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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  August 23, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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on his arm. you got a timeline on his drug use? he's a new recruit. cause of death was respiratory arrest from an overdose. his tan is even between his fingers. spray on. and he got his eyebrows waxed. i doubt he picked up metrosexual grooming tips in grand rapids. there was a party. they didn't see it. who--who didn't see it? russ. where's russ? mrs. corbett, you said "they"? sammie, bernard, they didn't see it. she's lucky to be alive. the amount of heroin in her system should have been enough to kill her. (goren) to kill her? they might have used heroin to chemically restrain them over the long weekend.
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while their nice townhouse sat empty. this is one of our most distinguished properties. it was designed by stanford white-- oh, my god. ohno! (eames) somebody had a busy weekend. this--this place was a masterpiece. look, they even took the light fixtures. (goren) i see. yeah, i've never seen a burglary quite like this one. i--i think they actually stole the toilet. something was up here. the venus ceiling. venus on a half shell. yeah, it was a one-of-a-kind pressed tin ceiling. i'm gonna call my office. same story upstairs. they took everything but the light bulbs. everything in five days. even venus. the neighbor saw a truck parked out front all weekend.
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maybe a half dozen guys. nobody said boo. car, watches, china, art. this gang used the whole buffalo. anybody at the bank know who the corbetts were socializing with? they hooked up with some party crowd a couple weeks after getting here. corbett started missing meetings. his work got sloppy. fast lane isn't for everybody. phone records? lot of calls to no-name cell phones. nice. shouldn't be too hard to unload this stuff. well, yeah. they'd get the best price from someone restoring a stanford white building. this website tracks renovations of architecturally important buildings in the city. you just passed it. harlem. stanford white row house. 138th street. it is beautiful, but since it's not original to the house, i'm not interested. you sure there's no tin ceiling in this house? positive. just... there's a cone nail. a new cone nail. that's what they used for tin ceilings. that nail is probable cause for a search warrant. so you can tell us now
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or after we slap on the handcuffs. okay, look, i didn't know that the ceiling was stolen. i just got a call yesterday. i went to take a look. it was exquisite. (eames) who were they? i don't know. two guys. i met 'em in soho, corner of crosby and howard. they had it in a blue van. and you didn't think it was stolen? we'll get somebody over here. keep an eye on venus till she can be transported. he's only here for three months, but he's very eager for company. now, what about that other thing? marcel-- don't question me. you make the big screw-ups. those hicks should be dead. what are you doing with that watch? i like it. you better not let him see you-- you're the one to be careful. look at you, hilary. an old whore with no tricks. [door slams]
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no blue van. (goren) a boot scraper. you know, the cut on russ corbett's arm... dried blood. [glass rattles] sounds like a party. i am so sorry. i don't know what happened. we'll set up another appointment? uh, excuse me. was there a party in this building last thursday night? the police--just the people i wanna talk to. come with me. look at this. they even took the faucets. have you ever seen anything like this? matter of fact... where are the owners? in south america. he's been subletting it to this screenwriter, wes banyon. uh-huh, and where is he now? m.i.a. and three months late on his rent. i got permission to show the place. today i come in, find this. [rattling] loose fan belt.
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pry marks. they tried to move it. the screenwriter-- describe him. mid-30s, black hair, goatee. fade out, mr. banyon. "this is a tablet that i'm going to have to learn how to use." literally the flip of a switch i was logged onto our wi-fi network at home
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saving an average of $475. [sigh] it feels good to help people save... with great discounts like safe driver, multicar, and multipolicy. so call me today. you'll be glad you did. cannonbox! [splash!] talked to wes three weeks ago. got him a rewrite job. no can do. busy on a spec script. a big secret. now this. very upsetting. all right, mr. potter. thank you very much. very important voice. tragic. broken up--very. rest of the body turned up. the m.e. matched this head to a body that they found in staten island last week.
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head and hands had been cut off. now, the body is bruised, probably from a fight. fits with the cause of death. blunt force trauma to the back of the head. except for finding his head... he might never have been identified. [telephone rings] eames. 1985? no kidding. thank you very much. a banker, a screenwriter, and now a missing heiress. latent found a fresh print on the vegetable bin. belongs to a hilary marsden. her parents reported her missing in 1985. in hong kong. (mala) god, my parents spent a fortune trying to find my sister. if hilary were alive, she would have contacted us. (eames) there's no mistake, mala. it's her fingerprint, and it's recent. the missing persons report mentions hilary was getting married? yeah. she called us from hong kong. said she had met her soul mate, and she sounded so happy. then we didn't hear from her again.
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that must have been hard for you, huh? you were young when your sister disappeared. it must have made the world a frightening place for you, huh? is this supposed to be her? you know...older, blonder. i saw that woman at a party a few weeks ago. i didn't think it could be hilary. i just...couldn't get her out of my head. whose party was it? um, a friend gave my name to a party service. they fax me invitations, and... i meet a lot of interesting people. sometimes they buy my art. (eames) her name's hilary marsden, mr. fremont, with a "d."] (goren) she might be blonde now. sorry, i don't recognize her. what about your guest list database? maybe she's on it. uh, this way. we have thousands of names. if i like someone's look or personality, i add them to our list. uh, sammie, i need you to find a number for these detectives. hilary marsden, with a "d."
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you know, sammie... we--we met someone who has friends named sammie and bernard. i'm bernard. who's been talking about us? your friend monica corbett. monica and, uh... ah, russ. we added them to our list because russ has a goodish sort of job. you aren't friendly with them? they're very polite, but, uh... they're not our sort. (goren) oh, i think that they want to be your sort. he wax--he waxes his eyebrows. he also copies your spray-on tan. [chuckles] detective, you outed him. he pays a lot of money for that tan. i hate my english pallor! russ is very smitten with bernard. he has a boy crush on him. oh, sammie thinks that everyone is madly in love with me. oh, i--i'm afraid to ask. has...something happened to russ and monica?
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oh, yes. they were abducted. and, uh...drugged. while their townhouse was being stripped. [gasps] are they...all right? monica's in a psychiatric ward, and russ died of a heroin overdose. so, no, they're not all right. how 'bout that database? the loft was rented to a screenwriter named wes banyon. do you know him? no. is there someone else back here? blonde woman? that was me. no, no, no. she was... she was at the fax machine. there's only sammie, marcel, and me. i didn't find a hilary marsden. is this yours too? salon aks on madison avenue. it's for chemically damaged hair. you dye your hair? sammie...tell the truth.
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bernard insists my hair be a very particular shade of blonde. i make so few demands. tell monica that we're very sorry for her misfortune, detective... goren. goren, eames. (eames) 20 years of hair salons says that's not a dye job. but somebody who went from brunette to blonde would need a special conditioner. bernard looked like he knew our names. don't flatter yourself. (man) yes, hil's my client. she used to be a very pretty girl. why? something happen to her? she's had a lot of work. figure enhancements, facial...restructuring. and, my god, what we do to her hair. she's very finicky about the color. what'd she talk about when she was in the chair? she's in real estate. she's always asking me if i know any clients who are looking for short-term rentals. high-end clients from out of town? i get referrals from the best hotels.
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you have an address or a number for her? i messengered some products to her, to a chinese restaurant on mott street. she lives upstairs. my sister? [scoffs] (eames) she saw you at a party. how did you get back in the country? my mother's irish. we have dual citizenship. i use my irish passport. i didn't want to deal with my parents. they spent a lot of money to find you. i'm sure they did. and i'm sure they couldn't care less. you told them you were marrying your soul mate. that didn't work out, that's all. my partner has famously bad taste in men. married liars. that's my...special torture. oh, it's nothing like that. the man i fell in love with is the most fascinating, intelligent, sensitive-- the problem was me. and do you know him? he's a writer. wes banyon.
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he--he wanted to sublet his loft. you've been in his loft? yeah, i do a very detailed inspection of every property i represent. why, did he say i did something wrong? wes was murdered. every stick of furniture in his apartment stolen. except for the fridge we found his head in. oh, my god. that's terrible. hmm. you ever meet these people? russ and monica corbett? they were abducted outside banyon's loft. their place was stripped too, floorboards to rafters. no, i never met them. you know, i just thought of the perfect cover for someone who's scouting victims for a gang of thieves. real estate agent? you can chat up the marks. find out where they live. find out how much money they make. size up their furnishings. is that what you did to wes banyon? corbetts? i don't know the corbetts,
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and wes banyon didn't have a pot [...]. are we finished? [knock on glass] ms. marsden hired a lawyer for her sister. (carver) she had a very plausible explanation for why her fingerprint was on mr. banyon's refrigerator. she has a plausible explanation for every coincidence. what are we dealing with here? some kind of manson family? if the manson family shopped on madison avenue. marcel, you're almost out of creme de menthe. let us toast. to no more mistakes. we've been making mistakes, and when i say "we," i mean you. you let that woman live, hilary.
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that was a mistake. but not a stupid mistake. you make stupid mistakes! leaving severed head where police can find it. letting hilary get caught. who...needs her? the old whore! but sammie had the brilliant idea of contacting mala to get hilary out of jail. we're lucky mala's our sort. bernard... i--i can't move my arms. ah, let me help you. you... [grunting] mala, come here. did i tell you how pretty you look tonight? now take both ends of the tie.
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i met hilary at the four seasons hotel. she invited me to a gallery opening. where you met bernard and sammie? yes. russ and i, it was our dream to come and live in new york. sammie and bernard became a part of that dream. bernard ever talk about his life? no. whenever we would ask him a direct question, he'd make a joke. a joke? he'd say, "soon you'll know more than you ever wanted to know about me," or... "you'll brag to your friends that you knew me."
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(deakins) she can't remember how she got in the hotel, who drugged her? we started pulling robbery-homicide cold cases involving out-of-towners. two years ago, belgian couple, rented house in connecticut, came to the city for a big weekend. found unconscious in central park. they'd been doped with roofies while their house was being gutted. here's another one. australian executive last summer found dead off canal street of a heroin overdose. they hit his rental in the hamptons. find rich tourists, dope 'em up, take 'em down. the only deviation is wes banyon. we have any background on these characters? bernard's a brit. became a u.s. citizen by marrying eileen fremont six years ago. two years later, he moved to new york. his wife is still in london. far as we know, they're still married. this is interesting. from the two-seven about an office robbery two weeks ago. look who the complainant names as a suspect. wesley banyon? wasn't he already dead two weeks ago?
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(lenny) i give the man a place to work, and he steals. it was like this when you found it? the whole place was. (eames) you know what he was working on? (lenny) a screenplay. he said it would redefine him in the business. i saw one page of it. it had somebody setting a corpse on fire. did he write with a typewriter? yeah, an ibm selectric. sounded like a tank. that's what this ribbon's from. the cartridge of a selectric. not many places to unload those. turned up at a typewriter store in the flatiron building. guy there said somebody who looked like bernard's friend marcel brought it in. got 50 bucks for it. have latent take a look at it. see what other prints turn up.
12:28 pm
i totally forgot i need an eye exam. i'm just copying down the letters the same as they are on the ribbon. and once we know what his script is about, then--then we'll know, uh, why he was killed. see, i'd rather know who. [cell phone rings] eames. where? okay, we'll be there. homicide in the west village. the witness who found the body is asking for "inspector" goren. (det. petey) his name's marcel costas. the manager said this man, mr. fremont, told him he hadn't heard from his friend in a few days, and asked him to open the apartment. i didn't know who else to call. it's horrible. who would do such a thing? well, maybe we can think of some ideas downtown, huh? if that's an invitation... accepted. marcel and i met a year ago. over ties at sulka.
12:29 pm
[chuckles] he had flawless taste in neckwear. you were close friends? i don't think it was possible to be really close to marcel. but he was very loyal. and, uh, a good extra man at dinner. though he never really favored the ladies. marcel liked to maintain the illusion that he was straight, but i know that he preferred the... rough types. but you--you're married. yes. to dear, sweet eileen. she lives in london. she look like sammie-- busty, you know, cheekbones, blonde? what a peculiar question. we just know that you favor that type. one--one of the girls, she dyed her hair. she went under the knife to look more like your type. what was her name? hilary marsden? her again? [chuckles] i do not know her. uh...


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