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tv   WBTV News 3 at 430PM  CBS  February 10, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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and it could feel as low with that wind-chill as -15 at times late tonight and early tomorrow morning. more on the snow for the mountains and the storm potential for the rest of us early next week. >> thank you. tonight at 5:00 p.m. live team coverage of the bitter cold temperatures and the winter weather on the way. steve ohnesorge tracking the snow from the mountains. >> a survey sent to charlotte-mecklenburg schools parents sparked concerns about the plans for student assignment. parents packed the school board meeting to express their concerns about busing to create more diverse schools. dedrick russell joins us live now. what are the misconceptions about the student assignment discussion? >> well, brigida, parents seem to think that cms is going to break up neighborhood schools and transport students all over the county so that there can be a decrease in schools where
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high poverty and high need students. but board members say that is not the case. in fact, that is the opposite. in fact, they say busing kids all over the county could be very expensive and they believe there are other ways to decrate diverse schools. but that did not stop parents dressing the school board last night. some parents warned if cms disrupts their neighborhood schools that they would move to another area. now, the survey you mentioned did talk about filling out and asking parents how long is too long of a bus ride to change the makeup of some schools? and that is where the thought of busing may have entered parents' minds. >> let me ask you this: what is next in the student assignment process? >> what is next at the board members next meeting they will
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assignment plan and a consultant will be hired to navigate board members through this and if approved, the change could happen to your child's school and options in the 2017-2018 school year. dedrick russell wbtv on your side. >> thank you. >> sergeant bowe bergdahl's court-martial on hold. the judge is waiting for an appeals court to make a decision about what the classified evidence should be shared with the defense team. bergdahl accused of desertion after his capture in afghanistan in 2009. a monroe police officer has resiped after charged with dwi. darren nash was arrested after officers were called to a medical call. the investigation into the dwi is ongoing. >> right now back to alex giles live in the alert center that story out of gaston county. i understand you have new video?
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story. and we got new video from firefighters. this is that construction worker trapped in the hole. he had fallen 12 feet into a hole. this video shows him pulled up in a basket. and they pull him from the basket over to the side and taken to the hospital. he did have injuries but again we are told they are not life-threatening. that new video just in from firefighters on the scene. nonlife-threatening injuries for that construction worker who fell into a hole in gastonia. glad he is ok. >> that is good news. thank you. a south carolina man is accused of selling meth at a soup kitchen. >> thomas cannon was a volunteer. officers arrested him after he sold meth to one of the undercover operativessism a 45-year-old woman told police she killed her mother after ghosts told her to do so.
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arrested and charged with murder. an autopsy shows her mother died after being strange gelled. >> her and her mother argued several times. it really shocked me. i don't know what to say about it. >> court documents say anderson called to confess to the murder. >> the time now is 4:35 a check of traffic. here is tonya rivens. >> thank you. your traffic. as we check i-77 northbound we have problems here, folks with the police activity in the area. and we have quite a bit of backup on the john belk exit 9 towards tyvola, five miles of slow-moving traffic northbound. it's picking up the pace a bit. but that exit ramp is blocked. the best route is south tryon. there is a lot of slow-moving traffic headed town by nations
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i-77 north congested at the moment. back to you. >> all right thank you. unc coach roy williams is doing fine after a vertigo spell during last night's game. he collapsed. williams has been dealing with vertigo for 20 years and jerked his head too hard. he is proud how his team responded they beats about college 68-65. >> always scary. managing your finances can be tricky and confusing. that why we are on your side offering free advice. >> keep your calls coming into our credit counseling hotline the number is on your screen. free help.
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kristen miranda next. wbtv is on your side with experts to answer your questions when it comes to handling your finances. >> let's check in with kristen miranda live in the call center. what questions can the experts answer for us? >> all kinds of questions, jamie and they have been busy. the reason we wanted to partner
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out to charge you for this advice they are a nonprofit and have been in business for a longtime and answering your questions for free. they have been taking calls on credit card debt and holiday debt and debt that has already gone to collections. that iss a tuffy because once it goes there it's hard to get out of it and figure it out. but they are answering your questions what to do before and once it goes to collections. sometimes it's nice to hear someone giving you ideas how to handle this. they are here taking your calls until 6:30. they were here from 5-9:00 a.m. and took hundreds of calls and hope to continue to help people through the next hour-and-a-half or so answering questions here at wbtv back to you. >> thank you. >> when it comes to millennials and their money banks may be missing out.
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in the early 1980s to 2000 and they have a new approach in handling their cash. 30% do not have a checking or savings account. >> between their student loans and the great recession and the price of their parents' house and value they have come to be extraordinarily distrustful of america's banks. >> mobile payment services allow peer to peer transactions. bank rate estimates 63% of millennials do not have a credit card. >> and it probably is not all bad. >> not at all. takata airbags are blamed for killing drivers. >> and the cars impacted by the recall are growing.
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been added to the >> i'm paul cameron we are 15 manipulates away from wbtv news at 5:00. ways to protect your home during the cold-snap. simple things could save you thousands of dollars and headaches. i have pictures of a bold bank robber whose crime sent a lockdown. you can help teach him that
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and those stories are ahead and first at 4:00 continues. >> right now we want to check in with alex giles. >> live in our alert center. >> we are watching this police activity on i-77. pull up the d.o.t. camera. you can see several officers on the scene they have a car stopped on the side of the road and the traffic is moving slowly on the side of the road. tonya rivens has been watching this. and tells me that she has seen one person get into the cruiser. and we know the police chopper is up in that area. this is i-77 near west boulevard. and i'm told now that we have a crew headed to the scene on the ground. see at least four police vehicles out there with the vehicle stopped on the side of i-77. we will figure out what happened out there. >> all right. >> it's been going on for a little bit.
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>> the top consumer headlines, the takata airbag recall is expanding again. mercedes benz issued recalls on 840,000 cars and vans in the u.s. honda, ford, nissan and toyota have been forced to issue recalls because of the airbags which can explode violently without warning. you will be notified if your car is included. >> google's computers got their driver's licenses. safety regulators determined the computers controlling the self driving cars can qualify as drivers in a move to get their cars on the road they filed a patent. locker can only be opened by the customers with a pin code or a credit card. imagine the truck coming up and you go out there. the jetsons are here, man. 2016 here they come. >> all right.
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to spoil their sweethearts. nerd wallet surveyed thousands of americans folks plan to spend $180 but millenium men will shell out more. they will spend about $371 to treat their loved ones to gifts, events, travel and meals. >> dang! these young men got it together. >> we talked about the millenium folks. >> and they are not charging it, either. cash. >> producer lyndsay said i need y'all to find me one of these millenium men. on our floor director was looking around like where are they? >> 38 win? that is real money. >> capital grille, a nice gift. >> flowers. >> and a spa day to boot. go ahead. it must be nice. >> us old farts -- >> speak for yourself.
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>> she will get a card maybe? >> it mama bowl boll watching? i'm not saying it has to be 381. >> we have kids we have to pay for. there's other things. >> and two in college. it doesn't have to be 381. >> 38? >> you know what? tonya -- >> i'm not letting it go. flowers or candy. >> all right. all right. geez. >> it is sunday. >> valentine's day shaming. >> no. i am looking out for mama boll. that is my home girl. >> let's check in on a problem we have this is king's mountain i-85 southbound exit 10 there was a vehicle fire and that has cleared out and look at the backup around exit 10 back to
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quite a bit of activity. the report is that the fire has been cleared out but we have five miles of stop-and-go traffic. and highway 74, 29 is a great alternate route to get around all of this activity. it will be slow-moving traffic if you are expecting someone. overall on the mapping system no other major delays except for 485 back in the queen city. your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. back to mr. romance, jamie boll. [laughter] >> all right, people. >> thank you. you know what? our assistant news director texted me and i think she has your back. he can make her a card interest and she would like that better, probably. >> absolutely. >> i appreciate that. >> and lyndsay tapases is in the first alert weather center. >> you cannot ruin the surprise. so he is not going to tell you
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surprise would be ruined? right? you're welcome. we have clouds in the mix. 37 right now in the charlotte area but check out the feels like with the wind-chill it's feeling like 28 with the wind at 16-miles-per-hour right now. we talked about the wind-chill advisory in the mountains tonight. the winter weather advisory goes a few more hours but that will be allowed to expire on 7:00 p.m. for those areas that were under the winter weather advisory. but that is going to be short-lived. and when we look at the satellite-radar there is not much additional snow falling. so you probably still have snow blowing around in the mountains and you did have snowfall but what is falling not much out there for the time being. cloud cover around but that is it. forward in time, you will see, if you watch the mountains that yes the intermittent snow showers will be on and off over
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not looking for huge totals through friday. future-cast snow totals for the mountains here you are in the inch or two range. and the scale in the upper left hand corner this is over 48 hours. and for the mountains an inch or two over two days and the ski resorts are absolutely loving it. and temperature-wise you will get back into the 20s tomorrow for the mountains. that is after never getting out of the teens today. at least you will be backup to 27 for places like boone. temperature-wise tomorrow we will be 39 in lenoir. charlotte area will get backup to 42. we will make it into the low 40s tomorrow after stuck in the 30s today. 40s in the upstate as well. mostly sunny afternoon. and eric thomas with a look at the seven-day first-alert forecast coming up at 5:00 p.m.
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question parents are asking for years. why aren't there seatbelts on school buss? >> a shout-out to the facebook fan of the day, tonya michelle we appreciate you. if you want your chance to be our fan of the day go to
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>> just last week, a daycare bus flips on its of its side with kids inside. there were injuries but no one was really hurt badly. parents says it's because children were wearing seatbelts. now a pilot program will test seatbelts on public school buss in north carolina. >> schools will get five new buses. according to the state department, seatbelts have been available for school buses but the additional costs stopped them from coming here. on average it's $10,000 more per bus. the lap and shoulder seatbelts enhance safety and student discipline something parents are concerned about. >> she is always coming home and talking about the fact that the kids are jumping around on the bus and being loud and the bus driver has to stop and get them to quiet down.
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late because of that. >> the new buses will be used. however the list of which schools the buses will be assigned to has not been determined. the belts are similar to those in cars so most students should be used to wearing them. >> we are on your side with live team coverage as bitter cold temperatures hit the charlotte area and the potential for wintery weather. >> and a local man dies minutes after his son gets a golden football at super bowl 50. >> more to get to.
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seconds. >> announcer: wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> right now, the search is on for who robbed a bank in ballantyne. >> and two students arrested after a fight breaks out at a high school. >> first, ice is forming and temperatures are dropping in the mountains. plus we are tracking the potential for wintery weather in charlotte soon. we are heading back down into the teens tonight. nice to have you with us at 5:00 i'm maureen o'boyle. >> i'm paul cameron. thank you for joining us. a live look at boone, wind-chill
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-4 is what it feels like. we have team coverage as the bitter cold temperatures sweep through the carolinas but first chief meterologist, eric thomas in the first alert weather center. eric? >> paul, i heard from robbie on top of beech mountain they are higher than the boone and blowing rock area they are experiencing wind-chills of -15. how about that? snow is rolling back and forth into the carolina high country rotating around the low and the issue is becoming the cold air. there you see the wind-chill advisory tonight for allegheny, ash, watauga and right now they are experiencing -15 wind-chills and that is going to continue through the overnight. the winter weather sad rizry, this is for maybe one to two inches of snow. a gradual accumulation all the way into friday with that. now, in terms of the wind-chills you heard paul mention it -4 in
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and the winds are not that strong. it does not take much when the temperatures are in the 30s. the high was 38 and it's 15 in boone and that is without the wind. 28 watch out at 9:00 p.m. 26 at 11:00 p.m. make sure the pets and the pipes are not freezing around your house and the chance of winter weather next week part of your seven-day first-alert forecast. >> you talked about the broken pipes, when the temperatures dip this low we see broken water pipes and this is what it looked like inside a charlotte home during a cold-snap last year. right now brody o'connell is live and on your side with some simple ways we can protect our homes. brody? >> yeah, i tell you what, it's cold in charlotte the sun keeping things bearable. i feel bad complaining. the temperatures are going to drop off here around challenge
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tips you want to keep in mind
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