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tv   WBTV News 3 at 6PM  CBS  February 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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to go but no surprise with the temperatures dropping the shelters are near capacity. perhaps you have a place to stay and you are having a hard time making ends meet. i stopped by crisis assistance ministry and they are ready to go and know that families that need to pay heating bills. we have had a couple waves of this cold weather and this is expected to last throughout the weekend. crisis assistance wants you to know they are ready to help. >> we want to make sure that with the temperatures being this cold that there's help available if they are in a situation not able to pay their power bill and are about to be disconnected they can come to crisis assistance ministry and get help. >> it's expected to be below average for the next seven days. crisis assistance will be busy. and i will tell you i have been
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and the sun is down and a notable difference. the breeze picked up and it's extremely cold. bundle up and do not forget to bring the pets in before you go to bed. brody o'connell wbtv on your side. >> thank you. and a live picture of the college in banner elk. look at the snow. bitter cold temperatures are expected in the carolinas tonight and the dangerous conditions in the mountains. wind-chills today well below 0. steve ohnesorge in avery county where officials are warning people to be careful. >> when the clouds a a moving this fast and twisters of snow zip across the fields locals say it's a bit much. >> cold. >> in the banner elk area several inches of snow have fallen since monday and more in the next few days. but it's perfect weather to sell coats to tourists. >> it's cold and they need it. >> like this group from florida.
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for as cold as it is. >> we had to redo our store. >> stores did not sell much in november and december still trying to play catch up. this is the week to do it. >> the temperatures this weekend will be around the single-digits. >> and people planning a trip need to be prepared. and do not go down roads you do not know. >> next thing you spent $200ment. >> and just a flat tire on the main road can put you in a bad spot. authorities advise you to have blankets and food in the car a snow shovel would be great and ice melt as well. and just in case make sure you have a fully charged cellphone. you do not want to go walking for help. you will need to call for it. travel in daylight it's safer and you will get to see more of this... which is why you would be heading this way anyway. in avery county, steve ohnesorge
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>> pretty scenes but dangerous. and eric will have the complete forecast and the chances for winter weather in charlotte next week. >> now, at 6:00 the charlotte-mecklenburg school board seems divided after a contentious vote in a 6-3 decision they voted to keep superintendent ann clark on the job until next summer and start a superintendent search immediately. the first vote taken concerning clark was along racial lines. our dedrick russell is live. what is the aftermath? can the board members work together going forward? >> that is the hope but the school board chairperson said that is going to be toughment the day after the vote concerning clark many told board members great job in extending clark's contract and others told board members they were upset by it. so while some in the community cope with another year of clark
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all over again how to work together. >> school board chairperson mary mcrae says the vote was not intended to be divisive but 6-3 in favor of extending ann clark's contract for three months only and the board conducts a search. >> i had worked with i thought we had come to an agreement. >> but two members changed their minds at the last-minute. mcrae claims they lacked this... >> maybe the courage. >> that decision caused a 5-4 flight vote. >> i hope there is some way we can get around this. >> the four black school board members heard the constituents contract. while white school board members say their constituents said the opposite. heard. >> if we paint a picture of
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race, gender, whatever it may be, we are going to have a hard time accomplishing those things that need to be accomplished. >> paul bailey does not think the board is divided but passionate. >> parent colette force does not think the board is divided. >> we have a dysfunctional board. >> force was at last night's meeting and how the board struggled to get a motion passed. >> and they are just walking their way through and winging it. and the children of cms will suffer. >> force thinks school board members should have two-year terms not four. >> we do not need to be stuck with this dysfunction for four years. >> what happened as happened. i reflect on it and move on. >> now, mcrae tells me the division the board is experiencing now does not think that will prevent a good leader from coming to charlotte to be
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admit the board needs to meet more often so they can talk about their differences so they can move own. dedrick russell wbtv on your side. >> thank you. the board is scheduled to decide on a superintendent search time line at the next meeting. >> and new information, firefighters tell us a construction worker fell into a 12 foot hole leading in the basement of a building. rescuers secured him in a stokes basket and raised him to safety. he has injuries to arms and legs but is expected to be ok. north carolina governor mccrory says he is thankful he was wearing a seatbelt when he got in a crash after the super bowl sunday in california. he tweeted this photo of the car wow. the governor was leaving levi's stadium when another car slammed charlotte-mecklenburg schools supposed to makeup a snow day this monday. >> that is when we could see
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charlotte. chief meterologist, eric thomas is in the first alert weather center and that would be ironic. >> maureen, if order to get that winter weather you have to have the cold air and there is plenty of that to go around. we are tracking that first and then we will talk about the potential for winter weather back in charlotte in the first alert forecast. >> thank you. and hear from parents who are joining a lawsuit against a church preschool their kids were treated unfairly because of disabilities. >> and new at 7:00 p.m. on primetime, cam newton admits he is a sore loser but is that what your child should learn in school? hear from a local coach what he is teaching his players about losing after they saw cam newton's reaction.
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on wbtv news is sponsored by... for you new at 11:00 same-sex marriage in the spotlight again with major developments. kentucky proposes separate marriage licenses for gay and straight couples and franklin graham draws crowds in south
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a return to biblical principals. that is tonight at 11:00. >> more parents are coming forward to say a church run preschool discriminated against their kids. >> the parents of six more children say their kids were denied acceptance tore kicked out of the preschool at cavalry church because of disabilities. since the lawsuit was filed back in january, the preschool has made changes to a form given to parents. pamela escobar has new information on the latest lawsuit. >> yeah, the new lawsuit has this application from the child development center. when a parent applies the director has the discretion to kick out a child for any reason. something say the parents say the application never had and is wrong. carter's mom says he is now thriving but when he was kicked out of cavalry child development
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to understand why. >> for weeks and probably a couple months after leaving every morning, he would sit there and ask me and beg me why he couldn't go back to his old school. and mommy if i am a good boy can i please go back and see my friends. >> liz say a teacher at cavalry incorrectly diagnosed him with adhd. >> she said my son needed to be medicated and i was who is she to tell me i need to medicate at my child at four? and she said she would figure out a way to get him into another classroom. >> he was not switched and carter's teacher said there was an accident. >> he was excited to see one of his friends who was being dropped off so he ran up to give him a hug and knocked the little boy over. >> the director pack pat spoke with the family.
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another daycare immediately. >> they join the families who originally sued. >> cavalry has the picture perfect what they want as a student there and if you do not meet that requirement they do not want to be bothered with it and you are gone. >> it was humiliating and disheartening to have someone tell you that your child can no longer go to their school because of their disability. >> carmen says her son jackson was kicked outfield for developmental delays. their lawyer says north carolina statute prohibits discrimination against disabled people. if they did not know before, they certainly know now. when we filed the first complaint. >> cavalry church is now allowing the director more discretion with this application form. >> i hope this does not happen again because it's so wrong.
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church and i was told they had not seen the latest lawsuit and could not comment. four other kids parents submitted signed attention deficit hyperactivity disorders saying the school discriminated against them and denied admission based on medical concerns. >> hard to see the mothers so upset. cavalry church operated the child center for 30 years. you can go to to see the story about the first lawsuit and how these parents found one another. >> you have about 15 minutes left to get free advice on your personal finances. >> we are on your side with a credit help hotline. kristen miranda is standing by with the experts in the studio. this goes until 6:30. anyway for folks to get help after? >> i do not want anyone to feel that they are out of luck. can you still call this number on your screen... you will still get a credit
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it might take longer but you will get through to somebody and this website... repay and start the process on-line with clear point this is a nonprofit they will help you help yourself in clearing up problems that you might have with holiday debt or credit card debt or medical debt. they have had hundreds of calls, so they have been busy it shows you how many people need a little help. >> all right thank you for hanging in there and thank everyone for providing all that assistance. here is tonya rivens. >> and your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. we're busy on the roads especially around arrowood, i-77 northbound and southbound. check out the accidents five close to up with another. tyvola road and nations ford road and another at archdale between i-77 and south boulevard and three accidents on arrowood. one right here at england street
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and another at farm brook lane. a lot of activity as we look on the mapping system delays on i-77 southbound. safe travels back to you. >> thank you. >> well it's going to be very, very cold outside tonight but what is coming throughout the weekend? eric thomas what is going on? >> well, maureen, it's a lot of cold air continuing to pour into the wbtv viewing area and the rest of the carolinas. anddhe biggest problems will be in the mountains. the snow tapering off. we talked about the wind-chill advisory. and protect those pipes and get the pets in and livestock up here with 5 to -15 wind-chills. and for the same counties the winter weather advisory for more snow piling on. in fact we could see 1-2 inches of snow over the next day or two. that is on top of 4-6 especially
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right now your temperatures are down into the low and mid-teens and beech mountain at 9 and one report down to 1 . here you have it. these animals are putting up with it. cold out the door in the morning. 14 notice that is already at 8:00 a.m. outside of the mountains closer to charlotte around freezing. and the dew point we have a long way to fall. you cannot fall below the dew point. no, we are not going to get down to 1 but no problem getting into the low 20s. we hit 21 this morning. there it is. you will see the temperatures in the mid-20s. 14 in boone and blowing rock and down into the low 20s. official lows locations will be charlotte. 8:00 backup to 25 . again bundle up. very, very cold conditions. outside of that, it's nothing more than just all the cold air
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outside of this arctic air-mass tomorrow no problems in terms of disruptive weather but it will barely manage to get up to 20 . beech mountain and 20s for everybody else. and 40 in the foothills and plenty of sun and then we bring you into the piedmont and low 40s and low 40s with a dry day for the upstate of south carolina. next map thursday into friday a disturbance and yeah, maybe a burst of snow in the high country and this is monday's weather map on the other side of the weekend. here you have it with cold air working back down the eastern seaboard and that could set us up for snow followed by ice and then even plain old rain. you will see how that will play out. very cold temperatures the highs about 12 below the average high for this time of the year. another wave of cold over the weekend and there it is the
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that we'll start to rebound tuesday the rain and it will end that way.
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stay tuned more basketball front and center. the hornets healthy and streaking. they are coming off a home
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are on the road at indiana. they interplay two games in the eastern conference playoff race. it is go time with 30 games to go in the season. now, i can tell you this for a preview of the game go to the sports app. you can time national and local previews of the tonight's college hoops matchups. lots of games and scores and highlights on wbtv news at 11:00. >> an update on roy williams who collapsed after yelling at a referee during a time-out. he had this happen before due to vertigo and that is what happened. he watched the rest of the game from the locker room and came out and congratulated the players on the win at boston college. he is expected to return to the team's next practice. north carolina hosts pittsburgh sunday and then it is a big one here on wbtv a week from tonight at 9:00 p.m. primetime duke at
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doesn't get bigger t we're back live at sloin. >> cbs evening news is coming your way next. have a good evening. speak out is an expression of opinion from the editorial board of wbtv. >> we've got to admit it this
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knows but the can theirs came up short. it's been a terrific ride when critics said the team's streak was a fluke to the end of the season when it looks like football perfection was possible. not quite but we went to the super bowl. and sports is just a form of entertainment rooting for home team is not going to make our schools better or resolve the toll lanes but it's great to see panther flags to wear your team colors to work to high 5ing people you never before and think we are all in it together. this year has been fun. cam dabbing and passing out footballs to young fans, luke luke and josh norman leading the defense and thomas davis playing big boy football with a broken arm. as we know this season does not come along all that afternoon and we thank jerry richardson and everyone for taking us on a
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preseason camps open in july. we'll look forward to a panthers victory in super bowl 51 next february. in the meantime keep pounding carolinas.
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>> thank you! >> pelley: one taste of victory, and trump is hooked. >> will you win south carolina. >> oh, i'm going to win south carolina. >> pelley: also fresh from his new hampshire win, sanders takes us to his brooklyn roots. what hardship formed the character you have now? a cbs news investigation, dubious medical tests unapproved by the f.d.a. and at 93, he found love online, the love he lost seven decades ago. >> and i said, "i'll see you soon, "and away i went, and i never saw her again. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: new hampshire shook up the presidential race with huge wins by democrat bernie sanders and republican donald trump.
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that field is now down to seven.
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