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tv   WBTV News 3 at 4PM  CBS  February 23, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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for severe weather headed our way. >> a storm system could bring thunderstorms and heavy rain and flooding. meteorologist leigh brock is in the first alert weather center. when can we expect this to begin? >> later tonight is when we will see the rain coming in. tomorrow we have the best chance of the thunderstorms. right now light showers and it's cool outside. it does not feel like we have the possibility of severe weather tomorrow but things will change by tomorrow morning. here is the big picture. we have a low pressure system over texas right now. spinning away, bring you severe weather to louisiana and mississippi. that is pushing closer to us through the overnight period. for us right now, mainly cloudy skies. cool temperatures we have a couple of light showers passing through the area. those are not going to stand in your way. look how the temperatures will change, right now we are in the upper 40s to low 50s. heading into the day tomorrow, morning time temperatures from the 40s to the 50s to the 60s tomorrow afternoon.
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some areas could hit 70. and that is up with of the reasons why this system could be volatile. we have a flash flood watch in place many of us have seen two inches and more rain on top of that so possible flash flood something a situation and we have a wind advisory. that flash flooding and saturated grounds and you add the winds on top of that gusts 40-50-miles-per-hour and that could bring trees and power lines down. and i have all the forecast details coming up in a little bit. >> speaking of those trees, heavy rain can cause them to fall. this afternoon at 4:30 brody o'connell will explain warning signs that >> the vote was 7-4 charlotte city council oks a nondiscrimination order naps that would allow transgender people to choose a restroom
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people were vocal and packed the meeting. sara-blake morgan was there and joins us live from the government center with more on the fallout today. >> yes, this was a victory in the eyes of the lgbt community but one they were not surprised by. they knew walking in last night that they had the support from city leaders to get this vote passed and that is exactly what happened. look of this video from inside last night. it took sometime to get to that vote. nearly 140 speakers each given one minute pleading their cases passionately to the council. the people for and against the ordinance passing were split evenly. most of the focus has been on the bathroom portion it does give an lgbt person protections in other areas like businesses or transportation, but last night opinions were not in short
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>> you worry when you have about your daughter running into face-to-face with a anatomical male in the shower or the restaurant. >> i think we need to have the rights and we need to be able to stand at one. >> now, after all those speakers wrapped up, the council had discussion and as you said, voted 7-4 in favor of passing the ordinance. it will go into effect if all goes through on april first. and coming up tonight at 6:00 there is concern coming from certain business owners and i will tell you about that. reporting live in charlotte, sara-blake morgan wbtv on your side. >> see you at 6:00, thank you. the passage came despite a threat from governor mccrory in the hours leading up to the vote. he said if city council went through with it the state would intervene. steve crump just talked to the governor moments ago. he jumps on the telephone from raleigh. what is the governor saying?
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expect it in the same month this goes into effect but the general assembly will have a short session in raleigh at some point in april and from what governor mccrory told me is that legislation is being drawn up to rescind this ordinance that happened. one of the other things, too, when we sat down with the governor this afternoon he was passionate about this issue. and said that when it comes to people going to bathrooms, they need to have a level of privacy. and the other thing he also said was that what has happened is an overreach by local government and mccrory said listen when it comes to overreaches of government, i will call it out and jamie that is what he plans on doing in this case. we will have more live from raleigh at 5:00 and 6:00. >> steve crump jumping on the phone with the developments out of raleigh.
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>> we want to go to the alert center where our alex giles is standing by about the disturbing story involve voluntarying this puppy. >> disturbing indeed. two arrests have been made in the shooting of that 6 week old puppy that is douglas, he is 17 years old now in custody for this allege willed crime and a 14-year-old was also taken into custody but he was released to a parent before his court appearance and we have to show the puppy. this is brody. we got new video today he is in the hospital and he will feed more time to recover. you see the bb wounds he suffered and hundreds of people have called to adopt him. they have had to shut down the waiting list because so many people were trying to get him a home. it looks like he will have a new place to go. an arrest and looks like the puppy is getting a new home. >> all right, thank you. at 5:00 kristen hampton went by
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is going to have that story later on wbtv. >> a plan that is get criticism today. president obama wants to close the detention center at guantanomo bay, cuba. there are 91 prisoners still held at gitmo. the plan is to transfer 35 of them to other countries. the remaining 56 would be moved to a facility here in the u.s. the administration looking at 13 different locations including existing prisons in south carolina, kansas and colorado. >> the plan we are putting forward today is not just about closing the facility at guantanomo bay, it's not just about dealing with the current group of detainees which is a complex piece of business because of the manner in which they were apprehended and expanded. owe what happened. this is about closing a chapter in our history. >> moving the priss epps will save $85 million per year.
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into the cause of the fire in hilled brand that destroyed the high school building that was built in 1917 and went up in flames in a dramatic fashion. the task of finding the cause is daunting but investigators say they are going to try. steve ohnesorge on your side with the story from burke down it. >> the investigation into what caused the fire here yesterday at the old hildebrand high school is going to take sometime. they think the fire may have started in the basement. the problem: getting to the basement. there was smoldering hotspots this morning too hot inside for investigators to go in right away. so ground teams stayed back. >> we want to make sure the building is safe for our investigators. >> they took pictures from a truck to map out what they need to do and flooded the hotspots they found to clear the way for crews to go in. >> it is a piece of history that is gone.
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look or drove past. >> it's gone and it's sad. >> the fire call yesterday brought in units from across burke county and other counties, too, they could not stop the fate of the old high school but did block the flames from taking other buildings. now it is up to federal, state and local investigators to figure out how it started. heavy equipment moved in to help and it will be a long process. as for the town hall for hildebrand it sits next to the fire scenement i saw officials carrying paperwork and computers out to their cars today. they have no power in their building and there is no telling when it will come back. in hildebrand, steve ohnesorge wbtv on your side. >> thank you. let's check in with our tonya rivens for the first time this afternoon she is watching the roads. >> good afternoon. your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank.
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have an injury accident by old statesville in the median at exit 23. traffic is moving along nicely in that area. no delays. but statesville road is a great alternate route. as we look around the area, a little bit of traffic i-77 northbound. some building on statesville northbound as well and one additional accident. this is on sam furr road close to statesville road. statesville road is a great alternate route. >> thank you. you know sometime it is can take a lot of motivation to get yourself to workout. >> and that is the idea behind the wine workout. we are going to explain the
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next. >> not a fan of exercising? well, here is a workout that just about anyone could get onboard with. >> called the wine workout. april story posted this exercise video to her facebook page
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the california mom has seen a lot of response to the workout with more than 18 million views. i guess taking a sip? >> would that be a little bit -- >> counterproductive? >> i do not want to say dangerous. how many sips are you taking? it starts to get loopy and then whoops your form slips. >> that is true. you would be right smack in the middle of the glass. but anything can be a weight we've heard that from trainers in the past. >> soup and water jugs. the sipping could be a little bit counterproductive like you get to the point that you chuck it and turn on bravo and sip your wine. yeah. a simple gesture getting a lot of attention in south carolina. >> what some police officers and their families sound when they went to pay their check at a restaurant.
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but everything changes tomorrow.
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all new information about the zika virus in the first afirst alert forecast center with alex giles. >> we got this within the last hour, the u.s. is investigating more than a dozen cases of the zika virus that may have been spread through sex.
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traveled to areas with the zika outbreak and they may have infected their female sex partners. reports are saying the 14 cases include two pregnant women and it was spread through mosquito bites and it may be spread sexually. back to you. >> and the race is on to find a vaccine. much more on that later on here. thank you. >> a groupup of officers in south carolina got quite the surprise when they tried to pay for their dinner at this restaurant. it happened near spartanburg. 12-13 people shared lunch. but when they went to pay someone had. a woman left a note on the receipt that says blue lives matter. >> you hear so much negative and to get something positive it was a wonderful thing. >> the officer hopes the woman feels as thanked as they do.
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tonya rivens in the first alert traffic center. >> your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. i-77 and carowinds boulevard nothing visible on the interstate heads up 77 northbound at carowinds. south tryon is one alternate route to get around this. as we look around the area traffic starting to build right around highway 98 as you go farther south. stop-and-go traffic around 160. and we have an accident dropping in by highway 160 and 49. back to you. >> thank you. time to talk weather and there is a lot to talk about. we are going to see lots of >> yeah. it's a little bit unusual to talk about severe weather especially when it's cool outside. but that is one of the changes coming down the pike. >> we have chilly air in place and it will feel like a different scene tomorrow.
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to a very spring like day tomorrow with the potsty of thunderstorms. right down to business here. we have our risk tomorrow we have a marginal risk in the mountain areas and part of the foothills. farther to the east the each part of the wbtv viewin area we are in a slight risk the enhanced risk is off to the east. everyone has a chance of thunderstorms for the day tomorrow. the biggest risk is not where we are. it is off to the east. that doesn't mean we are sitting pretty because we have that chance closer to us. as we head through the middle of your day. here is the big picture we have our thunderstorms the bulk of the action still down to the south. louisiana into mississippi and alabama that is where they have a tornado watch. plenty of thunderstorms in the mississippi area. southern part of mississippi. where most of the action is right now back to the west is where the low is. we are ahead of it. we have the cool, gray conditions outside. that is because we are still to the north of the warm front.
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here is the dividing line with all the warm air is. air is. but that is going to push to the north of us tomorrow and bring too. here is this low pressure system right now it looks so far aaway but that is going to cause problems tomorrow. for now not a lot to worry about for the rest of the day. maybe showers and the cloudy skies and things change tomorrow. wednesday forecast. we start out close to 50 . 65 by noon. a big jump in the temperatures. the middle of your day is the best chance of thunderstorms for us and 67 is your high. rainfall totals many of us have seen one to two inches in charlotte. we could add to that an inch that is why we have that flash flood watch in effect and the winds on top of that could possibly cause trees and power lines to come down not considering the thunderstorm winds this is normal winds through the day.
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we are watching that for you. thursday calm down and back to the 50s for a couple days and sunshine starting on friday. we will have more coming up. back to you. >> thank you. fears over the zika virus growing in the u.s. now more than 100 cases reported here with new reports today. we have how close scientists are to finding a vaccine.
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"daily detour" right after [ ] >> time now for the "daily detour." two minutes on the clock here we go. >> call it against all odds. phil collins set to remarry his third ex-wife. the switzerland native says the love was never gone that their separation was the wrong decision and that they are meant for each other. they divorced in 2008 at which time she got a $50 million settlement. they have two sons together. >> this is his third wife? >> was a fourth? or neither were married between. >> getting back together. >> happy for them. if you wanted to live like secret agent james bond here is your chance. the production company sold 10 items from the film specter. highlights include the tom ford suit and wrist watch and the keys to the sports car.
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those three went for $3.5 million. which means no. proceeds will go to charities. all gore a good cause and cool swag. >> so the keys not the car. >> just the keys? oh, for how much? >> yep. there you go. >> congratulations are in order for kevin hart. the state of california named yesterday february 22 kevin hart day. he shared this picture on instagram receiving the honor from the california state assembly. >> you just never see the guy. >> i know, right? everywhere between the movies and the comedy. >> nba all-star weekend he was all over that. he will be in charlotte next year. you could say that royal couple prince william and kate middleton have it all except for a staff. the staff is threat exto strike because of a proposed pay cut
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show have visitors around the grounds. a spokeswoman said in a statement we value our staff and hope to reach a multisatisfactory agreement. >> something tells me you know, they are going to be ok. >> they have somebody to help around the house. pick up the kids toys. >> keep it moving. more news ahead. our first-alert weather team tracking the potential for severe weather. >> and heavy rain can bring down weak trees. we have warning sign in your yard.
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you're watching wbtv news >> announcer: wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> a live look through our hd towercam. not a pretty picture this afternoon but it's not the real concern. our first-alert weather team is tracking potential severe weather headed our way. welcome back i'm jamie boll. you can see this powerful system down here along the gulf coast on our radar moving into this direction. >> thunderstorms, heavy rain and flooding all a concern. i've moved here to the first alert weather center with meteorologist leigh brock. what would you say is the biggest concern? >> the biggest concern may be the heavy rain the possibility for localized flooding and gusty
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the possibility of thunderstorms. so there are a couple things we are watching. the long-term system is in texas. pushing through louisiana and mississippi you can see the strong thunderstorms they have a tornado watch down there. and we are not doing bad right now. and we have mainly cloudy skies but other than a couple of stray showers you may be thinking there is no way we could have severe weather tomorrow. but the temperature is going to play into this. we start in the 40s and low 50s. check out the high temperatures and this is going to happen over a matter of hours. over the course of a couple hours we go 15 up on the temperature. reaching a high temperature of 70 and that helps to destabilize things. and we have a flash flood watch in effect for every county you have seen 1-2 inches and you could add more to that tomorrow.
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flooding and possibly trees coming down. you have the saturated ground in place and the winds gusting 40-50-miles-per-hour and we could have that tomorrow. mainly winds will be 20-25-miles-per-hour but the gusts higher. and that is why we have that wind advisory which is also in effect. and none of those factors i mentioned even consider the possibility of thunderstorms. so we have that on top of it. i have those details coming up in a little bit. >> all right thank you. and another concern trees falling. crews are trying to figure out if wet weather brought down this giant tree on to a home. first responders said the soft ground may have contributed to the tree's collapse. brody o'connell joining us live. and i understand a family was inside when this happened? >> yeah. family including six children how about that? a close call this morning. we talked to the man who is renting that house and said he


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