to the 70s again. there is the forecast. more coming um. for now back to you. >> a teacher in a nearby school district forced to resign because nude photos were passed around by students. why she says someone else should be in trouble.
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[ ] >> welcome back time for your "daily detour." you know the drill we put two minutes on the clock. >> today we know how much money chris rock made for his daughter's girl scout troop. rock held a mini fundraiser
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everyone from john legend to kate winslet bringing the daughter's total to $65,000. do you think she won for the troope. >> yes, safe to say. she beat out. it was the leader of the troop he was saying that he wanted to help out. >> that is a big contest. >> huge. huge. >> look at that. >> tina fey is one funny gal but is no longer willing to talk about the general idea of women being funny n an interview fey said the next time her response will be quote we need to stop talking about whether women are funny and need to acknowledge that black people are funnier than white people end quote. that is what she said. that is what she said. saying that we know that women are funny. it does not have to be this is a great time for women comedians in hollywood. and she is over that.
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and call it the war of the two kylies? kylie jenner and pop star kylie minute know are dueling for the rights to trademark their name. fast forward to february when kylie minute know filed the paperwork to stop it. and highlighted she has been in the industry since 1979 and her name has been a big part of her work. i don't know how you can do just your first name and own it. >> she was throwing shade and the hashtag said light years. emily maynard's life got busy. she is pregnant with her third child mom to 10-year-old daughter ricky. she and her husband tyler welcomed their first child last summer and she released her first book, i said yes. >> busy a lot going on. congratulations. more news ahead, new developments in the killing of a
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the man accused here faces a judge. why investigators are looking into his i am gration status. >> and a man shot and killed in raleigh why the n.a.a.c.p. is
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you're watching wbtv news
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wbtv news starts right now. >> a beloved charlotte business owner shot and killed in his home. now the man accused is facing a judge. welcome back on this tuesday i'm brigida mack. >> i'm jamie boll. glad you are with us. the man accused of murdering his former boss, has been denied bond. kevin dejesus was extradited yesterday. he shot and killed jesse campbell the owner of a dilworth greenhouse. michael clark was in court today and has the latest for us first at 4:00. >> kevin dejesus will remain in jail after bopped denied by a magistrate. the murder suspect is from honduras and needed an interpreter to communicate in court. in a south carolina courtroom kevin dejesus listened to the charge against him. investigators believe dejesus shot and killed his former employer jesse campbell at his home. probable cause is based on
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investigations and defendant admissions though officials could not say if he confessed to the crime. dejesus crashed a truck into a tree leaving the crime scene and parts recovered match the truck. he was arrested last month and extradited monday. dejesus is from honduras and immigration officials are checking to see if he is a legal citizen. a motive has not been released. he could ask-for-a bond hearing in front of a general sessions judge. in york county michael clark wbtv on your side. >> thank you. first at 4:00, a man being chased on foot by police is shot and killed. the head of the north carolina n.a.a.c.p. is call on authorities to conduct a fair and transparent investigation. the shooting happened yesterday afternoon the man's name has not been released but family members have been focal. vocal. the officer who shot him is on
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a virginia police officer shot and killed her first day on the job laid to rest today. officer ashley gwendon was one of three officers shot satdy while responding to a domestic violence call. the other two officers are expected to survive. >> the teenager accused in yesterday's ohio high school shooting went before a judge. investigators say the 14-year-old armed with a handgun opened fire inside the cafeteria at madison high school in butler county. four students suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. authorities have an idea of the motive but are not revealing it yet. an accident in west charlotte at the wal-mart. alex giles is live with that. >> got this video in. scary situation. we have this video from our chopper and crews on the ground. this is the 3200 block of wilkinson boulevard where medic says a pedestrian was struck. and there is a bike lying in the roadway.


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