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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  July 14, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> 30-year-old desi deschaine went on a pleasure trip in a small boat on the harbor sunday. police say there were five people including deschaine on the boat but only four came back. they say deschaine was last seen around 10:00 p.m. sunday, was reported missing by his friends 12 hours later at 10:00 a.m. monday, and also that foul play is not suspected. >> five people go out. four come back. >> i don't know the specifics of what they were doing. but i know there is no foul play involved. they were just probably having a good time at the inner harbor. >> flyers went up yesterday. but by this morning sonar led
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police to the body. >> the baltimore city fire department used sonar technology to find the body, which was 15 feet under water, about two slips down from where the missing persons report came in. >> he was the communications director for longtime d.c. city councilman jack evans who said this -- >> despite the curious circus of this case, police say they do not suspect foul play. live in canton, john sherman. wbal-tv 11 news. >> police are investigating a homicide in northeast baltimore. around 8:00 last night investors were called to the intersection of did you know bart-on avenue and old york road for the report of a man shot. there they found a 38-year-old man on a basketball court. he had been shot in the chest. he died at a local hospital.
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no word tonight on a motive or suspect. an early morning shooting in baltimore city is also under investigation tonight. police say a woman was shot in the head just before 3:00 this morning in fell's point. it happened in the 500 block of south register street just off of eastern avenue. the woman was taken to johns hopkins hospital, where tonight she is listed in grave condition. >> tomorrow the date for a murder trial could be set for members of a suspected cult nearly a year after being charged with starving a 1-year-old boy to death. the defendant still don't have attorneys, though. prosecutors are asking a judge to assign council for 41-year-old queen antoinette and 20-year-old traffia williams, members of the former one mind ministries. prosecutors say they denied the boy food because he didn't say amen after meals. his mother pleaded guilty to child above leading to the boy's death last march. she will be sentenced in august. a washington, d.c. woman accused of killing her four daughters says her girls were
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possessed by deem mons. bonita jacks is on trial for murdering the girls ages 5 to 17. their decomposing bodies were discovered in january of 2008 when u.s. marshals came to evict jacks. she told authorities the girls died in their sleep. authorities say the oldest daughter was stabbed. the others were strangled. the judge is trying to decide whether to admit an interrogation of jacks as evidence. her attorney wants it excluded. >> tonight federal investigators are trying to pinpoint the problem that forced a southwest airlines passenger jet bound for baltimore to make an emergency landing. that plane left nashville last evening but made an emergency landing in charleston, west virginia. john jane is live at b.w.i.-thurgood marshall with the latest tonight. >> passengers on that plane finally got to b.w.i. late last night with a vivid memory of the problem that diverted flight 2298. >> this is the real deal. >> that was alvin kibbles first thought as the plane he was on
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yesterday suddenly popped a foot-long hole in the top of the fuselage at 30,000 feet. >> i started feeling light-headed and your ears start popping, stopping up, and we immediately began trying to put on our masks. >> this woman had to worry about her child as well as the cabin depressurized. >> we heard a loud rush and your ears popped and then we looked back and you could tell that part of the inside was trying to pull out. >> the plane made an emergency landing in charleston, west virginia, without anyone being hurt. the ntsb and f.a.a. are now trying to pinpoint the cause of the tear. it is located in front of the tail. investigators will inspect the structural integrity of the plane looking for cracks. they'll check cockpit and data recorders and pull maintenance recorders and check whether maintenance required anyone to recently walk or work in the area where the hole opened.
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southwest airlines says the plane was last inspected earlier this month and has not been the subject of any reports of trouble. passengers praised the crew for handling the emergency so smoothly. >> we have a tremendous talent represented in the pilots and the flight crew. i think we need to value them far more than perhaps what we do. it's very easy for us to begin to take things for granted. >> earlier this year, southwest airlines paid a huge fine, $7.5 million, for flying planes without adequately inspecting them for fuselage cracks. today a spokesperson said the airline has never had the problem of a hole suddenly opening in flight. live tonight, jayne miller, wbal-tv 11 news. >> no problems were found on another southwest airlines plane that made an emergency landing at orlando international airport today. the night from st. louis was about 10 minutes from landing when there was an indication of
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a fire in the auxiliary power unit. the fire rescue crew boarded the plane but found no smoke or fire. as a precaution, all 129 passengers were taken off the plane and bused to the terminal. >> you might want to check the calendar, make sure this is july. if you look at some of the morning low temperatures recorded around the state, it certainly doesn't look like it. temperatures were in the 40's this morning in york, westminster, walkersville, back to green ridge in allegany county. 58 and b.w.i.-marshall tied the record low for the day set back in 2009. on h.d. doppler, no rain around. or satellite shows mainly clear skies, just a few fair-weather clouds. with clear skies, light winds and very dry air, it is likely
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to be another very cool evening. we'll see if there is any july heat in the forecast coming up in a little bit. >> pressed hard to explain her controversial wise latina remark, supreme court nominee sonia sotomayor said it was a play on words that fell flat. but republicans didn't buy it. steve handelsman is in washington with the latest on the senate hearings. >> she's hispanic, the first nominated to the supreme court. on the second day of her confirmation hearings, most senators would agree she's smart. but it's what sotomayor said about wise latinas that's her problem. >> no words i have ever spoken or written have received so much attention. >> eight years ago, in a series of speeches, sotomayor said a wise latina would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male. today, calling that a play on wore, she backtracked. >> my play fell flat.
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it was bad. >> and earlier -- >> i do not believe that any ethnic, racial or gender group has an advantage in sound judging. >> republican jeff sessions was skeptical. >> so i guess i'm asking today what do you really believe? >> life experiences have to influence you. we're not robots to listen to evidence and don't have feelings. we have to recognize those feelings and put them aside. >> but sotomayor said in her speeches that judges' sympathies and prejudice could be appropriate. >> that's exactly opposite of what you're saying, is it not? >> i don't believe so, senator. i do not permit my sympathies, personal views or prejudice to influence the outcome of my cases. >> sotomayor has not ruled on abortion cases. but anti-abortion rights activists protested her hearing.
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it could grind on through thursday. senate judiciary committee chairman democrat patrick leahy predicted she'll be confirmed and predicted she'll get republican votes. from capitol hill, i'm steve handelsman, wbal-tv 11 news. >> tonight the multicolor national security terror alert system put into place after 9/11 might be getting a makeover. the homeland security department says it will review the color chart that ranges from red severe threat of an attack to the green low threat. a task torres will determine how effective the system is or if it is needed at all. homeland security secretary janet napolitano made that announcement today and will review the findings. >> all this week the naacp is celebrating its 100th anniversary. they're putting special emphasis on attracting younger members. tim tooten has the story from new york city. >> the naacp says in order to train future leaders they have
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to reach out to a new generation of its youngest members. >> stand to your feet and help me welcome benjamin todd -- [applause] >> the organization's youngest members have taken center stage, claiming their place among the more seasoned civil rights leaders. >> there's a lot of youth coming together now through different organizations, you know, trying to voice their opinions for a different civil rights or whatever and it's actually, like, you know, a good thing. >> for everyone to have their own rights, not -- >> the new c.e.o., who is just 36, says the naacp must focus on orgsing and changing the position of young people within the movement, many of whom face challenges both in the classroom and on the street corners. >> the generation from the baby boomers on down need to come together and figure out how we are truly going to put young
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people out front. >> and the naacp says it has proof thaff its on its way. there are now 24,000 paid youth members under 25 and 600 active junior youth councils, youth councils, high school chapters and college chapters in 43 states and the district of columbia. >> i think one of the most important things that we have is the youth and college division. i think it's going very well and helping the youth to learn about what we need to do on the lower level in terms of the politics. >> politics which have helped shape the past, the present, and now the future of the civil rights organization. reporting from the naacp national convention in new york city, tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> president barack obama will address the group on thursday. to see the speeches of the current and former naacp presidents, log on to our website and click on local news. >> tonight one baltimore school is helping fill a big demand for nurse right now. up next, the new tool that will
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give coppin university students an edge. >> and a new virtual reality room gets first responders ready for a real emergency situation. but it may be critical in rehabilitating stroke patients. >> and eating green, saving green and going green all at the same time. details in "consumer alert." >> i'm rob roblin. a new trash pick-up schedule for baltimore city residents.
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>> maryland cram elijah cummings was on hand today as coppin state announced a major addition to yts nursing program. a new pediatric nursing center will expand the number of students getting hands-on experience. he calls it the type of teaching innovation that can keep supply on pace with demand. there is currently a national nursing shortage. >> there is a need for great nurses. there is a need for caring and competent health care and coppin has continuously produced those nurses. >> care first blue cross blue shield had a grant making the new technology possible. >> in tonight's "medical alert," studies have proven a link between hormone replacement therapy and breast
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cancer. but the tie to ovarian cancer hasn't been well-established. now a new study gives a clearer picture of the risks. researchers in denmark looked at the medical records of one million women ages 50 to 79 who did not have cancer at the start of the study. they found women who were currently taking hormone replacement therapy had a 38% increase risk for owe investigativian cancer. after they stopped using the drug, the risk slowly went down over time. they also found the increased risk was not influenced by which drugs you took, how much you took or whether you took it orally or by a patch. bathtime is a nightly ritual in many households with children. but new statistics show an alarming number of children are injured in the tub. more than 43,000 kids and teens are hurt in bathtubs or showers each year. children under the age of 4 accounted for more than half of those incidents. since 80% of the injuries were from slips and falls, researchers recommend adding nonslip mats or coatings in
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bathtubs and showers. walking, running, anywhere you want to go while smelling and sensing everything around you? what's so unique about that? try doing it inside one small room. 11 news reporter ed yates takes a look at the virtual legs project. >> inside this makeshift room a university of utah team of mechanical and computer smers is testing a prototype -- computers are enter faced with a robotic arm, a unique wind tunnel, a treadmill and a three-sided screen that takes you anyplace you need to go. >> you don't even think about where you're stepping. you're totally focused on the environment. >> who needs this experience? emergency first responders needing simulator training. what would it be like walking, running or side stepping while monitoring the movement of toxic particles? the uniquely designed wind tunnel creates complex wind patterns that carry aroamas
5:18 pm
moving in any direction or intensity depending on where the user moves. >> you can actually change the wind angle in almost 180-degree direction. so it's the first time someone did something like this. >> it pushes and pulls to simulate uneven terrain. this graduate student feels the resistance. >> i'm going uphill and becoming harder to walk. >> he moves towards a cooler area where a breeze is blowing. eventually even leaves on trees wig sink with the wind. >> say i'm the victim of a spinal cord injury. i'm going to rehab. i want to see what it's like in the real environment. feeling sensations, knowing how my legs are performing. >> coordination training for refpkers, psychological studies, even learning how to walk on mars. you name the place -- this will take you there. >> interesting.
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this is the first time anyone has built a two-dimensional treadmill like that one. the national science foundation invested a little more than a million dollars in the project so far. >> in what is typically the hottest time of the year, unusually cool and comfortable conditions covering most of the northeast, mid-atlantic, parts of the southeast. it's typical this time of year where at times in baltimore the temperature doesn't get below 80 at night. this morning's lows unusually cool. in fact, that 58 there at b.w.i.-marshall tied the record low. 58 degrees was the record and that was last set in 2009. we -- last set in 2001. even in parts of maryland just north and west of baltimore, york, westminster, walkersville, frederick county, green ridge in allegany county, mchenry toward garrett county, all had morning low temperatures, these are actual lows this morning, in the 40's.
5:20 pm
from pennsylvania into western maryland, parts of west central maryland into southern pennsylvania. unusually cool for this time of year. a little warmer right along the shore of the bay. that kept annapolis east and cambridge much milder. at ocean city, it looks a little more like july at 70. back into the mountains, almost chilly this morning especially by july standards. and with mainly clear skies across the region again tonight and dry air, folks, this is unusually dry. the dew point. the lower the dew point, the drier the area. this is what we typically see in the fall or winter. last hour the dew points were down around 39. i can't really remember seeing dew points in the 30's in july in central maryland before. so an unusually dry air mass. not very july-like. temperatures right now are in the 80's. but with that dry air and clear skies and light winds, these temperatures will fall quickly through the evening. the futurecast only shows a few
5:21 pm
scattered high clouds coming through. 57 the record low for tomorrow morning. we may be close to that with that area of high pressure dominating the region. the high pressure system just wipes out the cloud cover stretching out of eastern canada through the mid-atlantic into the carolinas. but a new storm developing in the upper midwest will be marching east. thursday morning it brings the next chance for a shower or thunderstorm. ahead of that front, winds will turn to the south tomorrow. so after a comfortable morning, a little cloud cover. a warm and slightly more humid afternoon tomorrow. then the thunderstorms stretch across central maryland into pennsylvania thursday morning. look how scattered they are. we actually need a little more rain. this looks like it's going going to produce scattered showers or a thunderstorm early thursday up until about noontime and then skies will try to clear out again in the afternoon. friday looks generally cloudy. but the rain is all to the south. the only significant chance for
5:22 pm
a shower coming through thursday morning. again, cool in the morning. south winds at eight to 15. on the chesapeake wednesday, south winds kicking up to 15 knots by afternoon. waves around a foot. warm bay water temperatures, 7 degrees at the baltimore harbor and at the thomas point light. no extreme heat in sight thankfully. 86 tomorrow. warmer and more humid with thunderstorms moving through thursday morning. we'll hit 88. then mostly cloudy on friday. a slight chance for a shower or thunderstorm in the area saturday into sunday with dry, cool weather going into monday and tuesday. >> how weird does that sound? a winter storm in july. >> in canada. >> don't run out and buy the bread. news from the department of education shows a lot more needs to be done to close the achievement gap. >> one airline is teaching its customers about more than just passenger safety. why airtran is offering a crash
5:23 pm
course in web etiquette. >> there are reportedly new words from debbie rowe in the fight over custody of michael jackson's children. we'll have the latest, coming up. (announcer) if you think all batteries are the same, consider this: when a tornado tore through holly, colorado, air life denver took to the air... their night-vision goggles keeping them safe on a perilous flight...
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>> tonight a los angeles coroner's official says toxicology reports to determine the cause of michael jackson's death could be completed sometime later this week.
5:26 pm
>> meantime, the dispute continues over who controls the estate and who will get custody of his children. >> ♪ we are the world >> amid continuing questions about who will raise michael jackson's three young children, a friend of debbie rowe today released what she says are personal emails written by rowe just days after jackson's death. here is just some of what she apparently said. on july 2, rowe apparently wrote, quote, these kids are not mine. they never were mine. then, just three days later, she reportedly said do i want the kids? hell no. does it look good for me to ask for them? absolutely. the emails were apparently sent to rebecca white, who told "extra" -- >> the motivation is money. i really have to be honest. >> lawyers huddled inside a los angeles courtroom, where a judge clearly spelled out who is now in control of the pop star's estate. court documents show the two men named in jackson's will, a
5:27 pm
lawyer and longtime friend, have complete authority over everything he left behind, including any movie or pay-per-view deal that may result from the more than 100 hours of video of jackson's final rehearsal. michael's mom, katherine jackson, has no authority over the estate, though as outlined in his will, jackson's estate will ultimately be split three ways with his mother getting 40%, his children getting 40%, and the final 20% going to several charities. the city of los angeles doesn't need or want any charity according to the mayor antonio villaraigosa. >> this is a world class city. we provide fire and police protection, period. >> the mayor insists the city will foot the bill for the public memorial and the ongoing investigation into jackson's death. an investigation that now seems to hinge on evidence uncovered by the l.a. county coroner. there are indication now that the complete autopsy results including the toxicology report could be released by the end of
5:28 pm
this week. most agree those results will be key to whether the current soism for evidence shifts to a full criminal investigation. in los angeles, jay gray, wbal-tv 11 news. >> still ahead tonight, a new trend in homeowners defaulting on their mortgages. >> fascinating why people who can afford their monthly payments are sometimes just choosing to walk away. >> i'm rob roblin. a change in the trash pick-up schedule for baltimore city residents. that story coming up. >> it's fashion on the art scape runway this weekend as five finalists face off and thousand played a role in getting them to this point.
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>> today was the first day of baltimore's new trash and recycling one plus one program. it's a whole new schedule to learn for city residents. trash pick-ups have been reduced from twice a week to once a week and on another day a week they will pick up recycling weekly instead of every two weeks. some people love it. others aren't so sure. new at 5:30, rob roblin has the story. >> this is the first day for baltimore city's new trash pick-up schedule. it's called one plus one. one trash. one recycling. as the sun was coming up this morning, baltimore city sanitation cruise were out on that routes. this is the first day of the new neighborhood pickup schedule with one day a week for trash and one for recycling. >> one of the days will now be for trash and the second will be for recycling. one day trash, one day
5:31 pm
recycling. >> this crew was picking up trash in east baltimore. as you can see, this is not easy work. and some residents and sanitation workers we talked with think once a week trash pick-up will not work. >> that trash going to build up. it's going to be more rats in the street than ever. >> the next time your trash is going to be picked up is going to be another week? trash going to lay for a whole week. i don't think it's going to work. >> i think it's going to be rats running everywhere. it's going to be trash piled up everywhere. kids ain't going to be ail to play outside because there's trash anywhere. does that make sense? >> it will cause rat infestation, or pests, insects. mainly the rats. >> while for others -- >> one for recycling and one for regular trash? i think it will work. i've been a recycler for a long time and i've got a lot of
5:32 pm
stuff in my house i want to recycle. >> officials are hoping this will offset the loss of a trash day and if people recycle basic items it will reduce the amount of trash. >> you don't need to sort of the just keep a container for your recycling. it doesn't have to be yellow. it can be a cardboard box. it can be shopping bags. it can be one of your old trash cans marked recycling. >> rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news. >> here is a look at some of our other top stories. baltimore city detectives have identified a body of 30-year-old desi deschaine. he's an aide to washington, d.c. d.c. councilman jack evans. police say he was in baltimore boating on sunday when he disappeared. we're told he had been drinking alcohol and police say there is no sign of foul play. it's day two of confirmation hearings for supreme court nominee judge sonia sotomayor. today the senate judiciary committee questioned sotomayor about her beliefs on abortion,
5:33 pm
equal rights, and it seems she agrees with a woman's right to choose. she also says she would bring no preconceived notions to the high court on gun rights. despite previous comments, she says no ethnic, racial or gender group has an advantage in sound judgment. >> hubert simmons, the last of the negro league players, died yesterday after cancer surgery. he was a world war ii veteran, a baltimore city schoolteacher, baseball coach, and ran a small retail store. in 2008, he was the orioles' choice for major league baseball's commemorative draft. he was 85 years old. >> in florida tonight, more arrests in connection with the murder of a wealthy couple near pensacola. a total of seven people are now in custody in the deaths of byrd and melanie billings,
5:34 pm
known for adopting developmentally disabled children. the sheriffs say they believe the primary motive was robbery. chris clackum has more on the story. >> a tragedy occurred here. the sheriff says the home invasion near pensacola last week that left byrd and melanie billings shot dead was carried out like a military operation which would be consistent with some of those charged in the case. >> there are a couple of individuals that have prior military background. >> they say robbery was indeed the motive. >> they did take items that you would normally expect to be taken in a robbery. >> items including a safe. but what was in it they won't say. the billings lived well, in a big house that was really necessary to care for their 16 children, 12 of 45078 were adopted, most with special needs. >> seven individuals are currently in custody. >> in announcing the arrests including a 16-year-old, the sheriff poignantly addressed
5:35 pm
billings' daughter ashley, who had asked the day they died that her parents' killers be caught. >> it is my honor today to tell you, ashley, and your family, we have found them and they are in custody. >> the sheriff has also turned over to federal agents information that some of the suspects might be connected to a bigger criminal network. >> i will tell you it involves ear businesses, other states, other countries. >> several of the suspects had first court appearances tuesday and all are being charged with first-degree murder. chris clackum, wbal-tv 11 news. >> in tonight's education alert, the baltimore county school board is expected to vote on a new policy to stop harassment in schools. last july, the maryland general
5:36 pm
assembly directed the school board to develop a model against bullying and cyber bullying. now school boards across the state must follow suit. they intend to have the revised policy in place by this fall. a new report from the u.s. department of education finds that reading, math scores, are rising for black students across the country but not enough to close the gap between blacks and their white peers. the report says only three states have managed to narrow the divide between black and white students in fourth grade. no state has narrowed the gap in eighth grade. the report didn't draw conclusion on the underlying reasons for the disparity. to read the complete report, log on to and click on education. >> still to come tonight at 5:00, more and more homeowners just walking away from their mortgage payments even though they have the money to pay. why they stopped making payments. >> i'm jayne miller. coming up at 6:00, investigators try to fill the
5:37 pm
gap. what caused a foot-long hole to tear open on a southwest airlines plane bound for baltimore? >> first, a gruesome discovery inside a new york city office building. what police found stuffed inside an air-conditioning inside an air-conditioning duct.
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>> covering the nation tonight, a body found in a skyscraper air-conditioning duct has now been identified as that of a missing cleaning woman. police in new york city found the body of the woman on saturday. a medical examiner said she had been bound and gagged with a gold crucifix taped to her mouth. the mother of three had been missing since last tuesday. she disappeared during her shift at the office building. police haven't named any suspects leaving the victim's relatives and workers at the building with many questions. >> why her? we know she didn't do anything. we knew this person snapped. this person is just plain crazy. >> her family said she had been planning to leave her job after being stalked by an employee who was transferred. >> convicted intind >> bernie madoff now has a new home in federal lockup. the 71-year-old was transferred
5:41 pm
from a correctional facility in atlanta to a complex about 30 miles north of raleigh, north carolina. madoff will undergo physical and psychological evaluation before learning where he'll serve his sentence out. the former wall street fiance sear faces a 150-year prison sentence. his projected release date, the year 2139. >> a long time away. >> some refreshing signs of good news when it comes to the economy tonight. but many americans are playing a game of wait and see as more people become victims of unemployment. >> it's a movement that's helping make americans healthier and providing much needed business for local farms. in tonight's "consumer alert," how community supported agriculture works. >> cool and dry weather continues in the region tonight but there is a little rain in the forecast.
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
>> good afternoon. i'm rod daniels. here is what we're working on for 11 news at 6:00. the washington, d.c. council is in shock after the body of an aide was found in the inner harbor. tonight, details on the investigation and reaction to the sudden death. students and parents are gathering at towson catholic to demand answer to the question why is the school closing? a live report ahead. these stories and much more right here on 11 news many surfaces that seem smooth and strong... ...are actually susceptible to irreversible damage. your teeth are no different. everyday acids can cause irreversible loss of enamel. new crest pro-health enamel shield protects against... ...enamel loss by forming a micro-thin shield against acid attack. only crest pro-health toothpastes... ...protect all these areas dentists check most. save your enamel. once it's gone, it can be gone for good. new crest pro-health enamel shield.
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also shield with the rinse. >> we have breaking news right now. in harford county, we send it to captain roy taylor and sky team 11. >> we're at troyer road and route 23 where a motorcyclist versus a vehicle, the injuries are severe enough for the motorcyclist to have requested police helicopter to respond to the scene. they're about five minutes away
5:45 pm
from the scene. right now state police are in the process of detouring traffic around this accident. >> analysts say the economy may no longer be in a free-fall, but the road to recovery is slow at best. retail sales are buoyed mostly by rising gas prices. but consumer spending is far from picking up speed as americans wait out rising unemployment and a lot of uncertainty. michelle franzen has more in tonight's project economy report. >> retail sales edged up for the month of june, higher than expected, but with a catch. for the second straight month energy, gasoline and food prices drove the increase, not clothing and electronic sales. for giants like dell, it means lowering second-quarter profit expectations as consumers curb spending on big-ticket items and keep lieser-like focus on the basics.
5:46 pm
necessity spending analysts predict will rule the rest of this year. >> the back-to-school season is going to be sluggish at best and everything is still going to depend upon price. the consumers only react to discount these days. >> file liens basement and sims have underscored the new economic mind-set of less is more. >> they come in for what they want to buy and once they make that purchase, they go directly to the register. >> with unemployment at a 26-year high, consumers and business are not ready to throw caution to the wind. today president obama warned unemployment will climb for several more months but says there are signs the economy and the credit lines are beginning to thaw. >> small businesses that might have worried just a couple months ago about closing doors are now able to get more financing. that means they're less likely to lay off workers. >> fewer layoffs and possibly the start of hiring opportunities. >> we did see an increase in the percentage of our frozen
5:47 pm
job openings that they're having trouble filling. >> there are reports wall street's financial firms, where many say the economic crisis began, is showing a pulse following near collapse. goldman sachs is posting big profits just one month after paying back $10 billion in federal aid. signs of recovery and hope the rest of the economy could follow. michelle franzen, wbal-tv 11 news. >> other than the fact we could use a little rain, we're about an inch below normal rainfall for the month of july, it has been picture-perfect out there. even the pollen count cooperating today. tree pollen just one. grass pollen in the low range. no weed pollen to count today. mold even came down a little bit today. the numbers on the almanac for temperatures, short of that normal high of the 87 and way
5:48 pm
short of the record 101. the morning low, 58 this morning at b.w.i.-marshall. that ties the record at 58 last set in 2001. these are some other morning low temperatures around the region, from 42 in northern michigan into the upper peninsula at 44 degrees. 51 in pittsburgh this morning. it was 48 all the way in northern maine. even in our western suburbs, walkersville, westminster, into southern pennsylvania, we saw temperatures in the 40's this morning. mchenry at 45 degrees. an unusually cool july morning. 58 at b.w.i.-marshall tied the record. look how much warmer it was in downtown baltimore. the nearby harbor keeps them much milder at 68. ocean city was at 78. but everybody else a quite cool and comfortable july morning. the satellite right now shows basically clear skies. the lower the dew point, the drier the air. this is very unusual to have dew points in the low 40's in july. in the heat and humidity of a
5:49 pm
normal baltimore summer, dew points can be pushing toward 80. so this is very dry air across the region. that means these temperatures will fall quickly once the sun goes down this evening. look for another comfortable night. 50's in the suburbs. 60's downtown. sunset at 8:33 this evening. the record low tomorrow morning, 57 was set in 1999. we could see temperatures near record lows once again tomorrow morning. an area of high pressure coming out of eastern canada pushing into the carolinas. look at that front well off the coast in the atlantic. a new front is taking shape in the you were -- upper midwest. tomorrow another nice day across the region. a couple scattered showers. we could use the rain. maybe some gardens and farms get some beneficial rain in the area especially thursday morning before the skies try to clear up again thursday afternoon. clouds move back in on friday. it doesn't look like they're produce a lot of rain here. tomorrow, a nights-looking day. warmer, more humid with a south
5:50 pm
wind at eight to 15. sunrise at 5:52. temperatures at least trying to get back to normal tomorrow. on the bay, south winds gusting up to 15 knots by late afternoon. bay water temperatures are now in the upper 70's. communities on the shore of the bay will be much warmer in the morning due to the warming effect of the water nearby. the seven-day forecast, keep in mind, 87, 88 is normal. we'll see that only on thursday. elsewhere temperatures stay below normal. 86 tomorrow. a thunderstorm in the morning thursday. mostly cloudy friday. weekend looks pretty good. we may see a few scattered showers in the area saturday with a mix of clouds and sun on sunday. look at these temperatures continuing to run below normal especially at night with temperatures comfortable in the 50's and 60's. >> in tonight's consumer surem, about 26% of the defaults across the country are apparently are called strategy. that means the homeowners actually have the money to make
5:51 pm
the payments but choose to walk away because they owe more than the house is worth. that's according to a study by north western university and the university of chicago. 22% of all homeowners are under water, that according to real estate website how would you like to eat green, save green and go green all at the same time? there is a growing movement across the country that's allowing consumers to do just that. nbc's ann thompson explains how community supported agriculture is changing what and how we eat. >> it's morning and these washington, d.c. area families are trading sleep for hard work . at this west virginia farm they're part of a growing movement called community supported agriculture, c.s.a. >> i like picking the strawberries. >> here is how c.s.a.'s work. for about $30 a week you purchase a share of the harvest before the seeds are even
5:52 pm
planted. some shareowners volunteer to pick eggs or tend crops. from harvest time, all members get a bag stuffed with just-picked produce dropped off near their home. at a time from family-owned farms struggle to survive, these farms are multiplaying. in 2007, there were 1,800 c.s.a. farms nationwide. that number has glone by 1,000 in just two years. this couple have been running the fresh and local c.s.a. at shepherdstown for more than 10 years. >> we're working to produce the highest nutritional quality food possible while at the same time building topsoil. >> among the weekend farmers at the farm, city dwellers who dream of a michelle obama-style garden but don't have the space or the time. >> we're committed urbanites. we don't have a whole lot of room to do growing on our own. >> a growing green movement that's making family-owned farms more profitable and
5:53 pm
members more healthful. >> to find c.s.a. farms in this area, log on to just click on consumer. airtran's passengers are getting coaching on internet do's and don'ts while in flight. the airline is putting a primer on web etiquette in every seat pocket of its planes. now that all of them are equipped for wi-fi, airtran is the first airline to equip its whole fleet with internet connectivity. it is taking the initiative to prevent passengers from offending seatmates. they also suggest passengers keep computer screens as private as possible to protect business and all other information. with tonight's "consumer alert," i'm marianne banister. >> for more on the latest airline trends including incentives, log on to, and click on travel. also, if you haven't heard, smith and hawk-in is closing
5:54 pm
its sfors for good. why that story made me really sad. and what one of the original founders had to say about why it's closing. that's on my blog, hamilton's habitat on the homepage. more teleprop 8er trouble for president obama. i blogged about that, too, some time ago. you see what happened to the president mid speech by clicking on politics. and the 11 news i-team exposes a company used standardized test preps to scam parents. watch that investigation under the i-team link. >> blog on that, too? >> no. >> still ahead tonight, how did a foot-long hole open up in the top of a jet bound for baltimore? >> that's what investigators are trying to find out. details new at 6:00. plus -- >> it's a little like "project economy" right here in baltimore. i'm jennifer franciotti. coming up, five local designers showcase their fashions at art showcase their fashions at art scape.
5:55 pm
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the toppings you love on freshly baked bread. only at subway. subway. eat fresh. >> artscape is just a couple days away now and local fashion designers are getting anxious. >> it's going to be "project runway" artscape style. original garments will be judged in a fashion show showdown. jennifer franciotti has more. >> i call this my going green dress. i wanted to go with a very natural look. >> she's putting finishing touches on a dress she hopes will win the fashion at artscape contest. >> it's really something that
5:58 pm
[inaudible]. >> i went to ikea to look for fabrics and this was the pattern that stood out to me. >> the contest is called show me what you got. it's a bit like "project runway." contestants had to use fabric from ikea for their creations. public opinion narrowed the field to the final five. >> i'm impressed with the talent that we have so far. >> photographer mike williams had the idea. >> we were asked to bring something new and different to artscape to draw more people into the fashion artscape. >> an amazing opportunity and i'm grad to be a part of it. i'm glad i went out and tried it. i'm just very thankful. >> the contest will be held sunday at 6:00. the winner gets $1,000 and a magazine photo shoot. that's something quite different for this woman. by day she's a college biology professor. >> it's a thing on the side. i have my two lives, my sewing life and teefing life. >> it would be a dream come
5:59 pm
true. >> it would mean a lot to me. i'm really trying to jump-start a fashion business. so i really think this could be the first stepping stone into the next stage. >> jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> show me what you got. >> wish them all the best of luck. >> that's all for us at 5:00. >> here is what's new at 6:00. >> a baltimore-bound plane forced to make an emergency landing. now investigators looking look for what caused a foot-long hole to pop open at 30,000 feet. >> five people go out on an inner harbor pleasure cruise but only four come back. why police say foul play is not suspected, next. >> supreme court nominee sonia sotomayor defends some controversial statements. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] [captioning made possible by


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