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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  January 11, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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>> w j. law told us about schumer right after her win. >> i also out. >> both ladies open up about amy's man. >> yes, somebody has agreed to have s me. >> then, hollywood reaction, the death of davidbowie. and did sean penn help capture a lord? >> he's trying to cut out the middleman. >> we'll reveal six things you didn't see on the globes broadcast like what did ricky say to mel gibson that got bleeped? also, we're going to go to the avenue party together. >> party madness, flirting, the falling, couples kiss and tell and our pick fo best and worst dressed. >> you always kill it. >> we're also up close and personal with the winner'ss backstage. >> i was sang willingle mother and broke. >> and star collision, leo and j. law, lad gaga. >> that's trending. >> as mr. social kevin hart takes over. >> lady, lady, get your camera out of my food.
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is entertainment tonight. >> whether we do the golden globes, we do golden globes. first on the red carpet was leo and kate, will and jade yashgs everything you didn't see on tv. >> we were also backstage with all the winners. sentimental favorite sylvester stallone. i like to cal understated elegance. classy ruled on the red carpet. but who will be the best dressed of the night? >> so many to choose from. >> and a lot cover. stars unfiltered, candid, rea and no one more than jennifer lawrence knows how to live for the moment. >> what keeps you running on long award night like this? >>booze. >> you have to be alive! >> how does this happen? >> brian kran son is carrying amy schume train. >> i like to say for the recor brian kranson never carried my train. >> you always kill it on the red carpet.
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>> jennifer lawrence. >> j. law out amy schumer but this had a blast. >> i'm j. law. >> and i am a-schu. >> you are going to c together? >> oh, yes. >> that is the party plan. i'm not going toll youell you. you might find us. >> she leaned over and whispered something you to as name was called. do you remember what she said? >> she said shut up, just go. as i was -- i like the whole time bring was like i was like don't -- i was like, you have an idea of what you want to say in your head? they're going to call your name. your head is going to blank. she is like shut up. i really did not. and then they called my name and blacked out. she could have said, you know, go [ beep ] you're self i wouldn't have known it. >> j. law collided with two
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platform but don't gripe at amy. they posted this picture with her. >> you got up height. >> you height this morning? >> yeah, apparently having a boyfriend is the biggest accomplishment of the year f me. i also wrote a movie and starred in that i'm really proud of. but, yeah, somebody has agreed to have sex with me. but, yeah, we're very happy. >> so amy has a ne fellow named ben. >> yes. very sweet. >> do you like him? >> yes, i do. >> you approve? >> i do. >> then this touching photo of the pair thanking fans for being her after date. lottery is at $1.3 billion. will you play the lottery? >> i already have $1.3 billion. why would i risk -- >> next couple, kate and leo reunited. >> kate winslet. >> it was a titanic night for both them. >> leo. >> kate was the first to congratulate her former co-star after his win. >> he is verycool. he's good. he's a pro. >> she's my favorite actress in the industry. she is actually hanging out with
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we're going to go to the after party together. and her husband. >> clarify that. >> we've been through a lot together. >> yes, you have. >> i was there behind you. >> i dread getting on boats these days. i dread it. >> from a movie moment breaking news and boy was there a buzz about sean penn a the drug lord. >> did sean catch him? i just want to know. to me, it seems like just h. them trying to cut ott middleman. on saturday the actor hit the red carpet with his ex-wife madonna to break news for haiti as news broke that he met with el chapo before the drug lord's arrest. >> i want to do this monologue and then go into hi okay? not even sean penn will find me. >> it's a big accomplishment from sant monica high. we get stuff done. let's face it. we do.
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we get nominated for golden globes. el chapo was caught immed after sean met with him. so maybe he is a hero in all this. i don't know. >> will you in the el chapo movie or help him make it? >> hey, listen, he's one of the best writers and directors around. not to mention obviously one of the best actors. so if he has a role me, i'm there. >> the star couple that had us seeing stars is will and jada. >> th your audience out there. >> heart ice. >> awe. >> you give me love. >> now there's a moment. in fact, "e.t." partnered to gift a best moments from our platform. >> and lo at. this j. law, leo, the rock, there are so many selfies on the red carpet. but kevin hart, he was stirring up a frenzy. >> keep putting the camera in my food. lady, got your camera out of my beans.
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a good 25 million people on my facebook page. get out of m beans. >> i'm blown away how everybody is filming everybody and they'r filming themselves. through the looking glass and then through the looking glass again. i'm amazed by it. >> and there were a lot of things that amazed us about last night. >> we actually boiled it down a half dozen of ourfavorites. here's the six things we learned front row at the globes. >> number six, we learned that leo had the worst seat in house. >> tiraji. >> his seat was smack in the middle of the winner's walk. his reaction to getting bumped by lady gaga got blastered all over the internet. >> that is trending. >> i didn't know what was happening. that's all. >> gaga gave us number five. we lear she remains one of hollywood's most humble superstars. >> i wanted to be an actress before i became a singer. she never forgets the early
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to pay for demos and go to auditions. >> number four on list, even matt damon needs a ticket to go inside. they said where is your ticket? i said i must have left it in the car. we'll have to print you another one. so i'm holding on to it dear life so that i can get in. >> number three, jim carrie has no problem working without a net. >> golden globe winner jim carrie. >> he was off the teleprompter when he took the stage. >> i don't just dream any old dream. i dream about being three times golden globe winning actor jim carrey. >> number two, we learned the real party was off stage. commercial breaks were all about table hopping. schumer made a b line for brad pitt's t before posing for a selfie with j. law, katy perry ordered in & out burge for her table. and mark fawned over will. >> at the top of our list, we learned what you didn't hear
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>> i all wanted to ask you this. >> we can tell you he asked what does sugar blank even mean? the blank actually slang for breasts. it's what mel originally called a female police officer during his 2006 dui arrest. >> i love seeing rickie every three years because it reminds me to get a colonoscopy. >> it's surprise that rickie went. there w knew he would. >> cheers. >> don't people know by now? don't ever go one-on-one with ever. >> all right. coming up, cookie's sweet moments backstage gushing over years for. plus, the best and the worst dressed of the night. >> and we ha quick change, j-lo and j. law, what is goin on between katy perry and orlando bloom? and is there such a as too much champagne? >> and from the red carpet to the avenue parties, c helps power us through.
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for leo and gina rodriguez, it's a family affair. >> who did you bring as your date? >> my pops. >> all girls are like i want to be your date. >> i'm glad to be my dad. it's going to be a fun night for us. >> who is your d tonight? >> my dad! >> how proud of you of her? >> very proud. >> when i was getting ready, my mom came to the hoe taenl my niece and sister and my brother and my best friend. it felt like getting ready for a grown man's prom. >> what keeps you running on a >> coffee. >> it looks like mr. robot no longer an underdog taking home two globes including best tv series drama. >> what is keeping you running on a d li this? >> just ma eye contact and enjoy this. >> yeah! >> look atme! look at me!
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>> this award season when brad and ankgelina see our two adorable presenters, they're going to want to adopt them. please welco kevin hart and ken jong. >> that is one of the rare zinger that's got big laughs. >> a lot of fun in that one. speaking of bra he was hanging after the show with his "big short" co-star. that's the great part about the parties at the golden globes. yo a crazy mix of people which can lead to some very juicy gossip. >> orlando bloom and katy perry. check out what we sp and overheard after hours at the golden globes. orlando totally hanging on katy perry's every word, sharing this
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sweet parting of the wa >> they arrived and left separately with friends. they were talking closely and dancing very close all night long. mostst parties are held inside the beverly hilton so the stars can party hop. at the fox party, lady gaga hit the party but was still speechless. beyonce knew just what to say. >> l you. >> congratulations! >> taraji hit several parties. we saw her taking off her heel and putting her comfortable ballet flats on at one point. >> also at the fox party, jennifer lawrence. >> she didn't show up with amy schumer. she was with boyfriend ben at the nbc party. jennifer was ready to party. she changed out of the red gown and into a really short black versace dress. j-lo, of course, was ready to party.
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yellow dress into a sex one. and somber turn of events last night. news of david bowie's passing hit the parties around 11:00. they all started playing bowie's music. >> celebrity reaction was quick. i just lost a hero. rip, da bowie. and mick jagger shared this photo saying, "we have so many good times tog he was my friend. i'll never forget him." in heaven >> the rock legend passed away last night after an 18 month battle withcancer. his latest video seemed to foreshadow his death. released the newest album three days ago on his birthday. david was 69. >> you know, david bowie did transcend musical genres, class, race. he was a trendsetter. >> no doubt about that. >> coming up next, one-on-one with winners and some have been waiting for this moment all of their lives. and wait until you see sly congratulated business
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>> outstanding performance. >> we are such good friends. >> j. law j-lo? who is the best dressed and who is the worst?
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we were below the 88th southern parallel.
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jennife >> jennifer lawrence was absolute sli stunning in and we are back breaking down the fashion. we have the co-host of "fab life." joe, whether you were here on friday, you predicted the trends
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you were spot on. >> of course, the couple of the evening, j. law and a-schu. you know what i was disappointed by? they didn't wear t dress. >> they didn't like that idea. >> i was sh >> ruined by talking about it. if i didn't talk about it, we could have done it. >> they're sofunny. maybe next year they'll wear the same dress. let's kick it off with the dressed list. >> starting at number four, i loved julianne moore. you know, the midnight blue see xwin sequins. date. >> who is the number three? >> alisa vicander. dress. it was elegant and simple. >> the designers are loving her. >> you're wearing the best clothes. >> i know. so crazy. >> who is the ntwo? >> jennifer lawrence. i loved her in that red dior gown.
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and just dirvefferent for her. >> and the bli up top. >> a lot of people thought it was a part of the dress. it was actually a separate necklace. >> who is the number one best dress sfld. >> i loved jennifer lopez. she looked sogood. it was old hollywood but in a very unexpecway. jennifer law pez called this dress mustard. you know that's a very difficult color for people to wear. >> very >> she pulled it off. >> we travel and we see what feels good. >> all right. now it's time to give us your worst dressed. >> are aregina she was wearing the gold look and the cape. but together, i just thought that didn't work. >> i have to she worked it on the red carpet. she walked throughout with confidence and strutting it. >> she's a winner in my book for sure. >> through go. than always a pleasure to have you here. >> let's send it over to cam ran with cameron.
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everyone it didn't mean anything if you didn't winone. it is a long road to make it so that stage. you don't get there without sweat and sacrifice and not letting anything stand in your way. tonight ace big picture, the golden globe winners who have been waiting for this moment. i've been waiting for this moment >> cookies for everyone! come on! >> come on, >> a little bit when they had cookies on the table. >> i think you got a litt cookie on stage saying -- >> please wrap? i waited 40 years forthis. how can you great the great cookie? hello! >>the great cookie? hello! >>rthe great cookie? hello! >> i have beenush been act forg 26 years. i need glasses to drive my car. these moments mean a great deal. >> the joy of these mom comes in every step of the journey up down.
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survived breast cancer and sly suffered birth complications which left him paral on the right side of his face. >> sly, congratulations and the golden globe. i know you'll win theoscar. trust me. >> become such a close friend. >> we were so adversarial. >> thank you, arnold. >> you see, the real take away here that the struggle only adds to the sweetness. what would you give that guy that you know now? >> try to bring as much as you can every day rather than burning yourself out and then crashing. you know, which i would do. i would be depleted at the end of every season. i got nothing left. you better. we're coming back next year. >> here you sitting backstage with the golden globe and not that long ago, you know, struggling to make rent. >> yeah. that's tough for me and i'm
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but we made th pilot. i used a lot of the money that i got on the pilot to pay for my wedding. >> how are you going to celebrate? celebratory song, what would it sound like? that's my celebratory song. >> so here's to the ones who made it, to the ones who su them no matter what and to the power of perseverance. >> the most valuable things come from those scars and things and those m you would warn yourself against. like i honestly -- i would be just like, really? because otherwise i might not make t mistakes and learn really important lessons. >> i think that's what makes the journey great. that's what makes this moment so sweet when people have se struggle. i'm just a girl from d.c., from the hood. i was a single mother. you know? i a mother in college. i could have easily become, easily become a statistic. budidn't.
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i say don't compare yourself to other people. stay in your lane and have faith. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> all right. >> thank you so much. beautiful interview. you're incredible. he's a keeper, "e.t.." don't ever get rid of him. >> you are my girl,taraji. yes, the ch was flowing last night. we were toasting for a good cause. we'll have that for you tomorrow. the winners created special video messages for their you can watch them now on instagram's golden globe studio experience. so much fun being backstage. >> amazing.
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we'll be right back. i would kill for something sweet. i know... we could have one of those. one? are you kidding? we'll end up eating like thirty. wanna split that?, soooo much fat... don't fight your instincts. with each for 150 calories or less! try our chocolatey brownies, tangy lemon bars and creamy cheesecakes fiber one. go on, have one. at, bachelor ben message to super fan kaly. >> we're going to take care of you. >> the invitation he extended to oit big the "big bang theory" star and
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transformation. >> you can't change by thinking. can you change by doing. >> the secrets behind her pound weight loss is at we have to say thank our friends at dick clark productions and the hollywood press association. it was an amazing night. we'll have more tomorrow. nancy, i notice tha were wearing orange on the red carpet. there's a reason. >> orange. you i had to represent my clemson tigers. i had a tiger paw, too. >> yes. >> tonight they're going for the national college football championship against alabama. go tigers! >> you are on your way there right now.
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>> good-bye, everybody. lights, camera, access. globes. >> everyone's saying it's your year and the oscar is next. >> we've got j. lo! yeah! >> i'm going to wear it around my neck. >> we're all shocked. >> bling bling. >> beyond the wins, we've got leo going gaga, ricky and mel round two. >> are you afraid that he might beat you up? >> and so much you did not see. i'm billy bush. come on, what else would you
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