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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  February 4, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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." >> continue to update you on that massive fire. >> city fire officials responded to the block of west baltimore and they have their hands full. our reporter joins us live with late breaking details. how the fire fighters doing at this hour? do we know? >> the firefighters are in stable condition being treated for non-life threatening injuries. there is still a lot of activity
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going on. firefighters are still working very hard, checking for hot spots. you can hopefully make out the huge pile of rubble behind me. that used to be the lumber company before the building came crumbling to the ground. >> i noticed this entire front was fully engulfed in flames. >> larry was just next door, but you could see and smell the thick, black smoke from several miles away. firefighters rushed to the lumber company after reports of flames were shooting of the building. >> very heavy fire conditions on the first floor. heavy smoke conditions on the second and third. >> firefighters rushed in minutes before they were told to evacuate immediately. >> the commander on the exteriors building abuse -- observe there were unsafe conditions. it was at that time the second and third floor collapsed onto the first.
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>> larry watched the whole thing from the sidewalk. >> it is scary. it is a scary thing. >> of 5 trapped firefighters are rescued from the rubble and rushed to shock trauma. it took two hours for them to put the fire out. >> it is good nobody lost their lives. they did not suffer any life- threatening injuries. >> there was some damage to adjacent buildings. the lumber company was active throughout the day. the chief firefighter was told they left the building around 3:00. that was 2.5 hours before the fire broke out and they reported everything to be
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normal. they are looking into the cause of the fire. >> back to the story that made the raven's nation a very tired nation today. the super bowl. >> the baltimore ravens returned home from your list tonight. >> talk about hired fans. the players themselves were
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pretty tired, as well. they did not get as much sleep tonight. today, for many reasons, was a happy homecoming. >> after 5:00, the ravens touchdown as world champions. a police escort led 6 buses for wrote -- full of players, cultures, and -- coaches, and personnel. >> everybody got a pitcher with trophies. we got the trophy out -- got a picture with the trophy. we got the trophy out. let them all get a picture with it. it is a glorious day. >> most of the players slept on the train ride home. it did not get much sleep last night. as they went to grab personal belongings and head home for the offseason -- >> we are the champions. i love you all. see you soon. >> they are glad to be in baltimore. >> to not get me wrong. we took over the super dome and orleans. it was like a little baltimore down there. >> while it was great to talk to the champions, the start of the night was lombardi, as in, the trophy.
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a team official was personally called for to letthe reporters held it. -- let the reporters hold it. >> it is not that heavy. >> you have got to get more of me holding this thing. this is once in a lifetime. >> what a great moment. it was only 7 pounds. interesting. >> thank you very much. from the high fives to the fist bombs to the celebrations back here, this was the impromptu and very familiar scene. hundreds of die-hard fans in the streets. extra officers were directing traffic and trying to control the crowd. overall, the celebrations were
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peaceful. >> it is mega. it is like nothing we have had ever. >> tomorrow morning, baltimore will celebrate the ravens with a huge parade downtown and a giant rally. you will be part of that. >> i will be in the parade tomorrow. >> decked out from head to toe. >> it is going to be a kick off. >> the parade honoring the
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ravens will have a ceremony tomorrow. workers are working to hold the sound system and cameras and are putting up fencing. >> we are very excited. when you are watching at night and anticipating the raven's win and they did, all the hard work we have been doing behind the scene, we are excited about it. >> the parade heads into the warehouse lot and then comes to an end at the stadium. a number of street clothes for the parade and there will be plenty of the taurus and delays. >> have a lot of fun. celebrate the wind. -- win. we are ecstatic. if you are going to travel, you will have to take an alternate route. >> there is free parking at the stadium. it is all free for fans. come out and celebrate because the ravens went to norland -- new orleans.
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>> let the raven's know you love them. we will be running the message throughout the victory parade starting tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. you can text the message to this number. text messaging rates apply. 88509. we will be carrying the rally live on air. coverage begins at 10:30 tomorrow morning. our extensive coverage of all things superbowl continues on line. you can find a slide shows of the emotional victory and where you can find superbowl dealer near you. >> this could be the last night of uncertainty for michael johnson, the man accused of murdering a teenager.
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the very latest. >> the defense called a single witness before resting its case. a testify -- prison testified he was a good man. defense lawyers went on to suggest the sister may have wanted her dead. they deliberated for about an hour and a half before calling a night. >> the stage was set for deliberations in the johnson trial. prosecutors admit they are missing a smoking gun. they build the case on mostly circumstantial evidence. it is not just one thing, it is everything. take each piece and put it together. prosecutors believe johnson was romantically interested and was jealous she was spending time with others. they relied heavily on the word
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of an inmate. defense lawyers say the state's on evidence shows in order for the witnesses story to wind up, johnson would have had to argue with her, forced her to have sex, choker death, and call the witness and wait for arrive before moving the body within a 38 minute window. no phone records were presented to back up the with the story. does not make sense. it is not possible. johnson's attorney argued the police zeroed in on him to the -- without looking at other possibilities. who, what, when, how, and why? they have not answered. the judge wrap things up tonight by giving the jurors an option of taking an early lunch break to market a good pop outside the courthouse to watch the parade rolled by. they will hear it inside the courtroom. the jurists declined and are set to come here at 9:00 a.m. and get back to business as usual.
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>> thank you. the maryland attorney general elevated the discussion of the gun-control. a diverse group of effort -- experts discussed challenges and practical solutions to keep illegal guns off the streets. city state's attorney suggested the new law to go after those expanding the city's gun registry statewide, and tougher sentences. >> mandatory minimum sentences, which we have tried to pass in annapolis for many years, without success. >> maryland is one of seven states that does not have legislation to deal with threats of mass violence. >> event organizers will pass on deals. -- the ideas.
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>> traveling to and from work may get a little bit faster. >> ravens fans have a particular favorite player. some shoppers are loving themselves some jones tonight. >> the special moment captured of the raven's linebacker. >> some light snow and flurries. and flurries.
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>> today, the maryland transportation authority announced they are raising the speed limit from 55 miles per
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hour to 60 miles per hour. they are confident this is safe. it is anticipated the speed limit will be effective by march 31. >> it is a wealth of riches. the lombardi trophy and it ends in the import -- mvp award and a .ew baby carria
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joe flacco and his wife are expecting. he broke the news his wife is pregnant with a second child. he says they learned of the news about two weeks ago. >> my wife told me to be quiet on that. everybody already knows. she is very early. >> he also greeted fans today during his trip to disney world. also got a 2014 corvette for his mvp performance. >> on game day, the business takes a bit of a hit as people are more interested in the game and less on shopping. local furniture stores use a gimmick to try to get customers in and it worked pretty well. lisa says it will now cheerfully refund customers thousands of dollars. >> the sun is shining on raven's nation. on the super bowl champions and their fans. >> a win by the ravens and free box spring and matches. >> advertising free furniture to those who bought it. free if the reagans returned a
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kick for a touchdown. >> we came yesterday and bought them. lo a behold, they did it. .ones ran back cari >> employees were singing and dancing. >> i just want to congratulate the ravens. we are excited them. we are excited for our fans and the people who bought from us. we gave away about $600,000 worth of furniture. >> you do not have to come into the store for a refund. you just have to give them a call. tony at the store was calling customers and delivering the good news. >> you got a free furniture. it is wonderful. is that not exciting? >> it is great. people are so excited. >> we have had people from all over the country. it has been an -- an amazing experience.
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i do not know if we can do it again next year because the insurance we bought to cover it is probably going to quadruple. >> customers can expect refunds within 30 days. they still have to pay uncle sam and any delivery charges. the furniture itself is free. >> now, your forecast. >> high temperatures today on the chilly side. we will see them go up to normal levels. normal is 43. today, we are only at 35 degrees. chillier than typical temperature for this early february day. tomorrow, we get back to more normal readings. that is where it will stay for most of the week. 29 in park and. 34 at easton. burg.rostwor
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it looks like we will get by with this system producing light, so flurries. a light dusting. a lot weaker than other clippers coming through here in this current series of storm systems that have impacted the region over the past week. from frederick county over to the mountains, there are still warnings. 5 inches of snow earlier. we do have snow on the ground there. east of the mountains, we will get by with little or no accumulation. they should not cause major problems overnight. we will get to the early morning rush hour with mostly cloudy skies. not a big deal. a big parade tomorrow. late morning going into the midday. mostly cloudy skies. a flurry is possible. essentially, typical seasonal weather with only scattered flurries and snow showers taking us into tomorrow. in this blue shaded area, that is where we could see a dusting. we got the report that they do have a dusting there. heavier snow's should easier --
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easily stay out of the mountains. flurries, cloudy skies, lows of 23 to 30. here comes another one out in the upper midwest. great lakes, northeast, this will be passing by late tomorrow night and early wednesday morning. we will manson -- mention a flurry or snow shower then. tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies. temperatures back to normal. off a flurry with light winds. they will come mostly out of the northeast. images mid '30's. western maryland, that is where most of the snow is falling. snow showers continue tuesday and wednesday, adding additional accumulations with highs around 30. on the eastern shore, other than a flurry in the morning, sunshine will break in and a morning florey is again possible on wednesday. 48 more on snow hill. 45 on wednesday appeared our seven-day forecast. normal temperatures. 20's thehigh spirits
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lows. a rainstorm it's possible on friday >> thank you. it is not time to go to bed yet. >> not yet. jimmy phelan will give us the rundown of what we could expect. >> two oscar nominees on the program. the best actor nominee, he jackman, "0 dark 30." here is what is happening on jimmy fallon. >> congrats on winning the super bowl. [applause] >> coming up, whether or not kill flateau was surprised. one final incredible moment on the super dome field you do not . .
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>> coming to you one last time from new orleans. they have packed up and headed back to baltimore. thinking about what the raven's accomplished in super bowl 47. the story lines played out very well. we saw ray lewis's last friday, the power of the game ending with him getting the job done defensively with his teammates around. we saw john and brace his brother after the game. an incredibly emotional moment, one that proved to be much harder than he thought it would be. frustration and in fact, devastation to watch his brother jim know he just lost a symbol. joe flak: mvp honors. he put together one of the greatest postseason runs in nfl history. 11 touchdown passes, zero
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interceptions. they were underdogs in their final three games. none of that matter. he led the team to victory. he was named super bowl 47 ndp. he was asked whether or not that was a surprise to him. >> i do not know if i was shocked. it was one of the things where they tell you pretty quickly. i was shocked i got a car. >> he won the super bowl. we won the mvp parent it is the best for everyone. >> there may have been doubters outside of the locker room. it was laid out quite clearly that they had none. joe flak so will be the long term quarterback for this team.
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it seems he is willing to pay to be number 5. last night, the flip camp late into the evening at the superdome. one last player came onto the field. a moment was caught with his own camera as he laid out what the ravens had just done the last three games in this incredible playoff run. >> peyton manning is 9-0 versus the ravens. celebrating 67 and winning at the half. beat him. [laughter] santoses the 49er, 5-0 in super bowls, never lost until today. parade?oes not love a a celebration to once more say thank you to the team and the fans that made this season so memorable, so many of them who came to new orleans to cheer the
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team on. it was a home field advantage here at the superdome. it is something they took full advantage of to claim that victory carried one last celebration will be very special indeed. i want to check the forecast right after this.
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>> what kind of parade weather? >> these and weather. mostly cloudy, 43 degrees. another chance for flurries wednesday morning. rain snow makes possible for friday. highs in the 40's and that is normal for february. >> in case there is any doubt, there is an opportunity tomorrow to show the country we have the best fans in the nation. >> this is your shot. to not mess it up. [laughter] >> we will see you at the parade tomorrow. have a great time.
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>> jay: i am so excited. we have oscar-nominated actress jessica chastain on the show tonight. it's her first time. >> that's right, jay. we should probably hurry up and start getting you ready, here. >> jay: how many minutes till showtime?


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