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tv   WBTV News 3 at 5PM  CBS  February 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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that low tracking just off to the west. so that is why right now it's looking like, yes, we will see a brief period of snow and ice in charlotte but it's looking more likely compared to yesterday that we will have a quicker change-over to rain as early as monday evening with this ending as a rain event for monday night into tuesday which is good for travel conditions and eric will have much more in the complete forecast in a couple of minutes. back to you. >> thank you. we are on your side if you or someone you know has to drive on west independence boulevard near the 277 ramp, a pipe is leaking and water is getting on the roadway with these drop in temperatures it will cause slick spots. ncdot closed the road. one lane is closed right now. it will impact the commute tonight. city officials are hopeful they will have new information before
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>> and right now a man is under arrest in the death of his mother. lancaster county deputies say he shot his mother several times in her home near kershaw. he left her body there for days. leancoleen harry is on the phone and the area is remote? >> yes, paul. and workers at a local bank called deputies yesterday after a man went into the bank to ask about a woman's account and the man left before they arrived. the sheriff's office says deputies went to the house of the woman whose bank account it was and no one answered the door and the bank sent pictures to deputies of the man and it was robert heights. and a sheriff's deputy spotted the van and pulled it over and heights was driving it was his mother's bank account. deputies were able to get in
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who had not spoken to her in a couple of days. deputies went into the house and that is when they found carolyn torino deceased. the woman had been dead for a couple of days. and she had been shot multiple times. all right coleen harry reporting live as new information comes in we will pass it on to you. police are trying to find who broke into personal cars at a kannapolis fire department. crews were responding to an earn morning fire when someone break the windows in several cars. the thieves got away with several items, the fire department there was a fire a few miles away on. nobody was hurt. >> campaign 2016 makes a stop at winthrop university tonight. the doors opened as two presidential candidates prepare to take the stage. the candidates have been in
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tonight in rock hill. michael clark is live. nine days from the republican primary. a lot of candidates are scrambling to shore-up their positions and get the last votes. >> that is right. ted cruz and ben carson are here to speak at a family values summit but candidates are spread all over the state with nine days before the g.o.p. primary. this is a time when we will see endorsement and guest speakers that is tonight here as well with rick santorum speaking for marco rubio campaigning in myrtle beach and jeb bush and john kasich are in the palmetto state to build on the momentum from the new hampshire primary. every candidate is chasing donald trump in the polls who spoke at clemson and ben carson has devoted a lot to south carolina and ted cruz polls well and looks to speak to evangelical voters. but protestors disagree with some of the candidates'
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>> too often they address it in a evangelical content and anti-lgbt anti-women's rights and they fail to address what falls under the umbrella of family values which is racism, poverty. >> now, ahead of this event we have seen the secret service and police dogs are checking out everything to make sure everything is safe. we will be there at 6:00 p.m. for the live event and bring you pictures in the newscast. we are hearing from drivers in other states who think north carolina should think twice before contracting with except tra to build toll lanes. nick ochsner visited sentra row roads in three states and more on what he found. >> the road sentra is build in charlotte are different from the roads we visited that the roads
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will be adjacent to free lanes on i-77. the roads we visited in texas, chicago, and indiana are full toll road with all lanes tolled. right now, the two of the three toll lanes have been sold that we visited. the one in indiana after sentra's subject siry declared bankruptcy and the one in chicago after the subject siry defaulted on the loans. the result was higher tolls with drivers that forced the drivers to find free routes. >> that is one of the concerns with toll increases it will push traffic on to local roads that are not setup for the increase of traffic. and we have seen some of that over the years. >> sentra and representatives for ncdot say the toll lanes on i-77 will be good for drivers and taxpayers. find out more in my 6:00.
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on your side. >> so for a look at our roadways let's check in with tonya rivens and see how traffic is. >> well, maureen things have been and could be a lot worse. as we check in on the brookshire freeway. this is on i-77. no problems here. it was mentioned the situation 277. notice red is starting to build. on independence westbound in this area that lane closure due to emergency repairs a watermain break before 277. already slow-moving traffic in that area. a real problem on providence road. an injury accident at providence outbound past caswell road and one lane in both directions blocked. randolph is a better alternate route. and colonial avenue blocked as a result of emergency vehicles.
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back to you. >> well it is president's day weekend is shaping up as busy and snowy for the ski resorts. and they fell behind in snow because of the warm start to winter in november and december. wbtv's steve ohnesorge has more now at 5:00 p.m. >> at sugar mountain there is a crowd of skiers already many just arriving for a long holiday on the slopes. >> oh, yeah. that is what we are here for. >> there's almost 9 feet of snow. >> we got a big weekend ahead. >> and not just for the resorts. in blowing rock local shops are gearing up for it, too. >> friday, saturday and sunday should be good. >> after last december they have catching up to do. and willard thinks this is the weekend they will do it. >> like christmas is coming in february. >> they've got the cold weather and the snow and most important roads are clear that means people can get here for now. >> but if there is a major
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on monday that could cut into the number of people driving up from charlotte, hickory, morganton. but officials say they have a crowd here and the diehard skiers, they will still find a way to get here. that found that out last month when a foot of snow fell. >> people were careful and got here. >> road crews are ready they are not worried. as for skiers, the biggest challenge might be the cold. but they are ok with that. >> wind-chill but altogether when are you busy it's not too bad. >> they will take the cold if the conditions stay like this. coming at just the right time. in avery county, steve ohnesorge wbtv on your side. >> and download or weather app so you can track chances for snow on your phone or tablet. it's free search wbtv in the app store. >> franklin graham is in oregon right now. he was speaking to the occupiers who have been occupying a
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the last of the group surrendered a few hours ago after they walked out, graham tweeted thanking god that the oregon standoff is over and all are safe. >> plans to bring a major business big box store to lake norman is next. >> a family vacation turns into a nightmare. a local woman returns home after her cruise ship was battered by 30-foot waves. here is eric. >> we are tracking the first of a couple of waves of winter weather coming back toward the east and the carolinas this looks like it's on track to get into the charlotte area and the rest of the viewing region tomorrow. and then we will talk about president's day and that storm part of our seven-day first-alert forecast. >> plus alex giles following a developing story in the alert center. >> new details on a 25-year-old
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i will bring you the latest we are hearing from a local woman who says she was on a cruise ship of horror. crystal from statesville was one of the 4500 people on the anthem of the seas when it steered into a massive storm. it made it through the storm safely after several hours. now the national traps takings safety board is trying to figure out what happened and crystal wants answers too. molly grantham with her story. >> it was supposed to be a fun family vacation but it did not play out that way. crystal was sitting below deck with her three-year-old in her lap the entire 12 hours. huge waves started crashing into
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the crusade waves were 30 feet high. crystal is wondering why the captain steered them into the storm there was a warning issued for days ahead of time. it felt like they would never get out of what they were experiencing. >> in the afternoon to 4:00 p.m. sunday morning at least, it was hard. there was no breaks or anything. the boat was tipping from side to side like we were going to fall over it was intensely crazy. >> her three-year-old in her lap the whole time. royal carribbean refunded the cruise and gave her family a cruise at a 50% discount. she is just happy to be home. back to you. >> happy she made it safely. right now big decision looming for those in lake norman. the mooresville planning board is set to decide whether to rezone this for redevelop many. costco wants to put in a store in a planned retail center off
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the board meets in an hour to consider the proposal. if approved, the board of commissioners will have a time say. let's check right now with tonya rivens. >> your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. as we check in on i-77 and woodlawn road there is congestion and we have quite a bit of activity in the area. a stranded motorist at i-77 and notice a lot of red on the mapping system that is stop-and-go traffic. south boulevard has red on its side and south tryon not much better but a better alternate route than sitting on i-77. as we take a peek at i-77 and 485 more delays and congestion and an accident i-77 northbound at nations ford road. i recommend south boulevard as a great alternate route to avoid this as well. >> enjoy the sunshine today. >> and stick around for a while. >> it seemed like it was warmer but i'm curious what is to come.
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thought it felt mild today and how quickly we get used to it. we are in the 40s it is a cold day. >> but compared to yesterday. >> you both are right and going back into the 30s for highs. 45 there it is. the high today did hit 48. your weather net but, boy, up early this morning how about a low of 17 . you see all the sunshine. nice sunset on the way. hour-by-hour forecast through the evening hours we are going to drop steadily and efficiently. clear skies. with that already down to freezing into the 11:00 p.m. hour. and overnight, this is not the official low. this is out the door at 8:00 a.m. yes, no question another cold start. but again that is not the 17. up into the mountains woe go. and well, look at this. more snow approaching.
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president's day weekend for the skiers? good for you. 22 . all right. now, let's talk about friday. we have this upper-level impulse that is flying along the jetstream. it's way up there across iowa. here is charlotte. we'll pullback and the leading edge of this into st. louis. now, i could have taken the mileage marker and the more steady snow is to the northwest but you get the picture. on your future-cast through the day on friday. i will stop it here at noon and already that snow now firmly into the mountains. you see this break out here outside of the mountains near charlotte there could be flurries. i would not rule out a brief period of light snow. and it will continue there in the high country. hour-by-hour forecast be mindful you could have a flurry around lunchtime. up to 41 at 4:00 p.m. now, different story
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reserved for the massachusettss. and could end up with 2-4 before it's over and through 11:00 p.m. on friday night. and on that note, here it is. you see the snow continuing through 11:00 p.m. and once we get past that it should taper off during the overnight hours and there is a quiet weather map friday. cannot say that about monday. a recap we have this cold air north of this warm front. and i discolored the freezing line that is freezing. 32 . so if you are north of this inside this pocket you could see around midday monday, sleet and snow up in the mountains but it will change-over to freezing rain and rain here in the charlotte area. snow not very, very likely here. again we are talking about the immediate charlotte area. our confidence is high we will see less than an inch. although we could maybe slip
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greater than 3 inches 1% we are not looking for a lot of snow out of this in charlotte. again it will be different for the mountains. so the midday flurries friday. and the second wave of cold air with highs in the he will owes and lows in the teens. but incredibly it looks like we will get back above freezing with the system coming in monday unless you are north of charlotte. and outside of that things will wind-down tuesday could see strong showers tuesday morning and look at that seasonable weather midweek next week. >> thank you. next, a story you will only see on wbtv. a 19-year-old salisbury senior got his diploma in the hospital. kristen hampton will have more on his private ceremony. >> and new tonight at 6:00. >> it costs $20 to drive the length of this toll road in texas. is that the future for drivers along i-77? i am investigative reporter nick
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>> breaking news from hills hillsborough, new jersey. let's go to alex giles in the alert center. what is this location? can you describe for us what kind of business this is? >> early reports are showing that this is a industrial park in hillsborough, new jersey. that crazy video the fire is billowing out of the structure a total loss. we have been hearing this is a five alarm fire that started a3:00 p.m. you can see the fire and smoke
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traffic delays at main roads in that area. the warehouses have been evacuated and firefighters from several counties in the area have swarmed to the scene trying to get this under control but it is a huge ordeal. one of the crews is spraying water on it. buttons of smoke and fire. we have to hope that everybody is all right. >> and that is a huge industrial fire. >> coming up next, a toddler found unconscious in the bed next to her mother. >> she overdosed. we are on your side speaking with friends of the child's
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why they are defending her lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month
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>> announcer: wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> now, a 20-month-old child in a 9-1-1 call. police rushed to the home and the child sent to the hospital and her mother to jail. we have the details about what happened. >> and presidential hopefuls descend on south carolina. we are on your side with a look where the candidates are ahead of the first in the south republican primary. >> good evening and thank you for joining us i'm molly grantham. >> i'm jamie boll. first tonight we are keeping an eye on your weather. we have talked a good bit about what could be headed our way monday but the area's most experienced weather team is tracking a front that will be here tomorrow. >> meteorologist lyndsay tapases is live in the first alert weather center to explain and we said snow showers? >> outside of the mountains but in the mountains the ski resorts have been loving it and they could pick up another couple of inches out of this. this is the quick-hitting snow
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not a lot to t there is not a lot of moisture to it. more will be squeezed out over the mountains than outside of the mountains. as far as this evening up in elevation you did get a break from the snow showers as they temporarily shutoff for tonight. but they will be picking up tomorrow and you can see that on future-cast as we put it in motion. clouds moving in everywhere. and tomorrow afternoon again the snow mainly in the mountains. outside of there cannot rule out a flurry or a quick hitting snow shower east of the mountains and a shower south of charlotte as you see indicated on future-cast. and then in the short-term cool now. in the 40s. we'll drop to the low 40s through 7:00 p.m. and 30s by 8:00 p.m. and more details on your weekend forecast and then that second system we are watching for president's day is coming up in a couple of minutes. >> thank you.


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