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mature adult andblto handle the meaof god's word that in itself makou useful to a&l my god why because he cse you why cause you know the pn naturally that mak you usef when you're uful to god he will usually alright bless yolisten a moment whichyou pleasehe mark of the beast ond iser free introdry offer to you what is the ma)k of the beast many false tehe will have you believe it will be a tattoo on your four headr a comput ch implanted under yokr skin it is getting late n the game you ne to know what the mark of the beast is as it's written relation 13 verse eight many will be missing the no need for you to be 1323 behold ever told you all @@
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things jesus and he told us how not to be deceived pasto omar to chew on a step-by-step study of god's word concerning this critical subject the market-based telephone calls free cd is free we don't even ask for thshipping and handng is free as well al you need toca00 434645 request one-ti one prow so copy of the mark of e beast you may also reqst youfree cd by mailg your qsáio for several poox 460, gravette, 72736 don't be deceed by satan there we are ck again 800-number 1-800-643-46umbersood puerto ricothrougho us alaska hawi a&l over canada if spirives you question share one to do that pase never ask a questionut a particular rerent denominationr organization we will not dge people we have the right to discern
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truth from milk certgo forth the meatf god's word it is t something that is difficult because whenou get into the meat it simplifies a&l theword basically gives you the@abilitto hane it anyways dig it out to pray for wisd andnderstandi becae you're in the restf almighty god let them know you love him it paysreat dividends those that do sáen around torlb sure wave goodo hear fm you got a prayerequest youon't need the number don't need the addrs why beuse god knows ich are thinking rig now is aard power l you have to do let himknow you love th and áalk to him that's what prayer is for is nome
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long written speech that's what's from your heart and mind that's at god wants to hear not some written speech he wts to hear from you mainly he wants to know you lo him father rob will become w leeds guide direct touch in yeshua ecio name thank you father amen okay @ questions thomas missouri where can i fi in bible@says the devil waa protector of you would know his name at that time beforeis falit was king of tyrus what does rus mean in brew tongue brought was a fake rock when heas king he earned the right to be the protector of tde mercy seat written a great
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book of ezekiel 28 continue on find he became very oud of hielf wdat he had accomplished he began leading no-nwhat he d r himself cause god toass it om alrey because of mold to @ failings of being turned to ashes from within reab that 18 to 19 ezekiel 28 that's th tcome of sick carry oregon heard your ansr many times whe allspirs go once to thr fleshly boes by your answer is in paradise that's
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correct i'confusedest you pleasexp first thessalonians chapter 4 verse 14 saywhen jesus returns second coming he will bring those that have fallen asleep wm means there already there got itnly way he can bri th with them that's if they're alaby wihem there where he is a 20 ecclesiastes2 says that instant you die your spirit flesh body spiritual body returns tatherwhich it jesrerns those have ist faensleep in him will rise first was that mean means tdem been dead 1000 years there first wouldn't you i don't see
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anytng complicated abo that itheir paráy with the father your here and a chunk of meabody there wh him tdeirfirst that's al& it says verylainhild can tria northarolina when is it all right to date if your window i did for us my husband three years agocanceri o desi to just wanted to know because i don't want to send ity due da someone in the future in wedding vows what they say nowo true as ngs you shallboth live or some pasto will sauntil
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death do you hart once death parts you're free to remarry in christ sway ti)s will bo no sin at all tommy oklahoma where can i find scripture about the anchrist being here for five nths. time was short revelation chapter 9 what didhrt promise coerning shortening mark 13 the time or no flesh would be safe that's how swift satan is a@sharp he is a deceiver don't ever argue with them don't ever give him aance to argue with youell him st extly what christ d t st
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behind me get out of my si when you argue with satan u n loveryime but yoll find that revelation chapt 9 shortened to five monáarol e ut i d'á undersáand first earth age can you e,ain that take a lot of in god's word second peter chapter 3 givesu all three earth ag disabled earth the word is n in manuscript it mes time h youl find send peter one of thbeer plac if you're fortunate to our library appendix 146 will
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lp younderstand satan's fall ofwhat happened there the okthrow this is another how satan can be locked in heav yetoaming the earth also if god created all souls "why doehe need to giv chancef thesouls thaá are not saved cording to whether saved or not were not supposed judge that scts business he will know whether somne d opportunityto learn truth th wt's intaught in a lot of churches that a lot of a chance cause of being er this year christs sitting up
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there and a god and he will bet ma his pistol at the same ti á holyspirit whichs christ'srit wh us touches us loves us and for god allows satan spirititiv# uslly called lunatic or lunar moon from child of nht his spirit can iluence peoplelshe will be the ct thoughcast from heaven for a ve short period of time five months is velation chapter 12lates in verse
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six and seven ross áexas thank yofor your teaching you're welmehat the daily crificis that the work we do ery day when you see standing in the omination tdaá does this mean let'sonsir today offer your love you see the abomination standing in e holy pce with the holy ple which jerusalm what is the abomination will speak daniel cpte) 9 verse 7 it not abominion of desolation
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script is theabomatn of e desolate tour desolation as a condition desolate tour is an entity that enti is satan what imeans when you see satan standing in jerusalem clming to be christ you know the false messiais he)e what is talkigg about willm maryland did jesus chri suffer in hell know what you do and how firstlet me qualify is onhe opposite side of paradise s nosome like a fire or somethinse it was the holbing placpeople on the opsite side of t golf went read fst peter chapter @an
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verse 18 and9 you know what contin on chapter 4 for firstpeter find out he s very sucssful t of people there lieved him and followed him and orcame and mod to the other side of@@ that golf because of his point should cause you to love god all the more because it's ogly fair that people the ucifixion all theway back to noad the same oprtunity we do toyto receive christ as r savior that's what at was al& about giving tm opportunity to receive christs savior junior not sure we juniors from this gabriel a good ael
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o) bad angel i've never read anyth%ng bad aut gabriel what you do it ts way when i take his name anddec%er it translated what does his name gabriel mean it means of gonaturally is aman of god he serves god is onef the arc angels so is onef finitely very very ood it's he came to mary and talked with her mickey felt o while pastor can you givme scripte were confined versus that teach that san is ersus heldn chainsot written necessarily say is held in
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chains if you to jude lile short book ofude and versesix all of dis honchos in chainsin áhat verse six of the bof jude revelation 1 verse but you know that satan is locked in heaven untithe fact though micdael and s angels cast satan and his angels outnto the eah they were joyce and enjoy in heavhat'where e the severest of woes to us we on oud remain have to lk for to thas the appearance of t antichrist he the marked florida where can i
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finb information on paradise e)e brother can help her brothepeace ofhe lord be that rest you findhat e in the millennm chters of the grt ok of ezekiel ezekiel 40 all the way to the end of áhe bk on the millegnium morwritten in the old testament about the millennium thenthere is in the w chapter 44 versus 20 25 of stipulates a brotr can if you overcome if youe onof god zadok whicheans elt bright y have the ivilege of goi the in dressing and then get itsact tough ve say hey this is for eps you better get it gether so yohave it judy
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george you he a ytime program i watch you 2 pm to 6 am part because i fall as&eep sometimes it's okay to fall asle if you'reeing áaught properly % have no idea ho you received the program if you're on dish or direct naturally weren manyours day on some of them in grga i'm not on we broadcast 24 hours a day seven days a week by having our own satellite and a blink where it
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will do that federal family jealsy family wants to let you know thank you johnny get down here to yr question wden were called in front of inside a wait for the holy spiriá speak tir yes sure of course aays pray to him going to say that would be a party bastart e-meditate is is what i'moi to sa satan because you'ot going toe the one doing the talkg dog will be ing the your vessel intes to use if you qualify to accomplish that
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okay regina w rk my ste)h that id god. satan satan is evil so god created evil i told her il is not c)eati it' action would choose to do it or not wt sdould the center he said it exact rig god when he creates a soule did satasatan chose to be prideful andant toit on e the mercy seat himself which that wouldot fly because there's only one tt will sit on that seat that's anuel d with us it cost him considerably you')e exactly
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right god creates all tdings it is his ll that all come to repentance and love him they won't certain you can rest assured of that as we you sweredorrectly rose kentuc anyway i still listen studywith you can you telme where toind documentation e that san spiritberee ro the earth today but not hibody i believe you but myself do have a strg ut it reco with boht several @ years otry matthew chapter
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spirit they could not cut it even thoh theye been @cut it trained by christ and waed with them they cld not do it rist had casit out said this is lunatic this is raight from thmoon the moonhild which be satan of @ course y won't find a stnger point of his spirit spiriá only modest physical body wking the earth dennis texas ques simple yet i have neverounb an answer all the old tesáament all thugh the old testament land of
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judais cald juh why does the name change to %ea in because what language is the new teament written most often in group naturally names one language to thotr if you want toknow the truth au this geans anydy lives geographally. the state o# judea or as natul borg cards gm's u n be a deem by eitheresidents or
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happens to o pets when they die this is a questione received quite often good to cdahter 11 y'll see a list of all and almost basically bitter domestic and we have with us toy as well as a few whi&e once they lived tother in spiritual bodieare they the)e of courseth a there's no carnivores any longer they bacally eat tde same thingead it for at tde yourself revved isaiah 11 maple w hampsdewas ite about a generational curse is often used in our family there's no such thing the generationalurses mentioned
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to the conc&usn in exodus chapter 20 the 10 commandments rshiping god those that are disobediegt said those a dibedient ek to the tent genetion are not loved by god why i don't care %f100 generationof their disodient tood ty are there downfall themselves it's not generaonal when parent might start great the child's their sins at a me i love or yobecausyouenjoy studng fathe) stored most of all go loves you for it mixes they you make his big boy willhe ke gears were brought to you by your tithes and offerings if wve helped u helhs keep coming to yok won't you that bless god you will
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portant sten to me did stay in his worb every day in rd is a good day even with trouble you know why because jesus josh is the living word hearing god's word with understanng will ange your life we've hope you enjoyed udying god's wd re on shepherd chapel bible study hoith pastor arnold murray you would like to concerning shepher chapel ppe)re introductory ofr contains the mk of theeast audiotape our monthly newstter with writn bible @@ study take catal lt available for shephes chapel toequest free igtroductory offer by telehhone call one request free troductory offer by telephone call
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1-8x0-63-46 24 hours a day you may also request our introductory offer by writing shepherds chapel po box 416 rabbit ar 72736 once again 6 rabbi( ar 72736 we inviáe u to join us for the gext in-depth bibletudy each weekday athe same time áhank you for watching today's ogram angod bless u he's got the wde wor&in his
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