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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  October 31, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. try this. what is it? braciole. braciole? i'm in. who made it? debra. i'm out. here, ray. i'll try debra's braciole. i'm filled with antibiotics. mmm! yeah? gimme. gimme. jeezaloo! see? huh? so, it is good. it's not just me comin' off airline food. it's amazing. i mean, that is amazing. are you sure your debra made this? i know. i know. i couldn't believe it either. she came up with some recipe. recipe? yeah. what? real cooks don't need recipes. we know how to add love and caring, because there's no greater joy than feeding our-- [smacking] mmm...mmm. frank, you're a pig. stop moaning. so debra can now cook?
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the missing color in the raymond rainbow. ah ha ha ha! mmm! you should ask debrahow she mak. i should ask debra? heh heh. i should ask debra?eh heh h. give me that! this food has magical powers. i'm gonna string someof thi. [knocking] hello? hey, andy. hey, deb,is ray here?
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no, he's not home--he's not hom. hey, you hungry? oh, sure. i couldalways. i made some braciole.taste it. oh,you made. uh... no, no, no. i'm actually--i'm i. i'm in trainingfor . come on. no, no. really. and i've gone kosher. i'm ina jewish mara. ok. try it, ok?one bite. one bite. that's it. one. run away with me. really? do you like it? oh, my god!it's! mmm! debra! yeah? it's great. i don't know whatra. what do you mean,"talkin' about? at work. he was jusy funny? about this? was he making funof my braciole?
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no, he was not. wait. andy... andy, he told mehe love. what did he sayto you a? look at this.ow youhow i could ? andy, what did he sayab? i did not find it funny. andy! he said it was italianfor "road" please don't hurt me. road kill? he was just kidding aroundlike . he always does this? no, no. listen, i hadsome thera-flu ear, and then i realizedi do not eve, so i'm really flyin'.whoo-hoo-h. hey! hey. oh, hey. hey! hey! hereall right?ats, from now on, you get 'em on your own. i'm tired of this!
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are you sleepin' with andy?'cau. heh heh! that's funny. yeah. hey, what smells good? liked it so much.le again,yu yes, i do. [chuckling] in the rainbow ♪ oh, that smells good. something good ♪ ♪ wha wha ♪ ♪ wha-wha-wha really likes it ♪ ♪ yeah-hah make nothin' else ♪ ♪ but that braciole ♪ ah-ooh ah-ooh ah-ooh ♪ ♪ i could ♪ eat this stuff ♪ ♪ until i ♪ lose control
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♪ whookee-hah ha-ha-ah ♪whah ♪ whookie hah-ah here's a little saucefor your r. ♪ whoo ♪ whah ♪ "please don't sing."jus, even when you don't w youhave time for a breakreak with new kit kat minis. poppable, bite-sized minis that let you make break time anytime.
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food here is good. i might have a commenta. is that what you do at work, you make fun of meall day? what? no. no!is that wh? why the hellwould he sa? i don't know, but heactually lo. i love your braciole! come on! it's the best thing! oh, baloney! how come you told everybodyit w? that's a joke. oh, no, it's not! of course it is.i w. come on, you seehow. i could use a towel. hello, debra.
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what is it, fran nothing, dear.i was just wonderg if there's any of yourdelicious. oh, oh, these are for you. all right?t now, hey, you gota little spot there. is so great.ya, debra.that stufe i woke up thinkin' about it. is, uh, anybodyeating this? no, frank. you know what? you can have it. at least someoneappreci! hey,i appreciat- frank.youfor the flower, anyone who can makebraciole liks marigolds and daffodils.efull od i happento agree wi.
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that's very sweet, frank. that's very sweet. in quite some time.hinge would you likesomething? no. no. i don't want todilute t. with your feet up.u should be rg thank you, frank. all right. aw, come on. what's the matter,ray? ? instead of mocked?m beid is that i how i raised you? yeah. ok, dad! mmm! this is so r. do you really think so? there's just likea sweetness to. how do you do that? but i had some currants. well, thisis a beautiful thing. thank you, frank.
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i thought youwere t. i was. i finished. oh. how was it? it was fine, frank. thank you for making itfor me. you haven't made a bathfor me i. uh... you seemed to need it. what it looks like.t i'm not talking to you. i do have a questionfor debra, .
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to destroy me?nethat you feel td what? who told you about braciole? nobody. i found a recip. you found a recipe. oh, you're a cook now. frank never mentionedbraciole t? no. no. no. i didn't saya thing. quiet. frank never told you i ever cooked for him?ery firstg oh, boy. no. i didn't know that. you didn't know that. do you knowwhat he said to me when he tasted my braciolein 19? he said, "be my bride." marie, come on! "be my bride," frank. "be my bride." any girl with a pot!nowo
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you hardly make itfor me anymor! 'cause i didn't want yo. i'm 64 years old.what are you s? was your special dish.nt need to take care of, like... tu like the laundry? i'll wash them. those pants. that's ok, ma. i'm washing those pantsfor you,! mom. take off your pants! could we turn the heat up?
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what do you want meto s? "i'm sorryi made bracio" this is insane. i never would havemade f world upside-down.sgonns hey, ma, i have nothin'to eat o. you said youwere makin' me dinn. i don't cook anymore. robert, how much does ramak? don't look at 'im. don't you lookat him, r! he's not wearing pants. answer me! i know he makes funof my cookin. behind my back.ow much of it gon he makes fun of itall t. that is not true! that's not completely true, debra! i love your braciole,and i !
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is that whyyou're making fun of, making jokes about itat work? you're making jokesabout th? have you no decency? oh, stop! come on, dad. it's just, you know,it'. wife jokes, that's all. it's somethin' you dowh. you know, when you'rewi. i never. oh, what are youtal! like youdon't make . about your mother,have anythingy i'm not afraid to say itright t. second of all,those are not jok. yesterday, youcalled me. if that's a joke,then it's on m. ha ha ha!right in front of her. you kn, actually,not to def,
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that is a guy thing,debra. i've often foundthat men use to form bonds and sharecomm. am i sitting in sauce? debra:yes, . good. i was afraidi pop. robert, come on.take of. what? take them off! what are you-- i get those pants! don't fight it, man.don't fight. i'll clean you up.o. all right. thanks, ma. are you coming or not? of course i'm coming. you're my wife.i belong.
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i'm coming! i'll call you. i'm gonna go...freshen up. ray, can i talk to you? yeah, all right. i'm a little chilly. why do you have tomake wife jok? i don't do that.i don't make hu. with amy and lindathat t and make fun of allthe ? when i readalk aboutthee that one time l or, uh...uh... in the other direction try to st linda thinksyou have a master's. master's? degree. master's degree, ray. this is what idon't understand. make something you like,of my cy
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and you're stillmaking jokes ab? i'm a complicated person. come on. it's just--tha. i just--i make funof th. to you last night?", who and it was quite tasty." whoa! who wants tohang . but don't you thinkthat there'sg is at my expense?you can be popr i wish therewas. all right aw, come on! i'm kidding. hey, look, we knowthe s. you got it all over me,? you're the pretty,smart, to. i'm the one they say,"h" so i don't know,maybe i, i'm telling them how,yo? "she can't cook. ha ha!" ah ha ha ha ha ha.
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come could be. you know chuck wilson? you knowwhat he told me? gets into bed with her,e he has to shoo awaythe . shoo away the penguins. that's cold... wilson's wife. and yet, i don'tthink a. think about me.t the other s think about me. i'm not gonna make joke. thank you. you still gonna coo? yes. you wanna takey?
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hey... what are you doin'? i'm having some tea.
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didn't make any dinner? yes. tea. oh. and what did debram? lasagna. it's over. what? i think the bracioleis all she . listen, marie,i learned somethi. a man needs more than braciole. a man needs... chicken. veal, eggplant parmesan. manicotti? yes... manicotti. ooh...frank!
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oooh! and frank? yes? we'll never speak of this again. we'll never speaknk? yes? of this again.
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they're coming!
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all right, they're here. let's do this. wait, wait, wait. what about the other guests? what other guests? everyone's here. do you have the mortgage? yeah. here we go. i've been waitin' 30 years to do this. there you go. there we go. ooohhh!
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yeah! ha ha ha! marie: yay! the house is now paid off. [chuckling] and here's to the wonderful people at lynbrook mortgage. thanks for the calendars, and, uh... you can all kiss my great american ass. grandpa. grandpa. oh. oh, sorry, kids. don't say "ass." hey! that was fun. let's have a real party. marie, go get our marriage license. all right. can we eat, please? come on, kids. mom, dad, congratulations. the house becomes part of your estate which, in the old country, would be passed down to the firstborn son. in the old country, you'd be workin' in the circus. monkey suit's comin' off. so, marie, what happened? i thought you were gonna have a big party to celebrate. it is a party. i made brushetta.
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oh. well, i thought when you said you were havin' a party, that would include... i don't know... some friends. oh, who has time for friends? have a deviled egg, dear. what do you mean, you don't have time for friends? well, after you and raymond moved in, i mean, i guess someone had to help you raise a family, so we had to give-- we just had to give up some things. your social life? well, we still have a social life. ma, robert's eatin' all the deviled egg. won't give me any. they don't feed us enough in the circus. ha, ha. huh huh. unhh! [choking] hey, did my father give geoffrey some wine today? no. why? 'cause as i was puttin' him to bed, he said, "i love you, man."
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perhaps... you would like some wine. hey, listen. you know what your mom told me at that party? they don't have any friends. you sound surprised. well, it's kinda sad. it's kinda sad.'s not sad for the people who would have to be their friends. except we have to be their friends. that is a little sad. yeah. i mean, look, we're their whole lives. and it occurred to me that if they had more friends, we'd have less them. have you worked out a budget for this? all right! break it up! oh, what? what do you want? we just saw you. we just brought you some leftovers. they don't qualify as leftovers if they're still warm.
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let's watch some highlights. frank, you already watched this game. so i know how good the highlights will be. let's not ruin these by talking. ahem. so. gosh, marie, it must feel so liberating to own the house now, huh? yeah. gosh, think of all the things you can do now, like, um... gosh, you could entertain more. we just had a party. what are we, studio 54? but, really, you-- you deserve your own social life. you know? especially now that all your house obligations are over and we seem to be managing. mm-hmm. now would be the perfect time for you to just say, "hi, neighbor." i got all the friends i need right here. you see, debra? i mean, i would love to start entertaining again, but if we have guests, what am i supposed to do with this?
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tell 'em that you lost a bet and you gotta clean and feed him for another year. come on. we all know that frank can be a lot of fun. hey, you know who else is a lot of fun? the mauers next-door. i like the mauers. yeah. no can do. why not? because i may or may not recently have flipped one of them the bird. what? he--he was trying to put a piece of garbage in our garbage can. well, that's no reason to flip them a bird. hey, i can't have the garbage men thinkin' i dye hair. oh. so then all th is natural. hey. you know who's cool? the stipes. yes. the stipes.


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