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tv   11 News Journal  NBC  August 31, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> ♪ i'm still all alone ♪ oprah: lisa marie and michael jackson had been married for a year when he released the intimate music video for "you are not alone." so was there a lot of pressure for you to have a baby? >> yes. there was quite a bit. oprah: from the time you got married. >> mm-hmm. there was, and i did want to. i just wanted to make sure. i was looking into the future, and i was thinking i don't ever want to get into a custody battle with him. i don't want to do this. i don't want to go head to head with him, so i need to make sure that everything around is good. i know. i've had children. i knew bringing children into certain circumstances, you have to make
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sure everything is safe and secure and ok, and i wanted to make sure that he and i were really, really united because we were gonna be up against so much. oprah: i can't remember the exact month you all divorced but you divorced, and several months later--i know by october--it was announced that debbie rowe was pregnant. >> mm-hmm. oprah: how did you feel about that? >> well, i knew it was a bit of a retaliatory act on his part because i didn't have a baby and i know that she was there the whole time telling him she would do it, so-- oprah: you knew that? >> he would tell me. he would come tell me. "if you're not gonna do it, debbie said she'll do it," and i was like, "what is that? not gonna entice me." so we would get into arguments because that really wasn't how to handle it, but that's how he knew to handle it. like i said,
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he would be like, "well, if you're not going to, this person will. are you gonna do it or not?" oprah: that's what you mean by disposable. >> yes. that's exactly what i mean. oprah: oh, i get it. well, there are not many men who would say "you either have a baby for me or i got somebody standing in the wings who will." >> right, and it's hindsight 20/20. i understand him so well now, but at that time i didn't. oprah: hurt. >> i was hurt, and i did things that hurt him, and i did stupid things, too. oprah: like? >> like i was very torn because i broke up my family and i left my husband for michael, and i was having a hard time trying to process that. oprah: lisa marie was 20 years old when she married her first husband, musician danny keough. together, they had two children, riley and ben. after more than 5 years together, lisa marie divorced danny. 20 days later,
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she was married again, to michael jackson. >> while i was with michael, i was still trying to process what i had done. i never could feel good about it. i felt like, "how could i have done that to somebody?" and i had these two little ones, and danny was still very much a part of my life. michael didn't quite know what to do with that sometimes, and that made him uncomfortable, and i understood that. michael would wonder, "why are you in hawaii with danny?" i would take a vacation, and danny would go. and michael would get upset, and, "where are you?" and then he would disappear for a couple of weeks and i couldn't find him oryou know, things would make him uncomfortable, and when i would do things that would make michael uncomfortable--if he got uncomfortable or felt vulnerable, he would ice you out as a mechanism. he would push you away and ice you. he was like a shark sometimes in that way. he could just--that's it. you know, you've done him wrong or whatever, so you were out. and i did some--we had moments like that, but i have to say in retrospect that he honestly
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tried so hard and went through so much with me. and i know now, when i look back at it, he's never done that with any other female, or anyone, as much as we went through when we hit rough waters. and we would argue--3-day arguments sometimes, taking a break to eat and sleep. oprah: wow. >> you know, i'd have to say that i really admire that he really gave it a good shot, you know? i didn't appreciate it then, and i wish i did. oprah: coming up, lisa tells me about the last time she spoke to michael jackson. ok i got some tasty
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with the petsmart grooming look great guarantee you're happy... ...or it's free. petsmart. happiness in store.™ at five it's the first day of school for thousands of maryland students. see excited student on their first day and how administrators plan to make up for the lost time. and baltimore is gearing up for the grand prix and that means major traffic changes for downtown. we'll show the roads that'll be close and the routs that will help you avoid the traffic next on 11 news. [503]440pm live 20 sec-video 1
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oprah: did he have to die for you to recognize that he loved you? >> [sighs]
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i think so, sadly. oprah: is that the first time you recognized or believed that he truly loved you--after he died? >> i think yes. sweeping answer would be yes. when we were together, we were really in love, and then we had the rough patches, and then i had to make a decision to walk because i saw that the drugs and the doctors were coming in, and they scared me and put me right back into what i went through with my father, so ithat ended it, and then we, again, were going to get back together. we still spent 4 more years after we divorced getting back together and breaking up and talking about getting back together and breaking up. and at some point i had to push it away because it was just not--i wasn't moving forward with myself. oprah: so you still loved him even when you left him? >> very much. i left him to sort
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of stomp my foot into the ground and goi was trying to take a stand and say, "come with me. don't do this," and that was a stupid move because he didn't. and he was just--you know, he's a stubborn--i'm stubborn, he's stubborn. the two of us, it was like, you know oprah: don't make a dare you're not willing to follow through on? >> right. so i made a stupid move. and actually, afterwards, you know, he and i were still--you know, i was flying all over the world, still, with him for years to follow. oprah: when was the last time you spoke to him? >> coherently, good conversation was in 2005. it was a very long conversation. and i was so removed from him, and he could feel it and he could hear it. and i think that's one of the things that killed me in the end, too, was that i was very distant, and he was checking to get a read. you know, he was trying to throw a line out to see if i would bite emotionally,
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and i wouldn't. i was pretty shut off at that point. and i don't even know how i managed to be like that, but i was. and he was asking me--he wanted to tell me that i was right about a lot of the people around him and that it had panned out to be exactly what he and i had talked about years ago. and he asked if i still loved him, and we went into a whole thing about that, and i told him i was indifferent, and he didn't like that word. and he cried and he was just trying to find out where i was at and how i could become so detached. and then the final part of the conversation was him telling me that he felt that someone was going to try and kill him to get ahold of his catalogue and his estate, and i really didn't know what to do with that. oprah: so he actually gave you names? >> he did, and i would like not to say them, but he expressed to me his concern over his life.
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oprah: coming upas you stood over his casket, were you able to make peace? crunchy, roasted peanuts.
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oprah: you know, i asked you this--and i have to ask it again, even though it's an uncomfortable subject--but when you were on the show the first time, i think i asked you this--whether you had ever seen any inappropriate behavior between michael jackson and young children. >> mm-hmm. are you asking me again? oprah: i'm asking you again. >> the answer is absolutely not in any way. i did not see anything like that.
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oprah: so by 2005, i think, when he was on trial for the second charge, your feelings at that time were what? did he ever talk to you about it? >> he was calling me about it, and i said, "please keep your head together. please. if this goes to trial, please hold it together," and he said, "what are you talking about? what do you mean?" and he says, "you mean drugs?" i said, "yes." because all i saw--you know, there was a few-year period there where random things were coming out, whether it was a martin bashir interview or various interviews. and in those interviews, i saw him intoxicated. i didn't see michael that i knew in that martin bashir interview. he was high as a kite, from what i saw and from what i knew. oprah: really? >> he was either too speedy or he was sedated. it wasn't the michael that i knew. oprah: the shocking things--he said some pretty shocking things in that martin bashir interview, particularly about how he felt it was ok to sleep with young children. >> i think he said that stuff sometimes to be defiant because he got so angry at having been
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accused--i think that sometimes he was such a little stubborn rebel sometimes, and he was like a child, and he would just say what he felt everyone didn't want him to say. oprah: mm-hmm. >> i don't feel like he had a straight head during those things. and i think that they were edited in a very, very manipulative, nasty way. oprah: so you never saw anything, and to this day, you don't believe that any of those charges were true? >> no. i mean, i honestly cannot say--the only people that are ever going to be able to honestly say the truth are him and whoever was in the room at the time of whatever allegedly took place. i was never in that room. it would be unfair for me to--i can tell you, i never saw anything like that. oprah: mm-hmm. have you now made peace with his death? i know you watched the funeral that we all saw on television, and i know that you went to the private funeral ceremony. what was that
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like, standing in the room with his casket? >> hmm. that was um, really, another 6 months of more to recover from, i think. oprah: mm-hmm. >> but, you know, i was the last one standing with him, and that was-- oprah: what do you mean, "last one standing"? >> well, most people had left, and i went back in and i was alone with him, standing over him. you know, i didn't want to leave him. so oprah: as you stood over his casket--i know there's probably nothing more, you know, personal or private than those moments. as you stood over that casket, were you able to make peace?
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>> hmm. no. i don't think i could make peace then. i think that i--more, i wanted to apologize. it was likei felt like i wanted to apologize for not being around. you know? oprah: do you think you could have saved him? >> god, that's such a hard question. umnaively, i want to sayi know that it's naive to think that i could have, but i wanted to. could i have, had i made a call? had i stopped being so shut off from him? had i just said, "how are you?" can i try to make a phone call, you know? i really did regret that i didn't. oprah: mm-hmm. do you think that family and friends let him down? do you think that somebody could have done something? >> i think that they tried. and sadly, like i said, if he didn't
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want you around--if you were going to make him confront something he didn't want to confront, he could make it go away, including his own family. and they got on the opposite side of that. i think that was a train headed in a certain direction that i don't know if anyone could have stopped. and i've had to really get my head around that in order to stop the pain. oprah: for yourself? >> mm-hmm. oprah: mm-hmm. hey parents, it's going
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oprah: and how is this for your current husband, who seems like a really loving, generous, supportive man? how is it for him with all this michael stuff coming up? >> he's so happy i'll be done with this interview. he was just like, "i want you to just exorcise this and get it out" because i've been--you know, he's had to hear it for so long. oprah: never good for the current husband to have to hear about the ex-husband a lot.
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>> no, it's not. it's not. no, and i understand that, but he also understands. he's the most understanding person i've ever met in my life, and you know, i thank god, because he's really allowed me to go through whatever i need to go through with this, which i know to be highly, highly unusual, and it's a lot to ask for of him. and i don't feel good about it, but it's something that came down on me that i've had to deal with, and i've been doing it. oprah: because all these michael feelings were repressed and buried when you started dating michael lockwood. >> exactly. oprah: you said earlier that the universe, god--you don't understand--is trying to teach you something, obviously because of the parallels between your father, elvis presley's life and michael jackson's life. now, with over a year after michael's death and 33 years since your father passed, what
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do you think the lesson is for you? >> i feel really alone in that i've gone through this with these incredible people like this. and i feel really honored at the same time. oprah: and with michael's death, is it for you, like a lot of people, still his birthday, the anniversary of his death--all of those are still hard days? >> they are, but it's been happening all my life. august 16 i've dreaded my whole life which has been, you know oprah: the death of your father. >> right. and now, you know, it's june 25. oprah: you'd said that you--when we talked about doing this interview, you said, "i'm going to do it one time." >> yes. oprah: mm-hmm. so this is it? you're not going to talk about it any more? >> no, i'm not. i'm not going to talk about it. if anyone wants to know in the future, they can refer to "the oprah winfrey show." [laughs] oprah: thank you. thanks for letting me have the time, really. >> well, thank you. oprah: and for opening up about it. not an easy thing to do. thank you. [captioning made possible by king world] [captioned by the national captioning institute]
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>> live, local late breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00. >> good evening everyone. >> our big story tonight at 5:00 but roe emergency officials are on the ground in maryland assessing the damage created by hurricane irene. gov. o'malley led them on a tour. can they see is live with more. -- kim dacey is live with more. >> millington flooded in 1999, and they said they were happy to see state officials here so quickly this time around. sharon and her family came home sunday after evacuating


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