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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  February 12, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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early as the storm pushes through our area. >> the latest round of winter weather is on its way. here is a current look at the radar. it looks like the snow is trying to move it. >> this is the system meteorologist have been following all week long. >> students are leaving school right now. >> will be traffic slowdowns across metro. we will have a closer look at the places you need to avoid if you are going to be on the reds. >> does that is expected to get heavier. >> right now just clouds across hampton roads. this is look at the skies over norfolk. expect a different picture this afternoon.
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jeremy: it has been interesting because we have snow moving it, it will dry surface up. we got one report of flurries at langley. if you have report, please put it on our facebook page. we have got the winter alerts up, updated from the national weather service. an advisory is up for northern hampton county, york county, and this outside into herford county. storm warnings up for camden all the way over to burkey county, and the outer banks, a winter storm warning. here it is on the radar. it looks like there is a lot out there, but a lot of it is drying up. let's get closer into hampton roads, into the peninsula.
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southern chesapeake, and eventually what will happen it will moisten up thee atmosphere it will make it all the way to the ground. right now this is the closer view of flurries. the rain is mixed to the south toward hatteras northward from and the temperatures are cold snow. two to four inches expected. one to two inches for the south side. adjusting for the peninsula, into the lower eastern shore. between now and 1:00 we will see if operating snow, and then the snow showers will pick up,
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i will show you the latest model coming up. >> like we mentioned, there are a lot of schools and is this is weather. >> all the largest districts in hampton roads are letting out early, norfolk, suffolk, virginia be, and just become pixels. >> for completeness that closes, you can go to the list is growing at the bottom of street. errors in north carolina expect to get the brunt of the storm. >> ndot already getting the roads ready for the store. joe fisher with what officials there are doing ahead of the storm. joe: here in herford, they say they have six trucks for whatever comes their way.
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carolina, ndot says they are working to make sure they are able to treat the roads. some video we just got a bit ago, all this salt and sand they here at the yard,. we are told they have laid down 30,000 gallons of brine, also 20 tons of salt. ncdot said they started b rining the registered a. if requirements county,, primary roads with harvey point road and new hope road. as much as they have laid down, they tell me they have a lot of material left, 300 tons of salt, 800 tons of sand, and 5000 gallons of taurine they are
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nothing has fallen. we expect that to start in a little bit. we will be heading up closer to elizabeth city where officials are also working to treat the roads. we will work to get more information and how they are preparing. we will have that in the next half hour. >> good to hear about the preparations. ncdot has been working to stay ahead of the storm yesterday. >> crews have been laying down brine on interstates. >> north carolina highway patrol encourages you to be ready as the storm moves eatsst. >> you can expect traffic slowdowns because businesses and employers and schools are closing. >> i need to is in the traffic
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anita: glad to report we are not seeing too many problems. let's look at how things are shaping up, if you are one of those getting out on the roadways. as we soon down into the traffic flow. three minutes to get across, 53 miles per hour, not too bad, until you get to yellow and orange from congestion that is their right now. not weather-related problems. things. treated as we speak. so let's go to paula to talk about preparations. not any problems we are seeing, come. >> most of it will be this afternoon, and unfortunately
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we have treated the interstates on the south side and the peninsula. primary roads have been treated, and that has happened last night. today we have the trucks loaded, ready to roll if we need to lay salt or start plowing snow. >> tell me about budget. you spent resources to northern virginia when they were hard hit a few weeks ago. how are things for you now? >> we have a $3 million so budget, but we will not -- [indiscernible] it is important to keep roads safe and clear for our drivers. if we hit our snow budget, we go
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we have a $105 million maintenance budget. if we need additional dollars. we are not there yet. he said around $2 million a couple weeks ago -- we spent around $2 million a couple weeks ago. we still have supplies. we have money. we have a budget we would get into if we need to. >> thank you so much, paula miller with vdot, and let's go back to don and katie. >>don: we have crews keeping a close eye on what is happening. katie: you can see the roads are still clear right now. we have been telling you so far these driving conditions will get slick, and it will happen
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we will continue to check out the roads as we go here throughout our midday newscast. don: how bad will it get and how much will we see? another area expecting heavy relations is along the outer banks. katie: matt gregory? matt: here at the maintenance yard in manteo, we saw a bad code pick up a lot of the -- backhoe pick up a lot of assault. while the expect more so here, than in virginia, what they expect is not to sit on the record. they expect up to four inches. you can see the salt. they are using this once the
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they have already brined the roads in dare county. if it lays down between one and two inches, then they will use the cplows. the outer banks are spent to see those of the so, coming up at 12:30. katie: as the storm pushes through the you can stay connected with our team of meteorologist. don: you can download the wavy weather app. katie: do not forget to sign up for the push notifications. still have come a winter blast. we are making sure you know about weather conditions all over hampton roads. and he will have a live report from virginia beach. don: here is a live look from
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inches of snow is possible. kaittie: restaurant attack.
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don: we continue the winter weather coverage. katie: we have crews down through the outer banks. don: parts of the cell cycle see the first accumulation. katie: andy fox is life in virginia beach. andy: these are the sand piles come in to show you how much sand there is, virginia beach is very prepared for this.
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900 miles of roads in virginia beach. what we have right now is the sand. drew lankford is here, with public works. tell me what you are going to be doing today. did i get that right, lane miles? >> we just had our batch of trucks starting to treat since no precipitation has fallen. they will take care of the bridges and overpasses. andy: why don't you tell us what this is and what is going on inside igloo. >> we get saw from the huge containers, and we unloaded the salt inside the igloo, and we bring to sand in an mix it there. as of today, we got about 3000 tons already makes, and we have
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andy: and this tournament is who is going to be mixing it. what are you discussing about what you expect? >> a lot of what we expect, we are not sure what to expect. the precipitation will start between 12:00 and 2:00, will last until 9:00. one thing we feel certain with with all these cold temperatures the last several days, regardless of what happens, will be icy conditions tonight. andy: we are going to be covering virginia beach in the areas waiting for the snow. when it happens, you will see it live. don: if you live in portsmouth, expect to see the snow soon. katie: chris is live with the
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chris: the city is poised and ready, plenty of supply on hand. i am told that the department of works. the truck will wait until the optimum time to spread product. we were out in the past hour and looked at the surface roads. george washington highway there frederick boulevard, a lot of people are getting a head start on the end of the workday. we went from there to the city yard where there is about 1500 tons worth of sand, salt mix. they will put it in the trucks. those truck drivers are already on a 12-hour shift. they will head out onto the road, so do not freak out if you have not seen plows in portsmouth yet. there waiting for the right.
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city offices are already closed. you will probably have to wait until tuesday with a holiday on monday. sheltered in portsmouth will be at saint teresa's catholic church, the 4100 block. registration is at ohasis social ministry. go there and volunteers will transport you to the church. that begins tonight at 7:00. you have all this information on our website throughout the day, katie: thank you. newport news already getting ready for the snows. plows are keeping a close eye on the road. don: the city will use a salt and sand experience workers will
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our team of meteorologist will have live reports at 4:00 this afternoon. katie: that'll continue through the evening and until tomorrow morning. we will have the latest coverage starting saturday morning on wavy news 10 today at 6:00. >> now the super doppler 10 forecast with jeremy wheeler. jeremy: the two parts of this system are coming together. there is still trying to develop in our area right now. let me show these to you. high pressure is departing, and we are seeing the weaka area of low pressure to the west. what will happen is these two will stick together and keep moving east, and the service low will be to the south, but it has pumped moisture in our direction. at the surface, we have dry air, so what you see on the radar is evaporating, but as we go through the day, soon he will
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the moisture amkesmakes its way to the ground and we will see stove. this is a better chance of snow for the south side of a smaller chance of snow for the peninsula. i will show you what i expect in accumulation. the timing will be the afternoon through the early evening, and the biggest impact is what falls will stick, any evening commute could have impacts, as you go from virginia beach down into northeast north carolina. let's take a look at this. it looks very impressive. in hatteras. that is one occasion where the ground, and soon it will make it into dare county and the outer banks. up toward the eastern shore toward the peninsula, a few
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i had one report of flurries toward langley. also on the south side can it looks like a couple of flurries trying to go, chesapeake into virginia beach. not expecting much from this now. you are seeing thick clouds. maybe some light flurries making to the ground. but that is it. the bands from sunbury into suffolk, and a few spots appear where there may be some flurries, virginia beach, just become a cape charles, and in western gloucester county some of it trying to make it to the ground. johnson town and cape charles. we will continue to monitor these areas and see if that serves to accumulate or make it to the ground. our computer model will go through time. it suggests the moisture will be so thin that it does not make it to the ground. i think it will make it in some spots.
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precipitation northeastern north carolina. that suggests we will see scattered snow showers in hampton roads, at that time for 3:00. it picks up, too. very heavy snow possibly get into locations like randy, elizabeth city, currituck, and southern virginia beach and chesapeake. you could see heavy snow this. i've5:00, northeastern north carolina into chesapeake. north of here, i believe the wealthy snow, scattered snow showers and some flurries in with that. we go into 6:30, in case, a lot of the snow pushes to the coast. a little up on the eastern shore. some driving inland come and it will dry out after 11:00 tonight. we will go to mostly clear skies after midnight, and tomorrow we
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with some strong winds and high temperatures will only be in the low 30's. that is what we have for tomorrow. snow forecast amounts, up to four inches in the purple, northeast north carolina except mainland dare county. one to two inches for the south side, norfolk, portsmouth, virginia beach, and just become an inland and the lower eastern shore dusting to an inch of store. temperatures in the upper 20's to low 30's, and later in the day temperatures will not rise up much. we will see snow, and tomorrow, dry and cold on sunday. an update at four clock. katie: taking a live look at driving conditions in hampton roads.
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that it can help lower cholesterol 2 times more. take care of those you love and cook deliciously. mazola makes it better. don: winter weather coverage takes us to hampton. katie: that kerry is not expecting as much snow as other areas. don: pretreating will change to snow removal after the snow begins the ball. at the community presbyterian church -- katie: between 9:00 and 7:00 in
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offering places people who need to stay. folks can go to the lighthouse center on 18th street. people will be taken to other places to keep warm. ahead on midday, restaurant attacks. the events that unfolded i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. we're out of 2% i wonder what else could be better around here? i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract.
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don: we are starting with the latest round of winter weather. it is on the way for hampton in northeast north carolina. it looks like a little bit of snow is trying to push into the area. katie: this is a system that our meteorologists have been telling you about all week long. we want to make sure that you stay safe. don: our crews will be from the south side to the outer banks where the snow is expected to be the heaviest. as the snow is pushing in, a lot of people are leaving work and school. katie: that means there will be some traffic slowdowns across the metro. a look at the places you have to avoid if you need to be on the roads. don: the snow is expected to get heavier. katie: right now, we are just
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this is a look at these guys over downtown norfolk. expect a different picture this afternoon. we want to get over to jeremy wheeler for a look at what we can expect. jeremy: right now we have a lot of clouds out there, flurries here and there. very dry air at the surface. we expected that, but eventually it will moisten up. when exactly that happens, that's a tough question. there are winter storm warnings off in the pink areas for parts of northeast north carolina, bertie county, winter weather advisory's for the lower eastern shore, parts of the peninsula, most of the south side for this evening. if you look at the radar, it looks pretty impressive. the dry air at the surface is
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parts of the outer banks will start to see this reaching the ground, but so far it probably has not. keep us updated on our facebook page. scattered showers to grandy. a few flurries near chesapeake and virginia beach. again, a lot of this is not reaching the ground. the same thing for the middle peninsula. this is what i'm talking about, our dew points are very low. 12 in virginia beach. until this reaches temperatures, which are in the 30's and 40's, we will not saturate the air. that will not happen for a while, but it will take some time. once it does, one to two inches on the south side. two to four inches possible in a northeastern parts of north carolina.
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expect some scattered snow showers developing, highs in the low 30's this afternoon. tomorrow, the cold air rushes in and we will see strong air with it. don: thank you. areas of north carolina are expected to get the brunt of the storm. katie: nc dot is already getting ready. we are visiting with joe fisher to find out what officials are doing there now. joe: nothing is falling from the sky. we are watching and waiting here along with the clues here at nc dot. they expect anything from two to four inches. they say they started to treat the road yesterday with 13,000 gallons of bride as well as 20
12:34 pm
they also have six trucks ready to go for the roads tomorrow, for whatever comes their way. you are looking at the video of the salt and sanding they did. 800 tons of sand, another 5000 gallons of brine. six trucks will be operating from now through the duration of the storm. crews will be working on 12-hour shifts. they will have a crew overnight to monitor the busy roads, route 17, enzi 37, harvey point road, new hope road. take a listen to have crews are preparing here. >> we are expecting anywhere from two to four inches in the area. >> do you think we will need to pull the plows out? >> yes, once we start to get half an inch or an inch on the roads, we will start plowing
12:35 pm
joe: we are just waiting for the snow to start falling. we are using our weather app right now to track the storm coming in. we are also going to be moving closer to the elizabeth city area to track the storm from there. continuing coverage beginning at 4:00. don: thank you. nc dot has been working to stay ahead of the storm since yesterday. katie: state crews have been laying down brine and salt on the area overpasses. >> officials are urging you to be weather ready and drive with caution. katie: of course, you can expect some traffic slow down this mid-day because a lot of schools and businesses are closing early. don: the traffic center now has a breakdown of the area. hopefully no problems. >> not so far, but we will continue to keep our eyes on
12:36 pm
jen lewis will be with us at 4:00. take a look at the roadways. we have a couple of problem areas that i want to bring your attention to. this is not whether related, but just a couple of areas i want to draw your attention to. 66 down to 60 miles per hour. this is where you are getting off of 664 to 64 in newport news. there is some construction going on in that area, so that could be the cause of that. another area is right here at the hrbt. be down to 20 miles per hour. you can see the ripple effect of that. 64, you can see a little bit of congestion.
12:37 pm
reason why hrbt was closed a few moments ago, but it has reopened. just a little congestion that you want to be aware of. there is a flyover of the area. not seeing too many problems from norfolk into portsmouth and the downtown tunnel. you can see a little bit of red and yellow in the opposite direction, but that is not whether related. just a little congestion at the midday. don: thank you. we have crews all over the area roads. katie: we want to take a look at our driving shot. the roads are still clear in the area but those conditions may get ready slick this afternoon as a storm pushes through the area. of course, we will take a look at what is happening outside and will let you know on the air and online at >> good to see that folks are
12:38 pm
early dismissals. parts of the south side are accumulation of snow this season. katie: andy fox is in virginia beach with how the preparations are going on there. andy: we are on one of the 10 trucks out on the roads here in virginia beach. it is getting reloaded now. salt and sand. this is drew lankford. what are you preparing for? >> right now we are trying to get the most susceptible areas, the bridges and overpasses. based on the forecast, we will have some messy weather between now and rush hour. joe: how often do these trucks come back in? >> about an hour and a half, two hours. joe: where are they paying attention? >> major roads, hospitals, fire stations get the most immediate attention.
12:39 pm
clear path so that traffic and get through. joe: the secondary roads is these school decisions made. >> neighborhoods, we are not clean those streets. even a secondary roads. joe: anything wrong yet? young. jim huntington is here. this is the main guy. real quick, what is the strategy for you? this is the main guy who is in charge of making sure these trucks are out. >> just keeping the cycle up. joe: any problems so far? >> no, it has been pretty quiet. joe: virginia beach is waiting and prepared, waiting for this storm to come in.
12:40 pm
we will keep an eye on the road condition through the afternoon. still ahead, and horrific attack . several people hurt as they are eating a meal at a restaurant in ohio. and we continued to follow the latest round of winter weather is to blanket parts of hampton roads.
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don: we are back with a disturbing story. a 22 you're all man is in jail for allegedly having sex with a 12-year-old girl. katie: the girl and eric martinez met on the kik app. martinez lives in james city county. according to police, he was interviewed and arrested on wednesday. he is now facing five counts of rape charges and one count of forcible sodomy. don: new information about a violent attack overnight. for people are hurt after a machete attack at a columbus, ohio restaurant. officers shot and killed the suspect after he threatened them. the fbi is assisting local police. katie: the world fourth elkin is a says possible zika vaccines
12:44 pm
the response continues to evolve rapidly. at least 15 companies are part of the trial. who officials believed the link between the virus and abnormally small heads in some newborn children is more and more likely. the outbreak has been spreading rapidly across latin america. don: back to winter weather coverage, the snow is on its way. because of that, many are leaving work and school right now. katie: that means there will be traffic slowdowns across the metro. heavy in some parts. a full look at the traffic in just a few minutes. don: the list of school closings and delays continues to grow. katie: all of the larger districts in hampton roads are letting out early, including norfolk, portsmouth, suffolk, virginia beach, hampton, newport news, and chesapeake schools. don: for a complete list, you
12:45 pm
the bottom of the screen. expect to see the snow soon. >> the city is ready for the storm coming this afternoon. plenty of product to put down on the roads, but they will wait much just before the snow starts falling. don't worry if you have not seen roads. has already treated that road. we are on secondary roads earlier. this is what it looked like at the intersection of frederick and george washington. people getting a head start, probably the end of the workday. at the city yard, they have all the sand and assault piled up. the director of public works says they have enough to put together 1500 tons.
12:46 pm
those drivers will be working on 12-hour shifts. they will be heading out as soon as the snow starts to fall. some other important information we got. city offices are already closed. if you had city government business to conduct, you will have to wait to tuesday, monday being the presidents' day holiday. there will be a shelter for the homeless in portsmouth at the saint therese catholic church on portsmouth boulevard. but before you can make use of up. that is that oasis social ministries on county street. you can sign up there and then volunteers will transport you to saint therese catholic church, the weekend. tonight. we will keep an eye on the conditions in portsmouth.
12:47 pm
we are on your side all day long as this winter storm pushes through the area. our team our meteorologist will have live reports starting at 4:00. katie: we will have the latest coverage starting saturday morning at 6:00 a.m. breaking news. state police are investigating a crash involving a school bus. don: this is happening on court house highway. a pickup truck rear-ended a bus. katie: no word on any injuries yet or where the bus was from. when we get updates, we will post them for you on jeremy: here is the system moving in. it was into pieces, now coming together.
12:48 pm
these are helping to create what looks like a lot of snow. if you look at the radar, you would think we are going to get it, but it has been very dry at the surface. it is not hitting the ground, but it will eventually. it has in hatteras. heavy snow coming down there. where you are seeing this bigger area of blue, that is where it will eventually start coming down. may start as flurries. then it will pick up into heavier snow as these deeper blues are coming in. it will take some time. same thing for elizabeth city. it will take a little while for things to moisten up, and that it will start to accumulate on the ground. you have the best chance of seeing the snow in northeast north carolina.
12:49 pm
ground, again, it is dry, but short term. middle peninsula, same case. while. we had a reporter in langley in newport news reporting some news. just some flurries for you. northern neck, too. eventually, the bigger area of snow off to the west will try to accumulations. the computer models are picking up on the dry air, but there will be pockets where it does. that bigger area of snow makes virginia beach by 3:00. definitely a lot of snow falling then. maybe touching the peninsula. this is what we are concerned about.
12:50 pm
scattered snow showers but wrapping up after that, drying out overnight. dry tomorrow, too, but it will be cold and windy. highs in the low 30's, wind chill's in the teens, even in the afternoon. one inch to two inches possible to the south. two inches to four inches possible in north carolina. just a dusting to an inch toward the peninsula, maybe up to gloucester. looking at the lower end of this range from the south side of. into the peninsula. two inches to four inches, we are watching the carefully. temperatures in the upper 20's in norfolk, newport news. some of those temperatures may drop this afternoon. it will be cold enough for this to fall as snow. the wind is not too bad today, but tomorrow, they pick up.
12:51 pm
saturday afternoon, it will be a problem. windy on saturday. sunday, less win, but temperatures in the 20's. monday and tuesday, a possible wintry mix. that is something we will be focusing on over the weekend.
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katie: you can expect some traffic slowdowns this afternoon. don: we have a look at any possible problems this hour. >> no accidents on the hampton roads roads way but we are seeing some congestion, and that
12:55 pm
you can see where we have some of orange and red, especially along the hrbt. right now being reported as a six-mild delay. just congestion. no accidents reported. you can also see a little bit of congestion taking 664 over 264. another area where they have some construction going on. 264, downtown tunnel, elizabeth river tunnels has sent out an alert saying they have staff and equipment on standby to keep the downtown and midtown tunnel's and associated roadways safe. they have pretreated and have their crews waiting on standby for any spot treatment. you may have heard brandy and don talk about that bus crash. that is eastbound on u.s. 258 at
12:56 pm
travel lanes are closed right now. don: thank you. one last check on the weather conditions. is anything falling? >> no reports on isle of wight county. around the region, we are getting some flurries. northeast north carolina, south of albemarle, starting to see some snow. it is creeping northward very slowly, so eventually it will make its way over to the south side. peninsula, north, you may get a break. gloucester county, james city, you may not see too much from this one. 32 degrees for a high. scattered snow showers developing this afternoon and evening. it will dry out tonight. dry over the weekend. valentine's day looks pretty
12:57 pm
presidents day, monday, a chance for a wintry mix. primarily rain into the afternoon.
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>> doug: man, where did you get
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>> julie: people donated them for the anniversary celebration. some of them i'm putting in storage, and a lot of them i have to take back, but i wanted to see the whole collection just one more time. you know, it makes me very happy. it... it gives me hope for the future. >> doug: you always were a sucker for valentine's day. >> julie: oh, this from the grand master of romance. valentine's day makes people... understand the power of love. >> doug: yes, as long as everything is going great for them. >> julie: oh... even when it isn't. [knock at door]


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