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tv   FOX 45 News at 500  FOX  August 8, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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>> no, no, sasha. i would love for you not to. >> it's not a problem. >> i rebuke you, woman. thou get loose. step away from the breakfast. >> but, mr. brown, come on. i can -- >> no. you step away. no more cooking for you. boom. demon, begone. ♪ ♪ use your debit or credit redcard for an extra 5% off our everyday low prices.
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[ school bell rings ] >> all right, who can tell me what a contraction is? >> i got this. it's like when you get signed by the nba, like i'm gonna be. they make you sign a contraction so you can get paid. >> so you can stay in school. that's a contract. okay, we talked about this. come on. geoffrey. >> a contraction is when two or more words are combined to make a new word. >> oh, good. you have an example? >> i got one. >> okay. >> it's like when you put "he" and "is" together, right? >> all right. use it in a sentence. >> okay, like geoffrey. >> uh-huh. >> he's a loser. he's never gonna have a girlfriend.
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he's so -- >> andrew! that's enough. >> my name's a.t., cora. >> i know you're not talking to me. you got me mixed up, sweetheart. you don't call me cora. it's miss simmons to you. and i know your mother, and i used to change your diapers. and it wasn't that long ago, so don't get it twisted. >> what are y'all laughing at? it's not that funny. >> oh, yeah, it's funny. you funny. all right, class, i need you to write me a 500-word essay on what your plans are once you graduate, okay? >> i'm not writing a 500-word -- >> you are writing a 500-word essay! like i said! oh, i'm so sorry, class. that's a 500-word essay, okay? all right. >> it's only two pages, andy. >> who was talking to you? what are you gonna write about, geek? what, your sweater vest collection? >> andrew. >> i bet you your mother picks out your clothes. she shouldn't let you wear those
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tight pants. you're too fat. >> andrew, that's enough! now! >> hey, man. yo. man, i'm just playing with you, man. i know you know. >> okay. >> we cool? >> yeah, we're cool. >> where are you from? >> virginia. >> virginia. that explains why you look like a virgin. >> leave me alone. >> or what? what, you gonna tell the teacher? >> leave me alone! >> [ chuckles ] or what? i'm right, though. you don't have a girlfriend, do you? no, 'cause girls in this school like ballers, not losers. >> shut up! >> andrew, didn't i tell you to leave geoffrey alone? geoffrey, are you okay? >> i'm fine, miss simmons. i don't need you defending me. >> "geoffrey, are you okay?" man, you are such a punk. you let the teacher fight all your battles? >> nobody fights my battles. >> and i'm gonna fight both of you if you don't stop it.
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>> sorry, miss simmons. >> and i don't see you writing. you need to be doing something. did you just -- i know you just didn't write "something" on that paper. boy, i will jack you up. i said write a 500-word essay -- before i whup your essay. >> what are y'all laughing at? >> you got an essay? get to writing. >> let me see one of y'all do it. >> you say something else. you better not put "something else" on that paper. >> yeah, back to "back to back." what? does this guy ever sleep? >> move over, brown. >> what you doing, colonel? >> we're missing the thrilla in manila. >> if you keep taking my remote, it's gonna be the thrilla in this living room. >> i don't want to watch what you're watching. >> i don't want to watch what you're watching. i'm watching "back to back." >> well, i want to watch "back to back." >> yeah, let's watch "back to back." you're right. >> hi! excuse me.
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>> what the black butterfly? >> oh, you guys, i'm gonna miss these great memories, the sharing, the laughing. ha ha ha ha ha! and the fighting. rrr! >> well, london, if you go now, you'll start to miss it much sooner. go, go, go. i tricked you almost, didn't i? >> hey, everybody. >> sasha, where have you been? we were supposed to go shopping. >> well, i thought you were busy packing, so i took miss daisy. >> i saw my cousin evelyn. she wouldn't even speak to me. she's always been such a big snob. >> miss daisy, i told you that was a mannequin. >> oh. no wonder she never moved. >> how could you go without me? we always go shopping together. >> well, not anymore, london, now that you're moving out. >> well, we can still go shopping together, can't we? >> london, honey, i can't afford to park at the places you shop at. >> will you two clam it? we're trying to see how this
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ends. >> colonel, it ends the same way. ali gonna win. it's 1975. let it go. >> this coming from a man who dresses like huggy bear? come on. >> honey, i am gonna miss you, but i'm really worried about those kids. you know that they love you, right? >> i know. what am i gonna do without brianna and hakim? >> his name joaquin. >> it is? >> yeah. >> awwww. you know, he taught me how to play hopscotch. i had no idea that wasn't a drinking game. >> yeah, i'm still explaining that to social services. >> [ gasps ] and remember the time when we stole mr. brown's t-bird and drove on to the west and the cops were chasing us and we had to fly off that cliff into the grand canyon? >> the what?! >> no, mr. brown. london, we didn't do that. that was a movie. >> but you watched it with me. who am i gonna make new memories with now? >> darling, you can make new memories with anyone. i remember the time that --
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>> you remember the time when -- dai-- daisy, you -- >> oh. was i saying something? >> oh, damn, joe! you lost again! >> you better stop that cussing. and he lose every time! since '75, he been losing. >> i guess it's time for me to try on my new dress. >> i want to see it. >> come on, miss daisy. >> you're going to look wonderful in it. >> okay, london, can you have your room cleaned out by noon? 'cause i'm putting up a chapel in there. >> sure. >> yeah. >> oh, mr. brown, you know what? this feels like home to me. do i really have to go back to my old life? >> no, you ain't got to go home, but you got to get out of here, 'cause we having -- oh, we having worship service in your room at 5:00 -- oh -- 5:00. yes. ticktock, you don't stop. yes. mm. ha. mm. [ school bell rings ]
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>> good morning, everyone. has anyone seen geoffrey? >> he went back to virgin-ia to be with his people. [ chuckles ] >> no one's talking to you, andrew. >> you said "anyone." >> i know you're not talking back, right? >> no, ma'am. >> all right, class, i need you to pass your homework forward, please. geoffrey. >> [ sighs ] >> didn't you hear the bell? >> i heard it. >> well, come on in class. what happened to your eye? >> nothing. i fell. >> you fell? >> i fell. i don't think i should come to class today, miss simmons. >> well, are you sick? >> no. just... >> well, come on in class. you have an essay due. come on in here and sit down. i don't have time to fool with you this morning. hurry up. have a seat. all right. let's get this -- all right, your papers is up? thank you so much. thank you. excuse me.
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um, where's your paper, geoffrey? >> i didn't do it. >> why not? that's not like you. you're one of my best students. >> i didn't feel like it, all right? >> look, i need to see you after class. we need to talk. >> whatever. >> what is wrong with you? >> where is your homework, g-off? >> my name is geoffrey, and you better leave me the hell alone. >> ooh. miss simmons, g-offie's using bad words. >> am i gonna have to send you two to the principal's office? >> is she, g-off? >> no. i'm sorry. >> come on, man. that's the best you could do? man, man up. who are you trying to impress, anyway? what, you think you better than us? >> i'm better than you. >> [ chuckles ] you put some ice on that eye yet? that's all the thug you got? >> hey, a.t., yo! you want to see how thug i can get? >> yeah. show me what you got. >> i got this.
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>> come on, a.t., let me see you act thug now! >> geoffrey, put the gun down! >> what you got to say now? looks like a.t.'s all talk, y'all. huh? you still talking? >> man, we was just playing with you, man. >> i'm sick of you playing with me! all of y'all. >> wait, wait, wait, wait. >> all of y'all -- you tease me every day, you follow me home from school, and you punch me? >> geoffrey, this is not the way you handle this. >> shut up! shut up! i told him to stop! i told you to stop, and you wouldn't listen. well, you're listening now,
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aren't you? you're listening now, aren't you? >> we're all listening. please -- this isn't the way! >> g-off, man, be cool, man. >> my name is geoffrey, and we're not cool. >> ge-- can we talk? can we talk? just talk to me, geoffrey, please. >> do you know what i go through, how they tease me, how they talk about me? y'all try to make fun of me? >> i didn't realize it was that bad. you should have come to me. >> i don't need you, miss simmons! >> what? >> i don't need you. i can take care of myself. >> like this? geoffrey, you said you wanted to be an engineer. if you hurt these kids, that's not gonna happen. >> i don't care anymore, miss cora. >> geoffrey, please. >> it's too late. >> please, geoffrey. >> no! stop it! get out of the way! >> i'm back, okay? all right, all right. >> i know what i have to do. >> man, no, man. >> yeah, yeah. >> oh, please. >> colonel, i don't see nothing up here. >> well, look closer, brown. it's right there. >> colonel, all i see up here is baldness. >> brown, look closer. >> if i get any closer, i'm
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gonna be reading your mind, and ain't nothing up in there either. >> look, brown -- it says right here i'm supposed to have some growth after 3 weeks, and it's been 4 weeks. >> well, colonel, they lied, 'cause i don't see nothing but peach fuzz up here. colonel, there go one! there is one right there, colonel! >> see? i told you, brown. i told you. >> it's right there in your ear. did you waste some of that stuff on your ear? >> my ear? >> yeah, what did you use -- brogaine? colonel, look like you got a wig growing out your ear. >> hurry, hurry, hurry. close the door. close the door. yes! ha ha! >> why did you do that? >> that was a close one. >> no, london. that was crazy. you can't stiff a cab driver and run off. >> obviously, we can, and we did. gonna mark that one off my list. >> uh, excuse me. what are you two talking about? >> i think that london has lost her mind. >> [ scoffs ] >> you want me to take this one? >> yeah, you get this one. go ahead and get it.
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>> london have to have a mind to lose it. >> ha! >> ha ha ha! >> good one, good one. you good. you good. >> ho ho ho! >> ho ho ho! >> so, last night, i was sitting in my room, feeling all sad, and then i realized -- to cheer myself up, i'm gonna make a bucket list. >> okay, what is a bucket list? >> a list that you make before you kick the bucket -- or, in london's case, leave brown meadows. >> oh. >> is that white bread? >> what? >> it's on my list. >> i know you didn't just bite my sandwich. >> and what kind of meat is that? >> it's called mystery meat. you bite my sandwich again, it's gonna be a mystery where i hide your body. you don't bite nobody's sandwich and not ask. i don't know where your lips been. >> ooh! and i bought a dress today off the rack. it was exhilarating! >> so, uh, where's the dress? >> oh, come on. as if i'm gonna wear a dress off the rack. don't be ridiculous.
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[ gasps ] ooh! and i went to the movies and i yelled at the screen. i said, "girl, don't go in there! you're gonna get killed!" >> it was a documentary, london. >> geoffrey, put the gun down, please. >> no. >> please, geoffrey. geoffrey. p-please, geoffrey. geoffrey, these kids, they're scared. you don't want to hurt them, do you? >> i don't know! no. >> please -- can we talk? why are you doing this, geoffrey? what is it? what's going on? >> i told you -- i can't take it anymore. i've never fit in. >> what about your family? >> they could care less about me. >> oh, geoffrey, i care. tru-- i care about you. i do. i care. >> no, no, you don't! >> yes, i do. >> you don't! >> yes, i do, geoffrey! please! you're special to me. you are. can't you tell? you're special. son, you have to trust me. give me the gun.
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let me help you. please, geoffrey. please. >> it's over. >> it is not over. >> they'll put me in prison. >> i'm gonna do everything i can to help you, but you have to trust me. if you hurt these kids, it won't happen. please just -- please give me the gun. geoffrey, please. please, geoffrey, give me the gun. i'm gonna do all i can to help you, all right? i promise you. give it. okay, sweetheart. okay, sweetheart. okay. just sit down, sit down. >> what am i gonna do, miss simmons? >> we're gonna stay right here, and we're gonna wait for the police together, okay? i'm gonna be with you. i promise, i won't leave you. i won't leave you. we'll work it out, sweetheart. oh, my god. you see what happens when you pick on people and you bully them? you just push them over the edge! i cannot believe -- it's okay, sweetheart. [ sniffles ] boy, did you -- did you pee on yourself?
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it's gonna work out. it's gonna be okay, sweetheart. >> and then we went to the 97-cent store. check! and i bought you guys all presents! >> oh. >> thank you. >> yay! >> wow. >> mr. brown, i bought you this teddy bear, 'cause that's what you look like. >> oh. a one-eyed teddy bear. oh, great. yeah. whoa. uh, london, before you leave, your little teddy bear needs his last month's rent. >> cool. and i got sasha this necklace. >> from the 97-cent store? >> she's gonna need some cream for that neck. >> thanks, london. >> yeah. and the colonel -- i got you some hair grow -- what? you already have some? >> that's okay. hey, now i got two. the chances are better for my hair to grow. >> i bet you that don't work
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either. >> we gonna see. >> you know, i'm really gonna miss you guys. i've never been accepted the way you guys have accepted me. you guys are like the family i never had. >> okay, london, don't start that crying. you gonna make -- you gonna make me start crying if you start crying. london, you like the daughter that i never wanted. >> aw. thanks, mr. brown. >> from the bottom of my heart. >> oh, london, we are gonna miss you so much. >> yeah. >> you know what? i want a group hug. group hug! >> group hug -- yeah! >> go ahead. >> group hug! yes! >> ow! >> group hug! >> come on, colonel. >> ow! >> colonel, let go. >> whoo! all right. well, it's gonna suck not seeing you guys. >> well, just 'cause your probation is up don't mean you can't come by and visit. >> really? >> really. >> aw. well, then i'll come back all the time. thank you.
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>> not -- not all the time. just holidays -- christmas. mainly christmas. i want a bentley. >> honey, i really think you have grown a little since you moved here. >> i'm wearing heels. shh.
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[ doorbell rings ] >> oh, lord. this door. >> yes! >> hello, mr. brown. >> look, officer, i did not -- i didn't do nothing. >> nice teddy bear. >> thank you. >> does this woman belong to anyone here? >> what did you do? what happened, daisy? >> i caught her vandalizing the neighborhood. >> london and i were on top of a building, dropping water balloons, when this flatfoot showed up, and when i looked around, london was nowhere to be seen. >> ha ha! "get miss daisy arrested." check! >> that's cold, london. that's cold. >> no. it's super-hot. ha!
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>> hey, baby. oh, baby. >> curtis. >> baby, baby girl, baby. >> [ laughs ] >> you know how i'm feeling about you, baby. >> curtis, please. >> oh, oh, baby. >> curtis! >> give us some sympathy. >> baby. >> [ smooches ] you know i love you, right? >> uncle curtis. >> what? >> come on, man, we got to get going. the city hall meeting's in 20 minutes. >> see, why you do that? you always make me late. ow! ow! >> baby, go to work. have a great day!
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>> all right, baby! >> [ chuckles ] whoo. okay. [ doorbell rings ] coming. hello. oh. m-may i help you? >> i'm looking for janine. >> janine's not here. may i tell her who came by? >> an old friend. >> an old friend who? >> old lady, stop asking so many questions. >> okay, you are not gonna walk up in my house and tell me how to talk. >> janine. >> sir, my husband is here. >> i don't care nothing about your old man. j-baby? >> janine is not here! >> janine! >> sir, you need to leave, or else i'm calling the police. >> oh, no, hell, you ain't. >> yes, i am. okay, okay, okay. >> don't even think about it. now, like i said, tell janine blue stopped by. >> you are blue? >> in the flesh. and if you know what's best for you and your family, gonna give janine my message.
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oh. [ whimpers ] okay. curtis. pick up right now. hey, babe. babe, come back. come back right now. baby -- unh-unh-unh. no. come back right now. don't play. come back. oh, god. hi, i'm alex. who's that? that's alex. it's alexis. nice one, alexis. it's ally. ...s-i-s-, "metamorphosis" that's correct, ally. it's lexi. alexandra elizabeth maria smith! go back to school in style with jeans and more for $10 and under. going on now. only at old navy.
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could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yep, everybody knows that. well, did you know some owls aren't that wise? don't forget i'm having brunch with meghan tomorrow. who? meghan, my coworker. who? seriously? you've met her like three times. who? (sighs) geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. >> hey, if you guys can't keep up, then just stay out of my way. >> i may not be the fastest person in the world, but you don't have to knock me down. >> or trip me. >> well, next time, just move. >> what happened? >> these guys, they didn't bring their "a" game, that's all. >> well, how bad was the fire? >> not bad at all. someone put one of those foil-wrapped popcorns in a microwave. >> hey, a fire is a fire. >> okay. >> look, if bart hadn't been so slow with the ladder, i wouldn't have had to climb that tree. and if keenan wouldn't have left


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