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tv   WBTV News Prime Time  CBS  February 26, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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the cdc is recommending pregnant women to consider not going to the summer olympics in rio de janeiro according to reuters. zika infections have been confirmed in nine pregnant women here in the u.s. and according to the center of disease control and prevention, all of those women got the virus overseas. three babies have been born, one with a brain defect. the cdc says it is also investigating ten additional reports of pregnant travelersth the mosquito-borne virus. right now on primetime, a town hall meeting in hiledbrand ended with an update on the hilended with an update on the hildebrand school fire. a fire marshal announced the cause, two causes that cannot be ruled rout electrical or arson. you can see the massive flames in this video that we shot monday. on wednesday, authorities announced the building was up too unstable for an in-depth
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well, discussion about the fire was not listed on the agenda, but neighbors say they are hopebut neighbors say they are hoping to have their voices heard. it was at the center of a controversy whether to turn it down. expect a full update on what happened inside that meeting tonight on wbtv news at 11:00. well, what would you do if you found out your child was discovered by a stranger walking down i-77? it happened to a charlotte mother. somehow her 7th grader walked out of lincoln heights academy and made it all the way to the interstate. the woman reached out to us to get answers about how this unfolded. wbtv's education reporter devin russell has more details now on primetime. >> reporter: a call this mother was not prepared for. >> i was scared. i was nervous. >> reporter: here is the reason for the call.
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13-year-old son, jatan prost had an incident that caused the 7th grader to get upset. so upset he wanted to leave school. >> i got my stuff and i said i was going to go. all right, bye. so i walked out the school's back door and went. >> reporter: lincoln heights academy is located behind those trees. after he left the school, he was found walking right there along i-77. while walking on i-77, a stranger approached him. >> by mercy she in. >> oh, my god. i don't know this woman, who she is or if my son will really be seen again. a happy ending. the stranger reunited mother and son and she said that the school had did not know he was gone. her son had a history of leaving school and he is not the only one.
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of school and run in the middle of the street preventing traffic from going. >> reporter: the mother knew they should do something. >> if they run out the door, have enough manpower to covered everything. >> reporter: if the student leaves campus without permission, protocols are in place to return the student to campus, but that didn't happen for this student. the mother said her son will not return to lincoln academy while she figures out his education. he has learned a lesson. >> next time i won't walk out the school report at lincoln heights academy, devin russell, wbtv on your side analog thanz is a good thing. he hopes not to do it again. lincoln heights is a school that deals with children struggle ling. the school has not reached out to her about the incident. the chairperson of the school
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district is responsible for every student in their care over day. the mother has now hired a lawyer. we are waiting to learn the
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north graham street.ound noon, we could see theames right here from our hdwer cam.e good news we can pass along one was hurt here.> new on primetime, we arearing more from another fireghter affected by a recentring of burglarystring of burglaries affectingarlotte south carolina andme in south carolina.ohnny bing was arrest and charged yesterday with breaking into the cars while crews were out on emergency calls. among those hit, the flint hill fire department in fort mill. our news partners at cn 2 spoke with fire fighters there today who say the arrest gives them peace of mind. >> i could see a majorstraction and inconveniencet only in south carolina butr brothers and sisters inrth glad to see it has endedd we can move forward. anchor: the members of theint hill fire department sayey are blown away by themmunity support following theeak-ins. for bing, he remains in jaild faces more charges.thorities are continuing tovestigate this story.e the alarming things that weticed in the search warrant,re than half dozen firearmsre listed as stolen, but anventory sheet turned into theerk of court says only onen so far was seized. to to read moreout this story. there, you will find a list to our steve crump story as he spoke to members of the charlotte fire department todaycharlotte fire department today. > in campaign 2015, pollsll open again in southrolina in about 12 hours inme in a battle betweenllary clinton and bernienders for the democraticesidential nomination.ycom network is set for one
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clinton camp. latest. what kind of crowd, will? >> reporter: well, you are certainly starting to see a lot of folks circling around the columbia school of arts where you have bill and hillary clinton taking the stage to lly supporters for tomorrow. now they have been all over the palmetto state today. president bill clinton went to bluffton, aiken, those areas and hillary clinton goes to midand hillary clinton goes to dland, orangeburg and otherots and they are trying tolly support and keep the leadey have in front of vermontnator bernie sanders.ey had a very structuredmpaign here getting officest up as early as april foris campaign. so south carolina has been very
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campaign, and when i spoke to the campaign manager for the entire clinton camp. he says they have been focusing on south carolina for a longme. we just had a big win invada and we want a lot ofmentum going into super tuesday and a very important state in the early primaries for the democratic party because the highest portion of a am voters and an important part of the elector rat that haven't had a voice in the primary so far and we are really looking forward to. >> reporter: now hillary clinton has been very active in courting the african-american votes. senator bernie sanders has also tried to do that here in south carolina. and the big question is, with turnout tomorrow, will sanders be able to cast into that democratic and narrow the gap between him and clinton or where hillary clinton keep the lead she currently has which is a double-digit lead over sanders. i will bring you the developments livendevelopments live tonight at the rally. i will bring out latest. will for the raycom news netwill for the raycom news network.
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all three candidates will vy. all anticipate the 7 and close at 7:00 tonight. we send a push announcement on the app when a winner is announced. a live look at uptown charlotte through the hurricane d tower cam. a very nice start to the weekend in the queen city, but not bad weather for all of our guests in for the ciaa tournament. chief meteorologist eric thomas is in the first alert weather center and i imagine between the buildings the wind is whipping. >> meteorologist: a little breezy. >> anchor: a little chilly meteorologist. >> meteorologist: not baz as it was you earlier in the week.
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the winds out of the norththe winds out of the north-northwest at 8 miles per hour. still seeing gusts 10 to 20, but there it is the time warner cable arena. aa getting ramped up for theening hours., take you down 36 throughe 11:00 hour and beyond thearlotte area, temperaturesll be cool.ep your jacket handy by 11:00ound charlotte and alreadyureen down into the 20s ine carolina high country. ch more coming up on a goodch more coming up on aod-looking weekend andunderstorms next week of yourrst alert forecast.> all right, eric, up next onimetime, our cameras therere when an apparent case of road rage played out on a local highway. details on how this ended. video of a plane that landed without its nose gear. and their illness has stolen their most preciousstolen their most precious memorymemories and for some their emotions. how one man's music brings some of that back.
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your only news live at 7:00. now on primetime, today's most notable video in our big three. this is what it looks like when dozens of horses run wild. this happened near pigeon forge, tennessee. you can't see all of them in this video but the person talking recording this video tells someone there are about 40 horses loose. police officers eventually were able to round them all back up and get them back to their owners. our david wisnit caught what appears to be a case of road rage in salisbury. we do not know what started this argument on jake alexander boulevard, but at least two people get out of their cars. people in both cars yelled obscenityobscenities a the one another
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vehicles and going their separate ways. a cargo jet had to make an emergency landing in guam yesterday using only its rear wheels. this pilot is amazing. you can see the plane coming down with no nose gear touching down there at the very end. the nose just gently touches the runway. three people were on board. thankfully no one hurt there. next on primetime -- >> i cried. still cry when i see it.
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upset what oh my word! can i have your autograph? of course. now don't forget, new scratch-off tickets from the north carolina education lottery come out on first tuesdays. thank you! you're welcome. how about a date? oooh, a date...let me check my calendar. all right, say first tuesday! first tuesday! first tuesday, tuesday, t-t-t-tuesday, tuesday! you checkin' out my easel?
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our north carolina high school student is suspended for his cell phone, but the teen's mom is upset over what she saw in other teen's cell phone video. she wants the school to take action against one of their administrators because of it. and we will warn you, parts of this video, well, they are disturbing. wbtv news anchor brigida mack have more details now on "primetime." >> reporter: a free for all fists flying and cell phones capturing every flame. footage from d. anthony taylorfootage from d. anthony taylor's cell phone. >> like a brawl at the school. a fist brawl. it was just crazy. >> reporter: you can see taylor crowd. he started taking pictures of rickey bryant, the state coordinator.
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o'bryant ordered him to stop recording. >> i didn't hear him and he pointed at me and said something and i didn't hear what he said and he came up and grabbed my phone. >> reporter: this video shows o>> reporter: this video shows o'bryant do more than grab a phone. taylor is grabbed by his jacket d held down by his neck.student manages to slither
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at o'bryant whoat o'bryant who grabs him bye shirt and tosses to theound. i cry.cry essential i see it andset. reporter: mother wantstion against o'bryant but hern was suspended for breakingrule of videoing incidents. i never had a phone call at job.was at work at the time that son had got hurt or wasvolved with anything. reporter: taylor sufferedme scratches on his chest andjured his wrist.e principal says the video isst a snapshot of a muchrger incident. that's why we wanted to do aorough investigation, and contacted and turned it over to police to let them investigate the incident fully. >> reporter: brigida mack, wbtv on your side for primetime. new on "primetime," once abused dogs reunite with the deputy who saved them and 29 others. this is marty -- almost looks like he is smiling. he was rescued seven month ago after a deputy responded to a stray dog call in the durham area. deputies say the odor of urine on the dog caused them to look further near this case where deputydeputies found all those other dogs, and many of them were emaciated and in filth. three dogs didn't make it. but these two did. marty and dimple and they were taken to as redue in athens, my know recover. this week they returned to
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the very deputy that rescued people. get this, marty's home is with deputy beck. as for dimple, an applicant hoping to give her a new furhoping to give her a new fur-ever home as well. their previous owner has been charged with animal cruelty, but look at those eyes. >> meteorologist: i wonder if they remembered. >> anchor: i bet they do. the tree at the park fell across biltmore drive and ripped out a sewer line. some motorists were stranded between the downed tree on one end of the street and construction that was going on on the other end of the street. not fond to be stuck there. and somebody was saying yesterday the sound of chainyesterday the sound of chainsaws -- >> meteorologist: yeah. >> anchor: i will have to go in my yard with 20 green trash bags and collect twigs.
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of little and medium-sized twigs. >> meteorologist: you heard the chain saws too. >> anchor: they were coming to collect -- not -- a lot of people. we love our trees in charlotte, but the canopy can be a danger. >> meteorologist: you are right, maureen. charlotte known as the city of trees. how about that. we will take a look and temperatures are falling fairly quickly. we are already in the low 40s here across the piedmont. upper 30s into the i-40 corridor and chop another 10 degrees off of that. already down in the 20s. there it is across the carolina high country. the city weather net in the uptownuptown area. what a sunset we had for you ere tonight and a lot ofcitement in the uptown region of that number 34 degrees and the cia tournament happening. check in on that. there it is time warner cable arena. anybody heading out, the ciaa or anything else of that matter hopefully you have a heavy coat because midnight we will be
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the air, no question. it will be cold overnight. in terms of any disruptive weather, little patch of clouds on the back side of that storm system kind of wrapping into the mountains, but no real additional snow out of it. maybe just a little bit, but overall, really winding down now. that's it. 27 degrees in the morning and the skiers, they are getting amped up again because another big weekend on the way for a skiing weekend. meanwhile, 3 degrees. that will be your number at 8:00 in the morning as you get closer to the area and hopefulcloser to the area and hopefully maybe sleep in and not deal with the freezing temperatures. is saturday morning to these clouds up around the high country. they thin out. my goodness gracious the whole eastern two-thirds of the nation hardly find a cloud anywhere. a delightful day, and temperatures average where you would expect them to be by late afternoon. your number, 54 degrees. your seven-day first alert forecast. you know what, if would you like to see the milder weather
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in fact tack on 10 degrees between saturday and sunday alone as we get knew the mid-60s. upper 60s perhaps toward monday and tuesday and when they have another front. that is on the way right here for wednesday. you see that temperature, yeah, 59 degrees. all right, but this system that will come whipping across the gulf coast state and that could set us up for perhaps some thunderstorms as we take you on to the early stages on wednesday. after that, thursday and friday we cool off behind that cool front and looks like we will dry out as well. that is the way it shapes up right now. here again maureen o'boyle. time for primetime pick. from tommy roth with the caption, hit the slopes today. conditions were okay. beats any day at work. post your picture -- i would agree with that -- on instagram with the hashtag primetime pick and hashtag wbtv and me. you see it right there at the top of the screen. that's how we can find you and
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follow us wbtv underscore news. boy, the mountains must be great by now. closed captioning on wbtv news is sponsored by suburu south boulevard and suburu
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a few months ago, a local adult day-care center posted a video on their facebook page.
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with a woman who has alzheimer's. it is no surprise when you hear the story of john leon lewis sing why he comes twice a week to perform. we have tonight's "good news." >> reporter: an entrance more anticipated ... then elvis, at leastat least here anyway, this guy is elvis. >>reporter: most of the people in this room are victims of a disease that steals their memorymemories, their thoughts and sometimes their emotions. >> dementia closes doors, but my music open doors. >> reporter: this is elizabeth. alzheimer's sometimes has her doors sealed shut. here is where you see how wrong john was. his music doesn't open doors --
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hello dolly, so nice to have you back where we belong >> we have members who haven't spoken, haven't really engaged in a long time who absolutely come alive, and he has a gift of knowing how and when to engage people. you are my sunshine >>reporter: that gift is knowing comes from knowing personally. >> it is almost like i am digging for gold, looking for memory of my own mother. >> reporter: 13 years ago alzheimer's stole his mother. two times a week, he gets a little piece of her back don't you know you never can win >> it gives me extreme pleasure>> it gives me extreme pleasure. >> reporter: two times a week thanks to john -- .
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