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to be pleasing to almightyod to follohito obey him to ha faith %kninthat he'll leu know if you're @ ing thingterribly wrong diffentdan he d it don'á worryou'll get your atntn and rtaiy then you get your act togetr that's our heavenly father caring about you why pbay bee u have faith and then it is posble for goto loveou and to assist you and mostly reward virtue cards youhave faith alright but charts don't miss the next lecture listen a momenwhh plaá parked hisd is free introdtory offer to you what is the
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mark á best many false teachers would have you believe itlbe a tato on ur fouheadr comput chip implanted under your skin is getting late t game you need to know what the ma of t bea is as if written in revelationcdapter verse eight many will deceived the is no need for you to ceed christso to 1323 aehold ihaveold you l things jesus in tde poll isut not to be deceived about ronald murratake on a step-tep sáudy of s word concerning this ical sject áhe mark of the beast the tephone call is free e cd is fr will even ask f spping and nbng it isree as well allyou need to is ll 0-643-46o request a one-ti one)ouseho @ copy of the mark of the be itay also request your fe y ilina
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request to several stopplpo box6 beg utedr 727[6 don't ived by satan the back again th t queegslan 8x0-643-4645 the numbers but from what barbara wrined thughout usalas hawaii old canada if the spirit moves anyou have quen sure he knew that pase ain neverk a question about rticular rev. denomion or orgization ereby the judge people bute will spirituay discn whether somebodyas something to say that wthe) it's courting to d were not and we will listen to that that is true en wewill put asi that that is fae that a gift om god is to have tde fkncti deliberately tonow trutfrom fiction wn you hear it ort ast enough uncáion that it put u on guard sothing is wrong @ that a gift from god always thank him for that those of igdebtness of my sho)twave ounb á world iá's alws a pleasure hring fr you a yourannouncer at the end of áheour will give your mli addre. always a
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pleasu code r a requt u not need the nkmber or the dresdon't everver letsomebody s you't ayou had to ay loud minima with your parabe or not i don't care whetde) you're in school wheth yok're at it for a location you can aams prayileny to almighty god you don't have to screw your face all othem looreal holy jesus be to the father and he appears y aays want from if you got faith he kno brewill ou a and how we help yowi this immediatfathe) around the globe we, . judy chai direct therouch in yeshua is precious ne thank you faer a minute okay you got sdould
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have a witty from arkans and thank youforjoyi the teachi isis eveone from radise goi to be in th millenniumlso witgess a word satan now in revelaáion 1 seven through nine does it mean satan iw ing from heenrth not not ght now but when mhael thrs he now will know possess 20 pounds less when satanomes as the false messiah anb certainly we will ow tt everne usuly that's in paradise they will participate theilleium therewill be ctain parts of aven that will be close for that thousandears meaning no one cater til thsecond resur)tion a then only will ty enter if they
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overco our cobe this would be jan #rom washington thank you fokie up to th truth of god f t dumb bungy i'veeen ll inside that is a fixetime it go straigenut th# wrong t)oops i was told about in @ mind you to my chilbren i di't áeacd them the real @ truthi know god ge you the knowledg kw the bible w%thout okingit up how essed u are we i app)eciate god'selp my quest%ons hoold were you wden you we able to do áhis like iure likehe disciples were ab&e to do iá azes me what was it on when u take out as many years as i have gaturally practice mas is a great help r ok cause youwill always g)
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when you le the lord and so howl was i admit ie been teaching for all to say abou 60 years of enjoyi every @ ar oand e lift to say at wl yway let that the cakes from for a todo tnk this course thanks gdys glys gross left undone shehh#rds ch some people i know pronounce jesus's name as you already ishat correct absolutely not knoall tdey be the age is god' is the fath's name w but jesus he aays saver onounce ye shallalk yein the hebrew tom right you hold
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way the father mou don wgb verwrogthere are two separate acrostics f double witness he manusc)ipt that let you know tt finitelm its you that and and no man can ange it five times in the book ofherin t acrostic of thesacred name yohave t correct pronunciaáioanmini the wall out in your knowlegehe ual good post the wordnd date áhan havel will g soaked trehes? sure hat jesus name if this ithe sa name is chock se why any englh we say josa but really you're sayi jus
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presential sure peggom texasi ve studied wh you three yes my questions or whosevirginorders germ i tegypt first and th over to the caucasus western europene bei this cold and th's wrecotland me om she was of the royal iesthoob i take nos d at first u said tt theyere theugers of the zedekia then late) you said they were pdilps andust recently you said áhey re glad to riots p&ease clari what e phi&ips orrshem thand the boers that jeremiah took a)e certainly two different grpsf people atphilips rderwere for virgins that ver kn aan and tywere hetesshey were
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teachs and gotteg ud them to teach a eat deal of e area fm ga all lawyer out @@ thugh the siding and converted a lot of people but the buzzworb that set of doors thaá you will find them written in the new testament but thdaughters of zedekiah at's a different story go stora great de there and how true htory is wden y go to thdepth search dilily áo understand evangeline from virginia cag you please expin to me what halloweeis this hal&owee w w we've but that'shat it w orinally an and it is
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turned intowhat it but it was whole ening supposed áo be a thingf and tde cut got tueb away from the @@ ttle b okawanda from orides the bible say anything about women ptors minists where can i find this in the bible well i just mentionone t postedrder to fill an butt oious when you read what áhe do& itill do iacts chapter 2 concerning the pentecostal talk it is an unknowing you wiind thword unkwing is just the opposit it's understood aut ery language theorld ts why it's called clovigoza gs out in
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ery direction but instea both my sons and my daughter shall prophesy and kh so i don'know heople n argue w) god if they want to but áhe end genatiothere will be women teaching.the i#s were realmymoregon i've been chstian for many years and belong to a nondegominational urch my chur inow benningto ce domosexualitynd me-sex marriage i dot know ato bi ay with churchleave i ner tell anyboby we whe they shoulb to church godsually giv fution i wou say in mywn heart ig my new wordy at on-chip of whato th call it make #ontractsoing
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and but but at's mou have decid#od may have you tdere for purpe to drasome miseblew)etch of that mess that you let god deci t if it comes a rdship then madetrks elizabeth @ from calornia i thank god r you and spouse ll ank you wh whewe have problems io to god a that wos fomeut is going to a counselor or psychiatrist talk to ouprobley as achristian if y he mental prlems or hangup then ceainly you u n# help but as aistianlways go to a christian counselor or a christian hirist m there's not tha,any of the
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that you will f%nd one and th been when you needth helpill certainly you ha it but god's word is one of tde besá counselor you can ve thezabeth from carnia when we asked the lord to t the bld of jesus all o.erur house does th an all over thfurniture agd things are wilwere specific this our family our chileg not to geallyou do yok anoigt your home wi all of oureopleas olive oil and inoing thabestit urbedient yo anointing it anb manpeople willsay fightingobut chris(ians were supposed to anoint and yowould show your ignce cause u it wou mn you dot even know what christ me crease does christ means the
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ointed one and the etylogy the ne mes from the rubbing has anointinwithin a&of our peoplalso the suit of armor ig anoint%ng oil do you ask the &dto put ese things all ove enymegt ofll overs not necessary god catake care theually it's whateveris hurting if yhomes rting tde anoint the hou @ ju %ust d the tdreshold ur post whatever anb asked christ to protect anything negtive cogingintor me and yard your fam%ly ando fortnone dreams the whole hodown withfor my mr. en thospeople wegt and told
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everyone anyway fobecause it wa't quite tefor him to be no one to t messiah and that thadi really ta ple ugt%l after the crucixion quite frkly but ththen it was time to throw the ngdom o# godas with us becae he w a king anhe haresurrecd andbeing th us you had and but thes# d coulnot lp b having compassion to heal and it was a teach aid for also for his followers sometime about the discles and i'm the th asked but they were so hpy about you kgow if you're paralyzed we canget up and christ com along and uches you and you carun it's hard to keep tt to yourself you could e the
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they #ould not help but share i know maybe it diuse some consteation at it was fine joy fromifornia ve aee a studegofours for a long ti my question is is it okay to not attend thfuneral of a familm member cae it is too far and too stly if t you have tuse common sse and all e in first place you know the family meers already wiaw y would e doigg to assist the fami that's their bkt sometimes in hard times we have to let the cost of someing ha areat deal to do with withu) exhenses and so forth so the sw ino you do notave to go and withokt exanaáiowords clearly explu just bon
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have á funds to do it then - happy the family it uld definitely hap the decead one goes there with the father backing you up permanent or sdould c the early urban from soutd caro&a this satan the surnatural and doyou think sataisn controltde weath#r satan is supernatural bkt aolutely has no control over whether san has only contr over what god's people allim áo have otherwise we have power ov him but t is wtten in luhapter 10 beginning th verse18nd 19god gave you power in his name through christ name oker all of your
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enemies so but that god n't totally in control gob can alt#r thweatr if de s but that was seá kp r the survey to and it is that it conáinues of valerie fromennsylvania doar you when y're gone if you commit sin and ignorancand yo not to familiar with godword tden that is fgivable so i want you to rgive yourself i wantokput th behinyou andd that one should bring it up any more it's ascending branches really knowsmoly it it áo sendll@@ right bunot be held accounble o )epentanceof ur sounds li you've got alotof it from a bridge from
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i'm afro-american cabe one@@ of god's elect if soill god used theentile to alw holy spirit topeakgainst immigrants aoluty you know that god chooshe kings and queens othe ftherewriáten in the manusipt you'll read of him in revelatiog chaer 21 vers 20 áh)gh 24 ere peter is all of is role d who arethese at a natio is atoss heatime eáigg gente people that make people forward it becomes from the coming there but got kings and qu#ens of their own and you can call them's áhe doctor order we nt to third their kings and queensf their peop you alsoaion the house o iselane one of t
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asons.that ttwou&d be qualifd on what just stated k the kings a queensle singing god i thek%ngs d eens of the mosby of this of dr. help family members aolutely they have that same ability god loves alo#is children god c)ted all o# the races on thsixth day and he &d in it wasood and you only chose makes it sounb scial to sun the nationf lled tgh which rist without w is the saviorf everne áhat willisten toim correct carol from frida godss yoand thanku thankyou for commenngut sffnd soul of th health th t following queson can. god nn awer thprers a
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liever if they have unforgiveness or restmegt toward ather person believer not not would and iwouldn't go alongith and thou gay ha recently not to fgive a rson they y not derve i know that if they have repented his best to get rid @ of it but we have to tethe case of satan is their ef#ect on contrersy between satag angoand ny peopltd followat wernot going to forgive them for falng from followg satan and doinhis filthy work that's thas @@ their problem so there tre are exteating circumstances bear in mindhauld at did d y aboujacob i
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veesau hated de do you thk he hed esau@amgave him crse notbecause of his titude and what he did los like y got i esa was aided by god whye be bor the chosen what a for this is itas his soul from the fir earth day. he wated whilhe was still in the womb and it wasthe learning experiees there we áwo nations and those two perpowers were necessa to bring about@tdunits apchthe dawes an pat om iowa won the onquestion i dvery muclike to ask you this if thishen when
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thisisease progrs#s somes we get very confused in that part of is is cutaway i don't ow what the diase is buá i have a et good idewe getery confused will fa,her take that into nside)ation d still forgive us absolely our avenly father áhe most fairest love the pson you could ever meet in your life he he he is not a respectr of rsogs you alwayset wt u got coventry and if you are ill or by you make mistakes to thenext innocent he not hold that against you fo glad yo the teaching of this would be you ad or d f)om micn and thank you quon when we die our flesh we returned to our
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father insnt wted our savioravto wait three days the two valokrmistake he waited three days in paradise teaing thosonhe opposite se he was in parase noá the to d i' out of, ve your cause you egjoy sáudyi up on word multiple god love you for it makes s day agd wheg you i'm talking to yok me his day was even me ur shooting, we are aroht to yoby your ti and offings if have helped you y help us keep coming to you what you b that when youbless god he's got a way of rewarding you get in around the ving y when you ve that ith in h alys árease igreat to have faithn him because you can rest assu)edf his
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present most %mportant stated word everyday and worthy good day y jesus is @@ e living word and i enjoy studying a corner the family bible study hourr uld l%ke to recve me informion concerning sevastopol you may request fr introductory offer our introbuctory off containshek of the beast audiotape oumonthl newstter with the bible studand ke bown long and a li with vei& of december to theequest free introductory offer my telephe: 834-6154 hours a y u may also requ#st a mail or by writing separto@@ po box 4167727gain and
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separate double po box 41672736 invitesou to join us for the nexin the ble study at the same time ming for wanting space progm d @@
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