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tv   WBTV News 3 at 6AM  CBS  February 13, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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this broadcast sponsored by subaru south boulevard and subaru concord. wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> brody: next at 6:00, a local business owners wants you to help him find out who broke in his store in east charlotte, we'll show you the surveillance
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store. a bad morning to be without heat, crews cut a gas line in the charlotte neighborhood. now they are scrambling to get it fixed and taking a live look from king street in boone, we're tracking the latest weather conditions from charlotte all the way on up to the mountains. where hopefully perhaps you're heading there to do skiing. >> lyndsay: would be a good weekend, really cold but sometimes you like it to be cold when you ski. >> brody: you have to dress properly for it. by the way, kristen miranda has the morning off. so i have the pleasure of sitting in with you today and of course tomorrow. >> lyndsay: we're glad to have you here. >> brody: it was a little cold getting in work this morning. >> lyndsay: i can't imagine being without heat this morning i feel like my heat can barely keep up and it is working properly. but yeah, we have temperatures in the 20s in a lot of spots, speaking of the mountains, 16 in boone, as of the 6:00 hour, we have fallen down 28 in
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morganton, hickory, statesville, salisbury, a couple of you hanging on to about 31 from gastonia back toward monroe and wadesboro but below freezing everywhere. this afternoon get in the mid to upper 30s and tomorrow morning at this time it will be in the low teens right here in charlotte. so even colder for tonight, we still have winter weather for monday. talk about that in more detail coming up in a couple minutes. >> brody: pay close attention to the forecast especially if plan to drive on monday. north carolina d.o.t. leaders preparing for a possible ice. our steve crump on your side with how they are getting ready. >> reporter: preps began on thursday across charlotte, that's when workers started going over many local streets with a brine solution. we found a number of trucks in the stand-by mode, ready to roll at a moment's notice, so far, local crews have treated places that tend to freeze first. >> bridges and overpasses are
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air or down low, next to a creek, a bank, and they are colder, they will freeze faster. >> kind of a critical situation right now not sure how the storm will move in. >> reporter: on many roads, prevention is the key. state transportation officials say it is too early to know when the first wave of workers will be sent to deal with slick conditions. but, jordan ashley baker expects hem to possibly hitexpectsthem to hit the roads. >> they won't see the crews brining until we make the decision on saturday when we have better information how the weather will move in sunday night into monday. >> reporter: the sit firefighter charlotte has the samecity ofcharlotte has the same mindset. >> we will wait as it gets closer and then tackle it. >> the charlotte and state d.o.t. will decide to send out trucks today.
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piedmont natural gas helping 2808 families0 families restore heat to their home. a google fiber contractor cut a gas line. the line has been fixed. now crews are trying to finish up going house-to-house to re-set everyone's lines. it has been an extra cold start to the weekend. >> we'll just bundle up, i guess, hope that whatever they're doing fixes it. >> certainly hopeful that the gas company will get the gas back on tonight so my family and the my neighbors will have heat. >> it is cold and i got an infant in the house, we have to get it done quick. >> piedmont sent in crews from charlotte and areas to help get heat back to the homes. now is the time to make sure you have the wbtv weather app, so if you haven't downloaded it yet, you might want to do so,
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weather. we'll check back in with lyndsay tapases, standing by with a look at first alert weather, good morning, it is a morning. >> lyndsay: we showed you temperatures earlier on, talk about the wind chill numbers, this is what it feels like to exposed skin, when you factor in the wind, with the actual air temperature out there, feeling like 7 below in boone, windchill right around 20, statesville, hickory, morganton, wind chill of 23 here in th charlotte area. with those sub-zero windchill values in the mountains, a windchill advisory posted, ashe, watauga, avery counties, this will go through the entire weekend, not going to expire until 10:00 a.m. on sunday morning, so the fact it is up for that long of a duration of time gives you an idea of just how cold it is going to be for how long. mountain temperatures right now, 14 in boone, 13 blowing rock, 5 degrees banner elk right now, 10 degrees for beech mountain, as far as the highs this afternoon
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long. there could be early morning flurries or lingering snow showers but then you should break out for some sun by the later part of the day. for us in the charlotte area, we'll get in the upper 30s, 37 for the high before we fall back in the teens here even outside tonight. we'll have a look at extended forecast and what to expect with the storm on monday as well, the details headed your way in a couple minutes. >> brody: charlotte business owner says he caught several burglars on camera, you can see it breaking in his business. james neal called us after he called police last night. he says that two people smashed their way through the front door of his business on woodland drive. burglars reportedly hit up several other shops nearby. he tells us they were in his business a minute before the alarm sound and they took off. >> last step they did, was right here. he wept like this, he leaned like he was looking and then all
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let's go and they went right out. >> he's hoping that these images will help catch the people responsible, if you recognize the two menu see on the men you see on the screen call crimestoppers, 704-334-1600. police arrested a man they say is responsible for multiple bank robberies. they caught him in tennessee. police gave us surveillance photos of the robber earlier from the first citizens branch on john j. delaney drive. the man in the hat is 42-year-old lewis fite, also robbed the bb&t bank on mallard creek road a month ago, in jail on $80,000 bond. we have video of a big brawl, wild story, a local high school basketball game got out of hand. look at the people on the court. salisbury high school, big varsity game against north rowan. people say it started as a fight between players. some fans ran out on the court, got involved. the game had to be stopped.
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fightquarter.they couldn't leave until north rowan were on the buses. state officials will discuss to mean what it means for the postseason for both teams police chief in maiden is calling an officer-involved shooing tragic. his officers responded to a man barricade in a bathroom on old park road. elijah jackson had a knife on him. he was cover in blood. the chief says jackson slashed at officers and they shot and killed him. friends we talk to say they called 911 trying to get help for jackson they are upset officer used their weapons issues. there was another officer-involvement shooting in catawba county involving a deputy there. sky 3 over the scene of 54th avenue at 2:00 yesterday afternoon. investigators tell us the deputy shot a man in the hand after he pointed a shotgun at the deputy. the deputy was serving a warrant
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the man is okay and in custody at the sheriff's office. looking ahead, today you can participate in an interactive exercise simulating the city of charlotte's budget process. a workshop is scheduled later this morning at west service center on wilkinson boulevard, that will take place from 9:00 am until noon. you have an opportunity to talk with staff members including the water and solid waste waste services. also a special presentation from the county's top health officials on our health concerns in the area. charlotte charter school fighting a decision from the state to close the school, crossroads charter filed a lawsuit says the state acted erroneously and didn't use proper procedure when making decisions. the state board cites financial issues and low student enrollment for closing crossroads charter. if the school wins the judgment, crossroads is requesting to operate for three more years and requesting training for state
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documentation. next here on wbtv news saturday morning, a program to help college students find work after they graduate. a look at the numbers coming up in a special economic report.
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>> brody: there is a lot going on here. >> lyndsay: a lot. >> brody: do you know what we're doing? >> lyndsay: i have no idea. >> brody: we have product test, i have all the bells and whistles we need here. we're trying out, i like the idea of the product, i'll give you the quick gist. chef eggs, instead of peeling eggs off the hard boiled eggs, you crack the egg in these devices right here and then you boil these devices and then you plop out the egg. >> lyndsay: interesting, that is funny we've done a product you boil it and then it -- remember that thing where it gets the shell off right away? >> brody: it sort of works. >> lyndsay: this is kind of the reverse in a way. >> brody: i don't know how official, we have a an egg contraption every week. >> lyndsay: what else can we
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>> brody: to give you an idea, i'll learn how to do this before we test product. but -- >> lyndsay: that would be nice. it gives you six in one box. in case you need to hard boil six. >> brody: i get a good dozen so i have them for the week. so you see the devices you crack the egg. we already tested this, our producer did, we'll show you the final product, we'll crack eggs in the little devices later to show you how it works. and i'm kind of curious to see how it turned out. this is something i would use because sometimes it works for me the peel comes off right away, other times by the time i get all the peel off i'm gown to the yolk, a wild scene. >> lyndsay: we'll see coming up. a wild scene, all right. we have again cold weather on the way for the weekend and big storm for monday. a lot to touch on here.
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so we can show it to you after just being able to talk about it but not necessarily track it over the past couple days, our storm is now over land, over the pacific northwest, a look at where it is now, this is also good now because our weather models are able to get a much better handle on a storm that is actually over land. so hopefully our picture will become clearer over the next 24-48 hours, we can pinpoint the details better as far as the snow, sleet and freezing rain mix. in the short term, we have got our arctic area of high pressure over the upper midwest. this is what will be the weather maker for the weekend, so the air beneath this arctic high is just bitter cold as you can imagine, we have below zero readings all the way in places like minneapolis, where it is six below and these are actual air temperatures, this is not your windchill, 5 in chicago right now, that makes our 28 in charlotte in comparison not look
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will be headed our way, spreading south and east, which is why you will hear about potentially record breaking cold, dangerous windchills in new england and northeast, and for us here, well below average temperatures we don't anticipate any record breaking locally, that is still going to be about 20 below average. 37 the high today. with lows tonight in the teens. 15 will be our overnight low tonight. all right, let's talk about monday with all the cold this weekend that is going to be setting the stage for this to start as a wintery mix, first thing monday morning. that arctic high pressure will be situated off to the northeast, that cold will be stuck in place so by the time this system comes in from the southwest, on sunday morning and will be cold enough to support first just plain snow for everyone and then a mix of snow to sleet to freezing rain through the mid-morning hours, this is futurecast at 8:00 a.m., you see more pink indicating
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transition could occur as early as 8:00 a.m. from snow to sleet to freezing rain, and then as the system comes in from the west, draws in more of a south wind. the south wind is agreeing to warm things up enough this cold gets pushed back farther north and anything wintery, anything frozen or icy changes over to just rain by the time we talk about monday night and into tuesday. that is why amounts with this should stay fairly low, two of the main models the gfs and european for total snow fall accumulation keep things under an inch, we think that is a good estimate, an inch, maybe just eclipsing 1-2 inch mark for us before everything changes over to just rain by monday night and into tuesday. storm pulls out by tuesday and then look at that, the rest of the week, finally we'll have more spring like weather, warming things up nicely to the upper 50s to near 60 by time
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brody, back over to you. >> brody: is your college student about to graduate, and do they have a job lined up? if they don't, they are not alone. according to the 2014 after college survey, 17% of graduates have a job in place after getting a debris. a new program at unc charlotte is designed to change that number. wbtv's dedrick russell on your side with how that program works works. >> reporter: meet unc charlotte senior sharoyal and brian, graduation day is coming both have no jobs, but they are not alone. their friends are in the same unemployment line as they are. >> a big concern. and they are doing whatever they can but at the same time it is not easy. >> both have signed up for the go higher workshops. here are pictures of the program in action. student meet once a week for two hours, for six weeks learning skills to get a job. >> definitely not what you will get out of the gentlemen near
6:18 am
the career center. >> this was tasha burke's idea. she is a recruiting, she worked a job fair a few years back, got 1000 resumes, but only 1 stood out. >> the milennials are not prepared for the workforce or just their presentation alone is not enough to garner our attention. >> burke teaches about being intentional when finding a job and how to stand out. the students are in week 2 of the program, already made a difference. >> i learned a lot about interviewing tips, resumes, how to put certain things on paper. >> be myself a lot more and let my personality show, nothing wrong with personality. >> the program is geared toward minorities and women. here's why. >> we're looking to basically level the playing field for under-represented populations in the workforce. >> students now say they are ready for the real world. >> i'm definitely going to be more confident in myself, how i
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>> certainly seems like a good program. that was our dedrick russell reporting. go higher has been set up at other colleges. the founder reports 86% of participants landed a job and are working for amazon, wells-fargo, she wants to expand the program to ten colleges. consumer news, the popularity of e-books such as nook and kindle thought book sales store would lower. they rose last year. that is the first year over year increase. the industry has seen since '07. i like to have the the book in the hand experience. hip hop legend dr. dre switching things up.
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original scripted scripted series. "vital signs" semi autograph i cal about his life, and be an executive producer on the program. later today a local non-profit is hosting an event called meet your muslim neighbor. american islamic out reach foundation will gather at the community center from 3:00 to 6:30. the groups want to you come out and meet people of different backgrounds and faith hoping to form better relationships in the community. a great idea there. next, satisfy your favorite chocoholic this valentine's day. the secret chocolatier is live to share delicious desserts, that is going to come up after
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>> brody: it is not valentine's day without chocolate for a lot of people. robin from the secret chocolatier is here on talk about chocolate roses and new items including olive oil. nice to have you in. >> thank you. >> happy early valentine's day to you. >> to you, too. >> falls on sunday, the weekend, guys, no excuses this time around. you have timeyou have time to celebrate. if you're like me you haven't done your shopping yet. we have you taken care of here. let's start with the classic products you guys have at the store. >> we have the beautiful boxes of chocolates already set up for you so you can come in and grab them and go. or you can build your own. we have some lovely desserts, little treats for maybe the kids or friends and desserts you can
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the oblivion torte. >> i'm not sure if you saw at home you can get nice gift wrap on this, i'll kind of -- that is the bottom but you can see kind of the nice gift wrapping you can do. >> pretty heart for everybody. and a bow. >> tell me about the roses. >> these are hand-made chocolate roses, we form each petal individually, they are white and dark chocolate, some of them colored, the pink and red mixed in, and these under high demand and go quickly. they are not easy to make we only have so many on hand. so give us a call or come and get them early today. >> what is the process? that has to be extremely difficult. best ability to describe it how do you make those petals and form them. >> it is a dough that we create out of the chocolate, we roll it
6:25 am
and flatten that out and form and wrap each petal around each other and you have about ten petals. >> that is hand made with love >> that's right. >> you can still get these but they are going fast. >> they are going fast give us a call ahead or come by early today and pick them up when you can. >> where are you located? >> sharon amity and providence road and in ballantyne at north community house road. >> a couple options there. let's talk about the olive oil. >> we have been working with our friends at the olive tap in ballantyne, set up a pairing of olive oil and chocolate, this one is an orange citrus olive oil and our white chocolate macadamia bark. you dip it in the olive oil. >> do you want to try it with me? >> i've tried it before, i set these up, i'm very excited about it. >> you chose the pairing?
6:26 am
olive tap, we worked together to >> wow. >> isn't that neat? >> very awesome. >> very unique. great little special dessert you can set up. >> what is in that chocolate? >> macadamia white chocolate, salt, balances nicely with the orange olive oil. >> fantastic. if you wanted to do something like this, -- >> we have a pre-set package with the chocolate and olive oil. we also have a dark chocolate almond bark option. >> people really dragging their feet, you guys are open, are they open tomorrow? >> yes, special hours from 10:00 to 4:00 in case you forgot, or need to sneak out quickly tomorrow morning to come get something we'll be there for you. we also have chocolate of the
6:27 am
so something you can buy and we can send away. also chocolate, gift certificates, come out in the next couple weeks, have fun with the chocolate making classes. >> fun idea. thank you for coming in and sharing ideas, hope you have a great valentine's day. >> you too. >> we'll have headlines plus the
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after the break. >> brody: welcome back, hope you're having a great start to saturday morning the secret chocolatier was in, did you get a chance to try it? >> lyndsay: i did, the chocolate roses are beautiful, so pretty. great gift ideas. >> brody: guys, -- >> lyndsay: seriously, as a female i would love chocolate roses, combining both. both the bases covered. >> brody: i think it is a good idea if you're like me i haven't
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>> lyndsay: hopefully your wife isn't watching. >> brody: she probably assumes because i'm bad. >> lyndsay: you have a whole day. >> brody: i'm up early enough tomorrow. >> lyndsay: exactly. >> brody: enough about us hope you're having a great start it is cold outside if you will be running around, bundle up. >> lyndsay: you can see the sunrise, just starting behind us, still a little bit of cloud cover, mostly clear for most of us and very cold, temperatures are in the 20s in most areas, upper 20s from charlotte back toward salisbury, statesville, hickory, morganton, we're all sitting right at 28 right now, 31 in gastonia and monroe, 30 lancaster, warmest spot we have relatively speaking is chester, right at the freezing mark and check it out in boone, 15 with below zero windchill, advisory in effect for the mountains which will stay in effect all weekend long, with more cold air on the move. talk about that in more detail and the winter storm on the way
6:32 am
as welcoming up. with the cold weather this weekend it is important to know how to protect your home against damage. this morning, a heating expert will join us live in studio with plumbing tips to save you time and also money so we'll bring that to you. also thinking valentine's day as we were talking about not just chocolate, you want to make the nice special dinner, we'll do nice foods, get you in the mood here. remember, we'll have you covered for the next hour-and-a-half, hopefully you stick with us and bring that to you, but do want to look at some of the top headlines here on this saturday morning. we'll have those stories manying could up in a little bit campaign 2016, the battle for president is heading to the palmetto state. with more than a week to go until the primaries, gop presidential hopefuls will make their pitches to north carolina voters during a debate tonight airing right here on wbtv.
6:33 am
political report magazine shows donald trump leading in south carolina voters. ted cruz is following the same game plan he used to win the iowa caucus by implementing a large get out the vote effort. also working to get major support from evangelical christians who make up 65% of south carolina voters. >> how important is it's van jel i calis it theevangelical vote? >> it is quite diverse. >> you can watch tonight's debate right here, that is 9:00 on wbtv. a court ruling could throw north carolina's primary vote in a bit of chaos. state lawmakers have just announced a contingency plan if it asked to redraw district lines. phil burger and tim moore have formed a new committee, will hold meetings across the state including right here in
6:34 am
community college. the lower courts have a february 19th deadline to redraw that map of district 1 and district 12, which includes part of charlotte. the original ruling ordering the districts to be redrawn was handed down last friday night. elections currently underway, we're awaiting a supreme court decision on this matter, right now north carolina's primary is scheduled march 15th. some in mooresville have concerns about plans to bring a costco to the area. thursday night, we were at a town meeting with neighbors voiced concerns about traffic, noise, crime and property values. hwever, there were some people in favor of the wholesale retailer. the mooresville town planning board vote in favor of the store. it will be built off i-77 there at exit 35. it is not a done deal yet the mooresville board of commissioner cost hold another vote that would take place in march. you probably connect
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your race, ethnicity, those things, they make up who we are. imagine not knowing anything about your background. no matter how hard you searched. kristen miranda met a young woman who spent years trying to solve her mystery. watch the needle in the haystack way she found her father. [ music ] >> amazing grace. >> growing up wasn't exactly easy for jamie nader. there were things she couldn't explain. >> mixed kid growing up in a white family. nobody knows what i am, who my father is and it was just hard not knowing. i just always wanted to feel like i belonged somewhere. >> technology stepped in to help her search. she took an ancestry dna test t. >> i felt like i was going to get one step closer to the answer but didn't feel like i would get the answer.
6:36 am
>> the test showed she is of african descent. here is the cool part about the test, it matches you with other people who have taken to it see if you have any cousins, people with your similar genetic make-up. she did. she reached out, three times to a woman who she thought could be the right age to be her aunt and she eventually heard back. >> my aunt didn't know what to think at first. it was a hard pill to swole low. swallow. >> she messaged, then a phone call. her niece. she felt we could have been sisters, might have been cousins. >> long story short, this woman called her brother and -- >> first thing he said was he was in the same city as the same times as my mom in 1985. >> he didn't know about her, or her mother was pregnant. >> shows the power in which dna testing can do for the individual and unlock the story that we want to find out for ourselves, so priceless in the
6:37 am
what you can find out until you take the test and start on the path. >> nearly 30 year mystery, solved in months in this case. think about that time line. in september, jamie took the test. in november, she tracked down the man she now says she knows as her dad, this is the moment they met. >> first thing he said was "i'm trying not to knock over all these people" because he wanted to leap across and give me a hug as soon as he saw me and the next thing he said "look at you" and i said "look at you." >> they only spent a short time together. less than a day. her mom helped to fly him to texas from washington state while jamie was visiting. >> we talked every day since then. >> this might be the only picture she will have with her parents. >> i see i am a combination of the two of them. >> a feeling she worried she would never have. >> i didn't feel like my story was done, like i had these strong instincts there was
6:38 am
there was. that. >> she didn't want a life unloved. >> a lot of people would look at coincidence. >> yeah, no, it is not. there is no denying that god was in this. the timing of it, the instincts that i had like i'm completely convince had was god whispering to me. >> there was a family, mom and dad for her. kristen miranda, wbtv on your side. >> brody: incredible story. jamie got two brothers and a large extended family out of the deal. her dad got four beautiful new granddaughters. her dad hasn't taken an official paternity test yet and jamie says he will but she has no doubts and for more on the ancestry dna test and see what happened when our education reporter dedrick russell took one, go to right now. i'm going to have to wait
6:39 am
dedrick, what happened, we'll ha to check it out. >> a close eye on the winter storm that is bringing snow in and below freezing temperatures to our area. you've been taking pictures all weekend, maybe snapped a couple this morning because the sun is just keeping up. we want to you share them on social media, share your photos right now on social media using #snowbtv, also videos, we're happy to see them. there are a couple this morning we want more. i contributed to the cause. >> lyndsay: you did on your social media account. >> brody: the old instagram account. >> lyndsay: if you send them in on the iphone if you take horizontally they appear better on tv. for the storm on monday, you
6:40 am
your video or picture on if you flip it. >> in the out there freezing cold, shoveling and freezing, but remember lyndsay tapases says turn the phone sideways and it is true. >> you will think of it next time. you made a collage, it didn't matter. >> check out brody's collage, quite the professional. >> pulled out all the stop. >> we digress. >> deeply. >> weather, cold, snow. >> sunrise. >> beautiful. >> really pretty. 7:12 official sun-up, sun-down at 6:03, we have a tiny bit of cloud cover for the most part mainly clear sunrise overuptown. average high temperatures should be in the mid 50s for the time of year, about 20 degrees below that for our highs, only holding
6:41 am
afternoon. as far as right now, mainly clear as the tower cam shot showed you, in the mountain, you have a little bit of cloud cover hanging on there, and some maybe a few flurries, but wouldn't even really hesitate to call it snow showers, just a few flurries in the mountains this morning. the wind and windchill will be the biggest issue at the higher elevations. windchill advisory actually goes all weekend long, this doesn't expire until 10:00 a.m. on sunday, so this is a very long duration windchill advisory for that dangerous cold air. you don't want to have any skin exposed with these tip of type of windchills, windchill at 23 in the charlotte area, our actual air temperature is 28. it is 15 in boone and some of you in the mountains are in the single digits out there right now. it is five degrees in banner elk.
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>> i'm chris larson, first alert traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. giving you a look at weekend construction once again talking about the lynx blue line, and that will shut down the intersection at wt harris up to north try tryon street each and every night from 10:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m., at 6:00 a.m.
6:46 am
construction. guy, back to you. >> brody: for more traffic go to and click under the traffic tab and of course follow us on twitter and we have a link to our twitter account on our wbtv traffic page. let's look at entertainment news, barry manilow forced to postpone two concerts following a rough week of oral surgery. [ music ] >> i can't laugh and i can't sing, i'm finding it hard to do anything >> brody: that song is pretty appropriate. he had surgery twice earlier this week and still managed to make a concert in memphis, tennessee on wednesday but after that he was brought back to los angeles for surgery yesterday when complications developed. his doctors say they expect no further complications. but he has been instructed not [ music ]
6:47 am
remember that song? i bet you do. disney announce had denver will be the place where it tests the "frozen" musical. they will mount the show in august of 2017. expected to land on broadway in 2018. music's biggest night almost here as artists gear up for 58th annual grammy awards. will air here on wbtv monday night. cbs' suzanne mar quest gives us a preview. >> audiences will say hello to adele. she returns to the grammy stage to perform a song from her record smashing album, "25". taylor swift will open the show for the second time in three years. swift is up for seven awards including album of the year, record of the year and song of the year.
6:48 am
lamar who leads with 11 nominations. chris stapleton, the weekend and southern rockers, alabama shakes. lady gaga will give one of the most highly anticipate period for man'ses. a tribute to the late david bowie. >> something very cool planned and she has been rehearsing off site at an undisclosed location. >> ll cool j will host the biggest night for the fifth consecutive year. he says the show is not to be missed. >> it will be an amazing night i think people will be -- i they they will be blown away. >> the grammies are also a forum for new artists includeing andra day. >> i'm not too nervous but the day of it will happen. >> also up for two grammies. they didn't mention what i'm
6:49 am
the eagles tribute to glenn frye. don hen lay and the rest of the crew, joe walsh. >> lyndsay: a lot of musicians that passed this year. it will be interesting to see glenn frye was a founding member of the eagles, i'm sure i know he passed away. the emotions have to be so high for these guys to get back up there. >> >> lyndsay: it hasn't been that long, a couple weeks. >> brody: gaga-bowie, they kind of very similar artistic values, i think. that will be interesting. >> lyndsay: it lab good year for her, she killed it for the national anthem. >> she did a nice job. forward to? anything else, i guess? >> i'm a taylor swift fan. >> you're a swiftie? >> more so lately. >> our producer loves alabama shakes.
6:50 am
night will be almost over with, at least, but until then, we have to tell you about it. a live look overuptown from over uptown, overall the sky is mostly clear for us with the sun coming up behind our skyline. official sun-up at 7:12, very cold, 28 in charlotte right now, we have teens in the mountains and check out the temps upstream, this is just arctic high pressure responsible for the temperatures, it is 18 below, that is the actual temperature, that is not your windchill, that is how cold the air already is, 18 below in winnipeg, 5 in chicago, beneath the arctic high and that is what will be responsible for the weather during the weekend as that continues to slide south and east, it keeps things very cold for us, not only locally, but through much of new england as well. record temperatures will be
6:51 am
then,challenged. this storm will be here by daybreak monday morning. highs in the teens, you see more sun as you drop southeast from there. so right around the freezing mark in the foothills today, mid to upper 30s for the charlotte area, call it 37 with a mostly sunny sky and pretty much full sun across the upstate as well with the highs continuing in the upper 30s. tonight, the coldest we go, drop to 15 for the overnight low in the charlotte area, not record-breaking but it is cold enough and just for perspective, 5 below is not only the record low temperature for tonight, but also the all-time record low temperature in charlotte since records have been kept. this is the coldest it ever was recorded. so it would be pretty impressive if we were to break an all time record low and though won't be and that won't be happening. clouds tomorrow, 7:00 a.m.
6:52 am
around for valentine's day, and then by daybreak, monday, here we go, this is 4:00 a.m., with the snow showers in place by the time we wake up, first thing monday morning and then we start to see a transition over to ice. i'll show you here instead of futurecast, what is actually going on and why, we are going to see that transition, thread this red indicates warmer air moving in. more warm air moves in, first in the upper levels of the atmosphere, which is why we transition from snow, then to sleet, then to freezing rain, and then once we warm things up enough, not only aloft but at the surface, that is when we see the transition just to rain and again, here is going forward in time, so by about noon, that may be a little bit early on the timing but looks like by the afternoon and evening, the snow, sleet, ice is replaced by just rain, by monday afternoon,
6:53 am
tuesday, we stay in the upper 30s, storm ends as rain tuesday and by later part of next week, we not only have sunshine but warmer temperatures, high of 60 by next friday. brody, back over to you. >> brody: thanks, lyndsay. next on wbtv news saturday morning a last minute dinner idea for valentine's day, that is sure to impress your date. bonefish grill back in studio, stick around, we'll have ann interview with grade, great
6:54 am
6:55 am
the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. >> brody: excited to have bonefish grill back in studio to talk about valentine's day dishes that might help you out. julie randle, great to see you. >> hello. >> happy valentine's day weekend. >> same to you. >> we have really great ideas for you. if you're looking to go all out, this is a good way to go. first all what are we starting
6:56 am
>> a classic surf and turf. filet mignon. worchestershire sauce, maybe even some dijon mustard, just a little bit. crack fresh salt and pepper. >> you have two filets. how much mustard did you put? >> about a teaspoon. then you can kind of give it a coating and let it sit there for maybe 5, 10 minutes. >> does this benefit from marinating longer or okay for a couple minutes? >> i always say marinate as long as you want, more flavor will go in the meat that way. >> you coat them and you recommend throwing them on the grill? >> we like to grill. four to six minutes on each side depending on the doneness, too cold outside, put it in the cast iron skillet, in the stove. >> what is in your opinion the ideal temperature, medium, medium well? >> i like my steaks medium, pink
6:57 am
however you like your steak, cook it to the doneness you like. >> i'm with you, i do like that medium if you have a good cut like a filet. you're doing the surf and turf. this is our lobster tail. get the ribs cut. >> i was going to say i'm happy this. i had this adventure at home a year ago, you start on the underneath part. >> you have to snip the under part to get in there and then use your kitchen shears and cut down the middle. get the little bit of a "v" so this meat will come out. use a cocktail fork or teaspoon to loose tn the meat and should come out. >> cut the ribs first and then work your way through the actual shell. >> that's right. >> perfect.
6:58 am
to get the meat out, how are you cooking that, what is -- if you're at home i've seen you can boil it, broil it. >> steaming is the best way. little old bay spice, shake a little on there, as much or little as you like and steam for four or five minutes. >> what does steaming do that is better than other ways to prepare it? >> you don't want to boil it, all the flavor will come out. i much prefer steaming plus when you fan the tails out you steam it, it is a beautiful plate presentation. >> your date is going to be impressed. you have other ideas and i understand you guys are doing the sunday brunch tomorrow for valentine's day, what do you have featured. >> the cream brulee, bang bang
6:59 am
egg, on english muffin. with>> cocktails and dessert. >> chocolaterrem, bru leering l iselee.wild orchid martini. >> tropical escape for you there. >> like to talk wine pairings, if you try to make this at home you want with the filet go with a cab? >> absolutely. >> white with the seafood. >> if you have surf and turf, drink what you like. if you want something that is a little lighter, maybe pick a pinot noir, also stand up to the flavor of the lobster and old
7:00 am
and sweetness of the pinot noir. >> you open tomorrow? >> 10:00 to 2:00 and all the way through until 9:00 p.m. tomorrow night. >> thanks for coming in this hope you have a great


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