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tv   FOX 45 News at 500  FOX  October 29, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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backlash that she received. i think can't belief it's okay that people think it's okay to be black. yeah, they'll move op. we can forget give but we don't forget, do we? every time i wash my "seinfeld" reruns, every time cramer walks in the room, eye wall. there was a shocking elimination. i thought that snooki did a good job. right after the elimination, she was dressed as a zombie and then she was crying at the same time. we'll take a look. >> have you learned anything about yourself on the show because we've seen a different side of you. we've enjoyed it so much.
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>> i love everybody. >> but i couldn't figure out -- i mean, clearly she is very devastated, she wasn't acting her through that. but she's got a brand new baby and a whole life here in jersey. so she's been flying back and forth the way i was loing to l.a. and everything. so if anything she should be happy to have her life back. the only thing is she might have been tearing up because what is she going to do with snooki next. she's on her last leg. think about it, everyone. we all lo snooki and now she wants to be called nicole. the "dancing with the stars," it was a gigantic star. it put her out there with people. i don't know whether she got a job offer or not. but she was crying, so maybe
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not. then that snooki snow on mtv, isn't that on its last leg? i forget that that show is even on. what is snooki going to do with herself at this point besides be a mom? i mean what are they going to do for money? i don't know. i guess she should have been crying then, right? i'm going to go back to my life. any way, sorry to see that you were eliminated snooki nicole. chris brown, well, no he caught a big break. yes. good lawyer and maybe, you know, a beautiful smile. he probably went back to the -- remember when he was a double dint kid and he was no nice and fresh years ago? that's probably the chris he gave to the judge. the assault charges for chris for allegedly punching a man in the face were reduced from floep to misdemeanor.
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he pled not guilty. look, it's one of the robertson's from duck dynasty. he's scheduled to return to court on november 25th. something has got to be done with chris brown. reich somebody really does need to -- okay. so he was facing four years in jail and now it's alleged that he's facing maybe six months in jail. i don't know that it's jail for him. he needs a mental evaluation or something. you can't just -- you cannot just -- he needs to be taught that you cannot just go around in life beating the stew out of women, punching people in the face outside a d.c. hotel, throwing a chair out the window at "good morning america" that could have landed on anyone on the sidewalk. he's got to learn, you can't
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beat up frank ocean in a parking lot andhink you can get away with this stuff. so, november 25th, hopefully the judge will at least order him to get off the music for a moment, get a mental evaluation. at the very, very least. by the way, you know, trey songz and his mom were there to support hip. there's trey songz walking in. that may be chris's mom with all his stuff going op. and there were also fans outside with "free chris brown" signs. that is a monthly crew. just go home. you're not helping the situation. i remember when my behind was on a sling on the radio here in new york. and my wendy listeners many wanted me to stay at the radio station. it was unjust, management was
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wrong but it's okay. i got a talk show now. but my behind was in a sling, i was suspended without pay for like the ump tooent time in my career and it looked like it was going toward me being fired. a lot of my wendy listeners sent letters to the general manager. what i didn't want you to do is don't do anything. there were a lot of misspelled words. you don't help by representing that way. back to chris's protesters, that's a monthly crew of protesters. just go home. you're not helping his case any. so now, you won't believe who's partying together. lindsay lohan, miley cyrus and
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e.j. johnson, magic johnson's son. i don't know how to feel about this story. i am gagging. first of all i don't believe that lindsey is well. i think she'll need a seventh time in rehab. but i've only told you that. they were spotted at 1 oak it's a nightclub in new york that you have been 21 and older. e.j. and mie lu are only 20 and they arrived together. lindsey was the club and they posed for a picture with a friend. i have no idea who the guy is. i don't know what's in miley's glass. i'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt and say it might be dr. pepper. i'm i don't know her eyes are so glassy. i'm going to say maybe it was late. i don't know why the girl in the back, her eyes are closed and faded. i'm going to say that the
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picture was taken while she was blinking. i don't know what to say about e.j. i know you a very rich kid and i know that when you show up the doorman lets you in only because you're 20 years old because you slip him five 20s and you go in and have a good time. are you having too much of a good time? i can't really tell. but i i don't picture you hanging with this -- come on. because in my opinion, if miley continues on the way she's doing it, rehab is inevitable. do you understand? and i don't know where we lost our footing in society that we have all of the sudden we rehab is a cool place to go. it's not cool and sexy. it shows that you can't handle your party and you spin out of control. e.j., watch who you hang out
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with because we're going to paint you with that same brush and we don't want to do that. because you're way too fly to be getting high and drinking and when aknow that's not what you're doing. that's all. so this story with paul ly d. a the baby's mother will not go away. according to tmz, pauly is still? custody of his baby. he thinks the baby's mother is unfit because she works at hter who are you to judge? all that mess you were doing on the jersey shore? don't -- please. and hooters is not, you know, one of these kind of places. it just has the name.
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she worked at hooters seven years ago. okay? in addition,auly is concerned about amane da's ex. amanda has a five-year-old son and a five-month-old with pauly. the five-year-old was fathered by a man who pauly believes has a shady past. well, don'we all? from what i understand the man lives in florida, he doesn't live up here and he's not necessarily in the kid's life that way. the girl is not with him. pauly, stop. i was watching on the television yesterday, they taught you walk through the airport you haven't even seen your daughter. the baby is five months old and the man hasn't even seen his daughter yet. as a grown person that indicates to me that you just want custody of this girl so that you don't have to pay your child support to the mother, number one.
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number two, you make your living, albeit a fabulous one, you make your living in nightclubs with intoes and drug poppers and you don't get in until 7:00 in the morning. who is going to be caking care? oh, i know, your mom and your aunt. stop judging this girl on her baby's father and stop judging her for working at hooters seven years ago. she happens to be enrolled in school. i'm not doing the joke that i did this morning. but in state college in new jersey. a school is a school. and she's trying to better her life. even though it does seem like she's treating the pregnancy as a meal ticket. have you seen the picture of the baby-sitting in a baby room per
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with hundred dollar bills laying all around like jackpot? what, it is a jackpot and again, you need to watch who you lay with. that's all. katy perry whosenew album is out and it's so good. i love katy perry music. it makes me feel young, you know, "fire work." do you like that new song "roar"? well if you buyá!an i don't like it when he does ballads. katy is throwing shades at another pop star -- not just another one but the one who stripped down. well, based on that dress behind me and that blue hair, you're
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looking for attention too, girl. everybody is getting naked. i've been naked before but i don't feel like i always have to get na to get noticed. it's like put it away. we know you've got it. i got it too. >> but you're now 29 years old and alem edly you're in love with john mayor and he likes putting a ring on it. stop hating all of these girls -- this is my favorite katy perry right here. i'm not into the blue hair and the lollipops on the boobs, although i did like the glittery ensemble she has on. that's like naked. it is so difficult for these pop stars to make it, though, these days, in my opinion, even if you can sing really well you've got to pull out our entire arsenal just to get noticed by us
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because it's tough out here. lady gaga can really sing but she's got to do all of that tom foolery to take it to -- do you understand what i'm saying? you know, all of that has to go along with it. i used to be of the mind-set where i would say well why do real performers have to show out like that? it's because we don't pay attention unless they give us their full arsenal. like katy perry has a really good voice but she's got to do the blue hair, and this dress is really good. ♪ fly away"". >> there's lots of sebty romance moves so it's time for "hoo ups and break ups." orlando bloom and super model
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amanda ker are divorcing after three years of marriage. they've got that cute son, his name is flin. there they are. they're not a bad looking couple but people talk about them like they're gorge. both of them. i don't see that in orlando bloom. he's a nice looking man but he's not gorge. clap if you find him gorgeous. clap, lady, not raise your hand. she's over there raising her hand. do you find him gorgeous? clap if you find him gorgeous. clap if you find her gorgeous. well then these must be stories planted by their parents because parents always see their children being gorgeous. i they e my gosh, the most stunning couple ever, they're
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getting a divorce. they are a nice looking couple, it looks like snooki's baby. any way so the streets are saying that orlando seems to be getting cozy with his romeo and juliette costar. now, the best i can squint, that is not the set of roam mo and juliette. do you think he's late for dinner and rushing home? they look like they're comfortable with one another, don't they? they're on broadway right now and everyone says their chemistry was absolutely instant. her mother , from what i ubs, se
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is a real stage mom. she's probably proud as i don't know what because they're getting good reviews on bod way and now her daughter is cozy with orlando broom. at least cozy on theset. but you know sometimes what happens on the set gets transferred to off the set. so i'll have to keep following this story to find out exactly what's going on. watch it. so the hip hop artist future just proposed to his girlfriend sierra. on the surface i'm really happy he gave her a 15 karcarat ring. i always wanted her to go to europe and get her a count because nobody is buying her music. while she's a beautiful -- come on.
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now are we going to talk real or are we going to phone any up. the girl can sing her voice off. nobody cares, nobody buys her music. so i think that a girl like this, she needs to be taken care of. and i think is count is perfect or even an nba player but one of the good ones or a nfl player, like a money guy. the future is very talented but we did our check. reportedly he's worth like $2.5 million. look, money is money, okay, fine, even though he did spend half a million on the ring. so where are his priorities. the bigger thing is he's got two kids by twobaby's mothers. one who is ten years old and one who is ten months old. like it's congratulations sierra. it's not who we wanted for you but if you're happy, okay.
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in the meantime we've got a great show for you. roma romany malco is here. he's starring in the new movie "last vega we're going to do another makeover for another breast cancer survivor. but up next, ereka so treen any has the latest scoop on lady gaga and kelly as bourn. we'll talk next. .
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. >> wendy: welcome back. it's time for the inside scoop. here with the scoop is our friend ereka venn triany. let's get started with the lady gaga and kelly osbourne thing. >> this has been going on since
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2009. this basically started in 2009 when kelly was talking to a british magazine and she said while she loves gaga's music she wishes she would shut up. she's too loud and hasoch attitude. she called her a butter face. so of course the little monsters went inside and they went to the twitter feet calling kelly fatting with telling her to kill herself. >> wendy: i can't believe we're still dealing with this. >> kelly and her mom said there have been bullying. and lady gaga reminded -- >> wendy: her daughter asked for it >> and lady gaga reminded her that she's the host of fashion police. so she does this for a living. to present day it's kelly's 29th birthday and lady gaga happens to be performing on the x factor. and she presents her with a cake
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for kelly and they take a picture and tweet it out. kelly's comment was a little unfrashs not to be grateful but why would you send a birthday cake via my mother half the country away. just send it to me, love not war. gaga says, hey, listen this is being gracious.rli and she writes bike, eat my blank. yot grateful, not gracious. but there is new news. just last night i think she had a chance to think about everything and he says at lady gaga, i asked like a child last night. >> wendy: is she sober? what is going on? >> i really like her, i really like kelly. >> wendy: this is very unlikable behavior. >> she said i acted like a child
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last night. call me and we'll act like adults. >> wendy: who has time to call her. >> the twitter follows are insane. the little monsters who are great can be a little too much to handle, i suppose. >> wendy: not really. >> you're on team lady gaga. >> wendy: i'm not on any team. i'm like stop fighting on the intern internet. you want more attention, kelly, the purple hair, the mouth, it's not enough. >> i understand. i couldn't agree more. >> wendy: no, you don't. but let's move along to robin thicke. >> so she opened up the elmagazine. i love this interview. basically we're talking about why he's so fetch wise. he is a the son of alan thicke who divorced robin's mother when he was a seven years old.
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he dated miss alabama, miss dominican republic. quite the lads man. moving on to their own, him and paula patton's sex life, he opens up a bit there. >> how do you keep things spicy? he says, spy is not really a oblem. in fact we can probably remove some spices off the shelf. regarding nudity he said in our house hold nudity is not frounded pon. we're much m free with ourselves. last but not least talking about what they play in the bedroom. she likes to do it more than ever now. sometimes she'll even play for him. i love it.
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what do you think, too much information? >> wendy: it's a lot of information but, you know, he's hot now so you got to share, i guess. >> and they've been together since they were 14 years old, married in 2005. they have a three-year-old kid. i say, keep it hot. >> wendy: for more information you can go to wendy up next the very funny romany malco.
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william we all love our next guest if movies like "40-year-old virgin" and also "think like a man" and now he's sharing the screen with four academy award winners in a movie called "last vegas" take a look. >> is that your job, you're just here for us? >> supposed to be hosting. weekend. >> who? >> curtijackson. >> oh, curtis jackson, fine, sure. that's a pretty big deal in modern times. i get that second and third round draft pick, you know what
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i mean? >> wendy: please welcome, romany mal. [ applause ] >> wendy: i appreciate you dressing for the occasion. >> this is kind of how we run around. we're busy. we're promoting this so we're running around all of the time. you never know when you end up or when you end up on twitter. >> wendy: yeah, the movie comes out on friday. let me give you some shoe cam. keep your feet where they are. very nice. >> thank you. >> wendy: so were impressive, four academy award winners and you in the same movie. how was everybody? how are they? >> you know in your head when


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