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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  August 5, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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putting the backlog of unemployed workers back to work. >> prices many americans are unemployed than before the recession. president obama proposed tax incentives to hire military veterans. >> the promise to push for more legislation. >> i want to move quickly on things that will move the economy and create jobs right now. we're going to get through this. a string of data and rocky financial markets has investors on edge. >> they should talk to us and get a second opinion on the portfolio and to make more informed decisions. >> in the jobless rate has topped 9% every month except to since the recession ended in 2009. in washington, wbal tv 11 news.
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>> leisure and hospitality companies added employes to their ranks. the average hourly wages rose to $23.13. you can see the dow jones over time. we have the volatility from yesterday and over five years. >> crime-fighting emerged as a priority issue in the mayor because the race. he says the mayor is tracking the public with statistics to make people believe the city is a safer place. i hear that the campaign has fired back? >> that is putting it mildly. she came out blazing, calling
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his plan a joke, a stolen joke, and she accuses him of exploiting a crime victims for his own political gain. >> family and friends gathered to remember the 15-year-old -- >> is a hard thing for everybody. we are dealing with the situation, but the outpouring of affection, understanding, and caring. >> we apologize for the mix up in the technicalities there. he is the democratic candidate for mayor and he is calling her out on her crime-fighting strategies. the mayor who is attending a block party came right back with a few choice words of her own. as we mentioned, she called an element of his plan is: joe that makes it worth -- and worse.
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is this something that the comedian -- the tax on ammo is something chris rock made jokes about. we should have more on this story tonight fln o'clock. >> very nice recovery on the technical problems, we apologize for that. in the 18-year-old shot and killed the 24-year-old monday night. anyone with information on his whereabouts is urged to call crime stoppers. >> those who knew them call that a senseless shooting. both shot to death on the same night found a block apart from each other. they prepare to say goodbye to
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one of those teenagers tonight. >> a viewing for anthony has just started, his funeral held tonight at 8:00. police are still asking the public to help out with whatever information they can. >> is a hard thing for everybody. the outpouring of affection and understanding and caring is overwhelming. we think it has helped keep the family together. >> police say the investigation is moving forward. >> we have heard some positive things, the whole have not heard why it happened. we hear there are some positive things going forward. >> they were shot not far from their homes in the neighborhood
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of southwest baltimore. he was found in a neighbor's yards. >> i have known him since the first grade and elementary school. we saw him almost every day. >> they came out to share their condolences, some describing their pain. >> he was very funny, always had people laughing. pretty much lived at my at's house. >> he stayed with a baltimore city police officer that had been shot. trying to comfort the officer until help arrived. family members say they have reached out to his family, remembering young men that were best friends. >> most problems that we have a deal with the prejudice and ignorance of the black and white issue that we have.
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these families in these children, they have overcome that and become best of friends. it is a terrible shame that this happened. >> the funeral is set for noon on tuesday and will be held at the church located at rte. 40. >> the presidential historian accused of stealing precious documents could soon be released from jail. a judge has agreed to let him out on bail with the electronic monitoring device. they say he opposes a flight risk and is trying to influence others from behind bars. he pleaded not guilty with charges of conspiring to steal several items with the of an accomplice.
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>> the ravens are gearing up for the one and only public training camp during the shortened off- season. the voice of the ravens and joins us in the studio. >> do i always have that effect on people? it isn't often somebody introduces you and cracks up saying it. that this house and up we are about football around here. the closest thing to normal who was the fact that it was two days in a row with a full team practice. the schedule delays, and only six days to the first preseason game. >> i am afraid to talk, i don't know what is going to happen. what really struck me, the 90 players on the roster, 34 of them are rookies and only three
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have 10 years' experience or more. there are a lot of new faces. he put together may be the best training camp thus far. it goes right by him. the readjustment and the catch over the shoulder, that is spectacular. he is moved. the take my word for it, check it out for yourself. gates open at 9:00. a large crowd is expected and wanting to which the players to try to put on a really good show. >> being in that stadium for the first time, walking down the tunnel and walking out with fans in the stands, it will be a moment in their life. even if it is just a practice,
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it will be special for them. >> as far as what they will do with the roster, the san diego chargers -- despite the fact that you have the talented rookies, they are rookies. it might send them back towards derrick mason. he said, he had been out of the practice field and he didn't have his phone with him. they indeed need another veteran presence. >> other names floating around out there, a little later in sports, donna will work on my name and we will work on other options available. >> thank you so much. >> has a ring to it. >> much more ahead including another check on raven's training camp.
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>> with gary sandusky. [laughter] y health officials are reaching out to older students this summer. >> and the musicians wanted, the incentive of the school is offering to those willing to pay -- to play in the marching band. >> it could be the side of the unsettled weather moving into the weekend. but right now, not bad. 87 degrees at the inner harbor.
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>> in tonight's education eller, baltimore county is offering free immunizations for kids going back to school. parents and college students showed up. state law requires that students have up-to-date records before they are allowed into the classroom. >> is very important because we can't get in without a meningitis shot. it is very important for me. >> free shots will be offered next friday in a shopping center. walk-in clinics will remain open until the very first day of school. to learn more about the shots, visit our web site. >> of the university is getting ready for the first-ever football season and they're looking for a few talented musicians for what they're hoping to be a winning season.
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a gifted students will be part of a marching band. they will receive a $500 credit if they pay in -- play in each of the five, games this season. >> is a great opportunity for the students, because not only are they waiting the credits, they are getting a $500 participation grant just to join the band. >> van camp begins on august 19. -- band camp begins aug ust 19. >> to help them celebrate this weekend, my morning show co anchor was at the anniversary kickoff event. it will celebrate with a family friendly festival featuring live entertainment and lots of activities for all agents through sunday. and it is free to the public. >> now, your forecast with the
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chief meteorologist. >> a pretty decent start if you get out and enjoy the evening hours. and dry conditions around here, change a little bit tomorrow, some of the scattered storms may infringe upon the baltimore area tomorrow. this unsettled weather that is beginning to develop to the west will be sliding east on saturday, and the eastern shore and coastal areas on sunday, right now, very scattered and not really a washed out weekend in the mountains at all. the almanac shows nothing in the precipitation column. a day that has temperatures just about normal if not all little low in most areas, the third straight day we have had temperatures at or below normal.
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tomorrow, we may stay near or below normal. we will have had four straight days of having to worry about the hot humid weather this summer. 90 officially, but the measurements are really at the marshall thermometer. 1.74 inches, the record amount of rain. leads are starting to be the main factor right now as far as the pollen count. if you are a ragweed suffer, it is starting to become that season. >> on the eastern shore, a sea breeze at 77 degrees. they have the clouds and showers out that way. it might pop up overnight or tomorrow morning. about 50% chance of the
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thunderstorm tomorrow. the southeast wind out about 5 miles an hour. tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies with a warm and muggy day. southeast wind at 5-10 knots, they water temperatures in the low 80's. last friday whether, but look at all of this unsettled cloudy weather. thunderstorm chances in the mountains tomorrow at about 60% and may still have the storm on sunday. if you are headed for ocean city, tomorrow looks like the best day of the weekend. 82 degrees on the coast with a couple storms on sunday clearing out on monday, served temperatures about 75 or 80 degrees. this is the remnant of l.a., it was a tropical storm until at
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the mountains. out over the waters, it may be showing signs of strengthening. computer models taken to south florida and then out to the atlantic. it might not be the last storm we talk about. we have updated the projections for the season. 3/5 of those hurricanes, we will see how the season progresses. the next storm name on the list is frankland. it would be cool to have that name. those of the next eight storms on the list. 86 tomorrow with the thunderstorm. at 95 degrees on monday and is still near 90 on tuesday.
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>> at raven's camp, and no position looked stronger this week than the safety position. the arrival of the rocky along with the former texan should give them a sense of strength and depth. a fund-raiser for tsunami victims in japan, he also got married. his new bride was looking at him and saying, are you ever going to work? he has turned his full attention for fighting for a starting role in the secondary. >> the condition test speaks for itself. every person had to run a conditioning test. not even 10 guys missed it, everybody is in shape and everybody had a good off-season. even those three days, it was great to see that everybody seemed to be taken care of
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themselves. >> derrick mason may be very much back on the radar screen because they helped him upgrade and suffered a setback when malcolm decided to reassign with the san diego chargers. he looks like a great target for flacco. in the end, he took a deal that did not involve moving. you get a first look at the raven's training camp tomorrow morning at the stadium. it'll hold practice in front of the fans for the first time at the stadium tomorrow. gates open at 9:00, practice starts at 10:00 and runs until 1:00. if you are a steelers fan, don't come, raven's fans only tomorrow. [laughter]
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they put their labor issues aside for the next 10 years. the officially sign to the collective bargaining agreement. to help coincide with all of fame weekend, the workshop only counts as one game, the hall of fame game. it will see if they can somehow put the brakes on their series struggle. they have gone 10 straight series without winning a single one. dave is showing some clout at the plate in the valley to the road trip nearly doubled into left field with a 4-3 lead. as is so often the case this year, pitching problems plaguing the team the. they combined to give up six runs in a 9-4 loss. the orioles will take a look at yet another pitcher.
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they got him from texas as part of a trade. the first pitch, 7:00 05. stick around, back with the seven-day forecast straight ahead. of a subway® bbq pulled pork sub. tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®.
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>> this is what we are working on for 11:00 tonight, a war of words and the accusations leveled against the mayor by another hopeful. and how the mayor fired back. funeral services will be held tonight for one of two teenagers shot and killed tonight. how friends and loved ones are preparing to say goodbye. why health officials are now
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involved and reaction from
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>> some warm weather coming in from the second half of the weekend. and into the 90's on sunday, monday, and tuesday. >> nbc nightly news is next.
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