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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  February 27, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> wbtv news. starts right now. >> all eyes on south carolina tonight as democratic voters line up to decide that who they want it see one step closer towards ultimate party nomination. polls close in just under 30 minutes. good evening. thank you for joining us today. hillary clinton is hoping for billing win in this last show down before super tuesday. she only candidate hosting a watch party in the state. wbtv michael clark is there right now in columbia south carolina. what can you tell us? >> the university south carolina volleyball center hillary clinton headquarters her supporters starting trickle in here we expect to hear from her in couple of hours after the polls close. she has been in and out of south carolina all week. you know she spent lot of time on ground game and lot of mayor endorsements from tokes mere in the state. now remember this is her fire wall state she polled very well in especially with african
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projected to make up more than half of those that cast their ballots today. she has had endorsements jim and several former governors who were out and about as late this morning trying increase lead over sanders. for bernie sanders much different story. he has been absent from south carolina with exception of just handful of visits and spending his time in other states where he polls a little bit higher. now sanders supports verse been out in chain offices trying reach out to african american and younger voters we saw decent turn out in fort miller area this morning. it is really important for everybody who in age group to vote. i registered vote when i was 18 years old on day. voting really important in our country. >> sanders wag speaking texas earlier today. but he wouldn't be here for the results when they are finished in about 340i7bs. we expect to hear from hillary clinton in about 8:00 or so. once everything tall lead up and her supporters here are hoping for a big victory that she is
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throughout all of the polls. for now reporting live in columbus. wbtv on your side. >> all right. thank you. we will see you tonight at 11:00. former president bill clinton was in oklahoma today holding voting rally for his wife hillary. get out and vote event was held on the campus of the university of central oklahoma in edmond. the former president praised the past efforts made by the former junior senator from new york to reach out to republicans during time of crisis such as the september 11th attacks. he also said that it is time for ka change in the united states. >> we have got to put this country back together again. this is bad for us. we -- we are best system in the world where we are best all of that stuff that obama said is true. we have been held back by digs functional politic. hospitaling observing hold their primary election along with nine others states just three days on super tuesday day.
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gun control may be contributing to her lead with african american voters in south carolina. guns are an emotional issue in state. police dylan ruth killed nine people charleston church last year. terry all he will be der clinton opponents bernie sanders has strong views on gun control, too and says, sanders has the support of many african american voters throughout the state. >> he has very strong following with the young african americans people here in state of south carolina. >> they are tired of same old business being led by the same old people. and bernie rents something new. he represents a revolution that's a going to adjust how businesses being done in washington, d.c., gun debate comes as the campaign taking personal turn sanders accuses clinton of pandering to black voters. on republican side things are not cooling down candidates made stops in different states ahead
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still taking each other take a listen. >> which amazing to me, that guy with a worst spray tan in america is atanninging me for putting on make up. donald trump likes sue people he should sue who ever did that to his face! . senator aub are ruibal speaking georgia today and made comments on tweet g.o.p. front-runner atrump sent out about him yesterday. rubio went on to say, that trump was in the lead because of what he calls, his con artist tactic. rubio also adds that let everybody down. trump fired back and marco rubio and senator ted cruze today in arizona. he spoke at a rally in vincentville today where he also addressed his faileded real estate investments school. trump university, something his opponents brought up in thursday debate marco rubio took first stab at trying to label trump failed will trump university as
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>> but i will address you know little rubio. this guy has fresh mouth, he is very nasty guy. i actually thought that ted cruze was liar but rubio is worse i. i mean he worse. light weight rubio total light weight. and, little mouth on him beginning, beginning, beginning. >> former arizona governor endorsed trump today. just one day after new jersey governor chris christie and maine governor paul la page threw their support as well. ted cruze lot to say about race for the republican nomination today in land. calling front-runner a conservative imposter. outside of the georgia capital he said that at the rally cruz went after trump's position on immigration, and gun control. he also criticized his ethics and hammered for his frequent use of the profanity.
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>> i don't think presidential candidates -- like school children bickering. i think difference should be on substance. you know so does points i am making about atrump are all focus on substance his policy record. versus my policy record. vision for this country. >> now georgia also hold its primary on g.o.p. presidential primary on tuesday. well, from politics to weather it was a beautiful saturday but is question is: can we expect the same tomorrow? for that answer we will turn o our meterologist with the answer, please, tell us good news lee? >> you know? if my opinion, it is even better news than today. we have sunshine. even warmer temperature heading into tomorrow. a little bit spring weather coming back our way. here's what it looks like right new. the sun so snish it was geerj goose day entire afternoon really hard find eastern single cloud in the sky.
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your temperature made to 56 degrees. we are continuing to fall right now. 53 charlotte. 51 mountain island lake there. 53 harrisberg. 51 valentine: bringing out further you are at 54 in concorde. 54 in rock hill. 52 in morgan town. chillier in higher elevation. here's what looks like through the evening hours temperature will be falling back from upper 0s 43 at 9:00 and 40 degrees at 11 is the now tomorrow morning it will be chilly outside many of us pretty close freezing mark if you step out first thing in morning right as sun coming up. right now just of course 7:00 rest of your day on sunday we even more sunshine than made. and we have warmer temperature maybe more than ten degrees warmer than it was fade. how is that for warm up for second half of your weekend? i have got all of your details plus we have another cool down and more rain in it picture i got all of that coming up just a little bit. >> thank you. eve new share tonight fire
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figure out what caused this convenient store catch fire. but damages are estimated to cost about $150,000. at the circle ask. on grant street uptown. now take look these are photos from the charlotte fire department. it is took nearly two did zone firefighters more than half an hour to put it out. no one was hurt but there was lot of damage as we told you. that was done to the building. well, after week of hoops action, the ciaa tournament wraps up tonight even though the tournaments is coming to an end, the city of charlotte will continue to fill its economic impact after today. wbfv's reporter joins us live from uptown with how the city benefitting from the tournament. christian what can you tell us? >> wrapped up a little bit agent. minute final tips off been half your but what before during or after these games, fans come here to charlotte from all over
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money at local businesses. according to charlotte region nam visitors authority last year ciaa tournaments brought in $55.5 million to city. visitors authority expectations city make around that much money again this year. roughly 83% of fans visit from 50 miles away or more. stay city's hotel for 3.4 nights on average which long again average stay for the belt bowl even cia atournament provides economic boost to the surrounding hotelses and eight rements the commissioner of league says the city charlotte helps tournament as much as tournament helps the city. >> people love this area. it is very easy city to get around. you fly into airport. or you drive your car. it is walkable. you can walk to arena. either walk to convention center. >> it is great place to have an even the tonight i will speak fans and they meal what it is about both turn comments the city of charlotte that brings them here every year.
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wbfv on your side. >> thank you. go virginia state go. well city 20th ymca opens up today we will tell you more about the woman behind sara's ymca. that's coming up after the break. vo: know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. we didn't really have anything, you know. but, we made do. vo: know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values.
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hey, mr. hamilton. vo: know that together you can establish a meaningful legacy. with the guidance and support of your dedicated
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>> people celebrate opening of the 209 ymca branch today in charlotte. doors opened at sara ymca in valentine new facility serves as live tribute to sara harris. she known for inspiring the community and focusing on her vision. new y not only features innovative held and wellness offerings but also provide its members with unique opportunities to experience community engagement. we series of boutique using knee opportunities hot yoga. functional training area. outdoor fitness yard. rough top for stretching and early morning yoga class state of art equipment you won't find anywhere else. >> new facility is located in heart of the valentine corporate park.
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but we were still just shy of the average for high temperature. tomorrow not case we will warm right up for your sunday afternoon.
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de is longer. and heading day tomorrow it is going feel warmer, too. so another a little taste -- there some music coming in for second. we will talk about those temperature we have most areas upper 40s to low to mid 50s right now.
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53 in charlotte. 52 shelby. a little cooler way. your temperature is 47. 50 in morganton. here's what looks like on our satellite radar image. absolutely nothing most of the day we have had completely clear blue skies. so certainly no rain. even clouds are hard to find i am going pull way out try find anything going on you have to look far and wide to find what this high pressure system is not controlling. down to south of us now pulling we already seen warm up back there today we haven't quite seen warm up just yet but we have seen the dry conditions. we have seen the clear conditions. today. now tonight. it is going to get chilly most of us drop around freezing mark first thing in the morning maybe around 7:00 in morning. right around freezing. by 8:00 we add on couple degrees already so chilly at 37 degrees. but the second half of your day that's when heat really turns on.
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system down to the south. that's why it is stayed fairly cool today. but well to west of that high pressure system they already seen warm up. it is cool tonight of course because we have clear skies and dry conditions but tomorrow afternoon, that high pressure system far enough to east we really pulling in winds out of south southwest. that's takes temperature to mid 60s tomorrow. mid up toer 60 s into monday another really warm day for first part of your work week. before things start cool down by middle or end of the week. here your s sday looks like though. if you are heading out or making plans kind of cool in morning you will need jacket first thing but even by middle of your day, lunch time we are close to 60 degrees mid 60s for high temperature tomorrow. so, yes. hard complain about that. here are numbers even 60 degrees mark should be reached in boone. 54 in beach. a little bit further to south. 65 in taylorville. a little further to south we get warmer. 66 in concorde.
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and in south carolina tomorrow, your high temperature should be 68 in chester. here forecast. will enjoy while it last this time of year it is still february. it is not go last forever. 66 your high temperature on sunday. 67 on monday. and 68 heading your day on tuesday. those things change up a little bit another system comes through giving us chance of rain tuesday night wednesday morning. 59 is your high temperature we should drying throughout the day. . low it mid 50s heading into your day on friday and saturday. here your forecast. let's check with ashley. she has got the sports. >> thank you. >> well nascar print car stories in atlanta this weekend. they get to meat poe pay toes regular season. qualifying for sunday's sprint cup race in atlanta was held yesterday. kurt bush and stuart haass racing fell short of beating his
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at the atlanta motor speedway number 18, passed qualifying inspection. his time was disallowed. giving kurt his race this season. featuring the lower down force package that's going to be in place at all open motor race tracks. now earlier today series heads up georgia took place. kyle bush starting on the polls for today x infinity series. er joik jones on outside going to beat bush to the line. and that's a no, no. jones would have to serve a drive through penalty. on pit road. lap 72 now. bush goes to the inside heading into turn one. and takes the lead away from brad. and on lap 98 kyle larsson trying power past bush on union side. but bush stays in on low side and bush hangs on a to the lead. and later trouble in a pit stop watch as air hose for rear tire get stuck in the crack and then
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stuck second time then on final lap it is kyle bush taking the win. that's his first ever atlanta in x infinity series that's his 77th victory in the x infinity series that's now all-time leader. following bush was kyle learson. erik jones finished third. in fourth spot. it was paul menard and ty dylann would round out top five. action nc state visit syracuse today. orange defence was able to barber to one his lowsest scoring games this season. barber who average 23.5 per game 36r. but it was not enough to receipt wolf pack to victory. syracuse led 34-26 at the half. and nc state was able to close the gap to nine points in second half. but in the end, orange would get win 75-66. now nca state will host boston college on wednesday night. well now to 23 and 6 south carolina taking on 13 and 15.
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hold a duck digit receipt for much the game before the gamecocks with able to cut their lead to eight. now mississippi state has a season high 13 steals ask outsteered south carolina 15-2 in fast break points to win this 168-58. south carolina will home georgia on thursday. now let's take look score board. davidson would fall 91-82 today. charlotte horn able get win column last night defeat the pacer 96-95 they had tonight offer.
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tomorrow that's in atlanta at 3:30. they will back at time warner cable arena tuesday. to host the suns and license there a theme night we can't
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more currently in florida for the honda classic. today was round two and it two end tie for first place. garcia and scott both finished day at nine under sharing lead while insid wbtv prep zone sponsored by town and country ford. anna featured this week for the illustrated faces in the crowd. for her recent performance during indoor track season. you may also remember he she won gold medal at late year junior pan so huge congratulations to her on all of her success and this week on a special episode of indepth grapple super star athlete from across multiple sports reflect on tough times and how they overcame adversity
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brett lav favor.
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right here on wbtv. all right what's going look like tomorrow fantastic tomorrow. chilly morning we starting out close freezing but 66 in afternoon hole lot of sunshine monday 67. 68 on tuesday. and then we go other way on temperature back to 59 closer to average on wednesday. 60% chance of rain especially morning. 50s after that right into next weekend another rain chance thursday night and then into friday. >> i smell stricty tonight! >> yes! we are so excited. >> my school tips off in three minutes.
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>> axelrod: this is a campaign 2016 update. i'm jim axelrod. breaking news from south carolina. cbs news projects hillary clinton has defeated bernie sanders in today's democratic primary. it is a big win for clinton in the first-in-the-south contest for the party's nomination. our projection is based on exit polls and interviews conducted throughout the day in south carolina. exit polls suggest african american voters and women were major forces behind clinton's victory. let's bring in nancy cordes, who is in columbia, south carolina. good evening, nancy. >> reporter: hi, jim. and the clinton campaign says that her victory here is a sign that she can dominate in the south, and that she can dominate with minority voters, which is going to be key three days from now in the super tuesday contest. as you can see, her supporters here who have been at this all night have just learned the good news and they are very fired up. according to our exit polls, as


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