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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  February 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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prosecutors are asking the police to come to trial are banned from wearing uniforms. andy fox was the first with this story. >> there are lots of twists and turns in this case. the request of a judge to tell professional law enforcement officers how they can dress in court. >> william chapman ii. receiving fair justice. >> stephanie morales writes that the stifling preference of so many law enforcement officers will have a chilling effect on the jury's ability to deliberate. the chapman family spokesperson earl lewis spoke with her mother. >> i talked with selling this morning face-to-face and she said she was very much concerned about that.
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that is overkill. >> morales does not want uniformed officers in court even though she has been in uniform and many other cases. >> these are law enforcement officers, sworn law-enforcement officers that she and her officers call every day as witnesses in the case. >> she says if she doesn't get the uniform band then she only wants 10 uniformed officers in court at a time and no more than three sitting together. >> we are not talking about some other group, motorcycle gang. these are law enforcement officers. >> she writes that the family should be able to demand that their son's killer be tried in a manner that excludes any suspicion, intimidation or improper influence. >> we are not intimidated to the
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also feel that could be an intimidating factor to the jury and we are concerned about that. >> this motion will be heard in court next to stay and you can read it online at0 >> interesting development today. you can check out our coverage of the case back to the original incident right now on >> it was a pretty rough morning across hampton road with a powerful front that brought high wind and heavy rain for just about all of us. now it is time for a slight cooldown. i am here with don slater to talk about the evening forecast. >> it will cool into the evening and overnight hours but i want to show you what else is going on. >> always something else. >> a mini clipper system will move through tomorrow morning.
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alberta clipper's. they dive on and around just north of the upper wind flow. it is a mini storm, a mini clipper and it will be mostly rain falling into the region. it is going to come down through tomorrow morning. that's where we are tomorrow morning at 5:00. you could see a stray spritz of a sleek pellet inland during the toward richmond. mini storm, a mini clipper and it will be mostly rain falling into the region. it will be first thing in the morning. we're 40 degrees with rain until it is gone. we always see a high of around warm do we get for the weekend.
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flooding issues around the area. we have video from starfish road. with most street flooding it goes away quickly. you can track storms anytime from your smart phone or tablet on the wavy weather app. next new information in a bizarre missing persons case, charges have been dropped and changed to something more severe for a woman accused of killing her son's body. state police found the remains of her son in her trunk when they pulled her over in june. slaton is akin court later this month. >> newport police have identified the second suspect in a double murder and of us are involved shooting last month. have warrants out for stephen hayes. officers believe that they shot and killed two people and left them in a van. police shot dantzler who has
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>> an update on the light rail inspection in virginia beach. the people who decide where the money goes want the resort city to the side whether it wants funding now or to risk it and send the pitch to the voters. >> today, mayor will assess and sent a letter to the secretary of transportation saying that he was surprised by some of his recent comments about that funding. the commonwealth transportation board is putting together a resolution to send it to virginia beach and that should explain with the board would like to hear. >> we cannot let that money be in jeopardy. >> the virginia beach mayor is talking about 100 $55 million in state funding set aside for light rail expansion in the city. whether they should get that money or reapply for funding
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>> i think that we need to use those dollars if they don't want them and look at other ways we can help projects around the commonwealth. it is immature to pull the plug on a project that is still in the process. >> the secretary of transportation recently sent a letter which of the money could be used for other projects if they choose to take light rail expansion to the voters again in another referendum. lanes is that governor terry mcauliffe fully supports the project but the board is looking for reassurance. >> i think virginia beach has shown a firm commitment. for instant we paid for the eis going on right now. we are honoring every timeline we have committed to it from day one. >> if the city loses out on $155 million it could reapply through another method. the secretary says he would be
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he says if it comes down to the referendum are going after that money he says it would be irresponsible to not take the money. still to come, and expensive mess at a local apartment complex. we will show you the break-ins that have police on the hunt for a suspect. >> a month-long search and a family looking for answers. what would it take to warm up the case?
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>> >> a man is dead after a fire inside his home. it happened yesterday morning at a place near north side road.
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70-year-old named leland head inside the burned-out house. at this point the fire appears to be accidental in nature and the cause of his death is under investigation. residents of one town center apartment complex want to know what happened. they will come to find residence -- window smashed out of 28 cars. they told 10 on your side that the break-ins happened overnight . >> it looks like it went to my backseat because my pictures and everything are down. a paralytic did not find anything that they wanted. >> we called the city and a subcontractor is supposed to have someone of control 24/7. we also learned that that means one guard who manages five city owned lots overnight. residents want to see change can contact the parking office. >> neck at 6:00, a murder
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local hospital. asking for months.
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>> back now with several months of mystery for police in portsmouth. it stems from a deadly shooting in august. >> all the note is that
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it may review hospital where happened and we are are still having questions to this day. jason marks's live in portsmouth headquarters with live on the ordeal after this shooting. >> the lead detective in this case says that he leaves here and goes home and there are nights where he cannot sleep that he is so worried about solving this murder. he said he is looking for that one peas of information that so far has not come to life stop -- life. >> whenever he opens a casey has one goal in mind. >> basically i want to bring the person responsible to justice. murders and sold all but one. completes a story but in this case the murder victim demetrius
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this story begins here on this busy road, midafternoon august 2, 2015. >> police say that white was standing along this area of victory boulevard and even with two gunshot wounds he was still able to flag down a car for help. he was driven here to marry view medical where he died. >> i want to get solved. the crime scene could be anywhere. >> we normally have some kind of physical evidence whether it's blood or shell casings something. crime happened in portsmouth. detective gibbs gave us these photos. white came in with one wound to leg. there helping this car can help trigger his memory. >> gives says the driver is the longer cooperating and he believes that he knows more than he is telling. try telling that to white's family.
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happened and who, it's a most like a closed case. >> all that police say they need is that one small lead. >> it would be great if i could do that because that's what the ultimate goal is. >> police are looking for that one tip, no matter how big or small, that could help crack this case wide open. if you have any information give the crime line a call. >> now your super doppler 10 forecast with don slater. >> we have one little weather tomorrow morning and after that it's pretty quiet. in the bigger picture we can see where it's coming from in kentucky and tennessee. we had big enough weather already through the morning.
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a lot of that wind rolling through. this particular system is called a clipper. they develop in alberta, canada. east of the mountains and in the drop and our part of the world. this one is looking like it will come through with a little bit of rainfall. i do not doubt we could see a sleet pellet or two. 7:00 this evening, 50 to 51 degrees. a high today well into the 60's and a very mild day. a couple of stray showers out there but temperatures 39, 42 a little bit further northward toward richwood and the west point area. by the time it arrives, we are 33 to 34 and a little bit of snow is possible. we could see an ice pellet mixed
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whatsoever. here is where we are at 7:00. only 46 to 48 degrees. we have a big change in temperatures by the 15 to 20 degrees cooler. by thursday it is definitely cold to start the day. we had a beautiful sunset. here is the life picture again just a couple stray clouds out there.
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24-hour rainfall totals in between. there are places where we have seen more than an inch of rainfall. these are just the reporting stations and your backyard may have had more. even with half an inch, temperatures today in the low 60's for the most part, 59 up to 64 for most of us. the current temperature readings are basically around 50 to 59 degrees. you can see it cooling off toward farmville. 47 with clearing in the afternoon. definitely cooler for tomorrow. then we are into the low 60's with the beautiful weekend ahead coming up at 11:00 and we will re-examine what is going on with
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>> a local teenager will be honored in daytona this weekend.
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sign >> the super bowl is over and already nfl off-season deals are
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i am bruce rader, kirk cousins is said to become a free agent next month. his agent in general manager scott mcluhan are working on a long-term deal. don't get too worked up. cousins will be back with the redskins next season because they do not have anybody else. if a deal cannot be reached, washington will use their franchise tag and pay him $19.8 million for the upcoming season because we all know that you cannot win in the nfl without a good quarterback. the redskins are the other option, robert griffin iii but the redskins are expecting to release rg iii any day now which will save the team $16 million and there seems to be several clubs out there interested in signing griffin and a few who believe that he could be a starting quarterback. it was a year ago that kyle
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at daytona and then came back to win the nascar championship. you don't have to worry a lot him getting hurt in the saturday race this weekend. he promised his wife samantha that he would not risk running an extremity race anymore. he will be racing sunday and with a series championship under his belt he is finally getting his due as an elite racer. >> just with the amount of people that equated me to dale earnhardt senior or someone who has been successful in our sport saying he has the potential he just needs to reach it to have that on my resume to its a huge wave lifted off my shoulder. >> denny hamlin and carl edwards the fearsome foursome looking good at daytona this week. when she was 14 years old, macy was the youngest driver ever to
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this weekend, nascar will honor the ninth grader. macy's credentials are pretty impressive. she was named virginia's and she finished ninth in the standings going up against some of the best drivers in the country. >> i was really honored. i've never done anything especially so early on in my career. i've never done anything this important. it's really cool. >> we will visit with macy tonight on the fox 43 sportswrap. thanks to their impressive win over n.c. state the virginia bess will team is back on track after the devastating loss to duke on saturday. that story and more nascar coverage at 10:45 and i will see you guys back here at 11:00. >> until we get there it will be
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we have some or weather coming up tomorrow morning, it looks? little bit of scattered rain. definitely more for the weekend.
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breaking news tonight. slamming trump. president obama comes out swinging late today. a harsh attack on the gop front-runner and firing back in a blockbuster battle over the supreme court. buried and blown away by record snow and a ferocious tornado outbreak. a massive storm stretching over 1,000 miles. to catch a serial killer. the grim sleeper trial in los angeles after a decade-long cold case mystery. how a bite of pizza may have caught an infamous murderer. slashing the price of prescription drugs by as much as
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how people are going around their insurance companies and saving big money. and the fur is flying. the competition is fierce and we're behind the scenes as the best on four legs compete for best in show. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. as he laid out the ground today for a major battle with senate republicans over a supreme court nomination, president obama also waded deep into the race for president at a news conference late this afternoon taking on donald trump and other republican candidates saying being president is a serious job. it's not hosting a reality show. his remarks come just four days away from the next major test in the race for president with trump maintaining his national lead among republicans in our new nbc news survey monkey poll


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