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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  October 31, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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good. >> wendy: of course he's divoed now. >> right. but i remember that day seeing her and i was so intimidated. but it was awesome. so i've been in love with him forever. >> wendy: now, drake and j cole got under your skin for something. talk about this story. >> it's pretty much resolved at this point, but essentially what ppened, j cole performed with drake, they mentioned the word autistic and i don't like to say the r word, retarded. and it bothered me because my son is a big fan. >> wendy: one of the twins is autistic. >> right. and they have a hard time fitting in at school a rappers have such a huge reach. and i know that they -- but i'm just saying i thought it was ir. so irresponsible. so i called them out on it. but j cole's response was so beautiful. it became a teaching moment.
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>> wendy: here in new york, a 14-year-old autistic child named avonte has been missing for at least, what, three weeks. the . >> going on three week. when i leave here, i'm going out for the second time to helphis family. i cannot imagine what it would be like to put your son in school, complaint self advocate and he's allowed to leave the school and he's missing. but there was a sighting who looks kind of like him. stop lo. in respe it's only been a few weeks, so we cannot let up. >> wendy: it's really nice of you to stop by. >> thank you. my kids sd you have to ask
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wendy to show last year's costume, which was lil' wayne. >> wendy: oh, yeah. where is it? >> i embarrassed them, but they -- i love you. >> wendy: holly robinson peete. up next, dave mizejewski.
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>> wendy: all right. so i love when our next guest stops by. he always brings like the best stuff for to us check out. today he brought along some creepy halloween animals i call them. please welcome our wildlife expert dave mizejewski. >> you don't want to give me a hug. i have all sorts of creepy halloween animals. >> wendy: you look great. >> go to, find out how you can adopt a bat. so with that said, they're
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dieing in the millions, so this is a golden tarantula. look at the beautiful color on this guy. big hariry spider, but they're important predators and eat all the other bugs you don't want to live. >> wendy: do they live in jersey? >> they live in south america, but they have huge fangs right up front there. if you were a cricket or some other small imal, this guy would come in and nab you and that would be. i want to get to some of the other ones. the next one is the classic spooky -- >> wendy: oh, my god. >> most of you will know what will this is. >> wendy: a rat. >> this is a norway rat. this one happens to be a can domestic.
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believe it or not, they make kind of good pets. they're it actuactually pretty . and they eat anything. just like human beings. let's go to the next animal. which actually would really love to eat this rat if we gave it the chance. >> wendy: oh, my god. >> another classic halloween animal. an owl. native to new york. check out the huge -- >> wendy: he is beautiful. >> they're nocturnal, they use the eyes to see in pitch darkness. so no wonder that people associate them with ghosts and nighttime. >> wendy: reports in africa where this is like the devil. >> absolutely. >> wendy: where does this one live? and what kind of owls do we have
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here? >> we have one almost identical. >> wendy: you can imagine seeing this in front of your windshield? >> we have a couple more i want you to see. this one you'll love. this is an asian water monitor. it's a lizard and actually a relative of the kamoto dragon. they're not slimy. >> wendy: not slimat all. >> i want you to look at the tupg. i tongue. it's forked. it actually uses its tongue to's forked. it actually uses its tongue to smell. it won't hurt you in any way. >> wendy: this is a great collection today. quont p don't put her on me. >> this is a mais an albino pyt.
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they're important predators. without these, we would be overrun with rats. >> wendy: how much does this weigh? >> about 50 pounds. >> wendy: and ten feet. this was all usual the best collection of stuff. this is our friend, dave mizejewski. happy halloween. to learn more, go to up next, an audience costume party.
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>> wendy: welcome back. time for our annual "how you booin" audience halloween costume contest. everyone looks terrific in our audience, but we did choose three of our audience members to compete in this contest. so contestant number one, i don't on over. you put so much effort into this outfit. face your fans and tell us your name. >> my name is diana and i'm
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visiting from planet wendy today. >> now let's look at ocontestan number two. who are you? >> i'm from new jersey and i'm dressed as lady liberty to bring you liberty and justice for all. >> wendy: i love it. jolisa. okay. go back over. and contestant number three, come on out. who are you and where are you from? >> my name valerie and i'm from brooklyn. >> wendy: and you are dressed as a -- >> i'm dressed as a yorkie. >> wendy: so cute. thank you.
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everybody come out. we'll poll the audience during the break and when we come back, we'll announce the winner of our "how you booin" halloween costume contest.
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>> wendy: before the break, we met three audience members. we met the alien, lady liberty and also of course the dog. thousand we' now we're going to take a poll by clap audience who you think should win. is it the alien? [ applause ] >> wendy: okay. contestant number two, the city scape. [ applause ] >> wendy: and contestant number three, the yorkie. [ applause ]
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>> wendy: i'm confused. wait. i think it's between two and three. sounded like two was the loudest? all right. number two. the winner is -- lady will i li. we're giving you a $500 gift card from ricky's. and you guys, this is fabulous. and yorkie fabuls. she's 4'9". we'll give you each 7 pounds of candy thanks to hershey. and congratulations to you. thank you studio audience for putting an event fe for effort fo halloween. we'll take a break and be right back.
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thank the nht peoplek. at hershey's. every in our studio audience is also going home with a 7 pound bag. also i want to thank my guests today holly robinson peete, dave mizejewski. also brian balthazar. and also my studio audience. steve, thank you for making this wonder woman costume for me. hey, steve, it still fits! tomorrow we have a 13-year-old chef from gordon ramsey's chef junior. he'll come cook for us. rember, crime doesn't pay. see you next time. okay, i need a better pizza.
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a pizza with premium meats. and sauce made from only real tomatoes. a pizza my family will love. (announcer) freschetta naturally rising crust pizza. freschetta. made better to taste better. that's a cool snake tattoo on your back. thanks. it's anacoth, the demon who eats human souls. my friend jeffrey has a dog that eats its own poop. ok. who's that one? that's the goddess of the damned-- she whose name cannot be spoken. why? is it hard to pronounce? what? we have a friend at school like that. he's from india. we just call him rusty. no kidding. does it hurt to get tattoos? yeah, but it's worth it, you know? sure. once i bit my tongue really hard eating a frozen milky way, but it was totally worth it.
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good morning. hey, dad. hey. hi. i'm alan, jake's dad. isabella. she's a friend of uncle charlie's. i would hope so. yeah, and she was showing me her tattoos. oh, lucky you. there was a time when you had to pay a quarter and go into a tent to see that. now, it's right at your breakfast table. uh, go get dressed. i want to see the rest of her tattoos. go. i have a quarter. jake. ( sighs ) all right. um... isabella, i hate to be a fuddy-duddy, but we try to keep the house smoke-free. i'm sorry. charlie didn't say anything when i was smoking in bed last night. yeah, well, charlie's lungs aren't always on the same page as his penis. morning, baby. hey.
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( clears throat ) if you don't like it, don't watch. ( moans ) i'm gonna go upstairs and take a shower. you want to join me? sure. just let me get some fluids in me, so i got something to work with. hurry. anacoth is hungry. "anacoth is hungry"? she's referring to her snake tattoo. oh. her vagina's called linda. pretty name. uh, listen, i don't want to overstep my bounds. this is your house, and you're free to bring into it whoever or... whatever you choose. but i-i do think that i have the right to protect jake from being exposed to certain people. then you better take him to a hotel for a couple days, 'cause that girl ain't leaving till one of us is dead. come on, charlie. no, no, no, you come on. you see a little body ink and a cigarette, and you immediately condemn her, but let me tell you something. she's smart, she got a great sense of humor, and in bed, she moves like one of those paint shakers
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at sherwin-williams. nevertheless... i would rather she didn't hang around jake. fine. i'll talk to her. thank you. you're welcome. now, unless you want to lather up my fanny, i'm gonna go hop in the shower with anacoth and linda.
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